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Remember when I said that I asked y’all to send in your favourite fics of your own or someone elses? 

Your Favourites

Well I think It was high time to tell you mine. I had been planning on doing this a long time ago but I hadn’t gotten around to doing it but now here I am posting this showing all my love to the most memorable stories  have read since I joined this site. So without further a do, below are at least 60 stories that I have loved and thoroughly enjoyed. All have a comment about what I liked about it and if you’re lucky you may be on there twice.

BTW it’s a very long post.

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Okay look. I loved the last episode. Loved nearly everything about it to an extend I can’t really grasp myself. But do you know what I love the most? That the last thing we hear is the brothers with dad McElroy and they are joking and talking about piss and it is just so them. Because it made me realise that I love thb. But more so do I love the brothers and Clint and what they created. It is them that I am so so grateful for and I am so glad that the adventure zone endet with those dorks. And I can not wait for what they will present us next because I know one thing: it will be so so so good.

Me: is constantly thinking about extremely sappy, OOC scenarios with my f/os

darknessstone  asked:

May i give Capp a hug? They seem so soft and sweet and they are my fav :3 (Also just so you know mun my fav piece of art you made was you in the alice in wonderland drink me jar, i dont know why but i just love it)

Capp refuses, because she’s the one, who gives the hugs. So she HUGS you! (her hugs can be really crushing and dangerous, so be careful!)

also, treasure that picture than my dear, cause, that’s the only pic, where you can see me in a dress or a skirt! :D

I’m so tired, you guys. This year has been exhausting, and it’s made me completely change my perspective and prioritize and I consequently feel so disconnected from everything academic. Like I love reading and researching and writing, but does it even matter? I can’t work or write for days on end without succumbing to migraines anymore, like my body just wants me to stop. And it does want me to stop because who is our academic work even going to affect other than other academics working in our narrow little fields? If we teach, then fine, we teach students and make some sort of difference, but also, at least non-academic writing gets to other people. I’m tired, and I just want to focus on A and my family and my friends and building my own world. I want to stay home and make a home full of love and comfort and books, and I want to write things that aren’t just going to be graded and forgotten. I’m obsessed with diamond rings and bugaboos and chubby baby cheeks more than I am with the idea of research right now and all my training has me feeling like I’ve gone wrong somewhere, even though I know I haven’t and that I just want happy things. It’s never been either or for me – I’ve always known that a woman can have a career and a family, but I want the one more than I want the other. I want to focus on family and then write part time. I want home and babies and I know that it’s okay, but there’s still so much guilt. Like this isn’t what the world wanted me to be, but it is what I’ve always wanted. I should be charging forth into a PhD and a career, but I just want to slow down. And I have. But I want to stop feeling like I’ve disappointed everyone else and failed on the academic path. 

BTS REACTION: Their S/O stanning their girl in love yourself highlight reel.

Oooh thanks sweetie! :) 
I only took ‘ 起 ‘ into notice because I made this when that was the only one out yet or I hadn’t seen it yet but I hope you like it!

♥ Thanks for the request ♥


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The moment the video started you’d be in awe.
“Wua, Daebak.” you said loving the aesthetic. You hugged your pillow tighter and he assumed you were fangirling about him. He’d smile and let out a chuckle, completely oblivious about what was about to happen.

“I want her, she cute, give me that, she’s mine now.” You said, pointing at the screen like a child making his eyes widen in shock. 
You gave him a warning look, raising your eyebrows as if to say you were serious about this and he’d burst out laughing, causing you to miss half the video. When you went to watch it again, he’d pout and try and get your attention to him.


He knew what you thought about smoking so he was nervous to show you the video in the first place, expecting a glare or look of some kind but when you calmly kept your eyes on the screen and clutched your pillow he wasn’t sure that he should be as happy about your reaction as he was.
“I like her.” You said “She’s mine now, you better watch out Min Yoongi.”
You didn’t even look at him once as you made your statement and he gave you a look of pure disbelief.
“Ya! you have a boyfriend!”
“Eh.” You let out shrugging. He’d grumble something under your breath and cuddle into your neck, not exactly pleased by your reaction.


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You had been fangirling the entire video and he couldn’t wait till you saw his part. You were already clutching your pillow when you saw him dancing, until the girl came in.
“Wua, she’s cute.” You’d say “She’s mine, back off.” You said pointing a finger at him. But he didn’t have much time to process what just happened before you started screaming at your screen. “YA! Why would you leave my boo like that huh!?”
He’d laugh and hug you close, as he didn’t really care about what you said earlier, as long as you loved him more.


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He’d be a bit confused as well.

“Oh, that’s cute.” You said watching the moment escalating before your eyes “She is too. She’s mine, back off.” You said completely serious. After he recovered from the shock he’d hug you.
“You can’t have her.” He said “You have me.” Voice slightly lower this time.


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You had been giddy the entire video and he thought it was so cute.

“Wua, looks like your in trouble there.” You said “Better back off.”
He’ chuckle at what you said and was about to answer when you added “She’s mine.” It took a moment to process what just happened.
“Ya! Is she better than me?” He asked offended, not because you’d steal his girl but because she’d steal you.
“Let me get back to you on that.” You said. He stayed silent for the rest of the video and when you turned to him you’d see him pout.
You better treat that boy with cuddles and kisses for the entire day.


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He honestly wouldn’t care. He just loved the fact that you loved the video and he’d be grinning at all times.

he’d unknowingly be more clingy though so don’t think he didn’t notice what you said.


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He’d be shook, as per usual. Gif describes it all. He’d be giddy one second and shook the next.

You had shown so many emotions, especially when you saw him in a wheelchair. You had already freaked out about the pictures so that was nothing new. But you suddenly went quiet when you saw the girl and tilted your head.
At first he thought you might be jealous but when the words left your lips, he was so confused.

Angry Juice (Requested)

A/N: This was a request from the lovely @homicidalteenagedream whom I adore because she is sweet as ever! She requested for an angry Juicey Boy, so I made two different scenarios cause I didn’t like the first one that much, but you guys tell me which one you prefer! ENJOY! This may be a tad bit long but nonetheless enjoy!


Based on (X) video, which I don’t own 

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Rat My Ass:

“Ortiz, we’re just asking for your cooperation. We don’t want anyone to get hurt.” The nameless agent said still holding Juices arms behind his back as he began to roughly squirm around trying to break free from the man’s grip. “I wouldn’t do that.” The agent sneered in Juices ear as he grabbed Juices hand holding it up to look at the board, his eyes wander from section to section, only they stopped when they saw her. Juice had drop his attempt to break free as he saw the picture of her, she was laughing while he had a hand around her waist smiling down at her.

Juice felt a tear slide down his cheeks, but felt the anger rise inside of him. “It would be a shame if we had to hurt her, she has such a pretty face.” Another agent said dropping a folding on the desk in front of Juice as the other agent shoved him against the table aggressively, Juice held out his hands to stop himself from falling into the table. He carefully opened the folder, and once he saw what was inside, all he saw was red. He turned the to agent behind him throwing himself at him with a single punch knocking the man down onto the ground as he continued punching the man senselessly, not feeling the other agent grip onto his arm pulling him away.

He growled lowly yanking the man’s arm and turning it onto his back kicking the agents arm hearing his bone snap, but not even that could stop him. He then grabbed the leader of the operation holding him by his collar as Juice was now fuming, not a single word would stop him rampage until she was safe “What did you do to her?” He asked lowly as he gripped the mans neck tightly “Room, she’s in the other room.” He rushed out as quickly as possible, feeling Juice let go of his neck he let out a sigh of relief but what he didn’t expect was the punch that Juice delivered knocking the agent unconscious and on the floor.

He rushed to the other room, adrenaline still pumping in his bones as he kicked the door open, causing her to jump slightly. Once he saw her, sitting there quietly, safe and unharmed he began to relax “Juan Carlos Ortiz was all that you?” She said her hands resting on her hips as he grabbed her roughly “No one. And I mean no one will ever get away with taking you from me.” He said kissing her roughly “So you became a trained killer?” She asked laughing as he chuckled still feeling the anger inside him “Baby, for you I’ll be a trained anything.” He said wrapping his hand around her waist as they began to walk out of the building “Still mad?” She said nodding over to building “Yeah, but if I go back in there all three of them will be good as dead.” He said his hand squeezing her side tighter trying to calm himself down.

“I love you Juan.” She said softly as she leaned her hand on his chest as they walked calmly to their home, together and safe. “I love you more (Y/N).” He said kissing her forehead softly.

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Got to Get You Into My Life → Part I

Description: Part I of GtGYIML; you go out for some fun and meet someone new.

Pairing: Reader (Y/N) x Harry

Word Count: 1,580

You weren’t looking for love, that much was clear. The only reason you went out was because you were looking for a good fuck. All of your friends knew that you weren’t big into the love scene. It was too mushy and sappy. Being a child of several divorces didn’t help too much, either. But, you had to do something about your sexual drive. Not having a partner made you resort to clubs and parties.

So when Matty and Ava invited you to a club, you were quick to accept. They were still in the stage of being lovey-dovey, having only been dating for about seven months now. So, you were sure you would be ditching them the instant you made your way through the doors of the club.

Within hours, you were smashed and shaking your hips on the dance floor. You lived for the party. No one in the room could make you stop your movements.

Until he started dancing near you. His face was not familiar, but he was cute. The few curls that he had bounced as he jumped to the music. You made eye contact and laughed at him. He also had too many drinks. There was a slight stain on his chest.

You made your way over to him to get closer, slinging an arm over his shoulder as you both rolled your hips and jumped around. Most of the time, it was out of sync, but neither of you cared.

Within a few minutes, both of you were covered in sweat. To be honest, it was fairly disgusting. The guy was getting uncomfortable with everyone around and the sweat dripping down his back and asked you to join him outside. You nodded and linked hands with him. His hand was calloused but still soft.

When you stepped outside, you finally had a chance to look him over closer. He was wearing a simple button up shirt and black jeans. His green eyes were bright, despite the only source of light being the neon lights from the club and a street lamp. His lips looked soft and pink. As you scanned over his face, you realized he was looking you over as well.

“Want to go back to my place?” he asked with a smirk.

You admired how blunt he was. There were several instances where you had to plainly tell someone what you wanted to do.

“Sure,” you responded. You would let Ava and Matty know that you left later. Knowing them, they probably already left, wanting to spend more time together than out in a sweaty club. Luckily, there was a bit of a crisp wind, so the sweat on your body would soon disappear.

He lead you to his place, telling you about himself on the way. His name was Harry, and he was originally from England. He gave a little information about his family and where he was from. You also gave your name and told a bit about your life. It was nice knowing a bit about him before you two were about to fuck, but you were also glad that you didn’t know him that well.

Upon arriving at Harry’s place, you were excited. He fumbled with his keys a bit before opening the door and letting you in. You were impressed. He clearly had money, but that thought left your mind when he closed the door behind him and lead you to the bedroom.

The minute you entered his room, you were kissing him. His lips were soft. His hand gripped your neck and you wrapped yourself around him. He laid you back on the bed and started unbuttoning his pants. You sat up and helped unbutton his shirt. He slid his pants and underwear down his thighs, his cock springing up.

In seconds, you grabbed him with your hands and wrapped your lips around him, hollowing your cheeks. He moaned and cleared the hair from your face. You slowly went up and down, making sure what you couldn’t get in your mouth was covered by your hands.

Within about two minutes, he was sighing your name and holding onto your head with his right hand. His head was back, showing off his amazing jawline and neck. He didn’t want to come yet, though. You leaned back once again and pulled off your pants as Harry undressed himself as well. He yanked off your shirt, his mouth immediately connecting to your breast.

You arched your back and groaned. His tongue swirled around your nipple a few times before he sucked a bit more. He would move from one breast to the other, pleasuring you all the while. Eventually, he brought his head up, and his lips attached to yours. One hand played with his hair while the other lightly scratched down his back.

He positioned his arm just right where he could reach down further. You felt his middle finger start to play with your clit. Once in a while his fingers dipped down into your folds, making you moan in great pleasure.

“You’re so wet for me, love,” Harry smirked.

“Fuck,” you breathed as Harry slowly pushed in a single finger. He pumped a few times, testing you and making sure you were alright with his actions.

It was amazing. He knew was he was doing, that was for sure. His fingers were inside you while his thumb rubbed your clit at the same pace that he pumped his fingers. He would twirl his wrist at certain angles that affected what his fingers were doing, causing you to call out his name.

His pulled his fingers out of you, bringing them up and placing them in his mouth, sucking on them.

“You taste amazing, pet. I’d love to have more of you,” he says as he dips his head below your waist.

You barely had the chance to look down before you felt his tongue on your clit. He sucked hard, causing you to lose your breath. His tongue would sink lower and explore everything.

“Oh, Harry,” you gasped as he entered a finger into you. The mixture of his tongue and finger made you grasp his head with your hands. Your fingers were tightly wrapped in his hair, lightly pulling. He reached up with his free hand and palmed your breast, giving it a slight squeeze. It wasn’t long at all before you felt your high coming. You gave Harry a warning only a few seconds before you gasped loudly. Your back arched and Harry removed his hand from your boob to keep your thigh from squeezing his head.

“Fuck!” you exclaimed, finally letting go of your breath that you had been holding. You panted loudly, watching lazily as Harry wiped his mouth and licked his finger clean. You scooted back on the bed, making more room for Harry.

“Wait,” you quickly said. You searched for your purse on the floor. After you eyes found it, you stood and walked over to it, rummaging through it. Once you found what you were looking for, you strolled back to Harry’s bed, handing him the small package.

“Good thinkin’,” he smiled at you. He quickly opened the condom wrapping and wrapped himself up, allowing you time to position yourself on the bed again.

Harry placed himself at your entrance, giving you one last look to make sure you were alright. You nodded, spreading your legs a bit more. He teased you a bit more, running his cock up and down against your wetness. You groaned, thankful for the moment when he finally pushed himself inside.

You moaned Harry’s name a few times. He had a bit more girth than most guys, but you were completely fine with that. Harry panted as he thrust himself into you. He admired the way your boobs bounced in rhythm with his thrusts. He placed his mouth over your nipple, sucking on it as you scratched your nails down his back.

It wasn’t long at all until you felt your second orgasm of the night. You came without even warning Harry because it seemed like it was so sudden. Your hips bucked up, grinding against Harry’s. You gripped his arm, breathless. He lifted his head and kissed you a couple of times, his lips still smooth as ever. You were just coming down from your high when Harry’s thrusts were becoming sloppier. He sped up his pace before he moaned loudly, calling your name a few times.

He pulled himself out and lay beside you. You were just starting to return to normal breathing while Harry was still panting. A few minutes passed before you glanced over at Harry, smiling.

“That was amazing,” you complimented.

“Yeah, you were great,” he responded, sitting up. He claimed he was going to clean himself up, which you agreed you were going to do.

You walked into the bathroom, bringing along your underwear. You quickly used the bathroom and wiped, pulling on your underwear and flushing the toilet.

“You have a specific side you sleep on?” you asked, walking over to the bed.

“I prefer left, but take whichever side you’re comfortable with. Also, do you need a shirt?”

You thought about it, but eventually nodded. “That would be great, thanks.”

After receiving an over-sized shirt from Harry, you pulled the covers over yourself. He was quick to join you, resting a hand on your waist. You both eventually fell asleep facing each other.

Joenarys forced!!!!!

Joenarys feel so forced, TO ME , how is it possible that we started with, i am the king in the North AND i don’t have to Trust you or to bend the fucking knee or to ask for your permission to leave..to i’m sorry Dany i Will bend the knee , MY QUEEN 😑😑😑 it felt wrong because they made me believe that they wanted Jon And Daenerys to be equals AND now he is not . He is going to become some other guy who Is in love with her in apparently 3 episodes and do whatever she wants.😑😑😑😑😑

mum and dad,

it was never your decision to make. i shouldn’t have let you make that decision. i think about it everyday. about how different life would be if i had just stood up for myself and told you both the truth.

how could you be so foolish? how could you possibly believe that the reason i told you why i was crying so hard that i couldn’t breathe that night was the truth? did you believe me or did you just not care enough to ask for the real reason?

i am not ok. and although i love and respect you both with every thing i have, i also hope that you regret what you did for the rest of your lives. because the decision you made that night made me miserable for the next three years.

i am not the perfect daughter you want me to be. i am fucked up. and that is because of you two. you could have easily prevented all of this if you had just asked me what i wanted instead of wondering what was best for yourselves.

what you did that night was selfish, idiotic, evil and cruel. it showed me that you care more about my grades than my mental health.

but that straigh A report card will mean nothing when i’m dead.

yours sincerely,
your very suicidal daughter. x

You know how there was an ask about the boys’ S/O singing Dead Girl Walking from Heathers? What if the boys heard their S/O singing Candy Store? (in all honesty that’s one of my favorite Heathers songs XD- you don’t have to do this if you don’t know Heathers, it’s fine with me- btw, I really love this blog, so keep up the good work! ^-^)

This was very fun to write! I hope you enjoy this!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • The lyrics made him raise an eyebrow.
  • The mean-spirited lyrics sounded odd with your voice, honestly.
  • But he did find it amusing that you were trying do all the parts alone.
  • So you were pulled out of the heat of the solo by a soft chuckle.
  • You start blushing because oh my god how much did he hear
  • Well, he heard enough of it to know it’s definitely from Heathers.
  • He doesn’t comment further on it.
  • But you do catch him humming it later in the day.
  • You’re pretty sure you got it stuck in his head.

Rantarou Amami

  • He is ecstatic from “You got a bone to pick?”
  • You jump when you suddenly have a backup singer.
  • But he insists that you continue.
  • So he tries to be both Heather McNamara and Heather Duke.
  • It was incredibly fun
  • Afterward, he admits that his throat is sore though.
  • The next time you try singing Candy Store alone
  • The exact same thing happens.
  • Amami’s just your background singer now, you suppose.

Kokichi Ouma

  • Oh, he knows this song alright.
  • He’s just standing to the side waiting for it.
  • The moment.
  • His grin stretches from ear to ear when it happens.
  • “Honey whatchu waiting for-”
  • “SHUT UP, S/O!”
  • He pushes you to the side and sings Heather Chandler’s part.
  • Little shit stole the finale.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • He frowns at the song choice.
  • You have a nice voice and it has a catchy beat
  • But did it have to be this song?!
  • This is just a bully song!
  • You seemed to be having fun though, so he doesn’t stop you.
  • You finish Candy Store and hear somewhat reluctant clapping.
  • “Good job, I guess…”
  • When he expresses his dislike for the song, you smirk.
  • He’s changed his mind. Candy Store is fine.

Kaito Momota

  • He just so happened to walk in on you singing.
  • No big deal.
  • You sounded nice.
  • He stood behind you while continuing to drink his slushie.
  • It all went downhill when he heard one line.
  • “You just gotta prove you’re not a pussy-”
  • He did a spit take
  • All over the back of your shirt.
  • He announces his presence when you’re singing from then on.


  • He’s curious as to why you keep changing your tone of voice every other line.
  • He even interrupts you to ask.
  • Well, this song is supposed to be sung by three girls-
  • Oh! This should help then!
  • He reminds you of his recording functions.
  • So you could be your own backup singers!
  • It was a cute idea, but you ended up singing the song way more than three times.
  • In the end, it sounded nice though.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Gonta thinks this song is really pretty!
  • And your singing is really pretty!
  • By the halfway point, he’s also trying to sing the chorus.
  • But…
  • You’re pretty damn sure Gonta isn’t really listening to the lyrics.
  • Otherwise, he wouldn’t approve of such a crude song.
  • You just let him keep thinking it’s a song about a literal candy store.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • He’d never properly heard the song before
  • Maybe the faint sound of it come from your headphones, but that was it.
  • He doesn’t even wait for you to finish singing before he’s chuckling.
  • “Wow, I didn’t realize you could sound so bitchy.”
  • Before you could fully explain yourself, he holds up a hand.
  • “Don’t worry, I kind of like it.”
  • He sits down in front of you.
  • …What? Aren’t you going to sing the rest of the musical?
The Only One 3

Summary: You were in love with this guy and in college you could’ve made it work but you had to go home and now 6 years later it might be too late to be with the only man you ever truly loved. Modern Day AU

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1413

A/N: Because i hit my next 100 followers here we go

Part 2

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Jonsa and Jonerys

I very well know that Jonerys sex scene will happen in season 7 and I accept that because I’ve read almost all the theories and then some speculation of a Jonsa endgame.

I’m sorry not sorry for watching the leaked episode 6. There was this scene that made me lose a little hope for Jonsa, you’ll know once you watch the new ep.

I just want to cry of frustration just thinking of a Jonerys endgame because that’s whta my friends are telling me. I’m actually the only Jonsa shipper in my circle of friends.

Then I realize that my friends do NOT know that GRRM inspired ASOIAF from England’s history. About the War of Roses and bla bla bla

And I just don’t know anymore.

Apart from that, the theory about Dany will be betrayed for love: Jonsa fandom assures me that Jon will betray D for love. But then, the one that could betray her for love may be Tyrion (love for his brother Jaime) or maybe Missandei (love for Greyworm).

anonymous asked:

idk if you've already made this gifset but if not, can you make one of dean singing "i'm all out of love" in 7x06?

Done. I love that Dean is totally into the music, but I was watching it and Dean stops singing because Sam is so weirded out by it. But then Dean does this after he looks away: 

What’s up with the smirk? Is Dean just messing with Sam with his singing along or is the smirk something else? 

iraniq  asked:

Hiii ... huge fan, love your imagines, stories .. basically everything ... p.s. i need more :* ... So ... to the question ... what will you thing it will happen if you meet the boys: Jared, Tom, Jeremy, Chris, Sebastian, Keanu .. like just going out and see them, not all together, but every one of them in different situation, or in the same ... what will you do or say ... ?

I know, dear! You’ve been here for a while.

Thank you for that! <3

Oh god… just thinking about it made me nervous. I’d have the hardest time with Tom, i think. Because i’d love to have an actual conversation with him and i’d hate to blow my only chance, so i’d have to force myself to unfreeze and make sense when i speak. Add to this the fact that English isn’t my first language… ugh.

Same thing would happen with Jeremy because… he’s a living legend, are you kidding me? What do you say to him? And if they looked the slightest bit annoyed, i’d probably run away crying AHAHAHA. Well, i don’t know.

I would never ask any of them for a picture that’s for sure.

To Chris i’d say, “we’re birthday twins”.

I don’t think i’d be as nervous meeting Jared or Sebastian. For some strange reason.

But Keanu would be ridiculous, you know? Like… it’s Keanu Reeves. Am i dreaming?

But then again, no pictures. No nothing. I would probably just tell them how talented they are and thank them. And ask them to employ me.

Greetings, dear! <3


Remember 2013 when freshly-made anime fan me had a huge crush on this boy? Well, I did because William showed up on my dash again and I couldn’t resist the urge to draw him. I still love this boy, can you imagine? Enough to try hand-lettering a quote of his! Hope you guys like my return to my fanart roots!

@princess-of-winterfel said: Daenerys shows such favoritism towards Drogon that it made me dislike Drogon from the beginning , but the tv series is the same and they almost never even show the other two dragons. Based on the books it seems like Viserion is basically the smallest, most harmless of the 3, if this happens to him in the books I’ll be sad, but in the show he is indistinguishable from Rhaegal because they don’t give a shit about the two of them


I agree with you. Show!Dragons are just awful. They got everything about them wrong. At least in the beginning they bothered to make them accurate: Rhaegar’s scales are dark green, and he has amber eyes, whereas Viserion’s scales are cream coloured, but he has golden wings and also golden tonalities. His eyes are golden too. Thorough the series though they wouldn’t even bother on giving them the right colour and they just let them with the same, dull, grey-ish scale colour. Like clones. Viserion is supposed to be LIGHT COLOURED. CREAM AND GOLD ARE LIGHT COLOURS. The only one who stands out is Drogon because he has some reddish tonalities overall his black scales.

It’s not just about the physical representation of the dragons but also their personalities. Viserion is calmer, Rhaegar is lazier, Drogon is more aggressive. They wouldn’t even bother on giving them personalities because to them, the first two dragons are just background. I understand dragons are used as tools or machines for Daenerys to win her war (even if she calls them her children you don’t see her paying much attention to them as the show progresses. Yeah, sure, she appears on some scenes feeding them… Oh, sorry, feeding DROGON. But that’s about it). I don’t judge her for that because if I had the perfect killing machines then I would use them too, but it’s stupid that she always refers to them as “her children” when we are never shown such bond on-screen. Who knows, maybe she spends all her time off-screen petting them, but I only believe what I see, so sorry Dany, you’re just fake.

I love dragons in all kinds of cinematics and literary universes, so I was really excited for these dragons to hatch (let’s skip the subject of Daenerys unironically getting the dragons eggs and then having them hatch merely for plot convenience because I have no time for that) and at first I didn’t dislike Drogon. I started disliking him when the favouritism was clear and he was absolutely left uncontrolled whereas the other two were chained up and left on a stinking dungeon. I don’t judge the decision to cage them (actually… Yes I do, and if i were Viserion or Rhaegal I would have just eaten Daenerys the moment she stepped back on the dungeon, that heartless mother of ours… Anyway) but I do judge the fact that it’s not a fair action. IF YOU’RE GOING TO PUNISH YOUR PETS, PUNISH THEM ALL.

Anyway we have repeatedly been shown that Viserion and Rhaegal are not worth shit for the show’s plot so I wouldn’t really care if they died (am I glad that Viserion is going to turn into an undead dragon? Maybe. Maybe he’ll get the attention he well deserves now). It’d be better than have them butchered by the show and knowing we’re talking game of thrones… I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t make it to the end.

im glad i made a sideblog for my WWE liveblogging and stuff! it keeps my main here a little tidier. like i still wanna reblog WWE stuff to this account because i still love WWE but all my eclectic screaming is now in one place so my main blog has room for like. you know. other shit.