i made this bc it was cute


Tweek: how…? thats a good question…we started dating bc of that rumour in elementary school (that we are gay …and we are a couple)…ppl got really sad whan we are not together ..so we just started hanging around each other…and..Craig was pretty nice to me and we have a lot matual interests

…actually …we never called it datyng …mmm but …… 4-th December was really special date for us…bc Craig first time say that’m cute…

Craig:..i don’t remember that!

Tweek: haha and now i’m calling you cute xD

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Hey there! In that R&M post you said the show was ableist, but I can't recall why, why is it so?

there are a BUNCH of instances, but to avoid having to go actually watch rick and morty again bc i dont hate myself heres just ONE that i remmeber rly clearly bc it was. actually shocking:

Rick: Cute. Your sister’s boss gave me a microscope that would have made me retarded.

Morty: Ooo, oh boy Rick, I-I don’t think you’re allowed to say that word. Ya know?

Rick: Uh Morty, I’m not disparaging the differently abled. I’m stating the fact that if I had used this microscope it would have made me mentally retarded.

Morty: Ok but yeah, I don’t think it’s about logic, Rick. I-I think the word has just become a symbolic issue for powerful groups that feel like they’re doing the right thing.

Rick: Well that’s retarded.

“powerful groups” im sorry did u mean….ppl w disabilities ? “feel like they’re doing the right thing ???” ok ok. yeah. alright. okay. hm.

A little then/now comparison I made. The first pic is, I believe, from 2012, pre-Hedwig when Neil had a bit more meat on his bones. I found it particularly adorable how he had the tiniest amount of pudge on his tummy when sitting, unlike in the summer 2015 pic to the right. However, I do believe that he has gained a bit of weight back since the right pic, as he has been looking very healthy and well lately.

Just thought it was something to point out, especially bc I found the first pic to be super cute.



i dont even know what kind of creature I drew above but i assure you people that it’s akakuro.

Mochi akakuro bc akakuro is cute and yummy

i hope there’s nothing wrong with the frames bc this is my first time making a gif im so stupid /eatsmyfingers


NoodleSims’ Ramen Noodle Skin made Non-Default

This is just a lil bitty non-default version of this skin by NoodleSims. I just thought it was super cute but, since my sim style varies, I don’t always need it. I asked NoodleSims and they said I could upload this! In case anyone wants it, it is up for grabs. I only did teen to elder versions bc the child skin was giving me issues for some reason. If someone really wants this for their chillens, feel free to let me know. All credit goes to @noodlesims and everyone who helped make the original skin possible! (Sorry for the crappy preview pictures, I am a bit busy atm so this is all I could do for now)

If you want to see more pictures of NoodleSims’ skin or have the default version, the original post is here.

Download the Non-default version here

body worship tho,, body worship,,,.,,, body worship….

both sides of it, sans like ‘my bro is so cute and amazing wth?? he’s still made of cinnamon and sunshine how is he like this’ pap basking in the praise but also really flustered at the same time bc it’s so genuine?? and pap w/ the purest praise ever, w/ that cinnamon and sunshine that gets sans every time?? just these little offhand remarks that he doesn’t know how to deal with like he’ll call pap cute and stuff when he’s feeling it but when pap does it he’s like wwwwhoa and flustered af and pap basks in that too

and just gentle touches and kisses and taking their precious time and even when they’re bein rough there’s still this level of gentleness bc they don’t really want to hurt each other, and whispered praise against each other’s bones and i ju s t,,, ,

Aquarius : In love, Crush, & Dates

[Aquarius Sun,Sagittarius moon,Aquarius Venus]

In Love :

we sometimes try to be friend with our crush and then ask him everything.EVERYTHING like litterally not just ask about himself,but about the space and universe if necessary,and we kinda liked to try to be around our crush and recommend him/her something fun,interesting and stuff,it’s actually so hard for people around me to tell that i’m in love because we keep giving that flat expression

Crush :

well,outside we just try to talk with him/her but inside we feel like “so awkward,oh wait no he’s cute,damn just focus on the conversation lmao” and having hard time trying to focus on the conversation so maybe they might not look at you at the eyes,bcs they’re shy af.But we sometimes imitate his/her body language so we can attract him/her and sometimes we suddenly asks weird things that can made him/her confused so make sure if you’re open-minded we LOVE those people!

Dates :

hm,don’t really know it kinda depends on our crush like for example,if my crush is a gamer i would like actually to ask him/her how to play game so maybe a date that i could adapt with my or crush’s hobby but also,i like an adventure date like hiking and camping so like double the people double the thrill!

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ok while katara marrying zuko and becoming the fire lady and moving to the fire nation is a cute headcanon and all i like to believe that if zutara had actually happened they would’ve argued for a while about where they would live? bc obviously zuko would have a duty to stay in his nation as the fire lord and he’d want katara to come with him, but she’d want to go back home and mend her broken village after the war

and so they’d get together and try long distance, taking turns visiting each other for a few years until one day, when zuko made a trip to the south pole, he’d ask katara to marry him, in the fire nation, to be his fire lady, and she’d say yes, but even after they were wed they’d still run into the same problems because katara would want to go home and zuko couldn’t just leave the throne?? 

so they’d agree to have children (luckily for zuko, their first child was a firebender, so he wouldn’t have to deal with more scrutiny for his decision to marry a waterbender) and once their children were old enough to understand, katara and zuko would remain married but decide to live separately. zuko would stay with his children in the palace until summer, when they’d visit the south pole and reunite with katara for a few weeks, and she’d go with them back to the fire nation for a few weeks more to spend time with them before leaving again, and that’d be their system for years until their oldest child was sixteen, and zuko decided he no longer wanted to be fire lord, and he’d abdicate from the throne, and he and katara would retire to a remote village in the earth kingdom, in the middle of both of their homes for the rest of their days

♡ little dirk strider things ♡

  • his room is in a constant state of cluttered chaos, but if someone puts one thing out of place theyre dead
  • thinks seagulls are cute and named the ones that often visit him after mlp characters
  • has “made my brain my bitch.”
  • makes puppets because he doesnt have to think as he sews them. plus theyre squishy and who the hell doesnt find that pleasant
  • likes math. has seen every numberphile video ten times. they are very relaxing
  • deeply regrets that he does not own legos
  • keeps all of his half finished projects, hes going to put them all together someday and create The Behemoth 69000
  • hates dr pepper
  • regularly contemplates ways to break the speed of light despite knowing its impossible
  • loves peeps marshmallows. they are so soft. so squish. 
  • his “unreadable expressionless mask” is actually a resting bitchface 
  • pissed off by the weather no matter what it is
  • created programs that are impossible to beat at various board games then attempted to beat them
  • takes hour long showers because he’s so busy thinking he forgets what he’s doing and shampoos his hair for 15 minutes
  • played and beat every version of 2048 he could find for two weeks
  • capable of staring at a wall and not moving for four hours 
  • stays up until four every day, either sleeps until five pm or doesnt sleep at all
Sleepy confession

So for the first time ever I decided after some pushing to post something I wrote. I wrote this for Jaq when she was sad aka cute Sugakookie yas. She told me to tho.

Please tell me if you liked it, maybe? Bc this is the first time and insecure. 

“Y-Yoongi hyung?” Yoongi hears Jeongguk say from the doorway in his room. “Are you awake?" 

Yoongi, still half asleep, wasn’t in the mood to say anything so he pretends he didn’t hear, but Jeongguk doesn’t leave. A minute later Yoongi hears footsteps coming his way and feels someone sitting on the side of his bed. He could feel Jeongguk’s stare on him. 

He is ripped out of his thoughts when he feels Jeongguk’s hand cup his cheek. Jeongguk takes a deep breath and then Yoongi feels something on his forehead, Jeongguks soft lips. He had kissed him on his forehead. Yoongi’s thoughts are on speed, he can’t believe it. Why would Jeongguk, a bandmate, friend, the maknae kiss him. Kisses aren’t given in the group, it’s weird and awkward, only done on TV shows when they really have to. Before Yoongi can decide if he would keep faking he’s asleep or not Jeongguk has already left leaving Yoongi to think about what happened. 

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