i made this baby with your best friend lmao

hello everyone !! I start my freshmen year of college in about two weeks   which is extremely wild??? summer went by so fast tbh but i made this to give a special shout out to those of you who made my summer more enjoyable whether we talked or your posts made me laugh or i really just want to be your friend lmao. I appreciate all of you and I hope you guys have been having a great year so far and i love you cute little angel babies ((((-:

of course i have to start off with my bitchingirlfriends who always have me screaming and laughing tbh i love yall so much 
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also my lame best friend who has been putting up with my ass since 2012 ily mads vicfnentes

and now the rest of you lovely people 

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sorry if you’re not listed but i love all my mutuals and everyone who miraculously follows me!! thank you for putting up with my annoying ass and please talk to me and be my friend lord knows i need more lmao


Your birthday with J-hope!

Today is 6th of December, so it’s my best friend’s birthday and since J-hope is her bias, I made this post while thinking about her!

He would definitely prepare the house before you wake up.

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Then he would spend a short moment on praising himself lmao.

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Then he would make a breakfast for you so you will eat it in bed.

Trying it like: “Wow, she will love it!”

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He would wake you up by screaming “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!”

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And give you a morning kiss ignore Tae please lmao

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Then he would get you out of bed for happy dance whatever you want or not *you’re Jungkook*

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“Okay, come back to bed. You have to eat.” *you’re Jimin*

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After getting ready he would brag again: “Guess who has the entire day planned for you. Yes, that’s me, your amazing boyfriend.”

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*Showing off the tickets for the movie you wanted to see like* can we please pretend that the the candy bar is the tickets..

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*Getting overexcited* “We’re gonna have such a great time!”

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*Going back home just to see this* 

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and birthday sex when you’re finally alone again

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