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Awhile ago I saw @portentous-offerings make a post about how Marinette’s parents would react if they found out she was ladybug in response to an anon question, and she said something about her parents sending food with her on patrols to share with Chat Noir and it made me think about how touched he would be if parents who’ve never even met him were looking out for him when he barely even has one parent on his side at home. 

I’d really like more size 24+ people in pastels on my blog, more fat brown men covered in white wispy silk sheets, more people in wheelchairs or other mobility aids with vines of blooming flowers around them, more trans ladies dressed as airy fairies and nypmhs, more folx with topical skin discolorations sipping from tea cups, more non-binary pinups, just more.

I made a post calling for submissions awhile ago and never saw any, so if I can help facilitate the creation of these images in some way, let me know. The job of inclusion here is one that is never done.

So awhile ago, I received a message from someone who I had seen often in my notes, asking if they could send me some stuff just as a thank you for everything I do for this blog.

I was…shocked, to say the least. It was so incredibly sweet!! I was honestly speechless, as I never EVER foresaw things like this happening to me when I made my first post here and started this thing. Well today I received a package and I have to admit it brought a tear to my eye. I wish I had the words to describe my feelings! Thank you @etherealbatwing for making my entire day, my entire month! I’m 1000000% in love with these prints, the key chain, and OF COURSE THE HBC~!

I love this fandom, and I’ve met and talked to so many delightful people thanks to Cheritz and MM. Etherealbatwing, you are obviously one of them. I’m so happy to have you as a friend now, you are so kind and funny and a great friend to fangirl with over these damn characters we love too much lolol! Although I in no way, shape or form expect this shit ever, damn do I appreciate the hell out of it. Anyway, back to staring at this stuff hahaha I have to pick up some more frames now! 😘😍

okay i literally made this blog a few days ago so that i could start writing fanfiction and not have to post it on my main blog lol cuz i’ve been thinking for awhile now that i might actually be bi? and I’m not sure what to do with that. like. idk man. it’s one of those things where i’ve never been involved with a girl before so i’m not totally sure, but i’m like weirdly invested in gay ships? like korrasami, and clexa literally changed my fucking life, and then root/shaw and now sanvers. i’m more invested in sanvers now than i have been with a hetero ship in a very long time. honestly i don’t know what to think. maybe I’m just overthinking things, but at the same time like, i notice women. i mean, i used to think it was just like oh wow she’s so pretty, but i was thinking it was in a jealous manner? but now, idk what to think. i’m just confused honestly. if anyone has any thoughts on this please feel free cuz i don’t really feel comfortable talking to anyone about this in real life.

Admin here!

I just wanted to say thank you for 100+ followers! I really appreciate you all very much, esp. because A) I made this blog like two days ago wtf and B) I didn’t think people would like Austria as much lol

I’m also happy because of how quickly I was accepted? The other Google History™ accounts are very nice and sweet and I thank you as well!


So I made this comic dub awhile ago but never posted it on tumblr, so here it is!

Also if you are sensitive to blood/violence please do not watch the video.

Original Comic: http://adlez-axel.tumblr.com/post/143842841265/chop-chop-thats-one-way-to-get-out-of-a-bear

Stay With Me (Joe Sugg fanfic) Part 1

Hey guys i made this awhile ago but never got round to posting it so i hope you like it :)


Joe’s POV:

“Hey babe it’s me, again um this is like the 6th call I’ve left and your not getting back to me and I’m getting really worried, so can you please get in contact” i hung up the call and threw the phone on the bed and continued pacing through my bedroom “dude she probably just asleep or something” Caspar spoke up from the doorway “No because she would have told me if she was” Caspar sighed “Well have you checked her apartment” i froze “No i haven’t" just at that moment my phone started ringing, i didn’t even look just answered "Y/N?!” “Joe” i sighed “Jim, listen i cant talk right now I’m waiting for a call from Y/N"  i tried to sound polite but i only wanted to answer to Y/N right now i needed to know she was okay.

"Joe have you check the news?” i looked at Caspar confused “Why would i watch the news?” i heard Jim sigh and the sound of keys jingling and a door slamming came through the phone “I’m on my way to pick you up, i think it’s best if you check it" I wanted to say something but i heard the beeping sound meaning he hung up. "What was that all about?” i heard Caspar say to me but I couldn’t answer him, why would Jim tell me to check the new if it was important and why was he picking me up “I better check the news see what he’s talking about” i ran upstairs with Caspar on my heels and grabbed the remote from the coffee table i turned it to the channel the news was on and immediately saw a burning apartment complex i dropped the remote and fell back on the sofa.

“Joe!” I couldn’t hear anything Caspar was saying It felt like everything was in slow motion, all i could see clearly was Y/N face and name along with other faces, she was marked down as missing then i saw a figure stand in the front of the TV i looked up seeing Jim, Marcus and Alfie all shouting something but i couldn’t hear any of them i looked and saw Tanya, Zoe and Naomi standing behind at he other side of me all looking panic

“Joe!" "Joe" "Joe can you hear me" "Look at me buddy" everything went back to normal like somebody just pressed play "Joe come on get up we got to go” i jumped up and ran out the door not caring for a jacket, everyone else was right behind me i ran outside and ran to the first car i saw which happened to be Jim’s it was already unlocked but before i jumped in i looked around noticing Zoe running towards her car, i couldn’t do this on my own i needed my big sister to comfort me like she used to do when i little and i fell over and grazed my knee just like then i needed to tell me everything’s going to be okay “Wait Zoe!” She stopped and looked towards me i didn’t have to say anything for her to know, i think my watering eyes were enough, she nodded and turned to Alfie and threw the car keys at him “Alfie you take my car” he nodded and quickly jumped in the drivers without opening the door.

Zoe got in beside me and as soon as she shut the door Jim was zooming down the street trying to get there as quick as possible “Okay listen Joe, Look at me” i turned my head to her and she wiped away my tears with her thumbs which was pointless as they just kept rolling “Everything is okay, i want you to take deep breaths okay” i tried listening but i just kept sobbing i couldn’t help it the thought of my baby in that burning place was making me worse i needed her with me i need her.

Y/N’s POV:

I was coughing, holding my stomach and a cloth to my mouth trying not to breath any of the smoke in, my dog Gizmo was aside of me i needed to get him out of here get him safe, i leaned down and spoke softly to him “Gizmo listen to me okay i need you to run downstairs and outside okay” He whimpered and tears fell and i started sobbing "You understand" he barked softly and i laughed tearfully, i hugged him tightly and kissed his head “Now go baby and don’t stop running until you reach outside okay” He barked on last time before taking off after a while i heard someone yell “There’s a dog, someone’s still inside!” i heard Gizmo barking outside and i sighed in relief that he was safe, i stood up and squeezed the necklace Joe got for our 1 year anniversary “I love you Joe forever and always” that’s the last words i said before i fell to the ground and the last thing i saw was a figure coming towards me then that’s when everything went black.


There we go first fanfic i hope you guys like it :)

Failed her, failed her, failed her.

Daryl’s feet beat out the rhythm of those accusatory words as they pounded over the pavement for mile after mile. The sun had risen again and begun to set since he’d failed her, and he was still running, running, never stopping, chasing after her, because there was no way in hell he was gonna stop.

He’d already failed her once. He’d already let her get taken, let her get dragged into that fucking car somehow, watched it drive off with her inside. There had been no way he was gonna let them take her even further from him. So he’d done the only thing he could do: he’d run.

Daryl had been running for so long now that he didn’t even feel the pain in his feet anymore. He didn’t feel winded, didn’t feel exhausted, didn’t feel hungry. He felt like all the times he’d been building up his endurance, all the times he’d gotten used to going without food, without sleep, had all led to this. He knew technically it had been to help him survive, but what was the point of surviving without her? There wasn’t one.

There was no point in living without the one bright, shining being that he’d only just begun to realize made it all worth it. Because that was what Beth Greene was. The flicker of a match in the endless darkness, sparking, blooming to push away the night that seemed to close in tighter with each day. He refused to let that flame get blown out, get taken from him, not when he’d just begun to not only accept but enjoy the way it shown so warm on his skin and his shriveled, disused heart.

So he ran, and even when he came to a crossing in the road he didn’t stop. He spun, gasping for breath and barely noticing, refusing to give in to the urge to fall to his ground and give up ‘cause he couldn’t give up, not on her, not ever.

CHASING CARS by burningupasun (WIP)

Hi I’m Allie! I’m new. Go easy on me.

So… I used to just be a casual viewer of OUAT (ha!).  Then awhile ago I made a twitter to help Colin win a contest, & I met a bunch of you lovely people on there.  I never thought I’d get this deep into the fandom, but here we are!  I’m trash.  So hi Captain Swan fans! I’m finally making the leap into the tumblr world. 

A few things about me:

1)  I love making art.  I’ve already made a bunch of fan art for the show, which I’ll be posting on here as well as any new stuff.  Usually I use fan art to experiment & have fun, so don’t be surprised if the style changes up from piece to piece. 

2) I like to keep things positive, so this is a hate-fee zone! I just wanna celebrate the couple I love and this magically crazy show. 

3) I love meeting new people! So come say hi. Tell me how to work this tumblr thing.  My inbox is open.  Or you can come talk to me on twitter or instagram too (I’m @cinnamonseas over there).

Can’t wait to fangirl along with you!

KHF - Day 5 - Changing Colors

Fandom: Frozen
Pairing: Kristanna (Kristoff/Anna)
Rating: K
Title: Prism
A/N: I wrote this awhile ago as penance for Chapter 12 of Inevitable, but I never cross posted it over here on Tumblr. Which is silly. Because 90% of the reason I got a tumblr is @mitsouparker made fanart of this story and I have to have a way to keep it somewhere. Anyway. It is not new, but any time I tried to write something different for this prompt - it just turned into Prism - so I gave up.

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