i made this at school bc bored

things that actually happened in my high school

1. in the middle of am homeroom (so like 9am in the morning) a kid just broke out a pint of ice cream and started eating it. and i guess it wouldnt have been that bad except once people noticed, everyone started whispering and pointing until half the class was surrounding the table literally BEGGING for some. the teacher actually had to stop reading the morning announcements and give a speech on how you shouldn’t give death threats over ice cream.

2. this kid i was sitting next to once went home bc he got a massive headache after staring straight into a lightbulb for 2 minutes bc he “was bored and wanted to see what would happen.” he ended up taking 3 advils after that, got paranoid and made the entire table search “how many pills of advil does it take to overdose” on a school computer.

3.  there was a HUGE ASS fly in the room and the teacher thought itd be a great idea to kill it by throwing a folder 4inches thick with papers in its general direction; it ended up going across the room and hitting a poor, innocent kid in the face so hard that the other kids at the table scrammed and started yelling “EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF”…and when i tell you that this fly was huge,,it was literally so MASSIVE that this one girl almost started crying when it flew near her, someone actually tried throwing a cup of coffee at it, and another person started screaming ZIKA VIRUSSSS and something about how they weren’t vaccinated. and mind you the majority of the students are dressed in fancy attire bc of the national honor society ceremony that was later in the afternoon. in the midst of all this chaos, this one kid stands up, doesnt say anything and literally just ninja slams his bare hand onto the table and kills the fly all in one fluid motion, all without saying a single word. the entire class just broke out in thunderous applause, including the teacher, and then class continued as normal as if the past 10 minutes didn’t even happen

4. during first period a teacher who lost a ton of weight over a 2 year period was giving serious advice about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle while this kid right in front of the teacher’s desk breaks out a FULL mcdonalds breakfast meal and distributes it among the table

5. kids that were in apush and ap spanish held a joint prayer vigil the day before ap exams began, so that ap students could literally hold hands and pray to survive exam season as well as mourn our high grades. everyone who went was required to bring in fake candles and food, while someone else conducted a prayer service. a special invitation was sent using our school emails, you had to rsvp in order to attend, and it was suggested that you wear black. our ap teachers knew about this, and they agreed it was a good idea somehow


made a short skit comic bc im really bored in school and i dont know what to do tbh so haha yeeeee twYLE FANART ATLAST

from Oculus Chapter 7: The Dog by @earily

p.s i actually made this in manga style which is read right to left just to practice for our midterms which is making a manga, although i made this in my style and not shoujo/shounen type of manga which is black and white one. so in case you’re wondering why i put symbols in first page, that’s why.

It's like 7:30 AM

and I’m drunk because I didn’t go out until midnight so I’m taking bong rips and watching Skins which I haven’t watched in about seven or eight years for nostalgia reasons.

Prompt: “i was visiting this school for the day bc i want to transfer out of my school and it was between this school and another one but then i saw u and ur hella cute so i choose this school” au

Character: Bucky Barnes

Warning: N/A

Notes: High School AU

*American football not my/uk football 

Choosing a new school to transfer to was boring and not easy at all because all the schools seemed the same but you needed to pick one and it was just…it was hard. Your parents had made it clear they weren’t choosing for you either, that they were going to let you choose…something a near adult wasn’t very good at. 

Both schools were pretty much the same; same walls, same floors, same types of lockers, similar results and grades, one did football* and one did lacrosse. There wasn’t much to differentiate them, except from him.

Perhaps it was a terrible idea to choose a school based upon a boy, but he was very very attractive between the long strands of dark hair, the starting of a beard (he could grow a beard that was a good sign amongst teenagers right?), blue eyes that might damn well swallow you whole…and well he was fit. Very very very fit, he was build like a brick shit house and you weren’t complaining. It also helped that he smiled at you and winked when he passed on his way to class…that just made it worse because he’d interacted with you and Jesus, he was cute. 

You didn’t tell your parents that was the reason obviously, you said it was their teachers, that the ones you’d met seemed like they’d be good at their job and you’d actually enjoy your lessons…really it was that dark haired boy who made you feel like a 12 year old with a crush all over again…

You partially started regretting your choice on your first day of school, you were alone…no one in your classes even bothered talking to you, and your locker wouldn’t open and site management said they’d have to replace it since there weren’t any more free lockers…and then you started thinking it was worth it when you saw him again in the corridor. It was a little strange that just a simple glimpse of him could make your day instantly better.

You hadn’t expected him to talk to you or even really notice you as you passed on your way to study period, but he’d stopped in his tracks and jogged to move in front of you, a wide eyes smile that said enough about his personality greeting you. “Hi, you’re new, right?”

“Uh…y-yeah…” And in that moment you found out that you couldn’t actually speak properly around him, that that deep seated attraction had a lump forming in your throat and had he always been this tall? You hadn’t noticed his prosthetic before, and now you had you wondered what had happened to his arm. He must have seen you looking.

“I was in a…uh, a car accident…if you’re wondering.” He looked a little awkward about it, which wasn’t really surprisingly when it came to telling a stranger you don’t know the name of about your lose of an arm. 

“I…I didn’t mean to stare”

“It’s alright, I don’t mind, i’m James, but everyone calls me Bucky.” He held out his hand for you and it was odd to be offered to shake at your age but you didn’t really mind, it gave you an excuse to touch him in someway. (You were starting to feel a little creepy actually come to think of it…the crush was a little too big)

“Uh, Y/N, It’s nice to…to meet you.” You hoped your hand wasn’t sweaty as you shook his and smiled at him a little uncomfortably, trying not to stare at one spot on his face too long in case you gave away your weird ass crush that made you choose this goddamn school of all schools. 

“You have anyone to sit with at lunch?” You shook your head, no one had even bothered talking to you until Bucky, “You can sit with me and my friends then, what’s your locker? I’ll come get you later.”

“Uh, 453″ 

“The broken one? That sucks, you can, uh, use mine if you want while they’re getting you a new one? I’ll show you it on the way to lunch, yeah?”

“Alright…thank you..”

“No problem, doll, it’s my pleasure” You were sure you were going to faint at the pet name, but you didn’t which really was a miracle. 


youngjae and his cute self cams (2014 vs. 2016)
↳ let’s also appreciate the fact that the camera never focuses on his cute lil face and it’s always shaking