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Hey so uh i don’t think i ever posted this? It’s old but I’m still really proud of it, these are my kids Clover (left) and Carmen (right) and they have a v big backstory that I’m still working on

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I just read every ravenclaw post on your blog and two other Ravenclaw blogs instead of doing my homework. It's now ten till 4 in the morning and I still haven't done a year of my homework. BUT I have indeed confirmed, I am a Ravenclaw. Thoughts?

Oh wow dude, that’s quite… something lol. It actually seems like something I would do haha. 

Have you seen the post floating aound? Someone made a list of cool ravenclaw blogs. I mean I probably shouldn’t enable you but it was pretty neat. (For real though, get some sleep my child. You need energy to continue being awesome.)

And yeah, judging solely on the information you’ve given me, you DEFINITELY seem like a ravenclaw.

laurenjauregui: Also was sent a beautiful scripture this morning from @normanikordei ’s grandma(: it read “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love” - 1 John 4:8 When I grew up reading and studying the Bible I always associated my creator with Love; an unconditional source of forgiveness and understanding and patience and kindness. I never once though that being made in his likeness meant that I was in His position of judgement, only that I was created to be a reflection of his love which was too great for me to even comprehend. Today, I ask you to reflect on the love in your life and be grateful for it..find little ways to express it and never stop looking for the people who remind you you are not alone in your suffering. Find someone who doesn’t have an ounce of it in their lives and give them all you got. Love is what’s gonna heal this world and people’s cold, asleep hearts. Start that fire🔥 

Weight loss Plan Part 1 (Nutrition)

I made a plan to loose weight because I didn’t like the fact that I gained  22 kg (48 lbs) in 3 years because of my depression 

current weight : 75 kg (165 lbs) goal weight : 57 kg (125 lbs) 

GOAL: loose 3.4 lbs a week for 3 months straight 

steps to take in order to loose weight properly 

- drink lots of water 3-4 L of water/ day 

- eat every 2-3 hours/ day (6 meals a day) 

- work out 6x/ week 

- one cheat meal a week

- avoid alcohol ? coffee


Early in the morning 

- drink 1 cup of warm water mix with lemon juice 


- ½ cup oatmeal 

½ cup egg whites 

½ banana 

snack 1 

- 1 small apple 

- 10 unsalted almonds 


- 1 small can of canned tuna 

- 2 cups of chopped romaine lettuce 

- 1 roma tomato 

- ½ avocado 

- 2 tbs of balsamic vinegar 

- 1 bowl of blueberries for dessert 

Snack 2 

- 1 serving of whey protein with water 


-  6 oz of chicken breast 

- 1 medium stalk broccoli

- ½ cup black beans 

Snack 3 

- ½ low fat cottage cheese 

- 1 tbs unsalted sunflower seeds 

condiments you’re allowed to use: lite soy sauce, tabasco, mustard, lemon, Mrs Dash

ps: You’re allowed 1 cheat meal a week (you’re free to eat whatever you want but just 1 meal remember) 

*Also remember I’m not a doctor or a professional so don’t try this unless you’ve seen your doctor before please

morning suprise! @luxjii 

oh man… have soo much things to say to you.. but first.. thank you, seriously. I still confused, why someone so nice like you can be chatting with me. We started talking when I was depressed af, you made me change in some stange way, I’m bad at explaining… idk man,, I really feel happy. Your happiness is good 4 all.. and I really feel bad when you’re sad… but i suck at giving advice?? Just…….. aaAA,,, ily, you deserve being happy all ur life 

thanks for being the best <3

disconnected | l.h.

Who knows if Luke’s texting mistake could lead to something great.



Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 | Ch. 7 | Ch. 8 | Ch. 9 | Chapter 10

Character key:


Monday, January 10th
No one likes Mondays.

I feel kind of bad for Mondays.

Good morning to you too.

Good morning sunshine.



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They didn’t get home until almost five o’clock the in the morning. Ryleigh was exhausted, but happy and they both fell into bed fully dressed. The night had been a lot more fun than she’d been expecting it to be and she’s made a lot of new friends, several of them had even gotten her number and promised to keep in touch.

“You seemed like you had fun tonight,” Salim yawned wildly and shifted into a more comfortable position.

“I did,” Ryleigh rolled over onto her stomach and raised herself up onto her elbows so that she could see his face. “I had a lot of fun. Your friends are really great people.”

“I know,” he grinned smugly down at her. “And they all really like you, but then I knew they would.”

“Oh that reminds me,” she narrowed her eyes at him. “What exactly have you been saying about me to them?”

“Oh you know, the usual,” his smile grew wider as he brought a hand up to tuck her hair behind her ear. “Just that how incredibly beautiful you are and how hopelessly in love with you I am.”

“Suck up,” she stuck her tongue out and he laughed. “Speaking of beautiful, how is anyone supposed to feel pretty standing next to Nayeli? The woman is ridiculously good looking!”

“Don’t be silly,” Salim rolled his eyes in amusement. “No one is as beautiful as you.”

Ryleigh laughed quietly and rolled over onto her back. Salim tucker her underneath his arm and pulled her close, leaning down to kiss her on the top of the head. 

“Tonight was great,” she mumbled sleepily.

“Get some sleep beautiful,” Salim chuckled quietly.

laurenjauregui: Also was sent a beautiful scripture this morning from @normanikordei ’s grandma(: it read “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love” - 1 John 4:8 When I grew up reading and studying the Bible I always associated my creator with Love; an unconditional source of forgiveness and understanding and patience and kindness. I never once thought that being made in his likeness meant that I was in His position of judgement, only that I was created to be a reflection of his love which was too great for me to even comprehend. Today, I ask you to reflect on the love in your life and be grateful for it..find little ways to express it and never stop looking for the people who remind you you are not alone in your suffering. Find someone who doesn’t have an ounce of it in their lives and give them all you got. Love is what’s gonna heal this world and people’s cold, asleep hearts. Start that fire🔥

Shipping:  A Cautionary Tale

So I spent last night being a little “emotional” about the NC grocery store sighting.  And I said things in some private DMs that I don’t particularly like myself for.  Being angry and mean and spiteful isn’t my default position - it never has been.  

So why has this affected me so - made me so angry at 2 (4?) people that I don’t even know, will never know, and have no impact on my life?  I have given this a lot of thought between last night and this morning - because I have this strong need to figure out why I am reacting this way, this way that is so out of character for me.  

My early conclusion (I’m sure there will be other late breaking updates in the coming days) is that it has little to do with who they are dating.  At the end of the day, I have no stake in their love life.  I would love for them to be together, but if not, I hope they are happy. I have no skin in this game.  From the outside, it may look as if they are not compatible with these people it appears they may have chosen - but what do we know, really?  We only see them in front of cameras - we ONLY see the public side of them, as much as we think we may get some BTS glimpses of them - the overwhelming majority of what we see of them is for public consumption.  So, I can’t judge who is right for them, who is wrong for them - anymore than they could judge that for me. 

Have we been fooled? Conned? Taken advantage of?  Used?  Maybe.  I don’t know.  And I can’t begin to wrap my brain around the different scenarios and the whys and wherefores of this.  Once again, we don’t know them, we have no proof about their motives, nor the motives of Starz, Lionsgate, PR professionals, SOs.  It is all speculation.  I appreciate that some of that speculation is based upon industry experience, examples of other celebrity couples, maybe even a couple of inside sources (god I hate that word) - but in the end - it is all just speculation.  Full stop.  

If we have been conned - does it matter? Sure. No one likes to be lied to or lead on.  No one likes to be played the fool over and over and over again.  But if I’m honest with myself, I am the one who signed up for the game and kept playing, kept believing, no matter what was said in interviews, articles, by fandom sources (that fucking word again).  I chose to believe what I thought I saw between these people. My choice.  No one forced me.  Do I like it - no. If its true that they played us, does it make me like them less - probably. 

So why am I so angry if it’s not the issues I’ve already outlined? I’m angry for one reason - and that is targeted fandom bullying and abuse. It is that Blue Check Celebrity (IW for short) who descended upon this fandom and picked people off one by one as if he was at a shooting gallery. He took away people’s safe place, their fun place, he made us censor ourselves, he made us afraid of posting anything publicly for fear of being screen capped, ridiculed or tormented by a legion of vile people both within our own fandom, and from IWs group of rather frightening followers.  And then his creepy crony set up a fandom watch tower - to watch and censor what was said on SM with regard to OL, Sam, Cait and the ship. They barged their way in and decided that they were defacto judge and jury of the entire fandom. 

And the worst part - IW did it in the name of the very person at the center of the storm, at the center of the ship.  IW claimed “he knows what I am doing” as he called people out to abuse one by one. He claimed that Sam was just “too nice” to do it himself as IW told his followers to “give her a taste of her own medicine”.  And I have seen everyone, myself included, tie themselves in knots trying to find a rationale that made sense, that we could reconcile with the image of Sam -  this person that we admire, this person we love, who so many people say such laudatory things about. How could this Sam be a part of this awful fandom slaughtering? 

The one resounding “truth” we all chose to believe was that IW didn’t know what he was talking about.  That Sam - who valued his privacy above all else - wouldn’t let this man speak so publicly about his private life, wouldn’t share these intimate details with this man just to have them used to bruise and batter the fandom.  Sam wouldn’t do that to us.  He loves his fans.  Doesn’t he? Of course he does. He was just stuck with this man who went rouge and couldn’t be stopped - he has done it time and time in other fandoms and he had picked us this time.  

We begged Sam for help. We begged the production company.  We begged Terry and Maril and Matt.  People called Starz. We tried to get anyone to listen to us - to step in and help. People within our fandom stepped forward bravely and tried to stand up to this man, to reason with him, to defend us - to  make it stop.  It had little effect on the man or his mission.    

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that there were some people out there - not antis, not shippers - but trolls if we are calling them by their correct names - who were being abusive to anyone, other than Cait, connected with Sam in public.  It was happening and it was wrong. And yes, it a perfect world, we could name the suspect, prove it was them, prosecute and get it to stop.  But welcome to SM in 2016 - that isn’t how it works, and it doesn’t look like a good solution is anywhere close to being found on the internet at large.  However, IW decided that if he couldn’t find those individuals specifically, he would persecute an entire fandom.  And he did it mercilessly.

And, at long last, we have arrived at the reason for my anger last night.  Those pictures seem to confirm - for me at least - that Sam is in a relationship with this woman.  Your mileage might vary on that - and that is your prerogative.  For me, though, I can’t with the fuckery any more. I just can’t.  I am going to choose to believe what is in front of me.  What is now being shoved down my throat, just like SC was shoved down my throat for so long. 

With this “confirmation” I realize that, my god, IW did know things.  He may really have “met the gf”.  He was actually, if you believe they are a couple, telling the truth.  And just as Sam has stepped to the side whenever anyone took heat for his private life and let them bear the brunt alone (CK, Abbie, Luke, Amy, DG, Terry, etc. etc. etc.), he did it to IW too.  “Suggest you ignore”, “no one speaks for me”.  But someone was speaking for him.  Loudly.  With no disavowal by Sam. He not only stood to the side while shippers were bullied and tormented for believing a story that he was complicit in telling, letting us be the next group bearing the brunt of the heat about his private life.  He liked tweets telling them to sod off. He told them that IW was a “friend” who was just “protecting himself from bullying”.  Given these “facts”, as I see them, it’s hard for me not to believe that Sam did actually know what IW was doing, that the old guy wasn’t just going rogue.  That Sam was ok with this targeted bullying of his fans.  

I know some of you will vehemently disagree with me.  I’m sure some will be angry with me. I understand that fully.  I love(d) Sam too.  I believe(d) him to be a wonderful, giving man.  But I have seen too much, and it makes me question a lot of things.  These last 6 months have had real effects and consequences to real people. There was damage done.  To the fandom. To individuals within the fandom. To friends.  I’m sure to Sam, Cait and their loved ones - whoever they might be. 

Shippers didn’t make this story up by ourselves.  We all saw it.  80k IG likes and 2400+ comments prove many people saw it. Several global “shipper roll calls” prove people all over the world saw it. Journalists reporting on body language and asking for the couple in question to “drop the ruse” saw it. The Starz intern seemed to see it on a couple of occasions.  Sam and Cait fully participated in this narrative, until they didn’t - and then they did, and then they didn’t.  I have whiplash.  If it was for PR and the show - fine, I guess.  But our little corner of the fandom was about more then just a ship - it was supporting BOTH Sam and Cait equally, cheering them on, praising their talent, raising money for their charities, voting endlessly, creating celebratory hashtags that were used by the entire fandom to express our love for them. We genuinely wanted the best for them - we didn’t deserve the treatment we got.  We deserved better.  We still do. 

1. boys are just girls
2. i grew up believing that their hearts were made of gold but it turns out that they’re poured from iron and iron rusts if you leave it outside long enough
3. the arms that sometimes hold me together at 2 am are home to a set of shaky shoulders that cannot bear the weight of the world forever
4. the scars that mark their body do not always have pretty stories behind them
5. they jump from windows two stories high hoping to fall from their problems {but all they get are scars on their lips}
6. bruises do not only bleed skin deep
7. silence does not mean ignorance
8. sometimes when they say their head hurts it’s because they spent the whole night prior with stinging eyes and a wet pillowcase
9. they soak in every word you speak and it either builds them up or tears them down no matter how many times they tell you they’ve forgotten what words you said
10. they get scared
11. they are tender and loving but the world has made them cruel and told them that they’re not allowed and so they close themselves off and shut you out because they’re afraid to scare you away with their feelings
12. their eyes speak volumes
13. just because the world has taught them to only want a girl for one reason, not all boys just want sex and they really don’t mind waiting
14. they like being told ‘thank you’ when they hold the door open for you
15. they are insecure
16. they want to fall in love
17. their lips harbor secrets and their eyes bury lies and their hands are healing and their clothing provides solace and their scent is a home if you’ve allowed yourself to fall that far
—  17 things I learned about 17 year old boys by the time I turned 17
Company - Part 12

Summary: You’re the new forensic scientist at CCPD and have to share the laboratory with Barry Allen for a while. The thought of that doesn’t please him too much, but that’s only until he meets you.

Pairings: Barry Allen x female reader

Word count: 1043

A/N: I AM ALIVE! Hey everyone, I am so sorry I haven’t posted in forever! But here is the next part to Company and I really hope you like it. Your opinions and suggestions are always welcome, so let me know what you think :*

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11


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Warnings: nothing woop

A/N: it’s eh but floofy and much apologies for being so late, but i’ve been taking aprt in fests so often this past month and like i’ve won 4 certificates guys omg aye


As he slowly drifted back into consciousness, he could hearing the soft rustling of the curtains as the soft sunlight hit his closed eyes. Soft tunes being hummed brought a smile to his face as a small tapping against the floor made him realise that you were dancing slightly.

“Good morning handsome,” you drawled out teasingly, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek. “Rise and shine, Bucky. We have a big day today.”

His smile was now so big he could feel his cheeks beginning to ache as his hand suddenly shot out to grab you, making you squeal while he grinned, pulling you close to him on the bed.

“Not the way I planned, but hi-” You grinned as he buried his head into your shoulder, placing a small kiss there-“Had a nice sleep?”

You could feel him nodding, his scruff tickling you slightly as you squirmed.

“What a way to wake up.” He finally sighed with content, snuggling into you more.

“As if you could ever wake up on time without me,” you said jokingly, rubbing circles onto his back. “How would you ever live without me?”

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Seventeen’s singing voices sound like:


- ngl it’s daddy af

- makes me feel unholy

- will treat you right


- a hug after coming home

- how his hair must feel

- it’s from God’s own hand


- like a flower about to bloom

- morning tea

- Jesus would be proud of him


- 2 cool 4 u

- makes me cry

- invented sexy


- made lean on me his bitch

- a lil scary when he raps

- slow dancing


- cures sadness

- makes me want to be a better person

- he reminds me of ed sheeran a lot ok probs bc they’re both great


- dont get me started

- being in love



- hesitation then finally being brave

- makes me feel so much boi wyd

- A Great Guy™


- laughing with your friends

- proof that there is good in the world

- give him more solos



- say yes is a masterpiece

- underrated. can he be my friend?


- surprises me everytime

- he raps like a king

- he makes me trust him idk why


- soft pillows after a long day

- what did we do to deserve such talent

- Beautiful™


- excitement

- your fave’s voice could never

- he is unreal. who allowed this???

lmao i tweeted this but it didn’t get much love so here we are

8 things I never got to tell you that you did for me.
1. I remember that at 12 years old, I wanted to die. Your name replaced those thoughts.
2. I don’t think I could’ve passed math class without you.
3. You were the one person that made me feel like I belonged.
4. I think I fell in love with you on the day I met you, even though I had no idea what love even meant.
5. You made me want to wake up and come to school every morning.
6. The happiest memories I have are with you.
7. You made my heart feel a way that it had never felt before. In more ways than one.
8. You changed me but you made me a better writer and now that’s all I have.
—  you were all I had
Forced to wet myself this weekend.

I am a 17 year old girl and my parents know I like to wet myself for fun. But they also know that I like to do it under my own circumstances(so like If I choose to hold till I burst and what I’ll wear etc.). Anyway to the story: I woke up on Saturday but for some reason did not use the bathroom like normal. I go about doing whatever I do in the mornings, having breakfast, watching YouTube etc. And 4 hours later, I hadn’t gone to the bathroom for over 12 hours and desperately needed to go. However earlier that morning I had made my parents mad,(I’ll keep the reason a secret) and they ended up locking the bathroom door. I painfully got out of bed and tried to open the door, and it was locked. Over run with pain and confusion, I locked my legs and pushed my hand on my crotch. I begged and begged for them to unlock it. But they said “if you like peeing on yourself just go now, we don’t care so why should you?” I replied “because you know why I care, I only wet myself when I want to! Now please please please open it!” To which they responded, “well, this is good punishment for what you did earlier”. And they walked away. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Frustrated, knowing I was doomed to wet myself, I painfully hobbled my way back into my bedroom to change out of my onesie(yes, during the winter I’ll wear a green and red onesie with snowmen on it. I’m a festive girl okay😂) and my favorite panties(light green with bright pink trim). however because I had to stand up, as straight as I could, and move my hand from my crotch to walk I involuntary released a few spurts, wetting the crotch part of my panties. Loud enough so that only I could hear it I said “ohh noo” and moaned. Once in my room I reached for my drawer handle… when it happened, i had no control of my bladder as 12+ hours of pee hissed through fav panties, i felt it run down my legs and the warm wetness crawling its way up my butt and then to the front and then the sides. I moaned and grabbed my crotch while shaking but wasn’t able to stop. When I had stopped 2 mins later, i took a sigh of relief as i felt so much better and felt soaked panties around my waist and piss on my legs. I unzipped my onesie to see the damage and my poor panties were 100% soaked. Not any part of them were dry. The crotch of my onesie was dark with lines down the inner side of my legs. Most of the piss ran down my legs instead of into the onesie and formed a puddle at my feet. Leaving my onesie in good condition. And to add insult to injury, I was forced to stay in my panties and onesie for the rest of the weekend and not allowed to shower until i got home from school today, which I just finished🤗. Sorry it was long but I hope you guys liked it💚 p.s I also wore the panties to school😝


  0337am.  I rubbed my bleary eyes on my sleeve and looked at the monitor.  Night shift.  I don’t do night shifts.  But overtime is scarce and I want to pay off a few vacations. 

“Balloon up…” the PA said quietly, breaking into my blank stare. I quickly added the 1.5ml of air that was required to float a pulmonary artery catheter.

I watched the waveforms. 

“Uhh… I don’t see a change- looks RA to me…” I said.  He sighed. We repeated the drill 4 times and every time it coiled somehow.

I stood at the edge of the bed, reflexively doing what the PA needed me to.  I checked on the patient, squeezed his hand, murmured encouragement.  I changed screens on the monitor, flushed lines, made sure the time-out was in.  My hands moved quickly, instinctively.  

Maybe it was that it was 3 in the morning, but I suddenly felt like I stepped back from myself and was watching.  I saw myself doing things without thinking.  I surveyed the room littered with trash and mayhem.  I took in the toes sticking out from under the blue sterile drape and the hand that gripped the side rail.  I could see the drape moving with each rapid breath he took.  I could see the blood splattered across the gauze and the PA’s gloves.  I heard the monitor screaming its alerts. I watched myself go through the steps I had gone through a thousand times before.  Years of training at work.

 I looked at the darkened window and saw the reflection.  The tall PA hunched over, working his hardest to put in a line, the blue lump that was the patient below him.  And me.  Standing beside him, doing everything I could to help. 

I stared at the image and thoughts floated through my mind.

How many?   How many more patients would I endure this with?  How many more times would I be standing in a room, holding a patients hand with one hand and helping with another?  How much longer could I do this and survive? How many more lives would I save while losing a bit more of my own?

In three short months I will have been an ICU RN for 7 years. 5 in the same unit I am in now.   My mind wandered as I cleaned up the debris and wiped the blood off the side rail.

Would I miss it?  If I walked away tomorrow… would I miss it? A friend that I work with once said that ICU nursing was my calling.  That I was born to do what I do. 

And, that thought… Scares me more than anything.


방탄소년단 (13.06.2013 - FOREVER).
FROM 2 COOL 4 SKOOL화양연화 pt.2.


2017.03.24 💃 Jazzercise Dance Mixx

I swear I was sweating like crazy, but I forgot to take an ‘after’ picture until I got home and apparently my hair mostly dried in that time so it doesn’t look like it.

So, feeling a lot better today. I did get to the chiropractor this morning and got adjusted and it seems to have helped, although still a bit touchy. I still did low impact today, but could move a lot better than Wednesday. That, combined with now having a clue what the moves are in the routines the sub is doing, made tonight a much harder workout. 

I scheduled another chiro and massage appointment for 2 weeks. I usually go 4 between appointments, but since I missed getting my massage, and since it’s been touchy, I figured I’d go back sooner and hopefully keep it feeling okay.