i made this at like 2 am when i couldnt sleep

A Midnight Snack (Tom Holland x Reader)

Y/N- Your name

Warnings: Zilch

Between studying part time and holding down 2 jobs just to pay for the excess of textbooks you needed, food was the last thing on your mind. On the go coffee and dry crackers with a bit of cheese was the lifestyle you had time for, but in the midst of a midnight craving, you could go for anything.

12:38am. It’d been 2 hours and you still couldnt manage to get to sleep. You’re 6am wake up was looking mighty shit at this point, but the salty goodness of a ham and cheese toasty sounded like it would bring world peace. Chucking your robe on, you made your way down the stairs of your Kingston townhouse you shared with your boyfriend, Tom.


After being with Tom for 3 years it only made sense that when he moved out of his parents home (just a stones throw away), that you moved in with him. Regardless of the fact that he was away so often filming and doing press, he wanted to be able to come home to you. You had just come back to your old share flat from the movies one day, pulling in to the drive way, Tom shut off the engine to take your hand in his. ‘Y/N love?’ his voice shifted as he called your attention. ‘What is it Tom?’

‘I was thinking, I love you and everything.’

‘We’ve been together for 3 years you dipshit, I’d bloody hope you woul-’

’-move in with me, please? When I move out next month, I want you to come with me. I plan on having you in my life for a fucking long time Y/N, and I just want to know that no matter where I am in the world, I’ll have someone who loves me the way you do to come home to.’ It caught you by surprise, and maybe you weren’t ready, and a little unsure, but you knew what you wanted.

'It’s about bloody time Thomas.’ - The chilled surfaced of the kitchen tiles shocked your feet as you made your way over to the pantry. Searching for the loaf of bread you needed to get this ham cheese toasty show on the road, a soft hum caught your ear, which slowly turned into a deep snore. Making your way out of the kitchen and across the hall to the living room you found Tom tucked in the corner of the lounge. His tousled brown locks hung over his drooped head, framing his face so they covered one of his eyes. Curled against one of the yellow cable knit cushions you had specifically said were for decorative purposes- he had one hand resting underneath his head while the other layed across his stomach. To your delight, he wore a total of no shirt whatsoever, revealing a spectrum of his hard work at the gym. This paired with the grey sweatpants he sported that hung low on his hips, you had never seen a more perfect vision.

As re runs of Love Island played on the television you crept lightly across the carpet, taking a seat on the lounge next to his head.

'Tom? Darling?’ you cooed to him as you carefully moved the hair out of his eyes. Taking your hand softly through the length of his soft curls, he stirred.

'Mm? Y/N?’ Hearing him say your name so dazed made you laugh a little. You slid your hand down, taking his cheek in your hand and as you leaned down to peck him sweetly on the lips you so longed to touch, he swept you up turning you on your back, pinning you beneath his tensed arms.

'TOM! I thought you were asleep you dick!’ you accused, hitting him on his chest.

'Well I was! It’s your presence love, I can sense it, it calls to me. It’s like spidey sense’

You stared at him blankly, 'you are so full of shit’.

'I know, but you love it’ he winked slyly.

Tom bent down taking a finger slowly down the side of your neck. You could hear his breathing, steady and constant. When he kissed you hard in that moment, biting your lip, inhaling your very being with all the love he had, you almost started to forget about your ham and cheese toasty.

'As much as I am loving this and am very excited about where we could take it, I did come down here for a purpose’ you stated affirmatively.

'And what would that be darling girl?’ Tom had started to move lower, you had barley realised he was attending to the sensitive spot just above your hip.

'A ham and cheese toasty.’

'You’re telling me you would rather be having a cheese toasty right now?’

'Well a HAM and cheese toasty, and yes, I’m STARVING’ you whined, slightly child like.

Sighing slightly, Tom rolled to his right off of the lounge, taking a hand through his misplaced hair. He offered you a hand up.

'C'mon then. Let’s get the lady what she needs.’

You took his hand, getting off of the lounge, you both made your way back to the kitchen, Tom holding you firmly by your waist, almost guiding you. Opening the pantry you started looking for the loaf of bread again when Tom stopped you. 'Just what do you think your doing my sweet?’

'I’m getting the bread out, you grab the sandwich press.’

'No no. My girl wants a ham and cheese toasty, that’s what I’ll give her.’ 'Come here’ he said coming chest to head with you. He clamped his hands around the back of your thighs and lifted you, sitting you on the kitchen bench.

'I’m gonna make you the best toasty you’ve ever bloody had.’ You laughed at him, appreciating him all at the same time. As he threw some packet cheese slices and some left over ham on some bread, you questioned, 'the BEST hey?’

'Of course!’ He chucked the hot toasty on a plate bringing it over to you. He slipped himself to stand between your legs, 'open up then’ he said as he brought the toasty to your mouth. Taking a bite you were fulfilled with satisfaction, your late night craving slowly being cured. 'Mm that’s amazing.’

'I told you sooo’ Tom sang successfully. You finished off your much needed snack in a solid minute flat. Putting your plate to the side of you on the bench, you wrapped your arms around Toms neck, pulling him closer into your grip.

'So is there anything you can’t do?’ you drew circles on the back of his shoulder, kissing his jaw, moving swiftly to his lips. You pulled away to look at the kind brown eyes you fell in love with all those years ago.

'Of course not love. I’m Spider-Man.’

•This is my first piece of writing for Tom Holland. I know it’s short and kind of terrible but I hope you like it xx

mars headcnaonns

ok shows over thanks 4 playin

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i don't wanna fight too hard, too long, too much anymore

a day during the malec breakup from magnus’s point of view

thanks to @softshumjr for helping me out with this

You have a new voicemail, click here to listen.

Hey Magnus… um it’s me, Alec. I know you don’t want to hear from me but… well, I don’t really know why I’m even calling. I guess I just hoped… but it’s stupid. I just wanted to hear your voice again… I miss you Magnus… I’m sorry, I won’t call again.

Press 1 to delete. Press 2 to replay. Press 3 to call back.

He pressed 2.

Hey Magnus… um it’s me, Alec. I know you don’t want to hear from me but… well, I don’t really know why I’m even calling. I guess I just hoped… but it’s stupid. I just wanted to hear your voice again… I miss you Magnus… I’m sorry, I won’t call again.

Press 1 to delete. Press 2 to replay. Press 3 to call back.

Message deleted.

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Best Friend Mark pt.2

featuring boyfriend haechan !

  • this was requested by an anon
  • and no im still not over how their teaser photos were released together
  • im shookt
  • and also i apologise if this gets really boring or if it’s bad ,
  • but i’ll try my best so
  • let’s start

  • so you knew mark because he was attending the same school as you and haechan

  • and he was also really popular so ,
  • blame his good looks wow
  • you also knew him as haechan’s bestfriend before y'all even dated ,
  • and never talked much because haechan didnt want to introduce him to you because he was afraid you might fall for mark , not him
  • so haechan just simply told you that mark was shy around girls ,
  • - which you believed
  • and was also partially true
  • at one point of time you actually felt bad for mark , as haechan hid his wallet and phone away from him for two hours straight
  • poor mark looked as though he was on the verge of crying , frantically running the school to find his valuables
  • it was not until you slapped haechan that he returned the valuables
  • and mark gave you the sweetest and most thankful smile you’ve ever seen
  • okay fast forward to 4 months later
  • you’re now officially donghyuck’s girlfriend
  • finally after one whole year of showing subtle signs to each other
  • when he first told mark , you were standing beside trying to hold in your laughter , because his reaction was priceless
  • “ hyung , y/n’s mine now ”
  • “ yours ? what yours ? ”
  • “ my girlfriend hyung ”
  • “ /eyes widen and his mouth’s opened fully/ ”
  • “ why hyung ”
  • “ she …. fell for you ? ”
  • “ shut up , am i that bad ”
  • “ wow i’m proud of you haechan ah ”
  • and he pats haechan’s head with his blank expression ,, treating haechan like a child
  • while haechan’s just there whining and struggling to get out of his hold
  • these two are so cute tbh
  • so like that you joined the both of them more often during breaktime and outings ,
  • and you also got to know mark more
  • because he treats you like a younger sister
  • “ do you want food , i can get some on my way back for you ”
  • “ no thanks mark , i’m fine ”
  • “ hyung i want- ”
  • mark has already walked away without letting haechan finish his sentence
  • you just sat there laughing and hugging your boyfriend who was pouting and had his arms crossed
  • mark supports your relationship a lot and you often catch him smiling to himself as he watches the both of you
  • expected , be becomes the ‘counselor’ when couple fights happen
  • even though he’s really clueless
  • but it’s what makes it funny so both you and haechan would cheer up instantly
  • “ i’m sure haechan didn’t mean to hurt your feelings y/n , you know he can be too straightforward with his words sometimes ”
  • “ what are you talking about mark ? ”
  • “ wait- aren’t you angry because he playfully insulted you ? ” -  “ no hyung omg , who told you that ? ”
  • “ i … assumed ”
  • “ omg mark you’re so funny ”
  • then he gets all embarrassed and gives an awkward laugh
  • which helped solved the small conflict in the end
  • having mark as your bestfriend & your boyfriend’s bestfriend ,
  • it could come in really handy
  • like knowing more about haechan , asking him to share embarrassing and funny stories you never heard before
  • which haechan nearly choked mark for because he wasn’t meant to expose it
  • like that one time he told you how haechan couldn’t sleep the night before he confessed to you ,
  • as he called mark to tell him how nervous he was
  • when on that day itself ,, haechan lied to you and said that he ‘was just casually mentioning his feelings’
  • and mark also showed you the letters that haechan secretly wrote for you but was too shy to give you
  • haechan couldn’t face you for one day because of this ,, he was too embarrassed
  • mark’s a really nice and understanding best friend
  • like he’s always there for you if you need someone to talk to
  • sometimes , if he’s in a good mood ,
  • he’d treat you to meals & snacks
  • really overprotective over you & sometimes haechan !!
  • “ wait for me at the cafeteria after both of you end class ”
  • “ hyung we’re supposed to go on a date today , why do you want to tag along ”
  • “ just making sure both of you get there safely ”
  • “ what why ? ”
  • “ just because ”
  • both you and haechan enjoy teasing him a lot ,
  • mainly because he’s always clueless and naive
  • and having haechan as your boyfriend made you as mischievous as him
  • so one day y'all decided to call mark and lied to him about meeting up for a short lunch
  • when in fact y'all set him up for a short blind date with one of your friends
  • while the both of you hid behind laughing and spying on him
  • poor mark was stuttering and blushing throughout the whole date ,
  • he couldnt even look at your friend straight in the eye for more than 5 seconds
  • so y'all felt bad and ran up to him once she left
  • and mark was just sitting there speechless and shocked
  • “ why did you guys do that , isnt this supposed to be an outing , when she told me- ”
  • “ im sorry mark , it was hyuck’s idea ”
  • “ what babe you contributed too ”
  • “ but it was you who started this ”
  • “ whatever , anyways we’re sorry mark hyung starts laughing
  • “ … ”
  • “ yeah we’re sorry ”
  • “ dont do this ever again please omg ”
  • he’s such a nice best friend who wouldn’t want to have him as theirs’
  • he’s always by your side so it makes it better
  • someone like an older brother
  • mark’s just wonderful in general
  • im such a trash for him wow
  • but hope you enjoyed reading !

I have done watching this Kosuke Asuma and Yuya Hirata from Kosuke Calender released event. I watched this two times already and thanks to @yumewomikatta that i can finally understand some part of the talks. Here are some of the fun talks that i would like to share:

1. Yuya said that Kosuke was so nervous but so excited before the event haha.

2. Kosuke said that recently he has been hanging out with Ino Hiroki (Haikyuu Sugawara cast stage actor) a lot and Yuya was like “eeh in what part from that fact which you can brag about it?”

3. Kosuke doesnt really like eating vegetables haha.

4. There is a challange where Kousuke had to make a drink with cheesecake flavor but the rule is Kousuke must not see the recipe at all. He just skimmed it and tried his best to remember. When he’s done making it, he shared the drink with yuya and two girls from audience. Kosuke said that the taste should be good lol. Yuya tasted the drink and made a face, he thought the taste was too sweet and he didnt seem to like it at all. But in the end, Yuya said it was okay and good but when Kosuke told him, “okay then, I’ll make you the drink next time”, Yuya immediately said “Please no, thank you very much” and Kosuke went “eeehh???” It was very funny.

6. When Kosuke was making a drink, Kosuke said his blood type is A, and Yuya went “who did ask you about your blood type?” Lmao

7. Yuya said that his current job as MC in zip TV needs him to wake up at 2 am almost everyday and Kosuke went “eeh you can wake that early?” And yuya replied, “of course, it’s a job after all” and yuya mentioned that Kosuke never watched his program in zip tv and kosuke defended by saying “it was too early in the morning I cant wake up” lol what a sleeping beauty 😂

6. Kosuke confessed that he is a good at cooking lol (then why did you fail making that cheesecake drink?)

8. Actually the event should have been ended after Kosuke has done making the drink but it was too fast so the EO said that kosuke and Yuya should start the event over again and just talk whatever they want lol

9. They went talking about their old days when they were still in haikyuu project together (when Yuya played as Iwachan). Yuya’s first impression on kosuke was that kosuke looks like a cold person but after talking to him, kosuke is a heartwarming person.

10. Kousuke said they used to walk home together after practice, passed by the game center and played ufo catch (or something like that), went to photobox and shot some pictures and took the same train and went for eating, Yuya seemed forgetting about eating part though lol. (ISTG arent they just iwaoi??)

11. Yuya said Kosuke came to his birthday event last year and gave him blue and orange trousers as a gift.

12. Yuya said that even after Kosuke got a lot of jobs and gains more popularity nowadays, that doesnt change his personality. He said sometimes there are people who change and become more mature when getting a lot of jobs but Kosuke is still being himself, a cheerful and excited kid and he likes that part. Kosuke responded it happily and said he will work harder in the future.

13. Kosuke knows that Yuya loves baseball so much and he showed Yuya and Audience a video of him playing around as a pitcher in his film set of his newest movie that will release soon. Yuya wants to watch the movie so much.

14. They talked about Yuya’s appearance in stage live action, Poisedon and Cheer Danshi. Yuya played as a pervert guy in Poisedon but took a nerd character in Cheer Danshi. Yuya told about his experience played in cheer danshi that he has to do acrobatic moves and jumped on trampoline. Kosuke wanted to watch it so bad but he couldnt make it so Yuya told him to buy the DVD released this May.

15. There was a voting and the result is by hearing the audience respond. They were asked if they like the event and if it has been fun so far and the audience applaused. When they were asked if the event felt lacking and so so, they didnt applause. The next question is if they agree that yuya should make his own channel, they applaused so loud that Kosuke felt like he had been betrayed by his own fans. Haha. The respond he got from the internet also suggested that Yuya should make his own channel and Kosuke laughed because it seemed like Yuya took the attention more lol.

16. Kosuke wanted to eat yakiniku but he had to earn at least 30 stars to make it happen, the audience seemed to like trolling and teasing Kosuke by not giving him any vote at all lol so the last hope was from Yuya’s vote. Yuya said he wont make it easy for Kosuke but in the end Yuya gave him a vote so he earned the stars and finally be able to eat yakiniku as the prize. Then Kosuke asked Yuya to eat Yakiniku with him and Yuya agreed. Kosuke was so excited that he wanted to eat it with yuya after the event but yuya went like “whatt? Now? After this?” haha Kosuke grinned and said “if it’s not today then maybe next time is alright”.

17. In the end of the event, Kosuke suggested that next time it’s Yuya’s turn to invite him as a guest in yuya’s event. Yuya just laughed.

They are just soo cute together that I cant help but giggled watching their interaction. Yuya seemed natural and talked a lot while Kousuke is like a cute awkward kid. But he looked so comfortable around Yuya. I hope I can see more of them together in the future.

ps. Dont ask me to link the video. I dont have a right to spread it around so I hope you understand. Thank you so much.


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word count: 2300+ 

·      AlriGHT

·      Are u reADy bc I’m not

·      also my second time posting bc i deleted it oops soz

·      I feel like Tae would be a very cuddly best friend

·      He’d love to use your chest or lap and a pillow

·      He’d ADORE it when you ran your fingers through his hair while he did this

·      He’d always fall asleep right away too

·      Which just made his already heavy head even heavier and wow okay now ur leg is numb 

·      You’d always try to gently free your numb leg from under his head once he fell asleep lol

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bts reaction to their S/O coming home drunk

all credits to original owners of gifs


He would be up late working when he heard you come in through the doors. “babe you ok?” he would say after he heard the door slam then another bang coming from the hall. Walking over he would see you on the floor trying to untie your shoe laces in a very awkward position. He would laugh at first but then bend down and untie them for you before helping you up and get changed into some comfortable clothes. “time for bed babe, you’re going to feel awful in the morning” he would laugh making you drink a whole glass of water before kissing you good night. Jin would definitely be very caring of you.

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Yoongi would be annoyed to wake up at 2 am to a loud bang of the front door shouting. he new you had gone on a night out so tried to ignore it and go back to sleep. that was until he heard you giggling and calling his name. sighing yoongi got up and walked to the living-room to find you against te wall trying to hold yourself up. “Jesus, y/n” he would say going over to hold you up taking you to bed. you would giggle “Yoongi, you look so pretty, i like your nose. boop” you would say touching it with your middle finger laughing. Dispite Yoongi being woken up he couldnt help but smile at that cute gesture. “ok y/n its time for bed” he would say as he lay you on your bed tucking you in. you would fall asleep even before he got himself back into bed.

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I feel as if Jimin would be one of the most caring, possibly up to the point where he wouldn’t sleep a wink until he you came home. if you didnt arrive at home 5 minitues before you said you would he would already get nervous and start phoning you. when you do arrive home your greeted with a lass of cold water and some toast to help soak up the alcohol. jimin would be such a sweetheart about it, taking you straight to bed and any protests you made would just make him simile. “baby you must sleep, its late” he would say calmly as he kissed you on the cheek as he put you to bed

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Hoseok would be up when you came home but no doubt to laugh at your drunken state than to help you into bed. although he would eventually he would help you get into bed he would most likely take his time. He would try to have conversations with you and make jokes as he found you to laugh at everything when drunk and Hoseok loved hearing your laugh. you never usually was hyper and silly when sober so Hoseok would enjoy seeing this side of you and of course have a few things to laugh and blackmail you with when sober

Originally posted by hobilu


I honestly think Namjoon would be asleep, he would have tried to stay awake and wait for you but unfortunately didnt. he woke up to you getting into bed next to you. half asleep he grabs your hand “you’re back. i missed you. do you need anything?” he would ask in a very low and sexy sleepy voice. you would tell him your fine in your slurred words and you both would fall asleep with his hand still holding yours.

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Tae would be like Hoseok in the sense that he enjoys seeing you so hyper and silly as its what Tae is like a lot. He enjoys seeing you let go sometimes but is always there to take care of you. when you come home you are met with lots of hugs and kisses  as Tae asks you about your time out and how it was.  he is genuinely interested in what you did and if it was fun or not. it would definitely you that would decide when to go to bed and no doubt tell Tae its time to sleep to.

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when you came home drunk he wouldn’t know what to do. “should i help you? oh.. you cant walk.. do i get you water..? are you tired? please don’t be sick on me..”

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Negans Dirty Girl- Chapter 2

Warnings: Swearing, eventual Smut, minor violence, age difference 

It had been two weeks since you were stuffed in the back of a truck and brought to Negan’s sanctuary with no explanation on why.? you hadn’t even seen Negan since Alexandria,yet you didn’t know if it was a good or a bad thing. What exactly had he brought you here for? Dwight had mentioned that Negan would eventually need to speak with you once you got there,but two weeks later and he hadn’t even shown his face.

you couldnt take it here much longer, Negan had this place organized like a prison, yet with the aesthetic of some sort of kingdom. It was obvious who dictated the kingdom due to the fear in peoples eyes when they spoke or heard of his name. He had assigned jobs to everyone, and you had been placed with maid duty. Negan even had  special “slutty maid” costumes he had requested the maids wear.  At first you wondered what kind of sick joke it was, but hearing how people spoke of what happened to those who didn’t follow his rules scared you to death.


you were cleaning one of the bedrooms on the third floor when you heard a knock

“Negans ready for you. Come with me.” Dwight turned around, expecting you to follow.

He took you to the 14th floor, which was the last floor of the compound. He lead you to to the only door that was on that floor, which of course  was Negans. Dwight looked at you with a look you couldn’t interpret. It was like he was trying to tell you something, but you didn’t know what. Was Negan going to kill you now? Did he know?

You stood in the hallway for a good five minutes in fear of facing him alone. Your stomach churned as you raised your hand to knock.

knock knock knock

You stood there in silence for a while until you heard the faint sound of a woman’s voice. You slowly walked closer, pressing your ear against the door as you listened.

“Negan i have to go.” you heard what sounded to be a woman laugh/moan.

“Oh god hes having sex.” you though to yourself as you heard the doorknob start to jiggle. You quickly started  walking towards the elevator before anyone saw you.

“Going somewhere Doll?” You  turned to face him slowly.

“No I uh I knocked, but um you seemed kind of busy..”You blushed as Amber walked towards the elevator, giving you a smile.

“Well I’m free now. Come in, we have some fucking business to take care of.”You follow Negan inside, closing the door behind you. You could feel yourself start to shake from nerves as he propped himself against his desk.

“I’m going to ask you some fucking questions and you better be damned sure you tell me the truth, got it?”  You couldn’t speak, all you could do was nod.

“Good girl.Now, be honest, which one are you actually fucking? Rick or his son? Or better damn yet, both?”

“Why do you think I’m sleeping with one of them?” You spoke, but it came out more of a whisper.

“Because no man risks their life for a pretty face, unless she has one hell of a fucking pussy to go with it.” He was now remarkably close. You could smell the mixture of bourbon and peppermint on his breath. Your breath hitched in your throat as you looked for an answer, but you couldn’t think of anything. All you could focus on was his closeness to you. You could feel the body heat radiating off of him, and you had a foreign feeling in your stomach that grew stronger and stronger. Were you actually turned on?

“ I- I’m not sleeping with them sir, I swear.” You finally manage to get out

“Well, whatever the fucks going on, its working. As you should already damn well know I want half of Ricks shit. You’re here so I can compromise an agreement.”

“What do you mean an agreement?” You looked at him confused

“I’m offering your ass back off to Rick as soon as he gives me everything i fucking want with NO problem. For the mean time you are going to be living here. Now I am going to give you two options princess. You can either continue your time here as a damn maid, or you can be one of my wives and live like a fucking queen.Choice seems pretty obvious. You should know, there is no other option.”

“One of your wives?” You question him

“One of my wives. Your only job will be to fulfill my sexual desires whenever my fucking dick gets hard, princess.“ He towered over you like before, except this time you were in pure shock. Was this why he made sure you were 18 before taking you here? to make you one of his many whores? How many even were there, and was that Amber girl one of them?

You laugh sarcastically “I’d rather keep my job,thanks though.”

He placed one hand on the wall behind you before bending down to whisper in your ear. “You sure you don’t wanna be my dirty girl? You sure would be my fucking favorite with a body like that.”  He bit down on his bottom lip as he eyed you from head to toe.

“I’m not into old men, sorry.” You slip out on accident, before covering your mouth with your own hand. You could tell you pissed him off, which was a big mistake.

 dammit, stop thinking out loud

“You made your damn choice. Now if you pull any fucking shit I will humiliate you in front of everyone, and Lucille will gladly fucking help me with that, and ill have to find another way to get Ricks shit.” He growled

“you’re dismissed.” He turned his back towards you obviously angry as you walked towards the door, ready to finally be out of there.

“Oh and doll?” You stopped dead in your tracks, facing him. “You still a virgin?”

You nodded slowly

“Good.” He smirked

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Counting Sheep [Binwoo Fluff]

Group: ASTRO
Pairing: Binwoo/Soap (Moonbin and Eunwoo)
Genre: Fluffiest fluff there ever was
Length: Oneshot; 805 words

Summary: Sleepy Bin is a stubborn Bin. 

A/N: i was thinking about this last night and thought about it too hard that i couldn’t keep it in my head so now it’s down in writing - can you tell im actually dying because of soap these two are just too cute ugh
its just straight up fluff. fluffy soap for those late night feels
also read it on ao3 here!

Lying down has never felt so good, Moonbin thought to himself as he crashed among the stuffed animals and blankets on the bed, his skin still tingling from the sensation of a hot shower after a long day. He reveled in the feeling of relief for some time, relaxing his muscles and stretching as far as he could across the sheets. Practice went later than usual today, and they had only gotten back to the dorms half an hour ago, which, according to Sanha, had been 2:46 in the morning (“Thank god this rice cooker has a glowing clock!”). They had pushed themselves harder than usual, going through their new dance routine on repeat for the last two hours until the words of the song blurred together in their heads.  At that point the dance was practically committed to muscle memory, but their choreographer had made them run through it five more times before they were allowed to end for the night. Everything had to be perfect – of course, they all understood that – but at this point Moonbin didn’t know if he’d be able to feel his limbs in the morning.

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What Am I?

Pairing: Jikook little bit of Vkook
Length: 1.4k
Genre: fluff, smut
Warning: it’s not explicit smut. It’s mild

Summary: “Hyung…please listen to me, I didn’t mean to. It just happened, I’m sorry” Jungkook said grabbing Jimins’ arm and turning him around to face him.
Jungkooks heart sank seeing the tears escaping Jimins’ eyes.


It’s 2 am and BTS just got to the dorms after celebrating their concert that was earlier that day.

“Hyung, can I talk to you?” asked Jungkook, he knew Jimin had been acting weird since the concert and he wanted to ask him about it.

Jimin turned around and looked at him directly in his eyes. Jungkook could see the sadness in his eyes.

“Hey you two!” Yoongi yelled from the other room which caused they both to quickly turn towards him.

“No fooling around tonight, I might just want to get my sleep, we have a busy day tomorrow”

Jungkooks face turned red with embarassment, it was no secret to the rest of the group that Jimin and Jungkook were a thing, they would often sneak into each others rooms late at night, run away with each other and how can anyone miss the affection Jimin gives Jungkook especially on stage.

“Okay Hyung, we won’t” Jungkook said looking down and rubbing the back of his neck. He took a quick glance up to see Taehyung staring at the younger boy and what Jungkook could have sworn he saw him wink at him.

Jimin noticed the gesture Taehyung made at Jungkook and rolled his eyes and quickly walked away into his room. Jungkook heard Jimin mumble something under his breath.

“Wait Hyung!” Jungkook said running behind Jimin and placing his hands around his waist.

“Kookie…I’m really tired, I just want to sleep” Jimin said removing Jungkooks hands from his waist.

Jungkook knew there was more to the story, Jimin never refused his touch and theres no way he was tired, they stayed up much later than this on a daily basis.

“Well if you’re tired come sleep in my bed Hyung” Jungkook said while softly nibbling on Jimins neck.

“Kookie stop it” Jimin pushed him away again and opened the door to his room and walked inside hoping Jungkook wouldn’t follow. But of course he did.

Jungkook back hugged Jimin and bit his ear “Come on Hyung…just play for a wh-”

“Jeon Jungkook!” Jimin pushed the younger away again.

Jungkook could hear the serious tone in his voice and didn’t say anything. Jungkook knew he was in trouble because Jimin always called him Kookie and only called him Jungkook if he was really mad at him.

They stood in silence for a while and then Jimin sat down on the edge of the bed and put his hands over his face. He sighed and looked up at Jungkook.

“What am I to you? Am I just someone for you to use?” Jimin mumbled.

Jungkook sat next to Jimin and placed his hands on his shoulders.

“Hyung..what are you talking about?” Jungkook tried to look Jimin in the eyes but he turned away.

Jimin sat there in silence for a second.

“I saw you and Taehyung, Jungkook…today at the concert..I saw that wink he gave you earlier. Jungkook i’m not stupid. Just tell me your relationship with him.”

Panic covered Jungkooks face and his heart began beating in a inhuman speed. There was nothing really going on with him and Taehyung but he can admit that Tae has been acting weird around Jungkook and basically begged for his attention, when Tae kissed Jungkook he just leaned into it, there were no feelings at all, it was more like an instinct. But Jungkook knew that what he did was wrong. He had no excuse and he felt worse about it because he hid it from Jimin.

“Nothing you can say huh?” Jimin stood up and faced Jungkook.

All he could mumble was a “no”

“Then leave!” Jimin shouted and it startled Jungkook, Jimin never yelled at least not at jungkook. Jungkook stood up and walked towards Jimin and hugged him.

“Please Hyung I-”

“Jungkook I am obviously nothing to you. Let go of me!”

“I can explain, I didnt mean for the kiss to happen it-” once again Jimin interrupted him.

“Kiss?! You kissed him!”

Jungkook knew he had fucked up now. Jimin pulled away from Jungkook, it was like Jimins breath was trapped in his throat and he couldnt breathe. Jimin stepped away from the younger until his back hit the door of the bathroom.

“Hyung…please listen to me, I didnt mean to. It just happened, I’m sorry” Jungkook cupped jimins face and stared at him. “Jimin please listen to me.”

A tear ran down Jimins face and Jungkooks heart sank knowing that he caused him to cry. Jungkook didnt know what to do. He pulled Jimin in for a hug but once again was rejected.

Suddenly someone knocked on the door.

“Kookie…are you okay?” Taehyung slowly opened the door. Jimin didnt want anyone seeing him like this so he quickly went into the bathroom.

Jungkook turned to face Taehyung who was peeking inside the room.

“I’m fine Tae" Jungkook said and put his hands in his pocket.

“Where’s Jimin? I thought I heard him” Tae said smiling widely at Jungkook.

“Uhh…he went to the bathroom for a moment, why?”

“No reason…well sleep well my Jungkookie” Tae said and left the room.

Jungkook sighed and turned to face the bathroom door. He knocked once and there was no response, he knocked again and still no answer. Worried Jungkook opened the door and saw Jimin cradled on the bathroom floor crying.

“Hyung I am really sorry. The last thing I want is you crying over a stupid mistake I’ve made. I’ll make it up to you. I promise”

Jimin just shook his head ‘no’ and stood up.
“I thought I meant something to you Kookie…I thought you actually…” Jimin can’t get out the rest of his sentence because his tears started to fall again.

“I love you Jimin, just let me prove that to you please”

Jimin stood there staring at the tile of the bathroom and slowly looked up at Jungkook who was already looking at him.

“I should go to bed” Jimin finally says.

Jungkook has already had enough and couldn’t take it anymore, he grabbed Jimin by his legs and tossed him on his shoulder. While Jimin barely yelling for him to put him down, he walked back into the bedroom and laid Jimin on the bed.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Jungkook says and attacks Jimins lips. Jimins tries pushing Jungkook off by pushing on his chest but Jungkook was way stronger.

Jimin fought. Boy did he fight. He didn’t want Jungkook to kiss him or touch him. He was still mad but Jimin couldn’t fight anymore when Jungkook bit on Jimins bottom lip releasing a moan from the older boy below him.
Jungkook kissed down Jimins jawline and down to his neck where he left small love bites.
Now Jimin was a moaning mess under Jungkooks touch. He was still mad but pleasure seemed to overwhelm him.

Then there’s another knock on the door. This wasn’t as gentle as Taehyungs. This one had much more force.

“Hey! What did I say? Take your asses to sleep. We are all trying to sleep” Yoongi yells.

“Sorry Hyung!” Jungkook yells back.
Jungkook looks down at Jimin who’s eyes are still watery but he looks so hot. His beautiful lips parted, sweat on his forehead and the light hickeys on his neck. Jungkook wanted to kiss him again but there was another knock on the door.

“Jungkook don’t make me come in there and get you.” Yoongi yells again.

Jimin laid down on the bed staring up at Jungkook, heavy breathing and emotions flying everywhere. He loves Jungkook, but he doesn’t think he can forgive him for kissing Tae, He felt betrayed.

Jungkook went to kiss Jimin again but Jimin turned his head away which caused Jungkook to kiss his cheek. Jungkook frowned and stood up.

“Goodnight Jiminnie-hyung.” Jungkook said slowly walking away.

Jimin didn’t really want him to go, he needed someone to cuddle with, yeah he was hurt, but he was lonely without Jungkook by his side.
Jimin sat up and looked at Jungkook which was a mistake because Jungkook gave him the best pout face and puppy eyes. Jimins heart skipped a beat and he looked away.

Jungkook reached for the doorknob when Jimin says “he’s sleeping with me tonight Yoongi Hyung! We’ll be quiet. I promise”
Jimin mentally cursed at himself for falling for Jungkooks trick.

Jungkook jumped onto Jimins bed and pulled Jimin in for a back hug.

“Whatever” Yoongi says and goes back to his room.

“Now….what must we do about Taehyung?” Jimin says laying his head on Jungkooks chest.

“What do you mean?” Jungkook says and starts playing with Jimins hair.

“He tried to take you away from me. And I can’t let that happen right MY Jungkookie?”

Author Notes:
Okay guys…this is it. MY FIRST FANFIC ON HERE I don’t know about a part 2 yet. This story is a mess. Sorry. It’s not to smutty right? Help me
I read to much fanfic 😂

Repost. ❤️

Youtube Fights and Sleepless Nights - Dan Howell Imagine Part 2

Part 1

Making your way down the moonlight streets you pull your hood tighter over your head trying to protect yourself from the rain, reaching into your coat pocket and grab your phone looking for your best friends number. Once you find it you hit dial and press the phone tightly to your ear, hugging your coat tighter to your body.
“Hey (Y/N)! How you doing?”
“Ummmmm.” You feel your voice cracking a little as you speak “can I…. can I crash at yours tonight?”
“Of course you can. Look I’ll put the kettle on you better explain what’s going on when you get in. Alright?” You nod before realising she can’t see you.
“Thank you.” You hang up, shoving your phone back in your pocket, you let out a shaky breath seeing it appear in a cold mist in front of you. It only took around 5 minutes for you to reach Carrie’s place, walking in knowing she would have left the door open for you. Hanging up your coat and slipping your shoes off you make your way to the living room seeing your best friend sat with 2 cups of tea on the coffee table and a book in front of her face. Hearing you enter she looked up noticing your slightly dishevelled appearance. Placing her book on the table in front of her she picks up your cup and offers it to you with a sympathetic smile.
“Come and tell mamma Carrie all about it.” You smile at her comment, accepting the drink and sitting on the couch next to her you begin to tell her what had happened.

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markhyuck!domestic au

bc markhyuck living together makes me vvv emo

-they probably live in an apartment

-they moved in together after college these dORKS

-hyuck probably had to drag mark to every apartment to scope the place out

-mark only went bc hyuck promised he’d buy him food lmfao

-”hyuck this apartment looks fine”

-”hm…. the wallpaper’s ugly let’s leave”


-so after 47 fucking years, they finally found one they liked

-it wasnt big but it wasnt too small either

-it felt home-y and they both really liked the vibe of it

-they have two rooms for sleeping and stuff but they just share a bed bc like

-how else is hyuck gonna wake mark up at 4 am to show him a dank meme

-hyuck’s the type to stay up really late so mark usually just falls asleep without him

-so basically hyuck’s a night person whereas mark’s a morning one

-it’ll be 2 am and mark’ll be asleep on his side of the bed (the side closer to the door lmao hyuck’s not about that life)

-so hyuck was on his phone scrolling through tumblr and he had his earbuds in so he couldnt hear anything

-he had his phone on like, the lowest brightness setting bc he didnt wanna wake his lil baby mark up omg

-he was hunched over, sitting upwards and suddenly he felt mark slowly pull him backwards

-hyuck was like “wTF omg” but he realized it was just mark and calmed down lmao

-so mark pulled hyuck back until he was laying down with him

-and took hyuck’s phone and closed it, tossing it on their bedside table

-mark pulled hyuck’s head to his chest and mumbled something about “go the fuck to sleep” in his hair

-mark probably makes coffee for hyuck in the morning omg

-that or mark goes to starbucks while hyuck’s still asleep to get hyuck’s favourite drink from there

-sometimes, for some reason, hyuck will be up earlier than usual and see that mark’s gone

-so he’ll panic a lil and check their kitchen to see if mark’s there


-his voice is still raspy and deep bc he just woke up and mark’s like blushing in the middle of starbucks calm urself mark lee smh


-”hyuck it’s 7am no clubs are open atm”


-”omg im at starbucks getting coffee you fuckin nut im hanging up”

-mark probably arrives back home and sees hyuck asleep on the couch with an episode of some kdrama on

-mark screeches and almost drops the coffee bc fuK THAT’S THE NEWEST EPISODE AND HE’S GETTING SPOILED

-hyuck bolts up and screams with him



-”omg i told you not to call me by my korean name!!!”


-they watch kdramas together lmfao

-sometimes mark likes to FORCE hyuck to sleep early with him

-like, he knows he wont be able to but he tries

-mark tries to help by talking to him!!

-sometimes it’s like, serious but most of the time not lmao

-”yo… when we get married we’ll still have the same last name……”

-”stfu mark omg”

-”when we get a kid can i name it pablo”

-”… mark why…….”

-”kanye yo”

-”literally go fuck yourself oh my god we’re not naming our kid pablo”

-they go grocery shopping together like a bunch of parents omg

-mark keeps hyuck in check lmao

-like hear me out, like i said in my markhyuck couple au thing, hyuck grabs extremely useless things oh my god


-except he doesnt use coupons lmfao

-if he sees something on sale, he’ll buy 50 of them

-even if it’s like, cans of tuna (he hates tuna)

-”hyuck stop grabbing so many boxes of cookies, like, we can get 2″

-they end up grabbing 27 of them anyway

-mark doesnt stand a chance against hyuck’s puppy eyes ok

-they sing really loudly and obnoxiously in the car

-mark always drives lmao hyuck hates driving


-and a million other dogs and cats

-mark doesnt have the heart to leave strays on the street so he picks them up and takes em home

-they have like 3 dogs and 2 cats istg

-the empty bedroom that they dont use is for the pets

-hyuck gets ‘mad’ but he ends up loving the animals the most

-mark really likes taking pictures of hyuck omg

-he has like a fucking album in his phone made especially for pictures of hyuck

-theyre both terrified of the dark so they have a system omg

-when they close the living room lights, mark has his flashlight out from his phone and hyuck has one hand on the lightswitch

-hyuck like counts down from 3 and closes the lights and bolts to their room with mark im laughing

-their pets sleep in their room omg 

-they probably have a candy drawer in their room im

-they order ramen from this one place so often, they have their details down so all they have to do is call and tell them their order and nothing else omg

-they dont interact with their neighbours at all

-THEYRE KINDA LIKE DAN AND PHIL (ive said this before bUT)

-i can just picture those rare days where they both wake up together

-and hyuck’s just sitting on the kitchen counter and he’s rubbing the sleepiness out of his eyes

-and mark’s just holding a cup of coffee, staring at hyuck and all he can think about is how beautiful hyuck is and how fucking lucky he is

-he’s like grinning into his cup and hyuck notices so he’s like

-”wtf do you want u lil shit”

-”nothing, nothing” -mark, still grinning lmfao

-so hyuck’s just like ”c’mere you fuck”

-and mark goes over sluggishly and hyuck just pecks his lips and i jUST IM

-ok so like i said earlier they watch kdramas together right

-and the latest mark can stay up is like 1 and then he fucking dies after lmfao

-so it’s like 1:30 and mark’s dozing off but he’s trying sO HARD TO STAY AWAKE

-but he ends up falling asleep

-and hyuck doesnt even fucking notice he’s too busy seeing who the hell the girl ends up with

-but then he feels mark’s head fall on his shoulder and he’s ready to shake this bitch awake lmfAO

-he doesnt have the heart to 

-whenever mark falls asleep, he has this expression that makes him look like a kicked puppy

-so hyuck just turns off the tv and lays mark down carefully

-he trudges to their bedroom to grab their huge ass blanket and a pillow and basically sets up everything on the couch lmao

-he then proceeds to wrap himself in a burrito of mark and he falls asleep like that

-in the morning mark wakes up and is like “wtf why am i here whY IS OUR BEDROOM SUDDENLY IN THE LIVING ROOM AND OMG WHO DID HYEMI END UP WITH”

-hyuck’s all grumpy and shit bc mark woke him up oh my goddd

-”hyemi ended up with the guy we hated dude omg…. let me sleep you fuckin douchebag…”


-”i can barely carry my eyebags around do you think i can carry you smh”


-”ok listen here u lil shit you knOW i cant fucking sleep without you”


-this is getting too long i gotta end iT BYE

Jooubachi no Kanbinaru Kougou Review - Hakuou Route

Because I feel like if I didn’t talk about this game, I would lose my mind thinking about it because I have so many freaking feelings. I was not expecting good writing since I hear that it went bad pretty halfway through the game, so I braced myself and suffered less.

LOTS OF TRIGGERS DO NOT READ BECAUSE IT’S REALLY NFSW: Rape, Abuse, Blood, and Sexual Content. Obviously not your, ahem, friendly otome game. Images included, plus a lot of my screaming/suffering.

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Yes, sir! (Stiles Stilinski AU Imagine)

Originally posted by alien-ew

Originally posted by classybutnaughty

Request; Ugh I keep thinking about like college professor Stiles, so could you do something like that where the readers a student there but not actually one of his students they just always see or bump into each other on campus. And they’re definitely attracted to one another and just take it from there. Like cute/fluffy/smutty whatever direction you wanna take it is cool

 ;Can you write me a stiles imagine can it be set in the school and smit obviously? Other than that go nuts

 A/n: I combined these two imagines since the both of them are like school related! And also i have a week of vacation, yaaaay :D

Btw Hope you enjoy it x

I think every college girl will end up having a giant crush on one of their teachers. And sadly enough that’s happening to me. It’s not like i love him but he’s extremely sexy and the same time such a dork. How can a teacher be like that? Just my luck this year, i didn’t get him as a teacher.

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Arranged Marriage Part 2

Smut: Yes

Word count: 1681

A/N: I really hope you like. 

You needed to leave get somewhere far from the house, form him. You could still hear him calling your name

“Please, Y/n wait” he shouted again, you ran to the main hall and your mother was there

“Oh im glad you found him,” she said grabbing your arm and Zayn’s and headed to the ballroom, you couldnt do anything so you walked with your mother. 

When you got onto the stage, Zayn father was making his speech, you just kept your eyes on the ground, and not daring to look up, 

“…and i am pleased to announce that my son Zayn, and Y/f/n’s daughter Y/n are getting married” he said and everyone started clapping. 

you needed to put on a smile and fake it until you have a chance to leave. So you did it, you acted happy holding Zayn’s hand, with a smile on your face, but what you wished for at that moment is to be far away from everyone, you just needed to be alone. 

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thanks a lot to the anon who requests this and what did i say about this series gonna be posted based on their age????? LMAO IM BREAKING THE RULES FOR MY BABY BOY MINGHAO:

  • ITS HIS BIRTHDAY WHWOWHOWHOWHO ok sorry im excited
  • husband!minghao will be the best thing to ever happen in the world have u seen him
  • he’s a cute marshmallow i can already see him planning a matching costume with his kids
  • he couldnt believe that ur his wife now like wow ok
  • “hi wife” SO CHEESY
  • whenever u blush i feel like he’s just gonna laugh and kiss u OHFFKTMT
  • he’s a dog kind of guy so yes ur gonna buy a dog as soon as u step into ur new house
  • “THE WHITE ONE LOOK AT THE WHITE ONE we’re buying him”
  • “ok chill”
  • i see him as a morning person but i also see him as a not morning person so idk how to say this but
  • if he woke up first he’s just gonna lay there for a few minutes then turn to look at u and just admire u until u wake up isnt that cute but youll wake up soon bc his gaze is just ???!!!$#%#
  • if u wake up first youre going to get up and walk lazily to the kitchen to only sit on the stool and fall asleep again on the table and when u open ur eyes youre gonna see minghao next to u sleeping on the table too SO CUTE WFT
  • making breakfast together
  • laughing when he burns the egg
  • lazy mornings are like ur routine even if he has schedule he’s gonna be all lazy with u until u yelled at him to get ready real fast
  • he’s going to kiss u before he leave :~)
  • and i see him as the type to love kids bc he is one himself so when u tell him youre pregnant with his kid he’s just gonna be like “ok cool” and then pauses for a while before he looks at u wide eyes “WHAT DID U JUST SAY”
  • he’s gonna be an excited lil puppy and shower u with kisses
  • i think he would like 2 kids????? or maybe 3 or even 4 LMAO I CAN SEE IT
  • bboying lessons
  • “ok this is how u do this sick move”
  • cuddles with minghao is =w=
  • like its heavenly
  • grocery shopping with minghao and the kids!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • kissing minghao tho
  • =w=
  • why am i putting so many =w= face
  • like have u seen his lips im frustrated
  • i see as the type to kiss ur nose ur cheeks ur forehead before eventually kissing ur lips NONONONO
  • you and the kids will prepare a surprise party for him along with the other 12 members and make them help decorate the house
  • “wonwoo stop crying oh my god”
  • “but.. …my little 8 is turning older today…. ..(sniffles)” 
  • “MINGYU dont touch the cake or else”
  • its gonna be a hard time for u bc theyre all kids trapped in an adult body
  • ok so lets just say the surprise went well and he’s gonna be all smiley and happy bc u prepaRED ALL OF THIS FOR HIM CAN HE GET MORE LUCKY TO HAVE U
  • “i love u so mUCH ok SOOOOOO MUCH”
  • and he’d kiss u and the other boys are just gonna scold u BC THERE ARE LITTLE KIDS AROUND OH MY GOD HOW COULD U!!!!! and cover their eyes
  • and the moment is just… .…omg so perfect like???? u feel like crying bc u feel so lucky to have him and share these moments with him OMG NO
  • and u know…. …its his birthday… ….that means… …;;;;;;;; fun time
  • and have u ever heard that dancers are good at sex
  • ALL I WANTED TO SAY IS pls protect my lil cinnamon roll from this cruel world and kiss him hug him and tell him how much u love him and make him happy bc he deserves that!!!!!
  • and also pillow talks with minghao is like the cutest bc at first he’d just mumble something like “oh god this is actually happening”
  • and ur like what????
  • “im actually married to you and we have kids and its crazy that im gonna spend my whole life with the person i love like i used to dream of all of this and now its happening and i…. …i love u a lot what am i gonna do without you”
  • CHEesY
  • and yeah just in case u happen to marry him.. .…..u need to be prepared of the endless bboying lessons

torturing myself as per usual :~) for more husband!au click here


Originally based on: Imagine Dean breaking up with you for your safety but pretending it’s because he doesn’t love you anymore”


Anonymous said: I hope you do understand that while I’m here laying in the hospital with heart monitors and shit attatced to me I couldnt control myself when I read part two and like two nurses came running in and found me crying and I showed them and then we watched a couple of episodes and now we’re all crying messes in my room and eating my ‘get well’ chocolate. THank you so much for this, I wont forget it. And I love your writing but I’d like my and my nurses hearts back thanks <3

A/N: Hope you like it! One final part to go! :)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Untitled (Part I)

Part Two (Part II)

Conclusion (Final Part)

(With excerpts from “Imagine watching the stars with Dean”)

Your name: submit What is this?


You were sitting on the Impala, the cool metal of the car supporting your legs; your back against the chilly glass of the windshield. It was a late night in August and the usual heat that Kansas maintained was nowhere to be found. Or maybe you had just gotten used to the weather of Lebanon, but that town was miles behind now. A chilly air threatened to wrap itself around your form, thin fibers of frigid wind swirling all around you and begging to take away the heat of your body.

But their attempts were useless against you, as you were not cold at all. Dean Winchester, the savior of this story (and dozens of others you loved recounting), had long ago given his jacket up for the common good–or your common good, at least. The soft cloth was now enveloping you with warmth and, what you liked the most about it, Dean’s scent.

It was the sort of smell that one would expect to find when curled up in the back of an old car, or more specifically, the Impala. But it was also the opening of a whiskey bottle and the pressing of the trigger of a shotgun. It was the scent of spending a night out camping: burning marshmallows and telling stories around a campfire before settling down to sleep underneath the stars. It was the sort of smell that one would expect from Dean Winchester. And lately, as you had happily found yourself thinking about it, it was also mixed with a certain other fragrance: yours.

But that was not the only heroic action, of course. One could not simply believe that to be the only way for Dean to express his hero complex. His arm was around your shoulders, pulling you as close to him as possible, and letting your head rest against his chest. You could hear his heart thumping against your ear loudly, strangely comforting you and a lullaby that was pulling you into a slight slumber.

“There it is,” Dean whispered suddenly, shaking you gently.

You yawned, opening your eyes slowly and looking up at him, carefully following his eyesight. An infinite number of specs of white blinked at you from the dark canvas of the night, crying out to be observed as the rare smile of the Mona Lisa would. They swirled and clustered with grace, just as little ballerinas in the middle of a dance, their shining faces smiling back at you.

“Exactly which one am I looking for?” you asked in the same quiet tone that he had spoken in.

There was always something about these little moments that made them sacred. They gave you the same feeling a library would, with the humming of the insects around you replacing the flipping of pages and the stars being the ancient tones of information.

“The Hunter; Orion.”

Dean raised his free arm to point at the sky, invisibly connecting the merry dots with his index finger, the final masterpiece making up what would appear to be the crude drawing of a caveman—but a masterpiece, nonetheless. Sometimes you would wonder how people would even find these patterns in the sky, and silently thanked them too, as their discoveries allowed for you and Dean to share your time with intimacy.

“Oh. I see it,” you nodded, observing the constellation for a few more moments before putting your head against his chest once again, breathing in his cologne deeply.

Dean smiled down at you, holding you just a bit closer to him and kissing the top of your head, letting his lips linger a little longer than necessary. His hand rubbed your upper arm slowly, his breath mingled into your hair and his heartbeat tranquilizing until it was matching yours.

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i am a mentally ill teen with trauma, please help me save up towards leaving a toxic environment

hello my name is ns and i am 17 years old and genderqueer; i have various mental health issues (ask if you want details i guess), i had a nervous breakdown when i was 12 that forced me to leave school, i was neglected and emotionally abused as a child, and i need a place to recover from these things and begin to move on. the place i currently am is 100% not it. explicit (somewhat long-winded) details are at the end of the post but uh first things first

i cant have a paypal of my own but my boyfriend julian has very kindly given me use of his for this, it is breath.less@live.com and all he asks is that any money sent to it is noted as being for me (or i know how much it is exactly) so that he knows not to do anything with it. in case anyone wants to know: apart from being kind of poor there are reasons i wouldnt be able to save up money of my own right now long-term even if i had it, reasons included under the readmore, plus i really fucking resent asking for money for nothing but being in this environment that i am kills my drive for more or less everything and even if im not a bad writer commissions are honestly out of the question right now

sorry if this isnt written very well by the way i havent really done a post like this before and im winging it a little. but here we go

warning for #money, #gaslighting, #transphobia, #suicide, #alcohol, #unsanitary, #self-harm, #abandonment, #animal abuse, #trans fetishism, #abuse, #rape (has not happened to me, just discussion of it), #disordered eating + #weight talk, #school

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