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Timehop shattered me today. Usually it’s okay. Melancholy for the past, but still good. Today was not. Today hit me like a brick wall.

I’ve been talking to the most amazing guy for years now. We met on Omegle.
The year I graduated high school(2011!), a really big tumblr trend was to go on Omegle under the “tumblr” tag and try to find your friends/followers. It was hysterical. It was fun. I was on there so much it started leaking into my real life. My friend and I would have sleepovers and stay up until crazy hours, on Omegle just finding people to talk to. Obviously the cute ones would get more attention, and we’d have to skip a dick or 10(yes literal dicks), and on the rare occasion we’d get a guy’s number and text for 48 hours and then never again.
But one night, it was different. If I remember right, we were dicking around with stuffed animals. We’d hold them on screen and try to get people to interact with them without seeing what we looked like. Accents, whatever. And if they gave us the time of day we revealed our faces after a while. So we connect with this random babe. And he’s got the bluest eyes. And this swoopy brown hair. Squarish jawline. And he says he’s from England and we’re swooning because we’re American and foreign accents are delicious. He’s not talking though, just typing. We eventually show our faces. My friend gets bored and says we should skip him but I don’t want to. He’s so cute and the way he won’t speak is making him a mystery I’m dying to hear. I get his Skype so we can move on and promise to talk to him later. This guy is cute and all but we’ve only just met and I’m hosting a sleepover and my friend is bored. A bit later, I get a Skype message. I let the guy know we’re still on Omegle. What’s he still doing up? It’s like 6am there. He’s nuts. But he wants to Skype me. But I can’t. My friend is there. I can’t just take over the computer. Eventually my friend gets tired. So I close Omegle and Skype the England Boy. I’m begging him to say “love” in the accent I know he has. But he won’t do it. I’m 18 years old and teenage romance novels are my weakness and romcoms are everything and the way Gerard Butler calls his leading lady “love” is all I need in my life. My friend is falling asleep on the couch and I’m busy falling for the biggest fall of my life. We’re Skyping for four hours. He barely speaks. And then gloriously he says to me, “goodnight love,” and I’m dying from head to toe, it’s beautiful and this cute guy said it in his cute accent and even if he didn’t mean it, if he only said it because I begged and persuaded it out of him, it’s still got me in a puddle of emotions. It’s perfect. He’s great. I’ve got him on Skype. I can call him up whenever I want.
That was how it started. It was everything to me. I stayed up Skyping him when I should have been sleeping. I stayed on Skype with him for 6 hours 6 days a week. It was the summer before I went to college. He meant everything to me. He made me laugh. Die laughing. He was adorable and funny and charming and immature and sarcastic in all the right ways. He’s terrified of spiders. Sometimes, he sleep walks. He hates pineapple. He’s got a lesbian sister. More siblings. He’s never owned a car. He doesn’t have a license to drive. He’s getting a 7k inheritance when he turns 21. His dad’s an accountant. He had a brother who passed away. His girlfriend appears to be a massive uncaring bitch. He can do better. Dealing with my feelings and his girlfriend was a rough patch. She’d infuriate me so badly some nights. He’d Skype me from her house. It’s okay, she’s asleep. Why are you talking to me? You should be sleeping next to her. You can’t sleep? That happened more than once.
When he broke up with her I was so happy for him. So proud of him. He didn’t have to date me. Distance. Yuck. But now he could find someone to treat and be treated better. He never really did.
He’d watch American Football. Something I’m not sure he’d ever even thought about before me. He’d say he’d seen a Vikings game. Why would you watch that? We’re terrible. Football sucks.
He Skyped me through the single semester I went through college. He made a tumblr because I used it so much. We had matching links at one point. He Skyped me when I came home from college. I got a job, a good job but I still had time for him. I moved in with friends downtown. I got a new, good job. I was meeting people. I was partying. I was hooking up with people because I had all these feelings for a guy halfway across the world that were becoming hard to deal with outside our computer screen Skype world. It was easier to crash into guys who didn’t really care about me and wouldn’t notice I wasn’t exactly there for them emotionally 100%, even if I pretend or felt like it for fleeting moments in time. It had been three years since we first met. I started fading. I was working 40 hours a week. I hated my job. Loving him and not being with him was suddenly becoming painful. Not talking about it because it was painful and a useless conversation was even more painful. It wasn’t easy to accept anymore. It wasn’t easy to know that everyone around me wasn’t him. That no one could amount to him. That I could harbour so much feeling for a guy I’d never met. Would maybe never meet. These feelings were suffocating. I was drowning in something I couldn’t have. Couldn’t even touch. He was mad at me for becoming more and more unavailable. I tried to explain it. He was killing me. He couldn’t understand. He still wouldn’t.
We Snapchatted. Barely. I found a boy at home who wanted to hook up and also be a friend. Eventually it crashed into a million fucking pieces, but it helped me. At least, I thought it did. I tried so hard to make it work. If I couldn’t have England Boy, maybe this guy would date me. Maybe I’d finally be worthy of “girlfriend.” Well, I wasn’t. I lost the extended fling, and the guy halfway across the world was hurt that I was distant. Because he couldn’t understand. Because I couldn’t understand.

Now we never talk. I don’t remember the last time we had a video chat. Over 6 months ago? He’s back with his girlfriend who never cared enough. He’s got a life and he’s ignoring me.

It’s August 11th, 2015, and four years ago today, I met you. And our relationship killed me.

Cameron Imagine (It’s Written in the Stars)

Cameron Imagine (It’s Written in the Stars)

Request from anon: Can you do an imagine where I’m dating Cameron and he takes me to a whole day trip in LA and we have a lot of fun. At night, under the stars he ask me to marry him in an incredible way? I love your imagines and you have no idea how this imagine would mean to me

I am glad that you love them haha so sorry for the wait!! I am really falling behind on all of this….school is a lot more work this year. I make no promises on when the next imagine will be put up. I am so sorry but I just don't’ have any time anymore.


It was 6am in the morning and you were already awake. For most people this would be their worst nightmare. For you, however, it was a daily occurrence. You were a morning person. Something about mornings was just so refreshing. Sleeping in was great too, but a good start in the morning led to a great rest of the day.

Typically you would get up around 4:45am and go for a quick run throughout your neighborhood before arriving back to your apartment around 5:40am. You would take a quick shower–you were all for morning showers–and be done before 6am. You would then slip on some cozy sweatpants and a loose t-shirt.

Then you would make yourself comfortable on the large couch in the “living room” area of your apartment with a blanket. Cameron wasn’t that much of an early morning riser so you usually had an hour or so to just knit while listening to audiobooks. Knitting was something you had recently taken up that was actually quite nice to spend time doing. You found yourself very interested in it, and it was great to do while watching tv or listening to music. You were currently listening to The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Of course you had read the book at least a couple hundred times but it was a classic and one of your favorites; you just couldn’t resist it.

As you sat on the couch listening to Nick Carraway drone on about what he observes your mind wandered off. Even though The Great Gatsby’s characters are all heavily flawed there is something so beautiful about them. It makes them seem more human, and even though you may hate their choices and their flaws it makes the book a better book. So as not to make their lives seem perfect because no one’s life is perfect.

You were always one for day dreaming.

You were brought out of your daze by a delicate shoulder shake. You looked to your right to see a smiling Cameron who looked really well groomed for an average Sunday.

“Good morning,” he said as he gave you a quick kiss on the lips before making his way to the open concept kitchen. You looked at the time and it was only 6:39am. It was highly unusual for Cameron to be up this early. You were not bothered by it though. After you got over your slight astonishment you stood up and paused Mr. Carraway before he can ask another person who the infamous Jay Gatsby really is. You stood up and stretched out your limbs and walked over to Cameron.

“Good morning,” You say back in a very lightheaded voice that almost sounded sleepy.

“Someone sounds tired,” he comments cheekily and you laugh lightly.

“I’m not tired though. I don’t know why it came out that way,” You say with a smile.

“Well good because I have a huge day planned for us!” He exclaims with this sudden excitement. There was this gleam in his eyes that you couldn’t quite decipher but you could tell that he was feeling really good about today and…passionate?

“Alright what is the plan Mr. Dallas?” You ask amused as you lean over the kitchen counter closer towards him.

“Well despite how absolutely radiant you look right now you should get dressed,” He says with a smile as he leans closer towards you from his side of the kitchen counter so that your noses are almost touching. You blushed at his comment but backed away.

“Alright, is there any specific wardrobe choice you had in mind?” You ask him over your shoulder as you make your way back to the bedroom.

“Something you can have fun in,” He calls back with a wink. You had no idea what was in store for today. You thought to yourself about what you should wear as you made your way to your closet.

It is California so it’s always pretty hot and sunny. You pulled on a pair of tan/khaki shorts and a grey and black baseball tee. You weren’t really one for all elaborate outfits, maybe every once in a while but as long as you liked what you were wearing you were okay. You took your hair out from it’s messy bun and brushed it a couple times. Then you put on some under eye bb cream, eyeliner, and mascara. You slipped on some ankle socks and your white converse before walking out of the bedroom.

“Will this suffice?” you asked Cameron as you spun around jokingly for him.

“It’s perfect,” He says with a warm smile. Your cheeks turned a light shade of pink at his compliment and you went to grab your phone and money from the couch.

“Ah ah ah,” Cameron said stopping you and you looked at him with confusion. He then handed you just your phone and spun you around, “Don’t worry about anything,” He whispered to you as he grabbed your hand and you followed him out the door of your apartment to who knows where.

“Cameron where are we going? We haven’t even had breakfast,” You ask humorously as you step into the elevator with him and ride it down to the lobby.

“Don’t think I’ve forgotten about the most important meal of the day for the most important person in my life,” He says with a twinkle in his eye and you buried your head in his chest.

“You’re being so cheesy,” You teased him.

“But it’s working,” He says as he kisses the top of your head and you silently answered….yes.

You stepped out of the elevator made your way to the parking garage. As you followed Cameron outside you finally realized his attire for the day. It was rather simple: black skinny jeans, grey t-shirt, and black vans, but Cameron made anything look good. As you approached his car he ran ahead and opened the passenger side seat for you and you smiled.

“Thank you,” You said in a British accent as you stepped into the car and he flashed his teeth before shutting the door and making his way into the driver’s seat. As he started the car you pulled out the sunglasses both of you kept inside the car at all times for drives like these and handed one to him and put the other on yourself.

As Cameron drives out of the parking lot you ask with humor and excitement, “So why, on an average Sunday, are we going on an adventure?”  

Cameron briefly turns to look at you before replying, “Why not?” You couldn’t argue with that. It was only 7:13am and you were already starting the day.

After a leisurely drive through Los Angeles, Cameron parks the car in front of a small boulangerie. You look at him with eyebrows raised and he only smirks at you before getting out of the car. You step out of the car as well and make your way towards the entrance of the boulangerie. Cameron was well aware of your fascination with language, specifically French, because of how much you spoke in it and studied French culture.

There was a very prominent smile on your face as you walked into the tiny boulangerie.

“Bonjour Madamoiselle,” (Hello miss) the store owner greeted and you smiled.

“Bonjour Monsieur,” (hello sir) you greeted back. You felt Cameron’s arm go around your waist and you leaned on him comfortably.

“Est-ce que vous parlez francais?” (Do you speak french) he questions and you smile.

“Oui, monsieur. Comment ca va?” (Yes sir, how are you?) you answer back excited that you get to utilize your oral French skills.

“Ca va bien et tu?” (I am good and you?) He replies with a smile, seemingly happy to speak French with someone.

“Je suis bien. Qu'est ce que vous venez dans la boulangerie aujourd'hui?” (I am good. What are you selling in the boulangerie today?) You asked hoping you weren’t being rude.

“Pour le petit dejeuner ou le gouter?” (For breakfast or snack?) He asks with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Le petit dejeuner s'il vous plait,” (For breakfast please) You respond politely.

“I have no idea what you’re saying but you sound very French to me,” Cameron whispers into your ear and you smile.

“On vient les tartines, les croissants, pain au chocolat, les baguettes, et plus,” (We have tartines, croissants, bread with chocolate, baguettes, and more.) He said. You looked to Cameron and asked him what he wanted and he didn’t seem to care what you picked.

“Je sentais indulgent aujourd'hui, alors on voudrait deux pains aux chocolats s'il vous plait. Aussi est-ce que vous venez le café ici?” (I am feeling indulgent today, so we would like/could we get two breads with choclate please. Also do you sell coffee here?) You asked carefully making sure as to not trip over your words. You were really enjoying this.

“Absolument madamoiselle et monsieur. On venez le café ici. Qu'est ce que vous voudriez?” (Absolutely mr. and ms. We do sell coffee here. What would you like?) He answered as he picked up two pain au chocolats very carefully and set them on the counter before asking what we would like to drink. You turned to Cameron.

“Do you want coffee?” You ask as you look up at him.

“Sure I’ll take whatever you are having,” He says his arm still around your waist. You nod your head before turning back to the man.

“On voudrait deux cafés s'il vous plait,” (We would like two espressos please.) You tell him and he gets straight to work on it. Once he had prepared everything Cameron paid and the two of you sat down in the little boulangerie.

“Remind me to take you to France some day,” Cameron says as he takes a sip of his espresso. You smile.

“Alright,” You say as if it’s nothing but you meant it jokingly of course.


After your breakfast surprise Cameron and you got back into the car and he drove off once again. You had no idea where he was taking you, and you wanted to question him so badly about everything, but you knew he wouldn’t give you any answers.  Instead you decided to try another method. Your hand slyly made its way over and grabbed his right hand, which was free, and you intertwined your fingers with his. You didn’t make eye contact but you could feel his gaze for a short period of time before his eyes averted back to the road. You just stared at both of your hands together. They just looked so right together. They way your hand fit perfectly in his. All the lines running together to make one. It all just seemed to make sense, you and Cam. You lost yourself as well as your idea to try and persuade him just by looking at your hands and tracing your fingers over them.

“Babe what are you doing?” You hear the ring of Cameron’s voice and you look up through your eyelashes.

“I don’t really know. I just…” you pause before thinking of what you are trying to say, “It just seems so right Cam. I know it sounds stupid but even just looking at our hands together. It’s like they were made for each other. I don’t know how to explain it and maybe I sound crazy rambling about hands, but I have just never felt the way I feel about you about anybody. That didn’t really sound like a sentence, but I love you Cam. I really do,” You say and Cameron just stops for a second to really take in what you said before turning to look at you with a smile and a gleam in his eyes that makes them look like stars.

“I feel exactly the same way. You have no idea how good that felt to hear that come out of your mouth,” He said with a huge grin and you couldn’t help but beam back at him. You weren’t entirely sure what this day had in store for you but you just leaned back and let Cameron take you wherever he wanted to go.


After 30 minutes he pulled up to what looked like an abandoned war zone. You weren’t entirely sure what was going to happen, but you trusted Cam. The two of you walked into a shack, and Cam rang the bell to call for an assistant to come and help the two of you. An older man probably in his late 60s came out and his eyes widened in recognition when he saw Cam.

“Hey Cam! How’s it going?”  He asked as he gave Cameron a smile and shook his hand.

“Pretty well Dave. I brought my girl with me today and I was wondering if we could take a couple turns out there?” Cam asks. You were still completely oblivious as to what is happening in the moment. A couple turns? On what? But when Cam said “My girl” your heart fluttered and you got a little red, but you tried to hide it.

“Of course, anything for you!” Dave says as he goes to the back room.

“How do you know him?” You ask when he leaves the room.

“Old family friend of my dad,” Cam answers shortly. He isn’t giving you much to work with. Dave comes back with what looks to be a couple of vests, goggles of some sort, and a bunch of other gear.

“It looks like we’re going to war,” You comment jokingly and they both look at you. “Oh wait we are? Really?” You question getting slightly nervous. This is something you always wanted to do, but you had NO idea what to do.

“Welcome to airsoft,” Dave said with a smile. “She must be real special if you brought her here,” Dave comments and Cameron smiles.

“Oh she is, and she knows it,” Cameron grins and you can’t help but blush so you quickly put on your gear to try and hide the redness creeping over your skin. However you don’t exactly know how to put any of this stuff on, so it takes a couple tries. The most combat you have ever been in was laser tag when you were 14.  Laser tag was fun you had to admit but this was taking it up a notch.  

“Alright so each round is 45 minutes. The aim of the game is to shoot the other person as many times as possible. Since it is just you two here  you will be on opposite teams. One on one. By the end of the 45 minutes your suit will tell you how many times you have been hit. Technology really is great!” Dave states and you laugh. “ALRIGHT GET TO IT YOUR TIME STARTS NOW!” He shouts and you quickly run to take cover before Cameron can shoot you.

Alright y/n this is all about strategy. Cameron has clearly been here many times before so he knows where all of the hiding spots are. Your best tactic will be to take cover and let him come to you. You find a wooden crate and get inside there and remain still waiting for the sound of Cameron’s shoes to come crunching over twigs and leaves.

5 minutes pass

10 minutes pass

15 minutes pass before you hear something. Your breathing stops and you listen more carefully. You can hear someone walking and you know it has to be Cameron. You listen for the direction and you can tell he is coming from behind you. You look through the cracks in the wooden crate to see what side he is on while making as little noise as possible. You see that he is coming up on your left. You had loaded your gun at 10 minutes so all you had to do was shoot him. You really didn’t want to give up your spot but at the same time you knew that if you shot him you would have to move, and it would be better to shoot him before he passes the crate. You quietly aim your gun through one of the cracks and you aim. Taking your time you line up the shot….before BAM!

“OW! SH*T! OH Y/N I am coming for you now!” Cameron cries out and you quickly move out of the wooden crate. Man this is fun you think to yourself. You cross over into Cameron’s territory and find a hollow log to hide in. You can hear Cameron running after you but you knew he was a couple second behind you because of his “injury”. You had managed to hit him on his upper thigh, and you knew it would leave a mark. You had never played airsoft but you knew it hurt like a b*tch. Your breathing became slower as your heart rate decreased. You could hear him walking again but he was hiding behind trees as he made his way closer to you. You were pretty sure he didn’t know you were in the log but you stopped breathing just in case. To throw him off. He was getting closer and closer, and you knew there was no way out of this one you just had to pray he didn’t look in the log. You couldn’t see him and so you closed your eyes and just began praying. But then all of a sudden it was quiet. You held your breath and opened your eyes. You looked to your left to see it was clear down at one end of the log. You looked to your right.

“AH!” You screamed when you saw Cameron peering in with an evil grin. You tried to scramble out as quickly as possible but Cameron managed to hit you in the shoulder and man did that hurt. You hissed but kept moving to avoid him. You made it out of the other side and took off running but not before Cameron got another one on your left arm. You screamed in agony but kept running. You eventually hid behind a rock and Cameron ran right past you. You then took off in the opposite direction to get some more cover. You looked up at the clock and saw that there was still 15 minutes left in the round. While this was fun you had still only managed to land one shot on Cameron. You needed to be merciless. Maybe you needed to find another way to beat the enemy you thought. An evil grin quickly spread across your face as your plan quickly pieced itself together in your head and you took off to find Cameron. You made trekked across the terrain as silently as you could searching for Cam. Once you came across him you took extra care to remain silent before you ran and jumped over a bush just loud enough so he could hear before screaming in agonizing pain.

“AHHH!! OWW!” You grabbed your leg and began contorting your body to make it look like you were in intense pain. You heard Cam make his way over and once you saw his face you knew you had him. He looked so worried. He jumped over the bush and landed next to you and crouched down next to you.

“Y/n are you alright? Where does it hurt?” He asks frantically as he tries to ease you non-existent pain.

“My leg,” You whimper and you almost laughed at how well this was going. As he leaned down to examine your leg. You shoved him over and quickly stood up before shooting him a couple times in the shoulder, abdomen, and arm before running off yelling.

“HAHA GOTCHA SUCKER!” That felt so good you said to yourself.

“OH Y/N! IT IS ON!” He shouts but you knew it would be a while before he got up you managed to get at least 10 shots on him. That must have hurt because they were close range.

“I WOULD LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY WE HAVE 3 MINTUES!” You shouted. All you had to do now was just find a safe place to hide for 3 minutes and then you would have won. You found that same wooden crate that you hid in at the beginning of the game and you quickly scurried into it. For extra measure you scrounged up some leaves to cover yourself in. All you had to do now was wait.

There was one minute on the clock and Cameron finally came into view. You held your breath as you prayed he would pass you or just not look hard enough in the crate to notice you were amongst leaves. You could see the clock was ticking down. 59. 58, 57, 56, 55, 54…and you were just willing it to go faster.

“Y/n! Come out come out wherever you are,” Cameron taunted and you rolled your eyes wanting to shout at him. You saw Cameron eyeing the crate but you had put mud all over your face so it wasn’t as noticeable. You crouched down and attempted to hide yourself among the leaves better but he quickly turned and looked into the crate. You didn’t breathe. You didn’t move a muscle. Your eyes remained closed. You were just listening for him to leave or for the clock to ring signaling that time was up. You heard him step away and you slowly let out a breath of relief and your eyes looked to the clock to see you had 15 seconds left. Oh well screw this you thought. You got your gun loaded and ready and you came out shooting at Cameron. He shot you too but you had the element of surprise and managed to get him a good 30 times before the clock rang. You fell on the ground in pain next to Cameron from all the hits.

“Well played y/n well played,” Cameron groaned. “I knew there was a reason I loved you,” He said with a pained smile and you laughed. Eventually the two of you got off the ground and made your way inside.

“I have to say, that was very interesting to watch,” Dave said with a smirk as he looked at the two of you. I don’t even have to look at your suits to know who won,“ He said looking at you, "But to embarrass Cam a little let’s check out the numbers,” He said with a laugh and you smiled. You heard Cameron groan but you only punched him in the arm.

“Looks like Cameron’s suit has 53 hits, and y/n’s suit has 24 hits,” Dave comments and I smile.

“Can we do that again?” You ask excitedly and Cameron and Dave looked a little surprised. “ I mean I think Cameron wants to regain his dignity,” You tease.

“If that’s how you’re going to play it,” He says putting his gear back on.

The two of you played four more rounds. You won a couple then Cam would win some. It just went back and forth until eventually it was getting dark and the two of you had to leave. You said thanks to Dave and got back in the car.

“I am going to be sore tomorrow,” You commented as you slid into the car with a groan. Out of the corner of your eye you could see Cameron giving you a smirk and you just rolled your eyes. “Oh don’t give me that look,” You say your cheeks heating up. Thank goodness it was dark.

“I think it’s really cute when you blush,” He comments breaking the silence and that caught you off guard. How could he even see you. “I don’t have to see your face to know when you’re blushing. I can just tell by your posture. You’ll get all embarrassed and try to hide your face. I wish you wouldn’t you look beautiful, and I like knowing that it’s me that makes you feel that way,” he says and now you were really red.

“Cam stop saying things like that,” You whine because you didn’t know how to react. Your natural instinct was to hide your blush.

“No y/n, I love you and I am not going to not say what I want to say. You’re beautiful and you’re my girl. The one and only. I should be able to tell you that you look beautiful whenever I want to. I want to tell you every day that I love you and I adore you. I want to wake up every day next to you and see your face,” He says as he parks the car. You had no idea where you were but your heart was just melting at his words.

“Cam..” You whisper but he shushes you.

“Shhh… y/n I have something to show you,” He steps out of the car and opens your door. What a gentleman… he takes your hand and leads you to the edge of a cliff. You look out and right beneath the cliff you see the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” written in glow in the dark stars. Your hands rush to your mouth and you turn to look at Cameron who is now on his knee holding out a ring. “Well what do you say y/f/n? Would you do me the honor of spending every day for the rest of your life with me by marrying me?” He asks and you nod before jumping into his arms. You hear him sigh a sigh of relief and he hugs you so tight like he may never see you again.

“I love you,” You whisper into his ear.

“I love you,” He whispers back. You pull away and your lips crash onto his and everything melts away. It was just you and Cam. And that’s how it would always be because you two were going to get married and start a family. You two were made for each other.

When you pulled away and looked into his eyes a thought occurred to you. “Why glow in the dark stars?” You ask.

“Well I always liked to think that our relationship was written in the stars like fate or destiny. If I could arrange it in the sky for you I would, but I figured this was the next best thing,” He said with a cheesy grin and your heart melted.

“What did I ever do to deserve you,” You whispered as you kissed him again and he chuckled.

“You were you, and I could never ask for more,” He whispered into your ear. In that moment it really did feel like your relationship with Cam was written in the stars. And it always would be.


Alright I hope you enjoyed the imagine. Cheesy I know but I had the thought while I was writing it and I thought it would be cute! Let me know what you think!