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request? yes
    I LOVE YOUR MONTY IMAGINES!!! Can you please write and emotional Monty x reader, it would mean so much!


“ Can you do a SAD Monty x reader imagine! Thank you!!!


“ REQUEST! Can you write a sad Monty x reader imagine?

pairing(s): montgomery x baker!reader , hannah x sister!reader

warning(s): um, sad? mentions of hannah’s death, and a suicidal thought

a/n: 2/3 requests are from my other blog so enjoy !
+ i’m not sure if this as sad as you guys expected, but i tried so it’s the thought that counts
++ please know that my inbox & messages are always open if you need someone to talk to. trust me, i know what it’s like to feel alone and think that there’s no one to talk to, but please just keep in mind that i’m always here and that i’m more than willing to talk to you if you need help. xx

words: 1049

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Don’t You Know How To Knock? [Part 5]

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Part 5 of Don’t You Know How To Knock?

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

You sat up to meet his gaze once more. The pain and anger in his eyes nearly broke your will to resist him.

“Just sex? Am I really nothing more to you?”

You swallowed hard, fighting back your tears as you told your final lie for the night.

“That’s right. Nothing more”.

With that Namjoon turned on his heels and made the last steps into his room.

As the door slammed behind him, the tears fell from your eyes.

Typical, Y/N. Always shutting herself away from any real chance at love.

“Let’s go before I die of old age!” Hobi whined, waiting not so patiently on your living room couch.

“I’m coming!” you yelled back, adding the final touch to your ensemble before joining him.

“If you weren’t my best friend, you’d be pretty hot, you know that?” he teased, admiring your outfit choice for the evening.

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afflicted-with-wanderlust  asked:

Hi your marauders group chats give me life!! They're hilarious! Just checking, how many have you written? Only 2 have come across my dash, but are there more?

if you want to 100%  see all of them track the tag ‘caroline does social media’  but so far we have: 

glad u like them!!!

My Girl - (Tony x Reader)

A/N- Sorry it took so long, but here it is! In this fic Tony is a major father figure in your life and he certainly isn’t too happy when he finds out his little girl is dating Bucky Barnes. This story matches up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline and has Civil War spoilers SO BE WARNED!


Warning- Civil War Spoilers and angst, so much angst. I may have cried writing this.


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You will always remember the night that everything changed. You were 7 years old, waiting with the social worker in the lobby of Saint John’s Hospital. Your right hand held tightly onto a pink butterfly backpack. The uncomfortable waiting room chair a few sizes too big as you listened to Karen the social worker on the phone just outside the room.

“Hello, Miss Potts? Yes, this is Karen the social worker assigned to (Y/N)’s case. I am so sorry to inform you that Vera has passed away…” She paused, looking into the room at you. You pretended to be watching the tv, one of the nurses had given you the remote and an episode of Spongebob flashed across the screen and lit up the room.

“Yes, of course, my sincerest condolences. But I am calling because Vera named you next of kin, and in doing so named you legal guardian of (Y/N). I know that this is a lot to take in right now, losing your sister and now having to deal with your niece but if you need to we can make other arrangements.” She paused again, this time nodding her head and flashing you a reassuring smile. “That is great Miss Potts. I will let her know you are on your way.” She hung up and put the phone into the pocket of her black dress pants.

She crossed the waiting room and crouched down in front of you blocking your view of the television.

“Your Aunt will be here in 20 minutes to pick you up, okay sweetie?”

You gave her a quick nod and ignored her, focusing on the yellow sponge who took your mind elsewhere.

Two episodes of Spongebob and a vending machine pit-stop later, Pepper showed up. You dropped your bag as she dropped to her knees and wrapped you into her arms.

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"My oatmeal's got gripes in it..." (or The truth about oatmeal)

—I am a firm believer in two essential concepts: 1. If you don’t have anything nice to say, shut up.
2. If someone does something for you, regardless of how small, or if they didn’t do it exactly how you wanted it, you say thank you, and you shut up.

Not: “You made too much oatmeal.” “There are too many berries in mine.” “Mine isn’t hot enough.” …

Just eat the fucking oatmeal and shut up.

Good morning. ;)

Good day everybody!! I was tagged by @ilonavic to do this awesome tag she made. Thank you very much!! I always love them!! (っ◠ ◡ ◕ )っ❤

1. Who would you rather be stuck on a deserted island with?

Geralt: At least with Geralt I’ll have a good company and protection. And also, he has been in worse situation, he’ll get us both out of there.
Iorveth: He would kill me.
DandelionNot with him, because I’ll be all the time shouting: “SHUT THE FUCK UP DANDELION!!! I AM TRYING TO GET US OUT OF HERE!!!!”

2. Who would you hire as your mentor in magic?

Avallac’h. I was going to say Yennefer but then Avallac’h appeared. He’s a Sage, he’d teach me so many things!! He’s the best mentor ever, at least when it comes to knowledge.

3. Who would you run to rescue, if you could only choose one?

Please, even if he’s inmortal I’d do anything to protect Regis.

4. Who’s army would you join?

The Scoia'tael, Iorveth.
The Aen Elle, Eredin.
The Skelligers, Clan an Craite.
I like Skellige and Crach is very brave, he’s also a good person, I wouldn’t mind fighting by his side. 
The Blue Stripes, Roche.
The Nilfgaardians, Emhyr.  

5. Who’s “sasshole-club” would you join?

Avallac’h. I’d join Ge’els club too, but where Avallac’h goes I am going too.

Some freestyle questions for you to answer, without any ultimatums.

6. Who would you have the most fun with and why?

Regis, obviously, he’s a funny guy, he’s also fascinating and knows many things, like Avallac’h. He must have many funny anecdotes and I’d enjoy learning from him.

7. Who would you marry and why?

Shit, I don’t want to marry anyone. I dare to say that I’d marry Ge’els, but he would hate me for being human… Fuck everything, I am marrying Regis, although I don’t want anything romantic or sexual with him, but he’d be the best husband ever.

8. Who would you want as your best friend and why?

Yennefer. She’s brave, intelligent, sassy, badass and likes to get the shit done. I think I could be able to tell her anything, she would keep it as a secret. As she’s very wise too she will advice me and help me when something goes wrong. Maybe I am asking too much from her???

9. Who would you disagree the most with and why?

I don’t have idea, I am use to disagree with everyone, even with my best friend. I think I’d disagree the most with Lambert, first because I don’t like him, sorry for his fans, but I don’t. And second because we’re very different in personality and way of acting. We would be always arguing about everything, it would be a nightmare.

10. Who would you mourn the most, if you ever lost them and why?

I’d mourn everyone in The Witcher but I was very sad when Milva and Regis died in the books, and when Regis appeared in Blood and Wine I was so so excited and happy! Losing Regis again would kill me. I’d mourn for Geralt too, I am sure, and of course for Avallac’h.

I am tagging: @vaporeox@cirillach, @ferelden-doglord, @lunedin, @silnaniewinna@lenkalost, @ilonavic and @petit-oiseau-de-nuit. ♡

Holster Has Made Out With Everyone 3) Sophomore Year: Jack

Truth or dare is a problem for Jack.

At first Holster assumed it was the drinking that goes along with drinking games that was his problem, but for all his tragic backstory, the dude isn’t averse to the occasional beer. It was Ransom who first suggested that ‘truth’ might be the real reason why Jack used to back out of rooms whenever he spotted a healthy bro bonding game going on.

So Johnson invented ‘dare or dare’ which, weirdly, Jack is okay with as long as no one takes pics on their phones. Everyone gets to choose between two humiliating acts, and no one has to make confessions.

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my personal guide for getting over a mental breakdown

1. realize no one fucking cares especially since this probably stemmed or was made worse from other people not caring in the first place

2. even if someone did care its either a formality or misplaced because youre ass and ruin everything

3. stop caring about it yourself because you arent even worth your own feelings and get over yourself lol

as you can see i am a very mentally sound individual so consider this to have as much ground as advice from a professional

Dating Jooheon Would Include

- Lots of late night easy food dates
- Like maybe a hole in the wall Korean bbq or a burger place, something cute but small
- Like not just your average vanilla hand holding (lmao) but more of like the thumb rubbing, squeezing once in a while hand holding
- “Babe do you know where my black beanie is?” “You literally own like 20 how am I supposed to know which one?”
- I feel like Jooheon would LIVE for the first time you go over to the dorm for a meal with the members because he’d want to show you off and it’s like 2 of the things he loves most are being happy and joyful together
- “She’s so amazing you guys she made me the BEST lunch the other day” “She’s so great remember when she surprised me at our meet and greet?” “Seriously though, she-” “Omg Jooheon shut up we get it”
- Definitely trying his hardest to take care of you when you’re sick like trying to get out of dance practice so he can take care of you or coming to your apartment after a longgg day of schedules just to see if you needed anything
- I feel like he would also really be into cuddling all the time especially when you lay on top of him and intertwine your legs and humming into his chest UGJ
- Be prepared for lots of raps about you
-Maybe even him having you come into the studio and saying that one thing that you say to him all the time that he loves just so it could be in the background of a song he wrote about you
-I have such a headcannon for Jooheon and his future gf’s song to be Studio by ScHoolboy Q wow - Him loving you unconditionally and always reminding himself and everyone around him how amazing you are

softsnuper  asked:

i don't understand how being called "small" is insulting? i myself am short among my peers and kihyun has been my mx bias since the beginning, i also call him small bc 1) it's a fact, he is also short compared to his peers 2) it's a term of endearment, calling him small has the same context of calling him cute and soft. there is no intention of malice so how is he being made fun of? as a fellow kihyun stan, whoever's attacking you is making us look bad so @ them: pls shut up & have a nice day 💕

THANK U MY DEAR MY LOVE 💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💖💕💖💕💖💕💕💖💕💖💕💕💕

Awkward (Poly! Relationship w/Chenhun)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Hi ! can I have a poly relationship with Chen and Sehun ? Thanks you

“So how does it work bedroom wise?” your friend asked as you and her sat on the couch. She was very aware of your polyamorous relationship with Jongdae and Sehun. “What do you mean?” Jongdae asked back “like do you guys have threesomes all the time or do you take turns or-” “well depends on the mood” Sehun says. You and Jongdae were more calm about the personal details of your relationship while Sehun answered a lot of the questions. “Do you and Chen have sex as well?” your friend pushed making Jongdae groan “he’s my boyfriend so yeah. No one is neglected by the others in the relationship” Sehun answers as he looks over at you. Jongdae wrapped his arm around you as he gave your friend a small smile.

“You do understand the relationship consists of more than sex yes?” Sehun asks her “well what else would the three of you do?” she spoke really not sure what else you guys would do. “Well we go on dates in public, we cuddle, watch movies, shower sometimes, it’s a standard relationship with an extra person. “Do you guys think you’ll get married?” she asks then “if it’s allowed then yes. We’ve been dating for like our whole adult life. Well Y/N and I have at least” Jongdae says putting his input in as he kisses your cheek. “I’ve only been with them for 2 years” Sehun says.

She made a sound “it’s weird Y/N you have two boyfriends while I have none. You’re the shy and quiet one out of the two of us” your friend whines. “Well in the bedroom its a different story” Sehun teases “shut up” you screech at him “she doesn’t need to know everything” you tell him “but it’s true” Jongdae says as you push away from him. “I love this. I am so glad I came over today” your friend says as she gets up to follow you. “You really like to embarrass her Sehun” Jongdae says as he feels Sehun wrap his arms around him. “You blushed something pretty when I mentioned us having sex” he spoke.

“We’re not going to talk about this” Jongdae says “why not?” Sehun asks “because it’s bedroom talk” Jongdae spoke. “You’re worse than Y/N at least she will talk about it when her friends aren’t around” Sehun teases. “So what? I like it being only in the bedroom” Jongdae said proudly “what about the shower? Or the kitchen?” Sehun jokes “stop it or I’m going with Y/N and her friend” Jongdae. “Wait what about the car? That was an interesting place no?” Sehun says with a laugh as Jongdae groans and gets up. “You aren’t being serious are you?” Sehun asks not getting a response from his boyfriend “I guess he was” he mumbles and shrugs before turning the tv on.

Peter Pan Imagine Request/ Taken Part 2

“Part 2 to Taken “

“OH MY GOD!!! Part 2 of taken. Love the 1st part!!!!! LY”

“Part 2 to Taken?😊”

“ Can you do a part 2 of taken?”

“ You should do a part two to Peter Pan Taken imagine! It was SO SO good!”

“Is there ever going to be a part 2 to taken?”

Ya’ll asked for it, so here it is! Part 1 down below!


Peter’s point of view:

2 week’s, she has been away for two week’s,

I was becoming mad, simply, crazily, mad,

The boy’s were getting sadder,

The fairies were becoming less brighter,

The Indian became more temper,

The mermaids became more lonelier,

And Neverand,  Neverland was getting colder.

So, there I lay on my bed, looking at the spot where she use to sleep, thinking about the position she would always sleep in, thinking about how her hair always would tickle my nose because it was so long, thinking about how she would cuddle up to me when she had a bad dream,, thinking of the times I had made love to her, and the sweet sounds that would come out of her when I did, I missed her terribly, and I knew I had to get her back, I just simply had no idea how.

Back In StoryBrooke:

Y/m point of view

“Maybe we should give her back, Pan clearly isn’t buying the bait.” Emma said

That’s exactly what he wants, for us to give up.” Regina said.

“No,” I said, “No, I know Peter, he’s forgotten all about me, he never really loved me,” tears running down my face. almost couldn’t speak, I completely gave up, I thought Peter didn’t care, and didn’t want to put in the effort to find me.

“Don’t listen to her, if she is Pan’s girlfriend she is just as clever as he is, it’s clearly a trick.” Hook says.

“Don’t you get it?! I yell, “If Peter wanted me, he would’ve gotten me by now,simple as that.” i cry and try to drown out whatever they say next, I was miserable, tired, and hungry, and I had completely gave up on Peter.

Back in Neverand:

Felix walks in Peter’s cabin, with a concerned look on his face

“Peter, I-I don’t mean to sound mean, but being sad, and depressed isn’t going to bring her back, you ever think, maybe she doesn’t want to be found?”

Peter then looks up in shock, “What?” he say’s madly. “That’s insane.”

“You sure about that?” Felix asked.

I’m positive!” Peter yells.

“How so?” Felix says

“Because,” Peter looks outside his window “She’s the one for me, we got a love that a blind man could see, Felix, you don’t get it and you never will, I need her, I love her.”

“Then stop staying in your room all day and start making a plan to go find her.” Felix says

“I AM!” Peter yells.

“Oh yeah? Prove it, out of the 2 weeks shes been gone what have you done?! Huh? NOTHING! Because you don’t really love her, you never had, it was all a lie!”

“Jus-just shut up!” Peter use’s his magic and Felix goes flying against his wall. The tree’s in Neverland began to fall, the water made a ripple, the birds and fairy’s made run for it, trying to escape the madness, the mermaids swam deep under water, the Indian’s began to go hide in their tents.

“See, if-if you put that much anger into finding her, you will find her in at least 24 hours.”

“You did this on purpose?!” Peter yelled.

“I needed to get your energy up somehow.” Felix said with a smile.

Peter rolls his eyes and half smiles at him, Felix knew how to get Peter out of his mod and try to find Y/n.

So, Peter walks out of his cabin, looking at all the lost boys who are shaking and shivering, because Neverland was so cold, they were also shocked that he was even outside.

“We’re going to find her, do you understand me?” Peter said calmly

Everyone nods their heads. Henry just simply stares.

“This is the most important mission you boys will ever do, I have no idea who took her or why, but we must get her back, we train for 2 day’s, then we move out, in the meantime, I will find a way for all of us to leave Neverland.” Peter then takes Felix hand makes him fly with him. 

“Oh hell no I don’t do heights Pan!” Felix yells.

“Oh come on laddie, I need your help after all.”

Felix holds on to Pan for dear life, but it doesn’t take too long for them to get to their destination. They get to a cave, a big, huge, scary looking cave.

“What the hell is this?”  Felix asked

“It’s my secret place, nobody knows about it, not even Y/n, she shouldn’t see stuff like this.” Peter say’s as he walks inside the cave.

Felix in panic, “Shouldn’t I not see this stuff either?!” he over reacts and yells.

“Oh don’t be a baby.” As Peter voice becomes less harder to hear.

“But Paaaaaan! I don’t do caves!”

Peter walks back out the cave, “Is there anything you can do?” 

“I do a lot of things of things that don’t involve me dyng.”

“”Fine, stay out here, where it can find you.” Peter has a twisted smile on his face as he walks into the cave.

Felix eyes open wide, “IT?” he says , but Peter doesn’t answer, “Hey wait Peter hold up!” as he runs into the cave, so far into it he see’s all the stuff Peter has, he has so many weapons, potions, traps, ect. It was a very dangerous place to be.

“So what is all this stuff?”

“It’s thing’s that I have been collecting over the years, and one of these potions, will take us to Y/n, we just have to find it.”

“That’ll take days!” Felix said,

“That’s why I have the lost boys training, by the time their ready we will be as well, now lets get started.” Peter says as he walks towards the potions.

“Hey so what do you mean by ‘it’ ”? Felix asked

“Mmm what?” Peter stops focusing on the potion’s and looks to Felix.

“You said that ‘it’ will get me, who or what are you talking about?” Felix said

“Oh! Yeah right, nothing I just aid that to get you in here” he says as he focuses back on the potions.

Felix rolls his eyes and starts looking with Peter.

Back In StoryBrooke:

“Hey, is it okay if I eat something? “ You asked

“Why should we give you anything?” David said

“Maybe because I wasn’t the one who kidnapped your damn grandson and I need to eat.” you say.

“You have crackers.” he says rudely.

“That isn’t even enough!”

“No, but it will hold you at least, we want you alive, not dead.” 

And with that you just sat and ate your stupid crackers, with your stupid water.

Just then the group walks in.

“Get anything out of her?” Emma asked.

“Not a damn thing can we please take some action and go to Neverland and kick this Justin Bieber wanna be ass?”

“No David, that will just give him a better advantage, we must be patient.” Margret said calmly.

2 Days Later: Also back in Neverland

Peter and Felix walk out of the cave, they have bags of weapons, potions, and pretty much anything that they could get their hands on, if this was going to be a battle they might as well go all out. They get back in Neverland, with the lost boys up and ready, some where still training, some eating breakfast, and some just sitting around. Henry was one of those boys.

“Ready?” Peter asked

They all nodded yes. Including Henry, secretly happy to see his parents again.

“Good, here are your weapons, choose wisely and only carry what you can handle.” Peter puts down the bags and the lost boys get to digging out the bag looking at all the deadly equipment.

“You really trust us with this stuff?” a lost boy said

“I trust that you miss Y/n and you’ll do anything to get her back.”

The lost boy nods his head in agreement.

“Now boys, make way.” the boys spread out and Peter drops a potion on the floor forming some type of portal, it was StoryBrooke.

Peter then walks into the portal holding Henry as hostage,, and the lost boys follow, scared of course they slowly follow one an other, once they were all in the portal closed, Peter made sure to keep the potion in his pocket for when they go back.

“Let’s get her.” Peter said.

The lost boys cheered with their weapons in their hands.

So there they go, walking down StoryBrooke, The lost boys, and their leader, and when people saw who they were, they quickly ran and screamed for their life, everyone knew who Peter was, he was the King of Neverland, and he was not to be messed with.

The gang eventually heard all the yelling and screaming and notice that they were yelling the name “Peter.”.

“Oh man, he’s here.”Emma said.

Your head shot up with shock, “Wh-who’s here?” you asked.

“Pan. Peter pan.”

Peter walked down StoryBrooke looking and searching for any sign of you.

“This is it! Untie her so we can make the trade!”  Regina said.

“Right.” David said, untying you so roughly, giving your rope burns on your wrist.

“Could you be anymore rough?” You said with sass, hoping he’d get the message, but of course, he didn’t.

He grabbed you behind the arms and pulled you outside, there you see Peter with his fist around some guys shirt yelling at him, scaring the living daylight out of him.

“It really is him.” Your eyes began to tear up.

Just then as he seen your face, his eyes almost sparkled, it was like the two of you were in your own little moment , but then everything snapped back to reality when Peter was suddenly hit on the head, he then falls to the ground.

“PETER!” you scream in panic, tears coming down your face.

“Oh he’s fine!” Regina says rolling her eyes.

She picks up Pan with her hands holding him from his neck, “Now give me my son!”

Peter is choking and turning red, so he uses his power to push her away as they both fall to the ground, both shaking and moaning in pain.

You try to run to Peter but David pulls you to the ground , with that you land on your back. “Ahhhhhhh” you scream in pain.

Peter tries to go get you but then quickly grabs Henry by his two arms.

“Owe!” Henry yells.

“Henry!” the group yells.

“Give her back to me or he dies.”

Your head shoots up, you knew Peter was serious, you could tell in his eyes, he would do anything for you, even kill for you.

Peter then puts a knife to Henry’s throat, before anyone could say anything you’re the first to say it.

“STOP!” you yell at Peter.

Peter looks at you confused. So does the group.

“Peter, please, don’t! You’re better than that, just let him go.”

“Why should I?” he says

“Because you’re better than them.”

Peter looked at you, he knew what you were talking about, he made you a promise that he would try to be a better person before you left, less violence, and more happiness you told him, he agreed.

So with that, he let Henry go, he pushed him to his mother Emma and Henry cried in his mothers arms, you thought it was over, you thought peace could be finally restored between StoryBrooke and Neverland, until you felt this sharp pain in your side.

You gasped in the midst of it all and what felt like slow motion, you fell to the ground, gasping for air, and crying because of the pain, but who? Who did this? You turn and see Rumple with a knife with blood on it.

You then see Peter and the lost boys run to you, Peter holds you in his arms and starts to cry, nobody has ever seen him cry, not even you, until this day.

“What the hell?” Emma asked Rumple.

“She gets what she deserves.” He simply says.

Regina uses her power and pushes him into his shop and locks the door so that he is stays in their.

“I’m sorry kid we aren’t that kind of people we’re the good guys!” Emma tries to explain

“Is there anything we can do to help?” Margret asked

“You helped enough! Leave me and my girlfriend alone!” Peter yells with much anger.

With that the group backs up and watches from afar.

“Peter, I’m not going to make it,” you whisper

“No no no no” Peter yells a he holds you in his arms, “You can’t do this to me, not now baby! Please.”

“Peter, you - you know I’ve always loved you,” You say almost gasping for air.

“Don’t say things like that, You’re going to make it Y/n!” Peter yells.

You close your eyes and stop breathing,and with that Peter holds in his arms, sobbing ,yelling, and rocking you back and forth in his arms.

He then rubs your face, and runs his fingers in your hair.

The group comes forth and try to apologize but then Peter quickly speaks before they do.

“She is my all, my everything, she is my season, she is the reason I live, she is my summer, winter, spring, fall, my all. You, you took her away.”

“I think we can fix this.” Regina said.

“I said I don’t want your help!”

“Hey do you want your girlfriend back or not?” Emma asked.

Peter nodded, sniffling.

“Okay give her here.” Emma said opening her arms

Peter then picks you up and hands you to her, you then lay in her arms, Regina waves her hand over your body, looks like purple glitter smoke, Peter watches carefully, afraid something will happen to you.

*Cough cough* you gasped for air

“Baby girl!” Peter almost screams bringing you into his arms, holding you so tightly that you might think he will never let you go, you didn’t mind that. You grabbed the back of his shirt and held on tightly to it.

 Back In Neverland:

You lay with Peter in his bed, with him stroking your hair ever so lightly, almost not even touching it.

“Wanna know something?”Peter asked.

“Of course Peter.” you smile turning your face to him.

“You’re the women of my dreams, you’re the one for me. I promise I’m going to become a better king for you, I’ll do anything for you”

You blush and just smile, Peter kisses you on your forehead, and you lay down with him on his bed for the rest of the night.

thomsfalsetto  asked:

Since we're all in a live rh mood: Top 6 Radiohead songs that they do best live!

oh man this is gonna be hard…

1. I gotta say Nude for #1 bc every time thom hits that note an angel grows its wings. They have p much perfected this song at this point

2. there there is so cool with the additional drums they kill it i am a changed woman now

3. Fake Plastic Trees, that crescendo at the end legit made me start crying so it needs to be up here. also everything is nailed.

4. Ful Stop is so fucking good live i cant explain it that song has an energy

5. Weird fishes, all bc of “EEEEEED” also the song annihilates me

6. Climbing up the walls live is just really cool, he doesnt always nail the vocals but bringing in the radio clips is my aesthetic 

thank u! (and i know they were also almost all performed tonight but these are my faves) 

Ok, but

Rose and Pearl fused into Rainbow Quartz.

But, the gems for Rainbow Quartz don’t really look like any ACTUAL Rainbow Quartzes.

Just look her gems.

Now, look at an actual Rainbow Quartz.

Mostly clear, and not nearly as pink as Rainbow Quart’z gems.

What am I getting at here, you ask? Well, to me, Rainbow Quartz’s gems look more like Rainbow Aura Quartz.

Still clear, but much more pink and yellow, as depicted on her gems. Another name for Rainbow Aura Quartz is Angel Aura Quartz.

Why am I pointing this out?

Look at my design for a fusion of Steven and Pearl (made before this episode, of course).


“Famous Heartbreaks” Justin Bieber imagine

anonymous asked: “Your both singers and have broken up and you perform a song and it’s about your relationship and get back together after the show??💟”

Warnings: heartbreak

Word Count: 908

Yes I did use Life Is Worth living lol I’m terrible at making up songs


2 months ago

“Justin, you always do this, you stay out until 2 am and come home drunk! I’m sick of it!” I shout, my voice going hoarse from all the screaming.

“Y/N I’m so sick of you always trying to control my life! How about you shut up for once, gosh why am I even with you?! You know what I’m done with you Y/N, get out of my house.” He hollers


“Just go…” His voice was much more calm and sensitive than it was before.

With that I packed all my things and left. My music equipment and everything, he really wanted me gone.


It’s been 2 months since Justin and I broke up, the first month I was a wreck. I didn’t eat for days and didn’t get out of bed until Ariana made me.

“Are you ready to go to the arena?” Chris, my manager smiles.

“Yep! Lets go!” I was mentally screaming, because to be honest, it wouldn’t be the same without Justin in the crowd cheering me on and spoiling me after every show. When we arrived at the arena, I see thousands of screaming fans outside with concert jitters. I notice some fans in the back of the venue waiting for me to come out of my tour bus, they looked about 15 or maybe 16, they were really pretty and I’m positive they’ll be meeting me again considering they have VIP necklaces on. I step out of the bus wanting to pass out from exhaustion, but I try to put on my best “I’m totally not tired AT ALL” face.

“OMG ASDFGHJKL ITS Y/N. YOU ARE MY MOTHER. LOVE ME I WANT TO LOVE YOU! GIVE ME YOUR FACE!” The first girl screeched. I don’t know what was more scarier, the fact that she actually said asdfghjkl or the fact she said to give her my face. The 3 girls huddled like a bunch of football players, probably telling one another to play it cool.

“oh my god Y/N I’m such a huge fan, I will forever ship you and Justin!” The 2nd girl said.

“Shut the fuck up, Emma, they broke up, remember? I’m pretty sure she doesn’t wanna here it.” The tallest girl nudged. Yeah because that really helps.  

I took a couple selfies with them and then walked backstage to the arena. I’ve never been this nervous to perform before. Maybe it’s because I’m singing a song that hasn’t even been released to the public yet, and it’s about Justin and I’s relationship, so I don’t know how that’ll go. It was finally time for me to go on after waiting hours and preparing for what’s about to happen. I heard one of my most recent songs boom in the arena along with thousands of screaming girls and guys, indicating that it was time for me to go on stage. My heel to my sexy leather knee high boots clicked on stage as I felt my heart race with anticipation.

“Hey my loves! Thank you for coming tonight! Are you guys ready!” My voice carried to the top of the arena. Everyone screamed.

“I can’t hear you guys! Are you ready!!??” Another roar of screams, this time louder. I knew they were ready. I played through all the songs that were on the set list, except for one, my “love” song.

“This next song is one I wrote about 2 months ago, that I haven’t released to anyone yet, but now you guys get to hear, enjoy..” I took the deepest breath I could as I strummed my guitar and sang the first verse of the song beautifully.

“Ended up on a crossroad

Try to figure out which way to go

It’s like your stuck on a treadmill running

In the same place.”

As I sang the through all of the hooks and chorus I was approaching the last words, I started to tear up, like really tear up.

“Life is worth living, oh yeah
Life is worth living, so live another day
The meaning of forgiveness
People make mistakes
Only God can judge me
Life is worth living again
Another day
Life is worth living again”

I sang the last part so angelically I even saw a few tears coming from the 2 rows in front. The crowd cheered and hollered until I walked off the stage. As soon as I went in my dressing room I slammed the door and started bawling my eyes out…until I heard a voice that was just to familiar to not forget. It was Justin.

“Wha-what are you doing here?” I sniffle, trying to look tough, but it doesn’t work.

“I was here the whole time, that last song you sang was beautiful, Y/N. Listen, I’m sorry for what happened 2 months ago, I fucked up big time, and I’m sorry. I never once stopped loving you. I wanna give this another tr-” I cut him off  by kissing him hard on the lips, he kisses back.

“Of course we can try again, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Harry Styles Imagine. #1 You Belong With Me /Part 3/

Okay so I am really sorry that it’s taken me so long to post part 3. I’ve had so many messages asking for it and I was supposed to post it on monday but I ended up in hospital..blah blah blah. Anyway, I am finally posting it and thank you all so much for being patient! 

/Part 1/
/Part 2/

Harry had kissed me, splurged some rubbish about his girlfriend and then left.
I stood up and I actually saw a glimmer of hope in his eyes, which made me feel terrible as I drew my curtains shut.


I walked down the hall the following monday, holding my books close to my chest. I couldn’t stop thinking about Harry. I felt like saturday was all just a dream. I’d wanted Harry to kiss me for so long and he finally had. But it was all wrong. He freaked out and that freaked me out.
I heard his familiar laugh down the hall and when I looked up, he was laughing with his friends.
He turned his head in my direction and his face fell as soon as he saw me.
I hung my head and headed into the library. Maybe I can lose myself in my studies for a little while. At least until my free period is over.
I made my way to the back of the library so I could sit alone and just as I found a seat and put my books on the table, I felt someone pull on my arm behind me.
I turned to find that I was being dragged into an aisle by Harry.
“Harry, let go” I whispered.
He pulled me all the way to the end of an aisle where we were out of sight and turned towards me, letting go of my arm “Y/N, please just listen to me” he pleaded “I am so sorry about saturday night, I didn’t mean for that to happen”.
I shrugged and avoided eye contact with him “It’s fine. I mean, I know you didn’t mean to kiss me”.
Harry shook his head, causing his beanie to fall down slightly and he straightened it before speaking “That’s not what I meant. I mean, I didn’t mean to just kiss you and then leave. I wanted to kiss you, I’ve wanted to kiss you for so long. But I’m not the kind of guy that cheats on girls. Annabeth may be a pain in my ass sometimes but it’s not fair for me to do that to her”.
I didn’t know what to say. I really don’t like Annabeth but I understand that he doesn’t want to hurt her. Harry is such a god guy, he has a heart of gold.
“I’m going to break up with her after the game tonight” he said quietly.
I looked up into his bright green eyes and I couldn’t read his expression.
“Why would you do that?” I frowned.
Harry smiled, revealing his little dimples “Because I like you, Y/N. I’ve always liked you but I didn’t think I’d ever have a chance with you”.
Was he being serious right now? He thought that he wouldn’t ever have a chance with me?! “Why would you think that?”.
He shrugged “I don’t know. You’re so beautiful and down to earth. And we grew up next to each other, I thought you just saw me as a family friend or something”.
My heart was pounding and my palms were sweating “So, you want to break up with Annabeth to..to be with me?”.
Harry smirked and brushed my hair out of the way of my glasses, he seems to be doing that a lot lately “That’s if you’ll have me”.
I felt a huge smile break across my face “Of course I will”.
“If I were single, I’d kiss you right now” he said in a soft tone.
“I’d kiss you back” I whispered.

I sat on the bleachers alone. I didn’t care. Harry had insisted that I watch the game and I happily said yes.
I was on cloud nine.
Harry Styles likes me. He’s going to break up with his girlfriend for me.
I felt a little bad about it but Annabeth would move on quickly, I had no doubt. She’s always flirting with his friends when he’s not looking.
Annabeth was stood at the bottom of the bleachers in her cheerleading outfit, laughing with all of her friends.
Suddenly, the speaker system made a loud whistling sound and everyone cringed as they covered their ears.
Both football teams were introduced one by one and I watched with a smile as Harry ran onto the field in his green uniform. He looked really good.
His team stood close to the cheerleaders and I watched as Annabeth walked over to Harry before whispering something in his ear and kissing his cheek.
It made my stomach turn.
Harry looked up at me when she walked away and smiled widely.
His smile was infectious and I waved slightly, aware that a couple of girls in front of me were giving me dirty looks.
“Harry is friends with her?” said one of the girls in a not so quiet voice.
I rolled my eyes. What are they, five?
The game started quickly and I cheered every time Harry caught the ball. He’s actually a really good player.
By half time, we were down by five points.
The school team, walked over to coach while he gave them a pep talk.
I watched as Harry walked toward Annabeth with a frown on his face. I followed his gaze and my mouth popped open as I saw Annabeth kissing Darren, Harry’s team mate.
“What’s up with this?” I saw Harry say.
I couldn’t make out what Annabeth said but it sounded like she said something about not being serious.
I shook my head. What a bitch.
Harry looked up at me and I gave him a sympathetic smile.
He smiled back warmly and went back to the game.

There was thirty seconds left on the clock and we were down by two points.
Everything seemed to happen in slow motion as Harry caught the ball and started running to touchdown.
The whole crowd was screaming and I jumped up excitedly.
Harry made it. He made the touchdown and everyone screamed louder than they had the whole game. We won.
Harry was picked up by his fellow team mates and he looked at me “That was for you! That one was for you!” he shouted.
I could feel everyone’s eyes on me but I didn’t care.
Harry was put down on his feet and he started running towards me across the field, pointing his finger at me with a huge smile on his face.
I was grinning from ear as I moved to the steps and started running down, to meet him.
We collided as soon as my feet touched the field and Harry pulled me into a bone crushing hug.
“That was for you, Y/N” he said again.
I laughed loudly and he pulled back to kiss me sweetly.
I didn’t care that everyone was watching. I didn’t care that this was the cheesiest thing I had ever experienced. All I cared about was Harry and the fact that I was finally in his arms.