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it's 1am and sterek is on my mind what's new

okay, but imagine that it’s canon that stiles’ dad dies. lydia reaches for stiles but stiles can’t even touch anyone without breaking. so for a whole month or two stiles stays at the mccall residence, where scott constantly is there for him. he watched star wars with stiles, makes sure stiles eats, etc. occasionally scott will try to bring stiles out of bed but it doesn’t work. then one day malia, stiles ex now girl best friend climbs into stiles’ window. furious he hasn’t talked to her. stiles breaks down, and malia just stays there with him for the night. they talk about how it used to be for them, and how although they loved each other like that it’s just not the same anymore. so now stiles crashes with malia in her apartment with peter. it’s high up and pretty fancy. stiles remains the same though, almost dead inside until malia releases a growl and hauls his ass up from bed. “that’s it, i know who you need to see.” she says. stiles yelps but allows malia to carry him down. lydia’s standing there, and as soon as stiles sees her lydia runs to him, crushing him. stiles cries on her shoulder, before attempting to speak. “shh, i know stiles, i know,” she silences him and smiles. stiles sighs, relief flooding through him since he didn’t have to say the words “i can’t be with you anymore,” out loud. so they break apart, and malia gives lydia a hug as well. a bone crushing one and stiles just looks at them and smiles before malia orders him into the car. malia doesn’t say where they’re going, and stiles becomes anxious. stiles falls asleep in the car, since apparently this was going to be a long drive. stiles wakes up, malia poking his chest. “in advance, i would like to say you’re welcome.” she helps stiles get out of the car, and stiles realizes they’re in mexico. the last time he was in mexico was when derek left the pack. stiles looks around to see a huge mansion in front of them. flowers cascade the entrance and there’s a fountain near by. stiles gets a deep feeling in the pit of his stomach as the door opens, revealing derek hale. malia releases stiles, or more so stiles escapes from malia’s grasp. and runs for derek. derek looks at him with wide eyes, frozen. and stiles crashes into derek, wrapping his arms around his shoulders and feels derek’s arms wrap around his waist. he breathes into derek’s shoulder, and only now realizes how much he’s missed him. stiles had always felt something for derek. it had not been a crush, or an annoyance, but a connection. “i missed you,” stiles lets out, his voice hoarse. derek only wraps his arms tighter around stiles and for the first time, he doesn’t cry. he only stays there, breathing in familiarity and although this feeling of complete and utter sadness remains at the thought of stiles’ father, stiles feels as if he can finally breathe from the new feeling of freshness. derek doesn’t tell him he’s sorry for his loss, like everyone else did. they didn’t know what it was like. stiles lost both of his parents, he was an orphan, but not really due to the fact that he was an adult of 19 years. instead, derek says he knows how it feels. he says what he felt, dealing with the death of his whole family and stiles is relived to find someone who understands it.

so stiles has his own room, his own bathroom, hell even his own kitchen in derek’s home. he’s lived there for about three months. three months of torture for derek trying to get stiles to go outside. three months of stiles only agreeing to go outside for a quick trip to stop & shop. three months of stiles and derek endlessly bantering. three months of stiles and derek stealing glances at one and another. three months of stiles growing red in the face whenever he wants to ask derek something but interrupts derek’s work out sessions instead, sweat gleaming off his chest and stiles breathing in and out trying to regulate his heart beat. derek notices but doesn’t ask, oblivious. three months of derek walking into stiles room asking him if he’s up for another trip to stop & shop and stiles walking out of the shower, a towel around his waist and a small line of hair running down his abdomen. derek clears his throat about three or four time while trying to ask stiles the question and when derek leaves stiles stifles a giggle, knowing derek can still hear him.

three months of stiles forcing derek to watch star wars, and derek getting mad when stiles keeps the bucket of popcorn away from him so he focuses on the movie. derek growls and reaches around stiles to get a handful. stiles laughs, claiming derek tickled him and derek actually does tickle him, both of them forgetting the movie. at the end stiles forces derek to keep his eyes on the screen but he doesn’t get up from derek’s lap, instead he sits next to derek, letting his legs bend over derek’s. eventually stiles is lulled to sleep, and his body flops down into derek’s lap. throughout the movie derek finds surprisingly interesting his hands work their way through stiles’ hair until he himself closes his eyes.

five months pass, and they both come home from another trip to stop & shop. stiles is arguing about a book derek recommended to him, saying that derek’s favorite character was obviously the villain in the story. the argument continues from the driveway, to the kitchen, up the stair case to stiles’ room. stiles knows derek’s winning, and he lets out a big breath of annoyance before running into derek’s arms, crushing his lips into derek’s. for a second derek is still, until that second passed and derek let’s out a sound of relief. their bodies are pressed close together, derek’s hands wrapping around stiles’ waist and stiles’ arms around derek’s neck. halfway into the kiss, stiles pulls away for air and derek brings his mouth to stiles’ neck. stiles moans, but the feeling or derek’s scruff on his neck tickles, and stiles is a giggling mess under derek’s mouth. derek growls but stiles can only squirm and laugh loudly until derek steps away and glares at him. stiles rolls his eyes, “don’t be such a sourwolf,” he says before grabbing derek by the shirt and pulling him in for kiss. both of them are tired after they make out for what seemed like an hour or two, and stiles mumbles something before resting his face against derek’s chest, and begins softly snoring. derek smiles at stiles’ words. “thank you, malia hale,” stiles had said. derek silently agrees before closing his eyes and wrapping his arms tighter around stiles’ waist.