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super massive richjake headcanon post

ok so basically this is gonna be a huge headcanon post about richjake that @richardgoranski and i made over the past like month (anything in bold is a direct quote from connor)

  • so back when chloe and jake are dating chloe is like ‘i think we should break up’ and jakes like um why and chloe is like well clearly youre in love with rich and also i like brooke
  • and jake is like um what i have no idea what youre talking about and chloe turns jake around to look at rich whos on the other side of the hallway/room and his breath hitches and chloe is like smh u Gayass
  • and so chloe is like jake just ask him out!! but jake keeps denying it like haha what im not in love with rich idk where youre getting this from until chloe just stands there and gives him A Look and jake is just like…..ok fine but what if he says no and chloe is like wtf youll be fine
  • so jake goes up to rich and is uncharacteristically nervous and red and he confesses to rich and asks him out and rich is like omg….and accepts and BOOM theyre dating 

under the cut are just some (lmao i mean A LOT) random headcanons that dont go in any particular order

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Dating Minghao (svt)would be like...
  • so this was a request for svt even tho i usually do bangtan scenarios but hey the t in svt stands for talent so why not
  • minghao is one half of the blessed china line 
  • junhui and jeonghan are my biases but thats not the point
  • minghao would have this really cold front to you before you started dating
  • he would never say he hated you but it felt like it 
  • but actually he was just shy and didnt want to make a bad impression 
  • fate worked its magic you two were a couple
  • in the first month or so, he’d be really scared of you or doing something wrong to screw it up and it’d be really obvious too
  • but after that he wakes you up at 3 am to complain about his members or smth
  • despite his cold aura he’d be the shyest baby 
  • if you pointed it out he’d turn it down so quick
  • he is thughao remember children
  • he would go from yelling at the members to hugging you in 0.0001 seconds
  • aggressive hugs
  • like yall would be in a grocery store and you would be lookin at the 100 types of beans and suddenly a giant puppy is hurdling you at 500 miles per hour
  • and then squishy hugs aw
  • he would give the squish hugs when hes overcome by how much he loves you
  • or when hes had a bad day
  • he’ll just drop his bag and w/o a word just pull you into a hug and sigh
  • if he cant be with you at the moment he’ll send you a text like ‘hey babe its weird not having your annoying presence next to me’
  • but you know its just him being like ‘i miss you pls come back’
  • sometimes if he wants something he’ll pull you into his side and pepper your face with kisses and say in this cute whiney voice ‘jagggiiiiyaaaaa’
  • he wouldnt call you jagiya that much actually
  • he would give you pet names like ‘snot face’ or ‘shampoo instructions’
  • this is cliche but roasting each other all the time
  • ALL
  • THE
  • TIME
  • svt really about to kick your asses to mars and back because yall would be chilling on the couch and suddenly minghao goes
  • ‘this selca you posted looks ugly’
  • and thus the war begins
  • but in all honestly he thinks you are the most beautiful thing on earth but he’d never say it
  • not if he knew you’d hear it
  • but he tells you if he thinks youve fallen asleep 
  • also he would do anything for you
  • in a subtle way
  • its not that he doesnt care or is this big mean cold guy who is actually a softie (lmao but he sorta is)
  • but hes just s u b t l e
  • he’ll give you gifts every now and then and its the same the other way around
  • its not even really gifts it more of just ‘hey i found this while shopping today you want it?’
  • also 
  • apart from the whole cheesiness aspect of it he doesnt need to boys screaming about how theyre gonna throw up bc cute or how they wish they had a gf
  • speaking of the boys and girlfriends
  • minghao would be so quick to shut them down if they showed any sign at all of wanting to date you
  • ‘y/n looked really nice today! you’re so lucky mingh-’
  • ‘yea thats true seokmin im the luckiest and im the only one for her and-’
  • yes hao we get it 
  • he would try to teach you some words in chinese but it’d go two ways
  • 1.) he tries to teach you some dirty words and tell you to say them to jun
  • or 2.) he tries to teach you and then just laughs at your attempts
  • unless youre fluent in chinese then you’ll insult each other in two languages :)
  • or dirty talk or something idk what do couples do
  • he wouldnt tell you he loved you often
  • it was more of an occasion thing but he’d make sure you knew you were loved and appreciated 
  • even while roasting you 
  • sorry roast made me think of a toaster 
  • my friend told me about this toaster vid where the toast flies out of the toaster and ok we’re getting off track ignore this
  • his kisses would be really loving tho 
  • soft bby
  • he’s only soft for you 
  • remember hes a man of subtlety 
  • if he gets days off he’d totally fly you two to some where and empty his account bc he’s gone alot and wants to spoil you
  • in those cases his subtlety flies out the window
  • just like the toast in the toaster
  • anything you do he’ll freak out inside and praise you but he’ll be like ‘nice job babe!’ on the outside
  • but you know he’s your personal hype man all you need to do is ask and maybe give him your best attempt at puppy eyes
  • yea basically he’d be a cute bby but also a cold baby who just loves you alot

A/N: i feel like i did terrible im sorry @jungkxmh i love you -peanut 

callout for opal/@kalantosa

this has been a long, long time coming… twitter and tumblr user @kalantosa has been making my life hell for the past year along with some other individuals, and im really tired of being scared. im going to share my experiences here and show you how abusive they are. please, keep in mind that I have a bad memory so not everything here will be 100% pieced together but i’ll try my best.

(trigger warnings for abuse, transmisogyny, ableism, suicide baiting and tons of other bad shit)

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