i made this as a facebook cover photo

I made the emblem watch photo edit my cover photo on facebook and now friends are asking me fe stuff. Not overwatch. FIRE EMBLEM. I’ve become a fire emblem consultant and have provided suggestions on what fe games to play when I haven’t even played half of them.

the signs as things ive done while manic/depressed
  • aries: (while manic) facebook messaged my first ever boyfriend who i havent seen since ninth grade and told him his cover photo was stupid
  • taurus: (while depressed) holed myself up in my room for four days watching "how to get away with murder"
  • gemini: (while manic) climbed off the side of the escalators in a shopping mall rather than waiting for them to roll to the bottom
  • cancer: (while depressed) went to a school field trip, but by the time i got there i got too sad to actually go in, so i made a friend sit with me the entire time on the bus in the parking lot while i cried and all of our classmates had fun inside
  • leo: (while manic) performed at a poetry slam on a whim and got first place
  • virgo: (while manic) slammed three mountain dew energy drinks at 11 pm to finish an essay and ended up painting all over my body and not finishing the essay
  • libra: (while in a mixed episode) made plans with friends but was too depressed to text them and say i couldnt come, so i just hid my phone somewhere and sat down naked on the ground in my bedroom for the entire night
  • scorpio: (while manic) laid down face down on my bed and lit several boxes worth of matches on fire
  • sagittarius: (while depressed) got drunk on angry orchard and vodka and rode on my friend's stationary bicycle all night long singing ice ice baby to myself until i passed out
  • capricorn: (while manic) very loudly laughed at my keynote speaker's speech during my graduation ceremony
  • aquarius: (while depressed) sat on my kitchen floor for an hour and ate an entire gallon of chocolate ice cream out of the carton while dissociating and listening to green day
  • pisces: (while depressed) tried to learn how to make a flower crown to cheer myself up and had a meltdown when it didn't work out
Polka Faces

Sometime when you don’t get what you want from Facebook, try Instagram. 

So, I was scrolling through my Instagram when I came across an experiment by a wonderful Roxer Artist, none other then Ms. Maew.

Let me share her experiment:

It’s pretty funny, and it successfully made me laugh a little too. I’m sure Maew herself was laughing while doing this experiment. Marie’s face is from the “Have a Nice Day” cover. 

The moment I saw this photo, I was reminded of something which I absolutely don’t like - A song which is not the best of songs out there in my taste, “Loyal” by Chris Brown.

I’ll tell you why was I reminded me of that song. Let me share the single cover here, which Google successfully searched for me in less then a second:

So, now I’m sure you know why I was reminded of this song. 

It’s so much like this. A total coincidence with a white back ground. Haha! Thanks for sharing this Maew, you’re equally brilliant with the computers.

Anyway, Monday awaits. Have a beautiful week everyone. 

Love and Peace

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I thought about putting the ace flag on mine. But I chickened out and put the standard pride colors. I doubt anyone would know what it meant anyway.

A friend inspired me actually. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise bc I feel you, it’s super scary putting it out there like that. But like you say, odds are most people won’t know what it means. The ones who do are likely to be supportive so I’m not too worried but it is nerve wracking. ._.

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*heart eyes*

I aim to please ;)  You’ve amassed quite a collection for yourself by now I think :3 Lucky you. I trust you take good care of em haha


June is still a month away but I’m already in the spirit of pride month.

Due to the large success of my asexual pride flags and Facebook cover photos, I made some more! Here is bisexual, pansexual, transgender and gay pride flags and cover photos. Want me to make a glitter pride flag? Message me! I’m thinking of an ally flag, an equal rights (the equal sign on red), and aromantic next. But if you want a flag and you’re going to use it, drop me a suggestion!


                                         Tumblrettes Club Collection

Well this was ment to be a scrapbook style photo album so excuse how the format is. I made this for the Tumblretts club on cocoppa and tumblr. This was pretty fun to make so i’ll probaly be doing these album type of things in the future for other clubs and a colection of shows. I may puting this on facebook depending on if I’m  to alowed to put this on the cocoppa FB page. Sorry about the spelling mistakes and other mistakes it’s kind of my first time doing this.The name might be changed if the members of the club decide to want to change it.

Photo 1 /cover page:

The left is COCOPPAMARIA tumblretts Leader, cocoppa username:                 ♡ maria ♡

Top right is MY-LITTLE-NIGHTMARESHY the Sub-leader, cocoppa username:NightmareShy

Bottom left is COCOPPAPUFF Sub-leader, cocoppa username: Nikography

Photo 2

Top right : COCOPPAY Cocoppa username: Autumn Elise

Top left: COCOPPA-VODDYCocoppa username: Voddy

Bottom left: COCOPPA-MELLOWCocoppa username: ଘMello♥

Bottom right: PINKCOCOBUNNYCocoppa username: ✩ Bunny ✩

Photo 3

Top right: YOUANDTHERESTOFTHEWORLD Cocoppa username: Champagne 💫

Top left: SAMANTHA-PPA Cocoppa username: Samgirly

Bottom left: LADY-LIANA Cocoppa username: Lady Lian

Bottom right: FULLMETAL-AEGYO Cocoppa username: Fullmetal Aegyo❣

Photo 4

Top left: COCOPPA-HIMITSU Cocoppa username: (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)وHiMiTsu ❤

Top right: COCOPPACRAZE Cocoppa username: Great❀Cthulhu🐙

Bottom right: MARSI-PLAYS Cocoppa username: Marseille

Bottom middle: KAWAII-PPA Cocoppa username: ♔Akira♔

Bottom left: COCOPPASOULBROKER Cocoppa username: Hexenjäger ʕ•͡-•ʔ

Photo 5

Top right: COCOPPA-CUREBUNNY Cocoppa username: cυreвυnny~❁

Top left: ELISECREEK Cocoppa username: 🐙Tsu🐙// sorry your emojis aren’t showing up🐙

Bottom left: SHIA Cocoppa username: S h i a ❣ 伊凛

Bottom right: ARISA Cocoppa username: ARISA

Quite proud of this~~

Oh im Lady Elizabeth on cocoppa I’m apart of Star Elite


Photo eding app: PhotoGrid

Ending picture: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fliegender/293340835/in/set-72157603742477041