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Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Smut

Summary:  Bucky leaving the room to take care of his situation again. After watching you, again.

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Another closed mission sent the team to a dive bar one Friday after deciding to cheat themselves with a drink. Drinking. It was a novelty to half of them but Y/N had put it in her head that they could feign normality for one night - and no one bothered negotiating with her anymore.

Uncomfortably packed into a booth, Bucky noticed her cheeks were already flushed from drinking as she returned from the bar.

“An old fashioned for my old fashioned,” she beamed handing Bucky one of two whiskeys before climbing over his lap to retreat to her spot.

It was a single step, just one, but Bucky held his breath for the moment, looking anywhere else. 

This always happened when they shared a room. His gaze would find her, then he’d catch himself staring, try to fixate on something else, but then he would find her again. And so, it had begun.

They were thigh to thigh and his skin was alight, he tried to recentre his thoughts, distract himself from her. He focussed on savouring the taste of each sip letting it swim in his mouth for a second before each gulp. He had remembered something about how repeating an action is a good relaxer.

He thought he was managing until he felt a hand hold down a bouncing leg. 

“What’s up Buck?” Y/N’s warm eyes met his through thick lashes. While the alcohol left his bloodstream quicker than the length of his lingering stare, he was nonetheless intoxicated, his blood still rushing. 

After a notable gulp on his part he breathed out a “fine”.

“Buck if you want to go it’s okay, I’m just happy you came at all.” She was right. It was hardest for him to say “no” to her. When someone as pure as Y/N asked something of you, saying no made him feel like the bad guy. And he was sick of being the bad guy. 

“No it’s okay, you’re right I need to start coming out more.“ He said, eyes darting to her hand still rested on his thigh, before catching Steve reaching for a mic.

“Besides,” Bucky chucked in a smile, “Steve’s about to make it worth while.”

Steve had taken the stage with Natasha for her slurred rendition of Livin’ on a Prayer. Y/N’s hearty laugh reverberated through the bar as she leaned into him. It was infectious and he knew he should be looking at the show rather than her smile but he indulged himself.

She had her bottom lip between her teeth as she smiled till her eyes closed. Her fringe fell covering her eyes, but not before Bucky spotted the creases that formed by her eyes. Creases that only materialised on the rarest of occasions.

“I can’t help myself,” Y/N said - ironic thought Bucky - at last she pulled her hand away from his burning legs. She walked her way to the stage and for the first time that night he let his gaze drop, taking in how her jeans hugged her curves - something he rightly banned a long ago.

But then she turned (his eyes shooting up in time) to be met with a mischievous grin.  

“No,” he said. It was a stern no, one that would shut down the efforts of anyone else but she was unfazed.

“Bucky, let’s do Controlla. I know you know the song, I’ve heard you in the gym and the shower. You’re a closet Drake fan, it’s cute. Please, let’s give them a show.”

He choked. Oh he wanted to give them a show, he’d thought of them putting on a show more times than he can recall. He drowned in thoughts of her moving, dancing, swaying her hips but alone, and just for him. 

He shook his head again.

“Bucky, please,” she whined, “what do I have to do to get you up there? Get on my knees?”

To her that was innocent. She didn’t know that his stomach flipped at the meagre thought of her on her knees, begging. Yep, that could get him doing things. Nights spent thinking about this ended in one way for him and he knew he couldn’t risk getting any more worked up.

“Doll don’t push it, this is more than enough trying for one night,” he said.

“’Trying,’ wow. Here I thought you were actually enjoying yourself,” she said dryly. Now it was her turn to shake her head turning back for the stage as guilt spilled through him.

If mere proximity got him feeling this much desire he knew this was the right thing to do. 

The opening of Controlla sounded and his smirk was unmissed by Y/N. She began singing. 

How many more days could I wait?
I made plans with you
And I won’t let ‘em fall through

She was singing to him and she was a natural - no surprises there. She shadow boxed mimicking Bucky’s humbling late-night workouts where for a second he would catch himself dancing alone in the gym. 

She beckoned him one last time and another rejection left her ignoring him. Her eyes closed as she continued:

Okay, you like it, when I get
Aggressive, tell you to
Go slower, go faster
Like controlla, controlla, yeah

He was losing it. His bouncing leg was the least of his worries now. Y/N’s tipsy state was showing in her confidence, she was typically confident but not this.. suggestive. 

Her hands travelled across her body dancing her way off the stage to the rest of the team who were now relaying the chorus back to her. 

Steve grabbed her by the hand dancing for a few seconds before they fell into each other laughing. His hands found her waist and her free hand was placed flat on his chest.

And Bucky had seen enough. Half angry and half in love, he got up and walked away. 

The trip home didn’t help calm him down. He couldn’t dismiss her touch, her whiskey breath and her flushed face which often made an appearance in his dreams. 

Finally back in his room and already in a sweat he shut he door, letting his head fall against it for a moment before sitting on the edge of his bed.

It didn’t take long before his mind wandered. He decided there was truth to her words and that she would like it if he got aggressive. He admitted defeat releasing himself from the strain of his jeans.

He imagined the arch in her back while he’d take her from behind, conjuring the sounds that would escape her lips.

He pumped himself wondering if it was for him, if anything was reciprocated or if it was standard. His muffled groans filled the room recalling her dancing figure. She didn’t play fair in a low cut cami with a pink lacey bra playing peek a boo with him.

On the edge, his head fell back and a forbidden groan escaped. Fuck he wanted her and he didn’t know what to do with himself.

Craving -- Billy Hargrove

Written By: Anonymous submit.

Request: None.

Summary: You are a shy girl with no social life until you get invited to a party. At the party you meet Billy and things get heated up between you two.

Warnings: SMUT!!! (16+). Cursing.

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x fem!reader

Word Count: 3350

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Okay but if the first scene of vld season five isn’t lance running right into keith to give him a tight ass hug surprising him and everyone and says something between the lines of “I get bored way too easily without you around to make fun of, mullet” then what’s the point

Querencia [ Part 4 ]

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🌸 Pairing: Jungkook x reader (y/n)

🌸 Author’s Note:  Man, I lost sleep for a few days; it’s giving me a headache. Good news: I finally have time to do what I like to do: writing and making content.

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“Are you sure this is a good idea? I don’t want you to get in trouble…”

“Relax y/n, I’ve done this multiple times and I was fine the next day.”

“…Today would be a good day to counter that statement.”

“Don’t jinx it then and stop worrying. C’mon, it’s just around the corner.”

The skies were painted with the sunset hues of pinks, blues, and lavender as Jungkook led the way through the streets of Seoul. Everywhere I looked, it was filled with people either rushing to go home after a day’s work or with students finding places to recover from school. The weather was just right; not too hot and not too cold.

It was honestly a perfect afternoon if not for the fact that it worried me so much that we went out without his manager. He at least had his usual disguise on but let’s be real: when did it ever actually work?

“…You’re frowning again, y/n. You’re gonna get wrinkles early if you keep that up.”

“I wouldn’t be getting wrinkles soon if you just told your manager beforehand what we’re up to.”

“We’re not gonna do something stupid. Have a little faith in me.”

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Bad Habit 5- Guardian Devil [Billy Russo x Reader]

A.N: I hope you all know how happy you made me with your amazing support, people!

Special thanks go to: @hxbbit @littlexredxriddinghood @badkamelia @completeshippertrash @theskytraveler @badwolfsupernova @dyingformyships @hyperella @asongofmarvelanddc @ninjathrowingstork @onyour-right @hightechvigilantes @just-another-potterhead @the-doctor-9-10 @itsjustmylifeconfessions @221bbakerstreettardis @glassteethclan @kissmyjasdaddy @sleepyyweepy @thesandbeneathmytoes @mightymelly @xsarahlouisex @anolympianhero sylviebret @x-ximenas @sabertooth-potato @shesaworkoffiction @lostkizzy  @timeless-flogging @vixsyncynco   @fictionalthrill  @megame  and lovely anons! Without your amazing feedback, I don’t think I’d ever be able to write this chapter, love you

Characters: Billy Russo x Reader, Karen Page, Frank Castle, Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson, Claire Temple

Summary: Some gifts are better than others.

Click here for: Bad Habit 1, Bad Habit 2, Bad Habit 3  Bad Habit 4

Click here to see the playlist for the first 4 parts! 

Warning: Explicit language, cussing.

Word Count: 3569

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You whistled a tone as you pulled your hoodie over your head carefully, and opened the door to take a step outside, but stopped dead on your tracks when the men in front of your door turned to you, back straight in a complete soldier posture.


You gawked at them, trying to convince yourself that this was actually happening.

“At ease,” You joked, but neither of them smiled so you ended up looking sort of like an amateur soldier cosplayer and cleared your throat.

“Do you guys want breakfast?” You asked them “I’m gonna get myself a bagel and coffee, you want some?”

“No thank you Ma’am.”

“You guys know you don’t have to-“ You waved a hand between them, “I didn’t introduce myself. I’m Y/N, and you?”



“Nice to meet you. So now that we know each other’s names, you can stop calling me Ma’am.”

Isaac smiled a little but Simon remained stone faced, so you heaved a sigh and grabbed your keys from the small bowl, and closed the door behind you, but as soon as you took a step towards the stairs, so did they, so you turned around on your heels.

“Um, what are you doing?”

“Coming with you, ma’am.”

“Bagel shop is literally down the street and it’s 9 in the morning. I think I’ll be safe.”

“Mr Russo said we are not to leave you alone.” Isaac explained and you frowned.

“Wait, whole day?”


“I have stuff to do today.” You said dumbly, “Don’t you- don’t you guys have stuff to do? Shouldn’t you go to work?”

“We’re already at work, ma’am.” Simon said patiently and you shut your eyes for a second.

“Jesus Christ, what is my life turning into?” You muttered to yourself and opened your eyes, “Alright then. I guess we’re going to bagel shop.”

It was indeed weird because you had no idea how to act when two bodyguards were following your every move, but they didn’t seem to find it strange at all, which sort of made sense, since it was their job. Still, you wondered what Billy had told them, seeing that these men was used to protecting really important people, so you turned to Isaac while waiting for your bagel.

“So your boss.” You told him, catching him off guard. “What did he tell you?”

“That we’re not to leave you alone, ma’am.”

“Yeah, what else?”

He shrugged slightly, as if he didn’t understand what you were talking about so you changed your approach.

“Is he a good boss or is he an asshole?” You asked, “My boss is sort of an asshole to be honest. His mom owns the café, so he thinks he gets to be horrible.”

Isaac looked like he wanted to say something sympathetic but changed his mind when he saw the way Simon was looking at him, so you rolled your eyes.

“Blink twice if they’re keeping you here by force.”

“I’m happy with my job ma’am. Mr Russo is the best employer I’ve had so far.”

“Really? Dude, everyone hates their boss.”

“Not us.”

You shrugged slightly, then took your order from the cashier with a thank you, grabbed your receipt and walked out of the shop with them following you. Simon’s phone rang and he took it to his ear.

“Mr Russo?”

You shot Isaac a smile, “Does he do this a lot?”

“Do what a lot?”

“Does he send you to protect-“ You paused as the fact that you didn’t know what you were to Billy dawned on you for the first time, so you cleared your throat, “To protect the people he knows?”

“It’s the first time ma’am.”

“Would you tell me if it wasn’t?”

Isaac shook his head, making you scoff, but before you could say anything Simon approached you.

“Ma’am. Mr Russo.”

You took the phone from him and smiled slightly as you took it to your ear,

“You have some loyal guys, you know that?”

“Yeah? How so?”

“I’ve been trying to find out how horrible of a boss you are, but they’re just praising you. What sort of brainwashing technique do you use?”

“Or maybe I’m just a good boss.”

“Nah, all bosses are assholes as a principle.”

You heard his chuckle, “Stop trying to turn my men against me, Y/N.” he chastised lightly “How do you feel?”

“Better, now that I’m getting myself breakfast. How about you? Did you take care of the thing you were supposed to take care of?”

“Yeah.” He said, “Hey, you’re not working today, right?”

You thought about it for a second, “Well no. I’m supposed to drop by the hospital to get the stab wound checked, but I’m not gonna do that-“

“Why not?”

“Hospital? In this economy? I’ll just wait for my death, thank you.” You shrugged, “Also Karen needs to see me, she says she’s worried and she bought me a get well soon balloon early today, so I gotta go see it before it deflates.”

There was a silence from the other line before you heard him clearing his throat, as if trying not to laugh,

“Wow, you’ve got your priorities straight.”

“Damn right, when was the last time someone bought you a balloon?” You told him, “Why did you ask?”

“I was wondering if you could drop by today.”

“To Anvil?”

“Yeah. I have a surprise for you.”

That made you stop dead on your tracks, “A surprise?”


“What-What is it?”

“You’ll see it when you come here. I don’t know if it’ll be able to beat a balloon though, so…”

You found yourself smiling wide and of course, your lip started bleeding. You wiped it with the back of your hand, heaving a sigh.


“Just tell Isaac and Simon to bring you here, they will.”

“Which metro stop should I-“

“They have a car, Y/N.”

You made a face, “Of course,” you muttered, still pressing on your lip to stop the bleeding “Billy?”


“Can you tell them to stop calling me ma’am?” You whispered into the phone, “It’s so weird, I feel like my mom.”

Billy scoffed, “Sure.”

“You’re not gonna do it, are you?”

“Nope. Consider it payback for the coat and suit comments.”

You rolled your eyes and handed the phone to Simon, then got into the apartment and climbed the stairs. You unlocked your door, chewing on your bagel and put the coffee to the kitchen counter, then walked to your room and grabbed two shirts from your drawer, looking between them before opening the front door again.

“Isaac!” You whispered while Simon kept talking on the phone, “What color does your boss like?”

He frowned slightly and you held up the shirts.

“Does he like green or blue?”

“I- I don’t know ma’am.”

“Okay, which one is better?”

He looked completely clueless, “I-um…” he pointed at the shirt clumsily, “Green?”

You shrugged and closed the door again, then quickly got dressed and walked to the bathroom. You tried to fix your hair in a way that would hide the stitches on your forehead but soon you realized it was futile, so you just brushed your hair, put on some make up avoiding your stitches and split lip, and took a look at yourself in the mirror.

You at least looked presentable.

Presentable with finger shaped bruises on your neck.

You sprayed some perfume and fixed your hair again but this time it fell over your shoulders, partly hiding your neck.

Oh well. If you couldn’t look good, at least you’d smell good.

You quickly prepared coffee and spilled it into two thermoses, put them into your, got into your worn out boots with great difficulty thanks to the bandage on your stomach and the wound that hurt with your every move, but in the end you were victorious, so you got out of the house and closed the door behind you.

“So um- is it okay if you take me to Anvil?” You asked while locking your door and Simon nodded,

“Of course ma’am.” He said, “After you.”

You went downstairs with a sigh, shaking your head slightly and when they guided you to the car, you paused.

“Did I just wake up in Narnia: Sopranos edition?” You asked Isaac as you gawked at the black, bulletproof jeep. Simon opened the door for you and you climbed into the car to slip a little on leather seats, but then managed to find your balance when they started the car. You looked out of the window, half expecting to wake up anytime soon in your shitty apartment for the whole road, but it didn’t happen, so when they pulled over in front of a big building you had already given up on pinching yourself. Soon enough, Isaac opened your door.

“We’re here ma’am.” He helped you out, and you let out a whistle as you looked up at the building. The security seemed as tight as you could ever see anywhere, but they didn’t stop you, instead, after taking one look at Isaac and Simon, they let you inside without giving you so much as a glance.

You followed Simon and Isaac to the huge elevator, and they pressed the button after scanning their ID cards, making the elevator move. The soothing music reached your ears, but it did nothing to ease your heart that was slamming against your ribcage. This whole thing had started to seem more and more like a Fifty Shades trailer, and you were pretty sure you weren’t dressed up for the part.

Now to think of it, you really needed to shop for underwear.

You fanned yourself with your hand as the elevator opened with a small ding, and you stepped out of it to walk into a hall.

“Tracy.” Simon nodded at the beautiful secretary and she smiled at you,

“Mr Russo is waiting for you.”

I really should’ve watched more than just the trailer.

“That was not a part of the deal.” Billy’s voice was like a whip as Tracy opened the door. “I don’t care, if you-“ his head snapped up as he saw you walk inside and you shifted your weight, leaning your back against the closed door,  “No, Morty, you-“ He let out a furious breath as the guy on the other line cut him off again, “We’re going to talk about this later. Calm the fuck down.” He hung up and stood up, smiling at you slightly,

“Bad timing?” You asked, “I could come later?”

He waved a hand dismissively, “Just…work. And assholes.”

“Everything okay?” You asked even if you knew there was no way he would ever tell you what the problem was. Not only was it probably top secret –he had explained as much as he could on your date about his business with the military and government- there was also the fact that army wasn’t something you were an expert about.

He nodded and walked to you as you pushed yourself off the wooden door, holding the straps of your bag tightly before he pressed a small kiss to your lips gently, careful with the small wound and you felt your stomach doing a flip.

“Hi.” He whispered against your lips and you smiled softly.

“Hey.” You whispered back, looking up at his dark eyes before looking around the room, then walking past him.

“Nice place.” You commented, digging into your bag, then pulling out one of the thermoses, then tossed it to him, and he caught it in mid-air without any difficulties.

“Have a good fucking day, Mr.Tease.”

“Jesus, you’re an angel.” He opened the cap and took a sip, closing his eyes and savoring the taste, which made a completely irrelevant image of him closing his eyes in pleasure flash through your mind and you shook your head slightly, trying to focus. You sipped from your thermos, leaning back against his desk.

“No zen sand garden?”

“How cliché do you think I am?”

“You don’t wanna know the answer to that.” You grinned, “Is it safe to lean against the desk or would I get STDs?”

“Oh, that cliché.” He nodded slightly, “Nah you’re safe, they clean it every day.”

You made a face and sipped your coffee, “Touche.”

“How’s the pain?”

“It’s…there.” You shrugged, “I guess expectable. Painkillers help, though- Not important, now about that surprise…”

His lips pulled into a small smile, “Impatient, aren’t we?”

“Once I trashed my parents’ house trying to find Christmas gifts. They thought a storm hit the house.”

“My friend had the same story, only it was his kitten and there were treats.”

You tried not to smile, “I have two comebacks, pick a number.”


“Oh wow, you have friends?”  

He sipped his coffee calmly, “You’re lucky you brought me coffee.” He stated, “What was two?”

“I didn’t know you were into that.” You said innocently, ignoring the flash of mischievous light crossing his eyes “Surprise, Russo!”

He licked his lips, watching you bounce on the balls of your feet excitedly, then nodded at the desk and you turned your head to see the black wooden box lying on the desk.

“This one?”

“Mm hm.”

You turned around, pulled the heavy box closer to yourself, and opened it, then froze as you stared at it for a couple of seconds.

So this is how people feel when their pets bring dead animals to their doorsteps as a sign of affection.

“This- um…” You cleared your throat, “This is a gun.”


“Oh.” You reached out to pull it out of the box, the heavy object feeling was foreign to your hand, “I-I don’t know how to use a gun.”

“I know. I figured I could teach you.”

“Teach me?” You repeated, “I’m- I’m not really a gun person.”

“You gotta be, if people walk around attacking you.”

That made you pause and you licked your lips, then turned to him, “I can’t accept it if it’s expensive, and something tells me it’s really expensive.”

He rolled his eyes at that, then motioned at you to come over,

“Come on.”

“Where are we going?”

“First lesson.” He said as he walked out of the office and you gawked at him, then grabbed the bullets and the magazine and rushed after him to catch up with his long steps.


“Yeah, why not?”

“Aren’t- aren’t you busy? Don’t you have actual soldiers to train or whatever it is you do around here?”

“I like my soldiers pretty.” He shot you a charming smile that made you go weak at your knees and you followed him downstairs.

“I’m actually a pretty peaceful person-”

“I’ve never seen you in a state of peace.” He answered as he opened a door to lead you into a shooting range. It looked exactly like you had seen in the movies, everything from the paper targets to earmuffs. You looked at the shadow silhouettes on the paper as Billy took off his jacket, then rolled up his sleeves, making a spark of electricity run through your spine. He seemed oblivious to the sudden attack of your hormones, then turned to you,


Oh you were ready alright.

Billy handed you a pair of over-head earmuffs “It’s gonna be loud.”

“So I just point and shoot?”

“Something like that,” he smirked at you as he loaded the magazine into the gun, then motioned at you to put the earmuffs on. You did as he said, and he pointed the gun at one of the paper targets, then fired the gun, and that was when you understood what he had meant by loud. You noticed that he had hit the figure right on the forehead and you tentatively took the gun from him, as he fixed your posture.

“You need to focus on the target,” he said, moving your earmuff just a little so that you could hear him, then went behind you to help you hold the gun straight. Feeling his body against yours, his arms around yours made focusing way harder and you felt your breathing getting caught in your throat. You swallowed loudly and he fixed your earmuffs, then pulled the trigger with you.

The gun kicked a little, catching you off guard but his grip around your hands –and the gun- was more than strong enough to keep it under control, and the bullet went through the figure’s chest. Your jaw dropped and you let out a surprised breath as Billy pulled his hand back, letting you take aim.

Which you thought you did, until you felt his hands running down your back. You giggled, moving ever so slightly and tilted your head a little to see the target better, but then felt his warm hands sneaking under your shirt to your stomach while he buried his nose into your neck, taking a deep breath.

Well, the perfume did work after all.

“Behave,” You said with a smile on your face, “I’m holding a gun.”

“It’s really important to not get distracted,” he muttered to your ear, then pressed a kiss to the soft skin of your neck, just above the bruises. You closed your eyes in the bliss as the sparks flew through your veins like a wire, making you lose yourself, feeling the soft scratch of his scruff against your neck.

And just like that, you were on fire.

You could hardly feel him pulling the gun out of your hand gently, and placing it on the counter before turning you to him, and you stood on your tiptoes as he pressed your body against his, pulling you into a kiss. His fingers ran through your hair, pulling at the roots a little and a small moan escaped from your lips as you rested your hand on his rock hard chest, feeling his heartbeat under your hand, but then you both snapped out of it as you felt the vibration in your pocket. You pulled back slightly, breathing hard.

“Fuck- sorry…” You mumbled as he licked his lips, his dark eyes roaming your face and you tried to fix your breathing before answering the phone with shaky hands.


“Hey, where are you? I’m waiting for you.” Karen’s voice reached you and you shut your eyes, now realizing the time.


“You forgot.”

“No no, I just-“ You cleared your throat, “I had…um, I had this thing. I’m- I can explain, so sorry.”

“No problem, you okay? You sound out of breath.”

You cleared your throat again, “Mm hm. Yeah- peachy. I’m- I’m on my way, see you.” You hung up, still trying to catch your breath and Billy tried to pull himself together.


You nodded, “I- you made me forget.” Your accusation left your lips in a soft tone, making him smile.

“I’m selfish,” he shrugged and you put your phone back into your pocket.

“I gotta go.”

He still looked a little out of it, but nodded and distracted himself by getting busy with the gun for a second, then handed it to you.

“There. Safety on.”

“Thanks.” You  put the gun into your bag, then stood on your tiptoes and kissed his cheek, your face still burning.

“See you later.” You said, and walked out of the range. Isaac and Simon were already waiting for you at the exit and you tried to make yourself look presentable, fixing your hair and pressing your hands to your cheeks before walking out of the building.

“No way.”

“Yes way.” You nodded as Karen leaned back in her chair, a smile playing on her lips.

“I can’t decide if it’s creepy or romantic.”

“That’s like the story of my life lately.” You said, drumming your fingertips on the heart shaped balloon, “But I mean…Karen, he’s-“ You licked your lips, “I feel like I’m gonna pass out. Like every time I’m around him. The guy has that affect.”

“That’s always good.”

“Is it though?” You asked her “I-I don’t know, it’s like… If I get a heart attack-“ You were cut off when someone knocked on Karen’s door.

“Come in.”

“Hey.” Her boss smiled at you shortly, “I sent you a piece, can you write something short? Everyone else is outside chasing a story.”

Karen nodded, “Sure.” She said as he closed the door behind him, and typed in something, looking at the screen.

“Jesus, someone wanted this guy dead.”

You frowned slightly, “Why?”

“Multiple stab wounds.”

You made a face, “Speaking from experience, it hurts like a bitch,” you said, approaching her “Let me see the poor-“ you stopped talking as soon as you saw the picture and you held your breath, covering your mouth.


“What?” she turned her glances from the screen to you, “I know, brutal-“

“This- this is the guy.” You pointed at the screen, your heartbeat getting faster as you looked at the picture, “The guy who attacked me.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, I- I remember.” You swallowed loudly, the panic filling your system just by seeing his photograph and Karen gritted her teeth.

“Can’t say I’m very upset about it then.” She muttered, skimming the lines “He was found dead, doesn’t say who killed him.” She stole a look at you, “Hey, maybe you have a guardian angel.”

You stared at the screen for a couple of seconds, then nodded slowly.

“Yeah,” you muttered, “That, or a guardian devil.”

Cancelled Plans

Dean Winchester x Reader

1000 Words

Story Summary: Driving through a huge storm, you get Dean to pull over at the next hotel where you are snowed in. 

Written for Katy’s Christmas Drabbles. Requested by @dixonsvixon2017. Requested Dean and Snowed In. 

“Dean, I think we should pull over.” You insisted for what had to be the fifth time. The snow was coming down harder than ever, and the Impala’s ancient windshield wipers couldn’t keep up.

“But the bunker’s only another hour away.” He argued, his eyes never leaving the road as he struggled to keep the Impala on the road.

“Dean, we can’t make it another hour. The weather is horrible!” You insisted, just as neon lights flashed through the snow. “Look, maybe there’s a place there.”

Sighing, Dean carefully turned the Impala, as you tried to make out the sign. “Evan’s country cabins.”

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random-weird-person  asked:

Did Tony go to elf college? Did he and Rhodes like human disguise and go to MIT? Is Peter a thing here?

(I kinda answered this already but the human disguise made me giggle.)

“So how did no one know that there was an elf at MIT?” Steve asks, and Rhodey puts his head in his hands and sighs. “He always wore a hat.” Steve and Bucky stare at him. It couldn’t have possibly been that simple.

“You don’t understand,” Rhodey says desperately. “When I was his roommate, until I burst in on him and surprised him, he slept in that hat.” Steve and Bucky gape at him in horror. Rhodey looks like he’s about to cry. “And it didn’t even seem that abnormal because it was college. Don’t you see? College is the perfect place for non-humans to hide. Tony told me I made out with a mermaid and I still can’t tell if he’s fucking with me.”

(Tony’s not fucking with him. The mermaid transferred at the end of the semester for a college closer to the sea.)

Idk what I’m doing with Peter yet tbh so I’m just gonna… *sets that question aside for later*

anonymous asked:

Serious question: how was life before you came out to everyone? I’ve been following you since 4eva (ily and I can’t escape this app what can I say) and I remember you coming out like your first year in college. How was it before that? Did you come out all at once or tell a few people along the way? How did the ppl closest to you take it? Did you end up losing anyone you loved because of your sexuality? I’m thinking of coming out soon, and there are just so many things that could happen I’m 😩

In general, life before coming out was actually pretty good. Aside from how much I struggled with being closeted highschool was really enjoyable.

I didn’t tell a single person before college which i regret, and if i could do it over i would’ve come out to everyone, but hey, theres no point in dwelling on the past

Everyone I told was actually extremely supportive. I started off by personally telling a few people who were close to me then i just made a post on insta. I actually got a huggge flood of comments & texts from people I went to highschool with showing me support. One guy who even kinda bullied me throughout my childhood-highschool texted me and apologized and wished me all the best which was surprising but really nice. 

But I know exactly how you feel. When I was closeted I had so much anxiety about the thought of coming out and felt so trapped and every homophobic comment, no matter how little, that people around me said was just another nail on my closet door. But coming out was the most liberating thing I’ve done in my life and even if I did lose relationships in the process, I think the feeling of being able to live my life unapologetic of who I am would outweigh it. 

I really hope this was helpful, and if you ever want more advice my ask/messages are always open :)

Wanna One Mafia Reaction: When their fiancee runs away

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Yoon Jisung

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It didn’t take him long to get you back and he made sure to do it himself.

“I guess I will have to do some convincing tonight, so you wouldn’t want to try something like this again.”

Ha Sungwoon

Originally posted by joker283

As soon as he was told that you managed to escape, he sent his men after you and hours later you were by his side again.

“Now sweetheart, what do I do with you?”

Hwang Minhyun

Originally posted by fatenumberfor

Even though his bodyguards were with you at all times, to his surprise, you outsmarted not only them but him as well.

“Can’t you idiots do at least one thing right? Get her back now.”

Ong Seongwoo

You made the mistake of sharing your plan with one of your ‘friends’ but honestly, you never expected that everyone will be so loyal to him.

“Babe, I thought I told you many times now, we’re engaged. You can’t leave.”

Kim Jaehwan

Originally posted by kimsjaehwan

He looked calm but in reality he was boiling with anger. He couldn’t believe you would dare do something like this.

“Just you wait for what will happen when I get you back…”

Kang Daniel

He had eyes all over the country and it was easy for him to find you, even when you hid in another city. Little did you know that the hotel belonged to him as well.

“Baby, it’s not how this works. You can’t get away that easily.”

Park Jihoon

He couldn’t even sleep until he found you and boy you should be happy it didn’t take him that long.

“First thing first, we need to set some new rules…”

Park Woojin

Originally posted by pupwoojin

Betrayal. That’s all he felt and he’s not going to let this go unnoticed.

“I need to see her. Now,” he ordered his men.

Meeting Your Parents!- Mark Lee

Originally posted by leechaniebb

Request: Mark meeting the parents for the first time? Could you like do the bullet points one (it’s my fav akakak)

A/n: took a lot in me not to title this as meeting the ‘rents, I just find that title funnier.


  • Damn I love mark so much
  • he’s grown so much musically
  • I’m just in awe at what he’s really capable of
  • I can’t even imagine how he’ll wow us next year

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Mark Is Acting Weird: Epilogue

Author’s note: Finally We reached the epilogue. Thanks for sticking around for the series! Sorry for any errors.

Word Count: 1627


Originally posted by marksonislovely

It was a relatively quiet night at the dorm. This was one of the few moments where they all had a chance to rest and be lazy. Mark took this chance to hide away in his room and forget the pressures of the idol life.

At the moment, Mark was laying on his bed listening to music. All was fine and dandy until a particular song came on. He thought he deleted it, but apparently he hadn’t. The song was y/n’s favorite song, one that she blasted over and over in the car. Before it could even get to the chorus, his mind was flooded with memories of y/n. Sure it had been at least a year and a half since they broke up, but he realized he still really missed her. Work had always been his best distraction, but right now was one of the few times that his mind refused to stop thinking about her. It was hard to erase their two years together and once more he was beating himself up for ruining it all.

Not wanting to dwell on his fuck up, Mark got himself out of bed and made his way to the kitchen. Food was going to be his distraction tonight.

He walked down the hall, hearing the familiar voices of his band mates coming from the kitchen.

“I’m excited to meet him!” He could hear Yugyeom’s voice. “I’ve only ever seen her boyfriend in the pictures she posted.”

Immediately Mark stopped in his tracks.

“I haven’t met him in person yet. But from what y/n’s told me alot about him, he doesn’t sound bad. Who was the one that met him already?” Bambam asked the group.

“I did.” Jb answered. “He’s pretty cool.”

“Not cooler than me though!” Jackson beamed. “I can’t believe she was able to move on from me.” he said with a dramatic sigh.

Then Youngjae’s laugh filled the room. “Shut up! You guys went on one date and then agreed that it was weird.”

“Um, excuse me! Haven’t you heard the saying “Once you go Jackson there… there ain’t no backin’!” Since we didn’t work out, she is just settling for the next best thing.” he said with a joking tone.

“Ok, one - you literally made that up right now.” Jinyoung groaned. “Two - I met him too and he’s way cooler than you.”

Mark made his steps as quiet as possible as he went closer and closer to their voices. A part of him wasn’t too surprised to hear that y/n was in a relationship, while the other half of him couldn’t help but continue to eavesdrop to hear what else he can learn about y/n. The idea of her in relationship was a concept  he couldn’t  grasp. It still felt as if just the other day he and y/n were cuddled on the couch, but now she was going to introduce her boyfriend to the guys.

Jackson let out a loud laugh. “I find that hard to believe! You’re so boring, everyone is cool compared to you.”

Jinyoung ignored Jackson’s comment and put his attention to Bambam. “Bambam, what time did she wants us to be there?”

“At 7”

“Ya!” Jb let out. “It’s 7:15! Guys, lets go, she’s probably already waiting.”

At his order, Mark heard the stampede of foot steps head out the door and soon the dorm was silent.

With the others gone, he shuffled into the kitchen. He was beginning to find himself saddened by the fact that everyone was seemed to move on except for him. Yeah, he went on a few dates here and there, but he didn’t find the connection he had with y/n. Y/n seemed fine without him and the guys no longer seemed to make the connection between him and y/n anymore, they all seemed to forget they met y/n through him. The last bit of information that one of them ever told him about her was Jackson, letting him know they went on a date, but it didn’t work out because he hung over their heads.

From what he was able to over hear, y/n was happy now… but that wasn’t good enough for him, he needed to know more. Before he knew it, he had his phone out. He was ready to search her name on every form of social media. Last time, he attempted to do this, she had blocked him on everything. Chances were he was still blocked, but it didn’t hurt to try. 

He typed her name and surprisingly enough, he wasn’t blocked anymore. He didn’t know how it was possible, but he didn’t question it. Right away his thumb rolled over the screen and he skimmed through her whole feed.

Y/n’s profile was filled with posts; her account was alive. When he and y/n were together, she rarely ever posted anything. It was all in attempts to keep the relationship a secret. They didn’t want to take the risk of fans somehow making connections between the two of them. Now however, she posted about anything and almost everything.There were tons of pictures too, all of them filled with her beautiful smile. Her most recent pictures were filled with her “new boyfriend”. The new guy was a handsome guy, he hated to admit. There was a bittersweet feeling as he looked through all their pictures. Y/n was so happy, he hadn’t seen that from her in a while. He noticed that in most of the pictures, they were doing poses she would always beg him to do with her.Back then, he would always turn her down. In his mind, he felt if she liked a picture, she might be tempted to post it and risk exposing them and putting herself in the crossfire of crazy fans. The last thing he wanted was to put her through that, so he always played it safe.

It hurt him seeing her so happy with someone that wasn’t him. He always saw himself as the person to be there for her, make her happy, give her the life she deserved, but he wasn’t and he hated himself for it.

“She’s happy.” he whimpered to himself. “She’s happy, that’s what matters.”  he repeated it over and over  in attempts to convince himself to let her go.

Suddenly he heard the door bell. He jumped up and quickly blinked his eyes to clear his vision. “Who the heck would be here?” he asked himself. It didn’t make sense for anyone to ring the door bell, all the guys had their keys, heck even their parents had keys to the dorm.

He opened the door, seeing someone he didn’t think would ever come near the dorm. She stood in the hall, her small smile fading as she laid eyes on him. “Y/n?” She looked as beautiful as ever, so dolled up in her skirt, pretty coat and a face full of makeup. This was the opposite of how she would dress when they would go out. The go-to outfit when together was to dress as plain as possible to avoid being noticed.

“…Oh hey Mark…” she peeped

“Hey” he tried to smile, but he was so in shock to see her, his face probably wasn’t doing what his mind was telling it to do. “H-how’ve you been?”

“…good.” She avoided him eyes. “Are any of the guys here?” she asked, looking past him and into the dorm.

“Uh, no, they just left a few minutes ago.”

“Dammit! I should have known better than to text bambam last minute.” she mumbled to herself as she clenched the bundle of enveloped in her hands out of frustration.

“Ha, yeah, you should have texted Yugyeom at least.” he let out an awkward chuckle. He said anything to come off as normal. “We both know Bambam always ignores his texts.”

However, she didn’t even smile. “Well, i’m gonna give one of them a call… Bye”

“Wait!” his small voice was enough to keep her from walking away. “Uh… “ he pointed to the envelopes in her hand. “Were you gonna drop those off? I can give those to Bambam.” he played stupid and pretended to not know that she was originally going to meet the guys.

“Oh… nah. I was gonna give it to the guys, but they aren’t here so i’ll do it some other time.

“I - I can do it. It’s no problem.” he did want he could just to be able to see her a bit longer. “Even I don’t know when they’ll be back, so… I can do it if you want.”

She took a minute to think about his offer. “…ok, but only because i have a few other things to do and my boy- my ride is waiting for me and i know you guys are busy so i don’t know when i can see them.” she said it as if she was convincing herself to do it. she then very hesitantly handed him the envelopes.

He look down at them. There were six thick, gold envelopes, with the borders of them textured with an elaborate flower pattern. “Um, so what are these for anyway?” he couldn’t help but ask. 

Her eyes shifted before she replied. “They are just invitations.”

“For? Uh, you know, if you don’t mind me asking…”

“My wedding”


“Yeah” she said it as if he shouldn’t have been so surprised.

“Oh… Well congratulations.” again he tried to give a genuine smile and hide that fact that his whole body wanted to melt to the floor, but he wasn’t sure if his body was listening to his brain.

“Thanks. Bye” she said as she quickly trurned away and walked down the hall.

She moved away from his so fast, he didn’t have a chance to say bye back. He watched her go down the hall until she disappeared into the elevator. “Bye… I love you.” he mumbled.

-Admin Boat


the series read as follows:

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It was the blow-out birthday party to end all blow-out birthday parties.

Charlie was turning 30 … Dave 35 … Joanna 34 … Matt 11.

There were people everywhere, every corner of the yard, every square inch of grass, every atom of space filled with humans of all shapes, sizes and ages. Mulder had already saved two children from running headlong into the grill and stationed himself accordingly in order to rescue more if need be. He recognized approximately 25 of them but the other 1000 were a mystery to him, Scully having disappeared into the house on some kind of cooking duty, leaving him to navigate a crowd of strangers by himself.

Hence the grill stationing.

But then a thing happened.

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[I was surprised that the Rio Grande made it through all seven seasons, right to the last episode. That is one sturdy (or, more likely, lucky) ship. You remember how it was the first few seasons with runabouts being destroyed every other episode, but the Rio Grande was the ship Sisko and Dax were in when the discovered the wormhole, and it brought Sisko to Bajor to confront Dukat one last time.]

• 50k + Followers •

This is such a sweet surprise! I honestly never intended to gain a large number of followers on this Tumblr. I just made it out of pure fun and appreciation. But it’s truly awesome that you guys have been inspired by this visual collection just as much as I am!

This is just a lil something I would like to share with you guys: A few months back I messaged faronmckenzie on how lovely their Tumblr is. Go check them out, if you haven’t already. The person who runs this account replied back with this:

I am merely a vessel reflecting what you want to see so I am grateful for your presence here too, as it is a reflection of what I want to see.”

Ever since I read this, it completely resonated with me. I have received some beautiful messages from followers who explained how thankful and inspired they were by my Tumblr. And although it’s just a simple curated Tumblr; I am still beyond grateful because it is truly a pure reflection between all of us, from me to you and from you to me.

I hope this Tumblr will continue to inspire many more people. And I hope it can grow into something bigger, possibly a blog! I have a few ideas up my sleeve, so in due time, things shall flourish :)

Ultimately, I hope everyone continues to manifest a space that resonates within you. Remember: It all begins within. Let your true essence shine through. There’s no need to seek, because it already is, as it is. Thank you all for your presence.

Sending love and light to all


“I let it go. It’s like swimming against the current. It exhausts you. After a while, whoever you are, you just have to let go, and the river brings you hOMe.”

~Joanne Harris, Five Quarters of the Orange

anonymous asked:

I followed you 3 years ago. And although your blog doesn't active in some other months but I still keep you in my following list. Sometimes think about your silent blog, I just think that you're a real person, who's living in this real life and have a lot of things to handle like everybody else. And when you start again your blog on September and up to now...you totally make me happy. I know that there are many people feel happy the same to me... Thank you so so much. Keep going&Merry Christmas!

Oh my God… You have no idea how much this means to me! Really! I made this blog one very hot and very sunny afternoon in June… It was just like that. Just for fun. And now you are all to me! I am so thankful! Thank you for being with me for so long! I hope you stay with me for longer cause I am sure the future will be great and full with surprises! Just know reading this right now that you made me happy! And you matter! Thank you for this! I am sending you all my love! Happy holidays to you and your family! Be blessed! Love you xoxo


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3- Alec Martinez & Adrian Kempe

Description: Your boyfriend Alec goes through your phone and finds out you think Adrian is hot. What you weren’t expecting was for him to bring Adrian over for a threesome.

Warnings: SMUT, cursing, threesome

Word Count: 1,448

Requested?: Requested by @penaltyboximagines! Sorry it took so long, love!

Author’s Note: Clearly I’ve never had a threesome before lmao. Hope it’s not too horrible to read. Leave me suggestions and feedback babes!!

The recent deal you made with Alec was well intentioned. You both have accused each other of cheating in past arguments (even though neither of you meant it one bit), so it just made sense to have every device unlocked at all times. The only exception to the rule is when there was a special occasion coming up and the other was buying a surprise present.

 It shouldn’t have shocked you that he went through your phone while you were sleeping. It did shock you, however, when you awoke to him and his teammate Adrian standing over your shared bed, watching you.

2 weeks prior: 

✨Bestie✨: Holy shit did you just see that?!?!

You: Yeah dude I’m here at the game! Adrian with his first fucking hat trick!

✨Bestie✨: Yo tbh he could get it any day💦

You: I know right, hot af. I always have to stop myself from staring when I’m in the locker room

✨Bestie✨: Next time get a pic damn. I bet he’s bomb in bed😂

You: Ugh don’t make me think about that😲

You thought to delete it after the game, but when it was over you completely forgot about it. You text your best friend every day and usually don’t delete their texts, ever. So now you’re here, staring up at a giggling pair of men in your bedroom.

“Ummm…hi? What’s going on?” you asked groggily, sitting up in bed.

“Well, y/n, I saw the texts you sent to y/b/f/n, and I thought we could have some fun with Adrian,” Alec smirked at you.

“It’s okay, sweetheart, all the guys’ girlfriends want me,” Adrian laughs and gets a punch in the side from Alec.

“We’ll only do this if you’re 100% okay with it. And if not I’ll kick this kid out and we can just do it ourselves,” he winks.

“Okay wait a minute. You saw my texts saying that I thought Adrian was attractive and your first thought was to bring him here for a threesome?” you looked between the two of them, their grins fading while they stutter to find an answer. You get up on your knees at the end of the bed to kiss Alec, “Babe, you know me so well.” His eyes perk up and he brings you in for a more heated kiss, pushing his tongue into your mouth while his hands roam your ass. All of the sudden he drops the kiss and nods his head towards Adrian and you smirk, climbing over to him and kissing his neck just below his ear, making him gasp. You can’t help but giggle considering how cocky he was being just a minute ago. You can feel him tensing under your touch so you whisper in his ear, “Relax yourself, babe. It’s okay,” and he nods, releasing all the tension in his shoulders.

You move your hand over to Alec’s and pull him onto the bed with you, Adrian soon following. Both pairs of hands are suddenly on your body, Alec’s on your chest and Adrian’s on your ass, eliciting a loud moan from your throat. Alec reaches his hands down to the hem of your shirt and easily pulls it off of you, goose bumps raising on your bare skin. Adrian’s breath is hot behind you, mouth exploring your neck as Alec focuses on your nipples, pinching and tweaking them all while watching your face with a smug look on his face. You notice how cocky he’s getting so you turn around to face Adrian and grab his cock, hardening quickly under your touch as he bites his lip.

Alec always likes to think he’s in control of every situation, and tonight you’re here to prove that you’re the queen. You roll Adrian over and straddle him, hips grinding down on him harshly as your lips find his neck and cover it in love bites. Alec notices your slight glances over at him and props himself up on his knees and delivers a hard smack to your left ass cheek. You moan into Adrian’s neck, feeling his cock twitch underneath you. Alec nods towards him and he nods back, flipping you over onto your back and dragging you to the edge of the bed.

“We’re here to please you, baby girl. Not the other way around,” Adrian whispers as his fingers pull your shorts down along with your panties. Your breathing starts getting heavier, eyes looking between the two men about to destroy you. Adrian gets on his knees on the floor and starts kissing up your thighs, leaving a wet trail all the way up to your clit. He takes his time getting there so you move your fingers to pleasure yourself when Alec suddenly catches your hand in his.

“Nuh uh, none of that, princess. You get to wait,” he croons as he makes his way to your lips, kissing and sucking on them roughly. As soon as you melt into his kiss, Adrian’s tongue dives into your pussy, making you moan into Alec’s mouth. His tongue comes back up to your clit, making slow circles around it before roughly sucking on it and pulling off with a pop. His continues his assault on you; hot tongue lapping at your clit while Alec holds your wrists together on the bed with one hand while he palms himself through his pants with the other hand. Adrian’s tongue is all you can think of -your legs are shaking and your heart is racing, orgasm nearing when he pulls off of you with a smirk. Alec lets go of your wrists and gives Adrian a coy smile.

“Can we show Adrian the good girl that you are, y/n?” he coos and pulls you onto your knees on the bed and you nod furiously. Alec goes in your side drawer and pulls out a condom to hand to Adrian. As he puts it on, he strips his clothing and you can’t help but lick your lips with hunger.

“You don’t look so bad yourself, y/n,” he says when he notices you staring and you break out in a blush. You look back up to Alec who is also naked and smirk, knowing he’s yours all of the time.

“Now, princess, you’re gonna let Adrian fuck you from behind while you blow me, okay?” his demeanor changed in an instant, going dark with lust.

“Y-yes,” you stutter out.

“Sorry, yes, what?”

“Yes, sir,” you whisper and you hear Adrian grunt behind you. He climbs behind you and slowly pushes his cock into you. Different than Alec’s but still so good. He gives you a second to adjust to him, moaning at how you feel wrapped around him. As soon as you’re comfortable, he starts thrusting in and out of you at a quick pace making you whine out. Alec pulls your chin upwards to look at him and guide your mouth towards his cock, you practically salivating at the sight.

You take Alec in your mouth, hollowing out your cheeks right away making him shiver. Adrian keeps up his quick pace behind you, hand reaching around to rub circles on your clit. His thick cock hits your g spot repeatedly, other hand gripped hard on your waist. He suddenly changes angles and has you moaning around Alec, making him grip your hair in a ball, fucking your face until his cock hits the back of your throat. Adrian leans in close to you, slowing before he reaches your ear.

“You feel so fucking good, babe. Why hasn’t Alec shared you with me before?” he kisses down your back and starts pounding into you even faster than before. His thick cock is hitting every right spot inside your throbbing pussy. The rhythm of Adrian’s thrusting is making you gag on Alec’s cock, tears streaming down your face as your orgasm is coming up quickly.

“I’m cumming, babe,” Alec pants out and you take him as deep as you can, swallowing all of his warmth. He pulls out of you and wipes the corner of your mouth just as soon as Adrian pulls you back on him with both hands on your hips. The intensity of his cock has you seeing stars; you’re a moaning mess as your orgasm hits you all at once, pussy clenching around him as he fastens his pace. He moans your name in your ear as he slows and finishes into the condom. All three of you collapse onto your king sized bed, gasping and panting.

There were a few moments of silence before you spoke up, “We are doing that again,” you stated matter-of-factly and they both just laughed and cuddled into you. 

BTS reaction: A boy asking them out

Anonym requested:  Could you possibly do their reaction to you being a boy and asking them out? Thank you so much


He wouldn’t be surprised, but still be honored. You already were a special person to Jin, so now that you cleared your relationship status, he can openly brag about being yours.

I’m worldwide handsome after all“, he’d state confident.

Originally posted by jjks


You know that moment when someone shows you a side of them they normally don’t openly show ?  It just makes you fall in love more with them. One of those moments was right after you confessed and asked Yoongi out. His expression made it clear that you have a soft spot in his heart.

Let’s give it a try“, he’d sigh out defeated before giving you a soft smile.

Originally posted by sugagifs


He wouldn’t believe you. Out of all people you could have fallen in love with, you fell for him. He wouldn’t worry about the relationship in general, but whether he’d be able to make you happy. After having a deep conversation, he’d give in.  

Ahh, you’re my boyfrind now~ I can’t believe it“, he’d try to process the news.

Originally posted by jaayhope


He realized your change in behaviour around him but didn’t know why, so he blamed himself for it. When you finally explained what was on your mind he’d sigh in relief, content that the reationship between the two of you isn’t awkward anymore. Now that his main worry is gone, the fact that you’re asking him out doesn’t seem like a big problem and chances are high that he’ll accept.

Let’s take things slowly“, he’d suggest, looking forward to every second you’re gonna spend together.

Originally posted by kthspjm


A blushing and flustured Chimchim was a sight that made your heart melt. He has recently been thinking about how much he trusts you and likes your companion, resutling in him slowly and secretly developing strong feelings for you. He most likely wouldn’t have told you that though, as he didn’t want to ruin your friendship.

I want to go out with you“, he’d shily utter, thankful that you were brave enough to take the first step.

Originally posted by nevermindmyg


To him, your relationship always felt like a romantic one rather than a platonic one, even though neither of the two of you voiced that. Things were never awkward between the two of you though, but as soon as you asked him to be you boyfriend you saw how relieved he was.

Sure“, he’d beam like a child on christmas.

Originally posted by taecupwithsuga


Well, do you want to go out with me ?“, he’d ask you back cockily, causing you to be as surprised as he was just a second ago. After giving him the answer you expected him to give you, the two of you went on your first date.

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TFW you preview your latest YYH graphics edit draft and then somehow it looks like the landing page of an official YYH site XD.

It looks so cool it kinda wows me away.

Would anyone like it if I made a desktop background for y’all out of it?

xpytrov  asked:

Do you think GRRM overdid it with making Pycelle so fawning and incompetent (and later so utterly flummoxed by Cersei). I struggle to bring to mind the examples of whatever made him an effective Grand Maester. Doesn't this mean he has to have / maintain at least some endorsement from Old Town? His passivity during Cersei's Feast-long freefall is particularly surprising.

Pycelle was Tywin’s crony, full stop…but I don’t think that would be a dealbreaker for the “grey sheep” who run the Citadel. Tywin’s a wealthy, powerful man who doesn’t appear to have ever acted contrary to the Citadel’s interests. Moreover, as someone who never displayed any interest in magic, Tywin would’ve been a useful ally in the days when King Aerys was empowering the pyromancers. As for Cersei, Pycelle protested when he could in AFFC, but more crucially was there to take over when she inevitably went down. Ultimately, the grey sheep aren’t interested in a worthy ruler in King’s Landing so much as a predictable one who won’t screw with their interests, and by taking over the government after Cersei was arrested and then turning it over to Kevan, Pycelle fulfilled that role. It’s the same reason Bowen Marsh backed Janos Slynt for Lord Commander: don’t rock Tywin’s boat. Of course, as I’ve been ramblin’ on Twitter of late, the whole point of AFFC is that Tywin was as mortal as anyone else.

Chapter 246-247 review

Ok so I’ve just read the new chapters, and these ones…man they were good. Took my by surprise too. But Nakaba made a masterpiece with some of the panels, so I thought on showing my favorites of them!

Ok so Zeldris. Just fuckin look at my blog and you’ll know I fuckin love him. JUST LOOK. That chair looks sooo comfy! And the way he sits on it…oh mama mia!

Now this bastard is back. “Baby I’m back”

My personal opinion on esta? Fuckin bitch leave Ellizabeth alone. Mel has lived 3000 years for her! Go away!!!SHOOO


Who does not love Zeldris smashed down on the floor? Maybe he got grounded( hehe) . But it’s so well drawn!!!!!

Zel shut up your in love with a vampire. Sure u got some love bites from those fangs right? No but serious, love his face expressions these chapters.

Wow, mel actually didn’t use his power. Like the magic. Just calmly held him in a lockmode. Aww big bro holdin little bro. Cute.



But since the chapter’s out, I’m not putting this on spoiler. If anyone’s offended, just tell me okay?