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Not sure why I'm requesting angst but can you do something for the OT3 with #26? (I will regret this in the morning when I'm thinking straight again!)

Val, I’m sorry this took a million years. And also that it sucks.

It started earlier that day in the cafeteria. Nancy had already ran off to class, while Steve and Jonathan slowly cleared their trays and made their way out. Past a familiar redhead who turned her head when she saw them and smirked. “Oh, Steve, are you a fag now too?”

Neither boy responded, just kept walking, but the silence between them was no longer comfortable.

It bothered Steve, because he hadn’t yet learned to not care. (But he already didn’t care about Nicole or the other wastoids; he just didn’t know what to think of himself. Sitting with his parents a few years ago, watching the nightly news, the new mysterious disease, his dad saying, “Good, maybe that’ll wipe them all out.” A memory he couldn’t shake.)

It bothered Jonathan because it clearly bothered Steve. (It was the word that dug into Jonathan, not the connotation. He knew he was different. But that word…it highlighted the ugliness in the world, he heard it in his father’s drawl. The word smelled like stale beer and felt like broken glass.)

And it was still bothering them at 8:30 that night, as they sat with Nancy in her living room, studying (or at least trying to). Her parents were out, Mike in the basement, Holly already put to bed. Nancy kept glancing at the boys, and could easily guess that something had happened. Neither seemed to be concentrating on his work. She was about to ask what was wrong when Jonathan stood up.

“I should go.”

“What?” Nancy asked, head cocked quizzically. Steve merely flicked his eyes up to him.

“I shouldn’t…be here. This..” He waved his hand, unsure of what to say. But Nancy knew what he meant, of course she knew.

“Wait, are you like, leaving?” All three knew what she meant by that, could hear the unsaid “us.”

“You guys deserve more. You were already perfect.” He rubbed his neck, unsure of how to say more.

Steve jumped up. “No, I should go.”

“What??” Nancy asked, whipping her head to look at him.

“I’m the one who doesn’t belong here. You two belong together. Everything you went through-”

Jonathan cut him off. “You went through stuff too.”

Steve sighed and looked at the floor. “But you guys know who you are and what you want and I…” He trailed off, thinking and I’m not sure. He shook his head. “I’ll go.”

“No, I’ll go.”

“No-” Jonathan interrupted him, grabbing his arm, memories of fist against face, memories of touches and smiles and singing at the top of their lungs in the car. They stood staring at each other, heavy breaths and trembling hands and wide eyes.

Nancy softly walked up to stand beside them. She clutched at their jackets and whispered, “Please stay. I love you.”

It wasn’t clear which one she was talking to but it didn’t matter because she loved them both. They didn’t answer but she knew they loved her too. And she knew deep down they loved each other. That was okay with her; they’d work up to that.

They stayed. They always stayed. 

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Wear the clothes you want to wear now!!!!! Do it!!!! I made the same mistake, waiting till i was thin, waiting till my skin was perfect, waiting till my hair was long, waiting waiting waiting and i've honestly regretted this more than anything. Dont postpone your life because of things like this!

I feel like if I do that now I won’t be happy and feel discouraged to wear them bc I’ll feel too big in them :(


“you win if there’s a change in hyungsik’s face” ; part.1 ailee vers.
{ivy vers.}

Day Eighty-One

-A pair of jocks came through my lane, eager to make their purchases of Yu-Gi-Oh decks. I can only hope that this was in preparation for a niche offshoot of chess boxing.

-A girl handed her grandmother a five-dollar bill to purchase something for her. After the purchase was made, the girl demanded her money back, as since the item was now bought, the grandmother has no need for it anymore. This has been the ultimate hustle and I am grateful to have been taking notes.

-After I asked a woman a question, she immediately became defensive. I am not sure if I went too far and overstepped the acceptable boundaries of cashier conversation. She stood there, suspicious wondering how I could ask such a question. I stood there, scanning, regretting asking how she was.

-A man called the store to ask permission to ride his hoverboard. He was denied, but I expect the kind of man who wishes to ride a hoverboard to do his shopping is not the kind of man to take no for an answer.

-A kid warned his mother not to eat her credit card. I did not see anything to cause this concern, but I trust he knows her better than I do.

-I was told by an elderly woman that she wished card readers would forcefully physically eject the cards onto the floor once they were done. I will now be paying a visit to the patent office.

-A college-aged man explained to me that the boxers he was purchasing were for emergencies. I understand him and appreciate his foresight.

-A woman’s shirt read “DICKS: Last Resort.” I cannot determine whether she is an overt abstinence-only Christian or an overt bisexual with a preference. Either way, I want this shirt.

-A sheriff came into the store with a serious look on his face. I was immediately filled with existential terror, anxiety, and nervous gas despite having never committed a crime in my life and also being white.

-Four college boys stumbled through my lane post-blaze. I know this as in the middle of his purchase, one stopped, blinked fervently, and loudly announced, “I just realized that there are four of us here!” They all laughed. One suggested investing in stocks. He handed me all of the cash in his wallet.

We had fun right? I mean I laughed every day with, or at you and I know you did the same. We would spend our days apart but messages from you made me feel less alone. 

You kept it light hearted, almost as if you knew that I needed the break from my own thoughts. Our ending wasn’t your finest hour, although maybe it was who you were but I was having such a good time that I let myself suppress caution.

You are a possessive person, I know this now. But what I should have told you from the start is that I was never yours to possess. 

Sometimes I miss the conversations we used to have. Sometimes I miss how you only knew me on the surface, how I didn’t have to explain why you don’t have to worry about me. 

Cutting contact from you was hard, because you had become a constant. But it was the right thing to do, before it was taken to a place where I couldn’t look back on our time together and smile despite the ending.

—  To a former flame, I am not sorry that we burnt out. Although, sometimes I wish I had of watched us burn a little longer.

Okay here it goes,
First off it took some digging to find the first photo but thats me some years ago compared to me now. I just want to say how happy I am that I’ve come so far since coming out. I used to try so hard to fit in with what a girl was “supposed” to be. I tried to embrace my body and accentuate my female aspects but that just made me feel more and more dysphoric. Things have been hard since coming out but I don’t regret it at all. I have a long longggg ways ahead of me with transition but I’m hopeful that I’ll get through it and everything will work out. I couldn’t be more thankful for the people around me who have helped me and supported me through this, this includes my siblings, friends, and so many of you on tumblr.
Im working on bettering myself and being happy & I’m glad I’ve made it this far.

My heart is a bar and you tend to it. Or you don’t, but you might have if I let you. My heart is in a bar and you left yours there too for a while. Yesterday, I woke up from a nap to a world without you in it. I thought it was a joke, but there was very little setup. Man walks into a bar, stays for eight years, dies in his sleep at thirty-seven. I’m never going to get the punchline, but I keep trying to. Once, you made me throw up Fireball whisky on my birthday. Once, you sobbed on my shoulder and I didn’t tell you to move. Once, I wrote a poem about kissing you and wishing it was someone else. I don’t have a working list of things I regret, but I think I’m going to. My heart is a bar and someone else works there now. My heart is in a bar that feels like someone else’s home when I walk into it. If I never go back there, does it mean everything’s okay? Does it mean you’re still waiting for me to agree to that date? Does it mean nothing changes if I stop looking back at it? Will you still save me a seat?

Damian Wayne grows up and follows in his father’s footsteps, adopting strays and orphans at an alarming rate.

And feels fucking awful about every “blood son” or “blood is thicker than water” comment he ever made to his siblings.

It’s all behind them and he isn’t going to dredge it up now, but once in a while - maybe on Gotcha days, or when his kids’ classmates make insensitive comments about adoption and hurt their feelings - he feels that ghost of remembered shame that makes your stomach drop even years after the fact.

Living with Regrets

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Preview: A decision made in a moment of passion has lead to a series of events that neither Jensen nor Y/N could have predicted. Years of hurt and regret lie between them. Now with the truth about Becca lying in the balance, they have to decide if that night just one small part of what they have, or if it is something they will regret for the rest of their lives.

A/N: It started as a drabble. Then it turned into a one shot and now I got an outline for a 10 part series. I am kinda excited about this one. Thanks to the ever amazing @blacktithe7 for being my advisor and beta on this one. And thanks to her and @torn-and-frayed for pushing me into finally writing for Jensen. 

Status: COMPLETED - Read drabble series NO REGRETS

Beautiful Additional Cover Art made by @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester

Amazing trailer for my series made by @mysupernaturalfics


Part 1 - Living with Regrets

Part 2 - Haunting Me 

Part 3: Broken Hearts 

Part 4: The Way We Were

Part 5: The Calm in My Storm

Part 6: We’re Family 

Part 7: Lost Girl 

Part 8: Facing The Past 

Part 9: Savior 

Part 10 - A New Life

Happy birthday to Frisk!!! January 7th, the day this blog started along with my beloved Underfell comic!!! I hope the ending of this comic comes some day [maybe I can finish it for 2020 ahaha what]

It has been a great experience, for me and for my art. I am so glad I started this project. I made a lot of friends, my drawings got better and better, and I just dont regret anything <3 It has been a lovely year and I hope I can have anothr year just like this one or even better!!!

Thank you guys, thank you for supporting me and for liking what I do, it really means a lot <3 There’s almost 21,000 of you now, my dear followers… and I can’t express my gratitude enough. Thank you for being there <3 You’re awesome!!

This drawing also comes with speedpaints!!

Lineart - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30uUUDhfUyk
Color - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6H4gK8oqA8&feature=youtu.be

BNHA 119

Do you know the feeling that something is not right or that something really bad will happen?

This chapter was basically this to me: Something will happen and its not good

Ah, I loved how much Midoriya grow up and is more mature, but what I’m talking about it isnt about that. 

In the first page the narrator is the future Midoriya 

“Looking back, my thought process was distorted.”

To me this phrase is basically “I made a bad choice”

And in the end he complements saying…

“And surprisingly, it had never occurred to me… Exactly how much I had been able to traing and polish my body up to now.”

In another word Midoriya didnt know what type of consequences his actions could do.

And to me, the narrator is telling everything with a tone of regret.

It’s just my impression and feelings maybe the things will end well but right now I dont think so~ 

Timing is irrelevant when two people are meant for each other. It’s what I once believed.

But we met during a time when I was such a mess, when I still had so much to figure out. How could I have known how crucial every word, every action was or how losing you would be something I would always regret?

If only you could have met me now, how different it would be. How much I have changed. How I have grown. I learned so much from all the mistakes I made with you. I just wish I had made them with someone else.
—  Lang Leav, “Regrets” Lullabies

I’ve finally made my decision and watched Eyewitness. And I have to tell you… It’s AMAZING guys! Honestly, this serie is just so precious. Not only because Philkas is basically a Drarry AU without magic but for the awesome acting. I must admit it, I’ve literally cried at some chapters.

I could ramble all day with this but you’ll get bored and it’ll only make my heart hurt with feels, so I’m just going to tell you this… If you haven’t seen this serie yet, GO WATCH IT NOW!!! You won’t regret it, I promise.

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okay but. sungjongs instagram post is really cute and we all love to see his hyungs poke fun at him, but honestly those posts made me happy for another reasons entirely: the captions. we’ve seen sungjong struggle a lot recently; he started putting a lot of pressure on himself to be and look more “manly”, he kept talking about how much he regretted his past image, and then his drastic weight loss- i feel like some part of him retreated. and now, slowly, we’ve been seeing little bits of progress like speaking up more on broadcasts, cross dressing again, not caring if he makes a fool of himself, and with these instagram posts i feel like he’s finally accepted himself again. not only openly complimenting himself, but complimenting himself for being cute, something usually seen as feminine and something he wanted to get away from. he’s taking pride in it. i’m so happy he’s regained the confidence to post that.


Last Flights &  Early Mornings

I have a lying smile that I never put out  for you, because I never really felt like I needed to. I have been running away my whole life from my ghosts, and I thought hiding away during the semester break could do me good. But there is no difference. It should have been different, but it was not different. It’s the  same, old story about “the great tradition of running away”; pensive and  lonesome. It should have all worked out, but it did not. You should be here now, but you are not. 

And so I took the last flight alone, and I spent breakfast with a couple of new friends I had just met in a different city. I made my bed, and I sleep like a baby with no regrets. I do not mind saying that this is a sad story. They say time can heal anything. But I’m still waiting. I’m still figuring out how to handle the different seasons of my life. 

The thing about life is that every time you learn a new lesson, there’s just another one right around the corner. You never know everything. And for me, I have given up and accepted the fact that I know nothing compared to what I’m going to know in the future. 

I have been afraid of changing. But in the end, however, I just wish that if there’s a plane or a ship leaving this country, I hope I was on it. If there’s a bus moving fast down the highway, I just hope, one day, I will catch it.  I lied when I said I moved to a nice, new apartment in a big city. I’m just hiding in the other side of town with my head on my hands. Maybe they were right. Maybe I’m not good enough. Maybe I’m just an average. Or a talentless loser who just wants attention.  Well, maybe.