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Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Spoiler Alert: It’s Barba. Barba’s coming to dinner.

This was from a request received a LONG time ago regarding: Barba dating someone with a conservative/racist family from the Midwest. I can’t find the exact request to link to, but I had this in my WIP drafts with the bolded line as the title so… here we go.

Originally posted by sherrykinss

Please note: I absolutely mean no offense on any side for this little story, and am definitely utilizing stereotypes in both regards: My father’s side of the family was very conservative and blissfully-ignorant… I am absolutely basing this on people in my own Midwest-World experience.

“What kind of name is Barba?”

Rafael winced at the announcement of his name. “Cuban,” he advised simply, before leaning across and smiling at your aunt. “The dinner is delicious by the way, Ma'am.”

Why were you here? 

How had he convinced you that this would be a good idea? You hadn’t wanted to subject him to this. No, not at all, you had actually not even told him the invitation had arrived- he had found it on your fridge one evening he was visiting you after work.

An invitation. Who sends invitations for dinner parties?
Your sweet Aunt, of course.

“Cuban, eh?” Naturally, your father regarded this as an interesting opportunity(excuse) to be as passive-aggressive as humanly possible. “Is it normal over there to date younger?”

Younger? You were barely four years younger than your date…

Oh God; you took up your wine glass and gulped, calm Rafael only smiled and lay a palm atop your thigh to try and convey just how ‘fine’ this all was. “No, I just happen to be lucky enough to have caught youthful (Your Name)’s eye.”

Fine. That was how he said this evening would go- just fine.
The only Fine thing about this were the China dishes your aunt had pulled out from hiding.

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daziy  asked:

Have you ever done the batfam as benders in the Avatar world?

actually, @littleamericanduck and I threw around this AU for a while (Bren I still have those conversations in my inbox) which was great fun so I’ll just pull the basics from that. We kept everything the same: Gotham, the technology just… some people have bending.

Bruce- Non-bender but an expert fighter. I read an AMAZING ATLA fic where there was this fighter who was an expert in all 4 bending styles without any bending and that’s what I picture B as. He goes out and does the whole ‘justice things’ using all sorts of bending moves and other techniques without any ability. Still kick-ass and very frustrated with his crazy bending children. All the kids specialize in their area but are taught all styles but B.

Alfred- Bren and I talked about this, I was really taken by the idea of firebending Alfred. He was a warrior and a hotshot back in the day and was content to spend his days using his abilities to only light candles. But once he got drafted into Bruce’s war on crime, well old habits die hard. Taught B a lot of his moves and how to disarm benders. Helped Jason control his fire when he first came. A warm, gentle presence most of the time but the sparks fly when his family tries his very generous patience.

Dick- Everyone wants to say air but, to me, Dick has all the traits of a waterbender: calm but persistant, able to divert and adapt, both a calming presence and a cold storm so Dickie is a waterbender. Bruce had no idea what to do with this kid and his insane magic water (maybe the Grayson’s were a bending troupe? That’d be cool) so he trains him. An immensely skilled bender in costume, downplays his bending in public. Learned mostly from B but also trained with other masters. Also his escrima sticks are frozen ice sticks that he can use and bend and it’s hella cool just imagine.

Jason- firbender, no surprise. Used it harshly and dirtily as a child, never really took the time to master it or his emotions so his fire was imprecise and all over the place. Bruce and Alfie helped to tame the fire in him so it obeyed him and he became quite adept with it. Still too harsh for B’s tastes and a few too many criminals got nasty burns. Jay was burned and blown up in the warehouse which gave him seriously problems when he came back. He had a hard time conjuring his fire bc he kept seeing the fires that killed him. Spent years training in non-bending combat liek B to compensate so Red Hood was truly anoymous until he struck until instinctually with one of Alfred’s moves. Now that he’s closer in the fam, learning to be comfortable with his bending again and reign in his ever present temper which was only exacerbated by the Pit.

Babs- Non-bender like B, Dick used to look down on her for it but Barb quickly put the wtaerbender in his place. Basically everything is the same except she has to deal with water all over her apartment and singe marks on her walls and wind constantly in her face and dirt everywhere. She and B commiserate together.

Cass- I’m not sure, I’m tempted to say chi blocking non-bender again who was honed by Cain to be a fighting machine capable of taking down basically everyone but also i kind of like the idea of her being a waterbender too but, like Tim, was discouraged from using it. She later develops this ability with Dick but still doesn’t use it much, only when she feels comfortable. Either way, she’s a chi-blocker and will not hesitate to fuck up her brothers and temporarily paralyze them or take their bending. They fear her for this but also so much love and respect.

Tim- Hear me out, airbender Tim. Light hearted but a bit detached from the world, calm but hiding a tempest within, rather avoid and evade conflict, outthink rather than outfight. Airbenders are super rare, not found in families but just popping up out of nowhere in families. The Drakes are a prominant non-bending family and thought bending was “beneath” Tim so they didn’t register him. Hid his abilities out of shame for years, even from Bruce when he first became Robin. But he could only hide it so long before it came out. Bruce trained Tim then sent him off to prominant airbenders to teach him to love his bending. Not as flashy as the others, uses it precisely (lightly avoid attacks, push/pull things) but he is also capable of immense storms when prompted.

Steph- Earthbender hella, strong, stubborn and dependable. Because she’s a bender things vigilanting will be easy but Tim quickly proves her wrong. Still he takes the time to train her in what B taught him, secretly confides in his airbending abilities before anyone else. Despite being opposite elements, they get on super well complimenting each other’s movements. Studies bending on her own, takes classes and improves thanks to Tim’s help. B is still annoyed but eventually gives her better training as Robin. She’s still sloppy, doesn’t always take her abilities seriously but she’s always there to back people up, steady and immovable like the earth.

Dami- Also an earthbender. I can see the Al Ghul family being this intense earthbending dynasty, connected to the earth and desiring to spare it from modern society. Bruce again doesn’t know how to deal with this child with his abilities so he doesn’t. Dick steps up to the plate and mentors Damian. Dami had only know hard, unyielding earth but now gets to know cool waters and forgiving waves. Unconsciously adjusts his earthbending style with more waterbending techniques to create a unique, powerful style. Also bonds with Steph over being the only two earthbenders and part of his antagonism with Tim is the difference in the opposing elements.

It’s a fun AU, I still think my favorite part though is all the kids, one of each element like to band together and pretend someone is the avatar. One time they schemed together and made it look like Batman was bending all four elements and you bet at least 3 villains collapsed and crime went down to nothing for about a week. Jason is still laughing his ass off over it.

Every Life has a Moment ~ Olicity Fic

So this was written out of pure enjoyment. I have a prompt I need to finish but I’ve just been blocked. This I wrote for me and because I want to feel inspired to continuing writing. Thank you for everyone’s endless support I appreciate it more than I can possibly convey! 

P.S. I will be adding an additional chapter… If you want me too…

Every Life has a Moment

Every life has a moment… No everyone’s life has a key moment? Or should it be every person will experience a key moment?” 

Felicity dragged the graphite tip along the crinkled mass of paper beneath her tapping fingers then hovered over the illusive first line. She cocked her confused head while the curled brown tendrils fell freely over her bare left shoulder. The camisole strap slipped down the angled slope of her scapula when she moved the pencil back down to the second paragraph. “No…” she muttered lightly between clenched teeth, “It should stay here but then I would lose this line and then the bottom half won’t make any sense!” 

The indent in her furrowed brow grew as she sighed, “I’m never going to get this right…” 

The chuckle from the headboard of her cramped on leg room bed made her nearly snap the pencil in two. “No you’re never going to get to the point where you feel its perfect is what you should be muttering.” 

Felicity ran her nervous fingers through her maddening hair while growling, “This coming from the professional slacker…”  

Her best friend smirked, “I’m not the one who’s going to be bald by morning now am I?” 

Felicity’s fingers froze near the nape of her neck; she tapped along the taut skin before sighing in defeat, “Why can’t you just come with me? You know be my moral support while a crowd of eager minds laps up every stupid word I can hopefully deliver?” 

Those devious blue eyes slanted into two nearly invisible silts. The small worry lines near those fairly perfect lashes fluttered easily over the sharp contours of her favorite slacker’s cheek bones. Felicity crossed her legs at the ankles then flashed her sometimes roommate a dazzling grin. Her counterpart in turn huffed, “Felicity I’m not going to sit in a crowd filled with well wishers while you stand on a stage and nervously sweat.” 

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Not so “super” man

Fandom: DC Universe (Supergirl/Superman)
Pairing: Reader x Clark Kent
Words: 1,194
Warnings: it’s cheesy, but decent!
Request? yes or no
Inspired By:

A/N: this one isn’t so old as a matter of fact it was on my other profile I just wanted to add it back. :) enjoy! (also! i didn’t really specify which “clark kent” it is based on so if you’re a Tyler Hoechlin fan like me use him, if you are more Henry Cavill use him! or maybe Tom Welling or Brandon Roth idk it’s totes up to you!)

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Stuck On You

Can you do a punk frank smut where he flirts with the reader so much and then they get together in a project and it somehow leads to smut? Plz thx  

Tried something different with this one! Hope you like it! My French is a little rusty, so my apologies if it doesn’t make total sense.

I realize he’s awfully smooth for a senior in high school… but I don’t care.

Warnings: Smut, language, creative use of the French language… that’s about it! (All the translations of the French used in this are at the end of the story)

“And Y/N… you’ll be paired with Frank Iero.”

With that your stomach flipped, barely holding back from rolling your eyes. You could hear Frank cheering quietly at the back of the room, his friends laughing as you heard the sounds of him high fiving one of them at the announcement.

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“One Year”

January 12, 2017

           One year ago exactly, my dad died and in his place was a soar so deeply imbedded it grew legs and crawled around in my chest. It left spaces of hatred and sadness in my nasal passages that pooled at the surface every day, every week, every month, every long road trip. It transformed a year of life into a year of death. It gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “dead of winter” and a whole new reflection on what it feels like to miss someone. But one year is one year in which my mother and I breathed steadier and farther away from the fact. We have started reshaping our personal plots and deconstructing the characters we lost. Habits have been created and shattered and formed like ice sickles because let’s keep with the winter theme. And we have not become better people, just different ones. I have learned that the five stages of grief are bullshit and are meant as a blindly intentioned blueprint for the people trying to understand us while we cry. Lemony Snicket had it right, “If you have ever lost a loved one, then you know exactly how it feels. And if you have not, then you cannot possibly imagine it.”

           I’ve mastered hide and seek though my thoughts are often very obvious and sitting just below the bed. There are less jump scares and boogie men playing Bonanza on rerun, and mostly just scents and colors waiting for me to breath them in. I can feel how solid my stiches are these days but sometimes it is necessary to pluck at the first cross hatch just so you don’t forget the beginning notes of Tiny Dancer.

One year starts to create the element of choice. I can choose to remember what it felt like to see him laid up on the couch after knee surgery, and how it felt to see him bring me ice cream as I hid in the dark with a migraine. I can choose to get closer to the moments of life that were his and step away if I can’t quite make the hike. My head has stopped bouncing his name around when I’m alone in my car or in my bed. It has wrapped it away in a soft cloth that is far less threatening and jagged.

           I have been through my own five stages of grief and the sixth one is living with a hole in my lung. At first the hole was shocking and made my breathing disharmonic and shallow, but after a while, the second lung caught up and gave the first some time to repair itself. If I’m not careful sometimes one lung can forget to be kind to other and make breathing just as difficult no matter the years. There will always be a hole buried there, I’ve just gotten better at breathing through it.

-Paige @illanddiseased 

Miss you. (Harry Styles One Shot)

A/N: I had this one shot on my drafts for like a week. So I finally decided to finish it and post it! weeheyy. This is a cute one shot, nothing too steamy…maybe a little. But yeah, Hope you guys like it! xx 

beware of the harry feels. sigh


My whole body quickly fell on Harry’s comfy bed as soon as I entered his old room at his mum’s house. A soft breath fell from my lips. The faint smell of his cologne lingered on his soft white sheets and pillows. “I miss you..” I inhaled deeply. Thoughts of him laying his head on his favorite pillow and peacefully sleeping ran through my mind. Soon my thoughts were interrupted by my annoying loud ringtone. “Ugh.” It was Harry. “Hi, Harold.” I smiled. “Hey, babe. How are you?” “Good. What are you doing right now? I wanna Face Time with you.” I sheepishly smiled. “Sure, love. Let me just park my car-” I cut him off. “Don’t talk on the phone while driving, Harry. I’ve told you so many times!” I gasped. That little cheeky devil. I’m always worrying about him…telling him to put both hands on the wheel and never talk on the phone while driving, but he never seems to listen. “Oh, sorry, sorry. Wait. Done, I parked my car on the side of the road. I’m safe. No need to worry about me anymore, babe.” he chuckled. “Don’t do that again, I get nervous.” “I won’t. Now…about that Face Time…come on, I wanna see your pretty face.” from the low and raspy voice I knew he was smirking. 

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I’ve gotten more than a few questions on how i made the kagune for my Tokyo ghoul cosplay and even though its actually unfinished I’ve decided to make this tutorial anyway and probably just edit it later with the updated version! SO since this is a really long ass post click the read more for the tutorial.

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Pairing: NozoMaki

Maki’s too young, at first, only a child in Nozomi’s wise eyes. But Nozomi’s a child too, full of secrets and hopes, and one day they both grow up. It happens to Nozomi first: A day after graduation Eli leaves, called back to Russia by an aging grandmother, and Nozomi seems to break. There are seven others around her but she is alone, and Nico gets tired of waiting. Two months pass and she’s chasing her idol career and she’s wildly successful- by the time Maki enters college she’s a faded name gathering dust.

Maki doesn’t know what happened to her.

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A Funny Thing Happened... (Part 2)

Description: Dean x reader. After being contacted about a hunt, Sam, Dean and the reader go to investigate. As information is gathered, it becomes clear that this case is a little more than their normal vengeful spirit and they have a dangerous and elusive murderer on their hands in the guise of a familiar face from the big screen… and comic books. In this part, our team deal with trying to work out just how this ‘Winter Solider’ came to be in their world.
Words: 1,487
Warnings: none
Author’s Note: I’m splitting what would have been part 2 up a little bit. It was getting long and I didn’t want to scrimp on details so this a in between-y healthy dose of fluff before we go all out hunting again! Tagging @autoblocked as asked ;)

Catch up and Part One here

If things were going to go wrong, they may as well go all out because what was the point in a minor hiccup when it could be a deadly and quite frankly, otherwise terrifying situation. As you gawped out of the back window, trying to catch a glimpse of the man who could seemingly shoot people without a gun, it lead you to ponder some interesting points.

Why did someone build a skyline this inconsistent in height, almost as if they’d planned to obscure your view? Had anyone even been on this street before trying to out run a curse-fueled assassin? And perhaps the most mysterious question, who the fuck thought that bringing a brainwashed, psycho straight out of a comic and into the real world was a good idea in the first place?

They were simple musings really, and ones that were clearly mirrored in Sam and Dean’s horrified faces as Dean swerved through the streets hoping to lose him.

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Brooding (Verb)

A Happy Birthday to the sweet ticklishivories !! Kathy you’re a sweet and to welcome you into writing for a new fandom, I wrote you a little something about someone else having their own botherations. I hope you like it!

Varric tapped his pencil to the table in a quick one-two beat, to save the already mangled wood from another assault between his grinding teeth. It was a small kindness, if it could be called one at all; Maker knew, the way things were going, he’d tap a groove into the table itself or just smack the pencil to it so hard the thing cracked neat in two.

“Isabela,” he called, over the evening hubbub of the inn, trapped in the calm moment where the day crowd had gone home and the night regulars hadn’t yet poured in off the street. “Rivaini. Give me another word for brooding.”

“Fenris,” she answered swiftly, swiping her drink and dancing over with a particularly wide step around the poet who look hopeful at her approach. She dropped into the seat beside Varric, the Dwarf still chuckling, and peered over his shoulder at the scrawl he was examining critically, the number of crossed-out words and frantic question marks leaving no doubt that he was attempting to conceive his next masterpiece. “Ooh. Having trouble, are we?”

“There’s only so many ways to say the Elf brooded, broodingly, with a brooding scowl.” He sighed, crossing out his latest attempt and rubbing his forehead with his fingertips. “You know if Hawke had better taste in men, maybe I would’ve had a better time writing all this down, but no. I get Chuckles and a Porcupine and somehow I have to make that a gripping read.”

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Where we Landed

So here is part one to the Riarkle fanfic I have been working on. I still have at least two more parts to it if not 3. (I got really carried away with the story.) I hope that everyone likes it. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Thank you.

3,234 words rating T for some swearing and mentions of sex.

Part Two   Part three  Part four

Part One

Maya and I sat in the bay window, tears rolling down my face.

“Are you going to be okay Honey? I can kill him if you want.”

No. I will be alright. I have just never been dumped before. I’m not mad at him, it just hurts right now.”

“Did he tell you why?”

“Yes,” I sniffed, my tears slowing, “But it is not for me to say. It really was a good reason. And I am glad he was honest.” I wiped the tears from my eyes. “I will be fine. We will be fine. I will get over the breakup and we will go on as best friends.”

“Are ya’ sure Honey?”

I smiled at her. I could feel the pain of it starting to fade already. “I’m positive Peaches.” Maya pulled me into a hug.


A tall lanky boy crawled through the window. It had gotten difficult for Farkle to fit through the window now. He was thin and smart like his father, but he gotten his height from his mother. He had even grown taller than Lucas topping out at 6’3”.  He took one look at me and being the perceptive genius that he is noticed that my face was puffy from crying. With concern in his voice he asked “Riley, are you okay?”

“Her and Lucas broke up.” Maya answered gently rubbing my back.

“But, why?”

Maya shrugged. “She told me to ask him.”

The look of care on his face warmed my heart. “Well I think he is an idiot, even if he is my best friend. Any guy would be lucky to have the love of the amazing Riley Mathews.” He reached over and gave my hand a loving squeeze.

“It is for the best Farkle. I guess I will just have to keep my eyes open for the next ‘lucky’ guy.”

I had realized that I wasn’t really even in love with him. We had been together since freshman year and I had just gotten used to him being there. I was 16 now. I was ready for something real. But for now I would try to focus on school. I ranked just behind Farkle and had a great chance at getting into an Ivy League school if I kept up the good grades. Maya, Farkle and I went to the living room and watched movies till we passed out on the couch.

I was shocked when I found out about Riley and Lucas. They had always looked so happy together. They ended suddenly, but at least she didn’t seem too heartbroken about it. After she told us the three of us decided to watch some movies. Maya picked a bunch of horror films and Riley kept getting scared. I couldn’t help but smile every time she hid her face in my shoulder from something jumping out. We stayed like that until we fell asleep; Maya holding her hand, me with my arm around her and her head on my shoulder.

When I woke up the next morning the living room had been cleared of all popcorn bowls, snack wrappers and glasses. The smell of the breakfast Mrs. Mathews was cooking in the kitchen made me realize how hungry I was. Looking over at Riley, I didn’t want to move though. She was still sleeping and looked so peaceful that I couldn’t bring myself to wake her.

“Good morning Mrs. Mathews. I didn’t mean to stay over last night.” She gave me look of confusion.

“It’s fine Farkle. You have stayed before. Or did something happen that I need to know about?” Riley shifted over, rolling onto Maya. I took the chance to walk into the kitchen and get a cup of coffee.

“Well no.” I didn’t know why I had felt the need to apologize. “I Just… I don’t know why I said that.” Topanga’s face softened in understanding.

“So they finally broke up then.” She flipped the last pancake over.

“Yeah. Wait, how did you know?” Looking over at the girls on the couch she put the pancake on the stack with the others and turned off the stove top.

“Farkle,” she said taking a sip of her coffee,”I have watched you grow up. You may as well be one of my own kids. I can tell when something is bothering you. You have loved Rile since you met in first grade. But in eighth things changed for you; things started to look different to you. You began to think less like a boy and more like a man. And at some at some point you stopped loving her.”

“Mrs. Mathews I could never…”

She cut me off holding up her hand. Taking another sip of her coffee she continued. “Farkle you fell IN love with her.” Her smile was so gentle. She really had watched me grow up. Every time we went to our favorite hangout spot, every time we would hang out at her house (which was often) she had always been there.

I smiled back at her. “Then you know why I could never tell her. I could never risk losing her. And I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I was the reason her smile faded. She just… deserves better.”

Topanga leaned up and kissed my cheek. “Look, I won’t say anything, but you should. In my opinion, after everything you have done for her; all the times you have been there for her, never expecting anything in return. You are exactly the kind of guy she deserves. Now, go wake up the girls before the food gets cold.”

I could smell the bacon like it was right under my nose. It was wonderful. My eyes sprung open when Farkle yelled out “OUCH!” Apparently there had been bacon under my nose. He had also been holding a piece under Maya’s when she decided to take a bite of the salty treat, also taking a bite out of Farkle in the process.

“Maya! That hurt.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t stick food in my face.”

I laughed taking my piece from him as he shook his other hand. “Careful Farkle. You might want to get checked for rabies or something.” He couldn’t fight the smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “How long have you been up Farkley?”

He shrugged “About ten minutes I guess. Just long enough to get some coffee and help your mom set the table.” Mom waved at us from the kitchen

“You better come get it while I go get your Dad and Augie.” The three of us rushed to the table and took our seats.

Dad was already standing in front of the class when we filed into history class Monday morning. He was dressed ridiculously in a bright blue suit with flared pants and platform shoes. He had also puffed up his curly hair and was wearing a pick comb in it.

“The 1970s. Waddya got?”

Farkle and I shot our hands up almost simultaneously. Maya, however, just blurted out her answer. “They had no idea what good fashion was.”

Dad rolled his eyes as the class laughed. “Farkle?”

“The 70s were largely dealing with the Vietnam War. Kids our age were being drafted into the army and sent overseas to die for a war no one understood. And the ones who did return were often plagued with PTSD, hatred from their fellow countrymen and the effects of Agent Orange.”

“Very good, what else Riley?”

“People were fighting for equality. Women were struggling to be seen as capable as men. ‘Separate but equal’ had been removed but racism was still running rampant; and there was the start of the gay rights movement.”

“Exactly! The 70s were a very tumultuous time in America. The foundations of society were beginning to change. Everyone wanted to be treated as human. And there was also a large movement for ‘traditional values’ with the conservative groups. We still see the effects of a lot of these changes today. In America now we have marriage equality. Women are CEO’s and executives of major companies. And African Americans can sit in a class with white students and be treated exactly the same.”

“We can also date and marry someone white without being worried about being beaten or killed.” Zay caught us off guard with his comment. He normally spent his time telling jokes. He and Vanessa had broken up about a year ago and he had recently started dating Missy who was smiling at him across the room.

Dad smiled softly at the two. “That’s right but we, as a nation still have a lot of room to grow. The police still stop and arrest more black people than any other race. When a woman gets raped she is told it is her fault. People still violently attack same sex couples for just holding hands and actively try to stop them from having families. The world is still changing and growing; just like you.

You all are at a very strange stage in your lives. You are no longer children but, you are not quite adults. Most people want to treat you like kids while expecting you to act grown up. And during all of this you are trying to figure out what and who you want to be. You are starting to falling in love for the first time and being bombarded with images of sex around every corner. You are getting jobs while still trying to keep up with school, family, friends and many other commitments. You are in limbo. So this week’s assignment is to figure out one major way you are personally growing. What is one way you and your world are changing that you never thought you would?”  

The bell rang out and we began to file out for our next class. “Farkle, can you stay back a moment? I need to speak to you about that recommendation you asked for.”

I looked back at him, “See you in chem?” He nodded and made his way over to Dad’s desk.

I walked over to Mr. Mathews’ desk and waited for the classroom to clear out. As he closed the door behind the last student I spoke. “This has nothing to do with my recommendation, does it?”

Leaning against the edge of his desk, he responded “Not even a little. Topanga told me about the other day. Were you ever going to tell me?”

“Honestly, sir, I wasn’t planning on telling anyone.” He nodded

“Look Farkle you are great and by far my favorite student. But you are also the guy in love with my daughter.”

I sighed, “Don’t worry sir. I am also the guy you won’t have to see dating your daughter.”

“That is the problem!” His voice was loud and startling. “You are so worried about never being good enough that you aren’t even giving yourself, or her for that matter, a chance to be happy; or at least see where thing could go. You know, for a genius, you are being really stupid about all of this.”

“Do you think that I am good enough for Riley?”

“No. I don’t. But that is because she is my little girl and, to me, no one will ever be good enough for her. But I also know that it is not my choice. Riley isn’t so little anymore. She is becoming a beautiful young woman. And she so desperately wants someone to really love her. It isn’t about being swept off her feet. She needs something genuine. But she is getting lost. You have all tried to protect her but, the real world still got in. And her smile is a little less bright because of it.”

“I know Sir.” I ran a hand through my hair trying to figure out what to say. “I am trying to get myself together, but I am just not sure what to do. Did you know that I have already been accepted to three great schools? Princeton has even offered me early admission. I could start as soon as next year. But here I am in New York wondering what to do. Wondering if I should stay or go. I am wondering if I should even try. I don’t need college. It is just going to be another piece of paper hanging on my wall. But it is Princeton, Harvard and Cambridge. I really don’t want to miss the chance. I just don’t know what choice is holding me back. Is it the choice of school or the girl? And if I can even get the girl I want to be the best man I can be for her. GODDAMMIT! I just want to be a man like Corey Mathews.” I was crying when I finally looked him in the eye. Mr. Mathews hugged me.

“You don’t have to be like me. Farkle Minkus is already a pretty amazing young man. You are so smart and kind that others should strive to be like you. Just do me a favor and think about talking to her. Let her be there for you like you are for her.” He walked over to his desk drawer and filled out a late pass. As he handed it to me he gave me one last pat on the back.

The halls were, thankfully, barren as I walked to chemistry. I looked in the window and saw her. She was smiling as she studied her notes. She was so amazing and the only chemistry that I could focus on was the effect she was having on me personally. “I can’t deal with this right now.” I turned from the door and headed to my car.

“Where is Farkle?” I thought as I looked over my notes from Friday. I had been looking over them for about ten minutes as the teacher prepared for the lesson when I glanced up at the door. Farkle was standing there looking down and then he just walked away. Something was wrong. I raised my hand “Mr. Coldwell? Can I get a nurse’s pass? I really don’t feel well.” Covering my mouth suddenly I faked a gagging sound.  

“Alright Miss Mathews. Please try not to vomit in my classroom.” I grabbed my things as he quickly scribbled out a pass for me. Snatching it from his hand I bolted out the door.

Once outside the room I looked for my friend. “Where the hell is he?” I ran down the hall scanning the area as I moved. I had just turned the corner in time to catch a glimpse of him heading out of the school. I ran for the door. I chased him all the way to the parking lot; making it to his car door just in time to yank it open as he cranked the vehicle. Startled by the sound of his door unexpectedly opening, Farkle jumped.

“Riley? What are you doing?”

Throwing my bag in the back seat I slid into the passenger seat and buckled in. “You know, those long legs of yours can really move fast.” Closing the door I looked at him and smiled. “So where are we going?”

He smiled back putting the car into gear. “Where do you wanna go Sunshine?”

“Coney Island boardwalk is probably pretty empty right now.” Nodding he drove off leaving the high school behind us. I grabbed my phone and texted my dad. ‘Farkle having a meltdown. Going to Coney to cheer him up. Ground me later.’

As the car rolled down the road I rested my head on the open window. The warm air felt great on my face but, I could smell that fall was coming soon. For now, however, everything was perfect. I couldn’t wait to ride rollercoasters and play games for the rest of the day. I didn’t care that this was probably the last moment of freedom I would probably have for a few weeks. All I cared about was the last of the summer air on my face and the guy sitting next to me.

I sat up and looked over at him. Farkle really had grown into himself over the years. He was no longer an awkward boy in turtlenecks but, a handsome and confident young man. His blue eyes sparkled as he smiled. Only the tightness at the corners of his lips showed that anything was bothering him. “God you are beautiful.”

“What?” he said in surprise.

Shit. I said that out loud. I laughed it off. “I said you are beautiful” I decided to commit to the statement a blush rising into my cheeks .And why shouldn’t I? It was true and he probably needed to hear it today. He smiled that warm smile again.

“So, are you going to ask me what’s wrong?”

“No. You are upset. But I am here to talk when you are ready. Until then I am going to do what I can to take your mind off of it. People forget how well I know that sometimes you just need a little time to figure out what to say.” It was true. The past few years had been no cake walk. Lucas and I had tried everything to save our relationship. But even when we had sex there was nothing. It had been good but, there was no spark anymore. We had lingered in that place between being together and breaking up for far too long. When it finally ended I was sad that it hadn’t worked. But, I was relieved that it was over. He had fallen in love with Maya and that was okay. I just wanted him to be happy and that wasn’t going to happen with me. I perked up as we reached our destination. “We’re here!”

She had called me beautiful. The girl I couldn’t stop myself from loving thought I was beautiful. With those words my day got a little better. I had been freaking out over everything and just like that, she took the pain away. Today just might turn out to be a great day… if her dad didn’t have me arrested for kidnapping. The boardwalk looked amazing sitting in front of us. I had barely put the car in park before she was out and yelling at me to hurry. I got out and she grabbed my hand, dragging me along. I locked the car as I let myself be pulled away. We spent the day pretending that we had no cares. The games and rides drained me of every that I had been worrying over. And to top it off I was with her. She was shining so bright it was hard to look at her. Her laugh penetrated me and brought such music to the world. As the sun sank down over the city she rested her head on my chest, my arm holding her close to me. I looked over at the girl beside me and beamed. “Riley.”

“Hum?” she responded eyes closed.

“Thank you for making today so amazing.”

“I’ll always be here for you Farkle. Always.”

The drive home was quiet. She had fallen asleep after our long day, her head resting on my window seal. And as she laid there I whispered to her, “Riley Mathews, you are the one that is truly beautiful.”

Blank Space

TITLE: Blank Space


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: fluff / romance / angst

FIC SUMMARY: OC is sick and tired of Tom being overly attached to his phone and not paying any attention to her when he spends time with her. Can their relationship withstand?


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: I don’t think it necessarily relates to Taylor Swift’s Blank Space but it does make sense for what happens in the story–literally and not metaphorically. Thank you to those who have voted and I would love to hear what you think. :)

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Fisherman’s Knot Chapter 5


[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4]

[Title song]

In which sleep deprivation, astonishingly, does not solve everyone’s problems.

Continued warnings for depression/suicidal ideation.

I Had A Dream The Other Night

As I’ve established in NUMEROUS previous posts (detailed above), you’re all massively overstating the influence of reptoids on the world government. All evidence suggests that the vast majority of lizard people have no interest in earthly politics and are just hiding out on our planet after fleeing uprising of giant robot flies that they instigated with their own hubris. The fact that one prominent individual is now running for national office is of negligible importance in the long term and should be of less concern than the fact that no less than three current members of Congress have ties to the Shadow Bloc and may actually be abstract concepts projected into this dimension by a group of bored hyperdimensional beings from Alpha Centauri. Some of us are trying to have important conversations here, but it’s challenging when the rest of you keep derailing every time someone mentions the lizard people! Stick to the “Reptoid” and “Non-Human Politicians” threads where this discussion belongs.

Dipper huffed at his computer screen as he pressed the “Enter” key. There was just no helping some people. You would think that people who spent their time on conspiracy forums would be more receptive to this type of evidence, but he was having a hard time convincing anyone of the things he’d learned over the summer, even with the notes he’d taken on Ford’s research.

The cursor spun on his screen as the website processed his comment, but then instead of being directed back to the main thread as he’d expected, a popup appeared, reading, “This thread has been temporarily frozen due to off-topic discussions and personal attacks. BE CIVIL, people! Are we the true inhuman monsters here?”

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Dinner was wonderful, everypony said.  Penwright seemed to think the results of his grand experiment at cooking tasted all right, so he swallowed his doubts and accepted the thanks and complements with good grace.  Ickle had been especially interested to hear him talk about how dinner was made up of Germane dishes with his own small flourishes, like how the morel mushrooms were harvested from his parents’ land up north.  Petina even managed to get him to fess up about where he got the pumpkin pie, though everypony still thought it was delicious, especially with a couple generous scoops of ice cream to go with it.  The story seemed to make it all the better.

Finally, they all retired to the living room, where they began the gift exchange.  Penwright and Ickle went halfsies on a set of drafting instruments for Sky Brush to help him with the technical drawings he did on the side (it helped having a friend who owned an art supply store), while Penwright bought Carousel a gift certificate for the Lotus Sisters’ spa.  With all of the holiday deliveries she had to make, including a few last-minute ones that morning, she definitely deserved it.  Petina, however, only received one present, but it had kept her rapt attention practically throughout the evening.  It was a small puzzle box, but within each of its hidden compartments was a riddle leading somewhere in Penwright’s house.  It was a collaborative effort between him, Ickle, Sky Brush, and Carousel, though they apparently underestimated Petina’s ability to navigate her way through the puzzle box, as she had already opened up four of the seven compartments.  Still, she was having fun with it, though Penwright was starting to regret letting his house being the hiding place for her other gifts.  Ah well, he should’ve known the dangers when he took the job.

Finally, it came time for Penwright to give Ickle her gift.  He slid the present out from under the tree and held it up to her with his magic.  “Happy Hearth’s Warming, Ickle,” he said with a warm smile.

“Thank you, Penwright,” she said hefting the gift experimentally in her hooves, gently feeling along the sides with her hooves.  “Ooh, feels like a book!  I wonder what this one is…”

Like most of the other ponies Penwright knew (including himself), Ickle preferred to rip the wrapping paper off of her gifts, but somehow she managed to make it look elegant.  It was unwrapped completely in a respectably short time, revealing a thick tome with a stylized profile of a pegasus wearing a crested helmet on the front cover with the words Pax Pegasus: A History of the Pegasus Tribe embossed in silver underneath it.

“Oh my goodness!  This is wonderful!” she cried happily.  “Is this by the same author who wrote the one about the history of the unicorns?”

“It is indeed,” Penwright replied.  “I figured you would like it.”

“If it’s anything like the last one you gave me, I know I’ll love it!  Thank you!”  She quickly set the book down and wrapped her forelegs around him, giving him a tight hug and a quick peck on the cheek.

“You’re very welcome, Ickle,” he said, returning her hug.

She released him almost as quickly and immediately began flipping through the pages, taking note of some of the maps, diagrams, and pictures within.  “I can’t wait to sit down and read this thoroughly, it all looks so fascinating!”  She glanced back up at him.  “Does this book mention that skyvolley game that took place against the griffons?”

“The Second Battle of Cloudwall Pass?  No, that happened after the book was written,” he said.  “This book and the one about the history of the unicorns were published a little less than two hundred years ago.”

“Really?  Is this book that old then?” Sky Brush asked, his curiosity piqued.

“Not the book itself, no, it’d be in the Canterlot Library then.  These are more modern reprints from about fifty years ago,” Penwright replied.  “Good thing I know a bookstore owner in St. Luna who specializes in these kinds of things.”

“Ha!  That’s it!” Petina cried out, giving everypony in the room a bit of a start.  She set her puzzle box down and stood up, pointing the paper with the riddle on it at Penwright and grinning victoriously.  “I now know where you hid my next present.  Thanks for the hint, Penny!”  And with that, she trotted up the stairs, humming a merry tune.

“Told you you should’ve made them harder,” Carousel said when she was out of earshot.

“Riddles aren’t my strong point, okay?” Penwright retorted mildly.

“You’re just upset that you’re out of the betting pool,” Sky Brush countered with a small chuckle.

“She probably knew what time I betted on and did the easy ones first just to spite me,” Penwright muttered, though he had to grin as well.

“Found it!” Petina called as she trotted back down the stairs, holding an envelope aloft with her magic.  “Nestled between two books, very clever.  And two of my own books, too!  How very thoughtful.”  She quickly opened the envelope and read the piece of paper inside.  “And it looks like this is…oh my, Sky Brush, you shouldn’t have.”  She sidled up to the pegasus stallion and gave him a lingering kiss.  “Though I am glad you did,” she added with a wink.

“Oh, what did he get you?” Ickle asked.

Petina paused and thought for a bit.  “Normally, I wouldn’t mind saying so, but in this case I’ll save Penwright any embarrassment and keep it a secret for now,” she said, throwing a smirk in his direction.  “After all, he was kind enough to make us all dinner.”

“I appreciate that,” Penwright replied dryly.

“Hey Petina, since you’re up,” Carousel said, “maybe now’s a good time to get Ickle’s gift for Penwright.”

“Ah!  Good idea!” she said, opening up the back door and stepping outside on the porch.

“Wait, what?  It’s outside?” Penwright asked in bemusement.

“Well, it’s a bit too big to just carry inside and leave propped against the wall,” Carousel replied.  “It would’ve been a big distraction, anyway.”

“Fair point, but how long was it out there?”

“We hid it there before we started caroling at your front door,” said Sky Brush.  “You might want to get a lock for the gate to your fence.”

Outside the window looking out on his back yard, Penwright saw Petina levitate a large, flat parcel about the size of a large movie poster wrapped in waterproof packaging over to his porch.  She undid a few strings and the covering fell away, revealing the present’s gift wrapping.  He glanced over at Ickle, an eyebrow raised in curiosity.  Ickle just smiled warmly, eager to see him open it.

“Happy Hearth’s Warming,” she said as Petina presented it to him.

“Now this is interesting,” he said as he took hold of the present with his magic.  He quickly tore the wrapping paper off, revealing a canvas covered in a riot of color splatters, mostly reds and yellows but also some blue and green in there as well.  The first thing Penwright thought of when he looked at it was of a pony standing under a tree in autumn, though set on a wintery landscape.  The split-second impression disappeared as he looked at it some more, but he grasped the significance of it soon after.

“Ooh, this is one of your dreamcatcher abstract paintings!” he said excitedly.

Ickled nodded.  “It is!  I hope it will give you lots of inspiring dreams.”

“Then this is getting hung over my bed tonight, then,” Penwright declared.  He stood up and walked over to Ickle, giving the top of her head a nuzzle.  “This will be a gift that keeps on giving.  Thank you, Ickle.”

“You’re very welcome, Penwright,” she replied happily.

The moment lasted for a few seconds more before Petina spoke up.  “Oh, why didn’t I think of that before?”  She lifted the edge of the skirt around the base of the Hearth’s Warming tree and pulled out a small box hidden under there.  “Ooh, a ring, perhaps?”  She glanced over at Ickle.  “Better hope Penwright didn’t buy this, otherwise this will be rather awkward for all of us.”  She paused, then winked at Penwright.  “The answer’ll be yes, pending Ickle’s permission, of course.  She gets first dips on you.  And don’t worry, Ickle, I’m willing to share.”

Ickle blushed slightly, though she chuckled along with everypony else (save Penwright, who just rolled his eyes).  Petina opened up the small box, revealing a key with a small tag attached.  “‘Find and solve the final riddle to find the lock,’” she read aloud.  “Well, best get back at it.”  As she stepped back to her place, she leaned over and whispered into Penwright’s ear.

“I left something for you under your bed,” she said just loud enough for Ickle to hear.  “Happy Hearth’s Warming!”

Penwright glanced over at Ickle, whose blush deepened a little as she held back a chuckle.  “Yeah, thanks, Petina,” he replied dryly, trying not to imagine what it might be.