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Those Todomomo/Satoru/@akeemi-life's twins are so cute, akeemi also created a daugther (can't remeber her name right now) if you're in writing mood you should write about the day that she born. Poor Hino and Rei, they don't have a single clue of what is going on and just know that their mother is in pain, the little cinnamon rolls

Yep i’m still in writing mood (even more now that my stylet broke) and @akeemi-art also drew an adorable daughter ! But i don’t recall her having a name yet. Anyway i asked her how many years there is between her and the twins, it’s about 3 years difference. Satoru would then be out of UA and one of the reaosn i’m not writing Satoru’s years at UA is because i don’t have the plot (and especially the end, Satoru and Mahô’s situation is quite unclear in my head) yet…SO everything i will write now is not set in stone, okay ? ^^ Plus it’s Akeemi’s daughter and if there is anything she doesn’t like, i will change it.

Still this is such an adorable ask, i couldn’t resist to write it ! 

So here is the very hypothetical scene…

This time Shouto was determined to do things right this time. He prepared Momo’s bag himself, days before the due’s date, and swore tat he would be ready to go, even in the middle of the night. He even dowloaded an ap that could call a cab, since Momo really didn’t want him to drive. Bakugou still talked about the way he saved their fucking life by driving Momo to the hospital three years ago, there was no way they asked him again !

Beside, it was summer and Satoru was home, back from his college, so he could count on him to stay with his little brother if they had to rush to the hospital in the middle of the night. Momo couldn’t help but chuckle everytime Shouto was preparing the big-day.

Everything was goint to be all right, everything was planned.

Of course, life doesn’t work that way.

First, when it happened, Shouto was on a mission with Tenya, Ochako and Izuku. He received the text message right into the middle of the fight.

Satoru – 11 AM 22 July - Momo is in labor, i called the cab and we’re on our way to the hospital with the twins. Can you meet us there ??

He supposed that turning back and run back home wasn’t the most heroic attitude ever.

-Where are you going ?! Yelled Tenya as he kicked one villain in the guts.

-The baby! He said.

His three friends gasped as they punched down another villain who thought he could use the opportunity.

-You’ll take too long to go to the train station, Ochako ! Claimed Izuku.

-I’m on it ! Answered Uravity as she slapped Shouto and his back.

And before he knew it Izuku had threw him above three buildings. This was probably not the best idea neither.


Momo tried her very best not to panic. Satoru was already a mess, the twins were crying because they were too small to understand that the pain their mother was feeling was not a dangerous-kind-of-pain, and Shouto…

Well Shouto was here when they arrived at the hospital, but he had probably a broken arm. A broken arm he assured was not broken and could wait till the baby was there to be seen by a doctor.

The said doctor who was in charge of the family for so long (he took care of Satoru when he was 9 and delivered the twins…) gave Momo a tired glance. All she could do was sent him back a tired smile. Then she turned to her husband and took his not-broken hand :

-I’m glad you made it here.

She was, this time the contractions came way faster than the previous time and she had been worried he would not make it here in time. The thought of giving birth without him by his side, holding her hand and repeat every instruction the doctor said with a calm voice, it was terrifying. Last time he had been worried about him not being able to do anything to help her, but he did. Him being here helped.

Now the other problem…

-Satoru, we’ll go to the deliver room, you can keep an eye on Rei and Hino ?


Rei hiccuped, big tears rolling on his cheeks. Satoru was already carrying him in his arms, craddling him a bit to ease his worry. Hino was a little better, os soi t seemed, but when they tried to move away, he tried to restrain them here by hugging Shouto’s legs.

-Don’t leave…He whispered with a broken voice.

Shouto hugged him, and hold him so he could see his mother. Momo patted his head :

-Don’t worry Hino, i’m going to be fine, she said. But you can’t follow me where i’m going now, it’s not a place for little children. Please be a sweet heart and listen to your big bor while we’re away.

Rei asked :

-You come back ?

-Yes, they will come back very soon, promised Satoru to his little brother.

-When ? hiccped Hino.

-Very soon, explained Shouto. –We’re just going to get your little sister, then we’ll be right back.

-She lost ? Asked Hino.

Satoru let out a laugh, and took Hino back, so Momo could go.

-No, no she’s okay. Remember what Papa explained to you, how babies are made ?

Momo grunted as she disappeared in the room, and for a moment Shouto was certain it was not because of the contraction pain.


Three hours was a long time to wait, especially for little kid of Hino and Rei’s age. They were barely three and time was still a hard concept to grasp. Fortunately Satoru was very good at handling kids. He made sure they were far enough sot hey couldn’t hear Momo’s screams (he remembered all too well ho it terrified him the first time) then organized a drawing contest he let them win. When they were tired and worried about their mother and father’s whereabout, he told them a story. He was thankful they were there in a way, getting them occupied kept him away from worrying too.  Especially when one made one of the weirdest comment like « this is the longest poop ever ».

Thankfully, Shouto came look for them soon enough, and he lead them to a tiny room. Momo was already there, looking equally happy and tired. The little baby girl was a little bigger than the twin were, and Momo was already breastfeeding her. She had the cutest chubby cheeks ever.

-It’s a glutton, remarked Satoru with a smile, as he helped Hino to get at the right heigh to see theirlittle sister. Shouto did the same with Rei.

-She smol, commented Rei.

-You were way smaller you know, explained Shouto.

-Lie ! Claimed Hino.

They poked the baby feet and she made a noise as she cowered up in her mother arms. The twins laughed.

-I like her, decided Hino.

-We keep it ! Approved Rei.

Satoru laughed again, and couldn’t help but say :

-Yep i like her too, can we keep her and give those two back ?

Rei and Hino made the funniest chocked face ever. But Momo made a sign so they all gathered near her, she put the baby in Shouto’s arms and stared at the marvelled expression it drew on his face. She would never get tired of this. But right now, she did feel exhausted, so she closed her eyes and let herself fall into sleep as she heard her family’s ahppy chatting. That was the best lullaby she ever heard.

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[#my first ~novel~ was about a boy who was in love with his best friend and then he DIED and became his best friend's guardian angel] you can't say things like that and not mention the title of the book! that's just cruel!

IT’S INCREDIBLY FLATTERING THAT YOU CALLED MY WEIRD OLD STORY A BOOK! I don’t think it even had a proper title. it literally existed in my head/in a notebook on my shelf. 

I can actually still remember pretty much everything about that story and those characters (read: so I’m gonna fucking talk about it). I can ALSO remember how unbelievably trite and terrible it was. and blasphemous. and really, really queer. I loved it. it was so #me. 

according to the front of this 8ish-year-old notebook, it was called ‘A Boy, Lost’ which is exactly the kind of thing Young Me would have been infinitely into. I probably came up with half this shit while listening to Patrick Wolf’s Lycanthropy, being superior and misunderstood and staring out of the car window at the rolling mountains on the way to my auntie’s wishing I was a fucking faerie. (I can’t even bring myself to not spell faerie like that. I haven’t changed. I am still this trash child.)


while I was flicking through this mortifying notebook I found a folded-up till sheet from one of my first jobs, on the back of which I had scribbled a bit of writing while I should have been cleaning out the minging coffee machine or something, and oh my god. it was long enough ago that I can actually put it up here for yous to laugh at with me, but I am just not chill enough to not hide it under a cut, because, again, oh my god:

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