i made this ages ago but never posted it


Ok so I made this ages ago and I never posted it because it was bad but I’m posting it now because it bothers me to see this crappy video in my computer without getting posted. Also I dared to post crappy Weeabootale “animations” so it can’t be worse lol (r-right????)

also the animations aren’t fast enough since my phone app couldn’t make it faster so here are better gifs:

voilà voilà.

oh yeah, here’s the original video btw.

No I didn’t die 23456765433456654 times against him why do you lie.

well it doesn’t matter since now I became a real pro against him hon hon hon

Edit: wow 100+ notes?? Thank you so much!! Even if it’s an old thing, I’m glad you like it!! (Because it was still long to make…xD)

I know they say that the space between
Can make it stronger than we’ve ever seen
They might be right but I disagree
‘Cause I’ve
never felt stronger than when you’re with me 


“I’m back, baby!”

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Have you ever drawn a humanized Starscream, or Skywarp, or Thundercracker, or Soundwave, or Megatron? I'd be really curious to see your take on what they might look like as humans (even if there already is a canon holomatter avatar of Megatron, holomatter avatars can completely change at any time since they are a reflection of your inner self. Ultra Magnus' started looking like Verity after he made friends with her. So Megatron's could look completely different at different times in his life).

I have! I have a humanformers tag actually, though they’re 90% comfort zone portraits.

I have Mad Max-inspired ladyformers Starscream and TC ->

I also have this unfinished male Starscream that I never posted

There’s another lady!Starscream sketch….thing??? that I don’t think I ever posted here

And also this lady!Jazz that’s also been in sketch hell forever

and last but not least some Starscream sketches i did AGES AGO (read as in, possibly 2015, maybe earlier, I don’t remember, but they were kind of fun - I call the middle one Starley Quinn)

I do hope to get to draw more creative humanformer designs that aren’t portraits in the future though, because I desperately need the practice.

Pansmione oneshot.

I wrote this ages ago but I thought I may as well post it, instead of just letting it sit in a doc so here we go, some post war pansmione! Also posted here http://archiveofourown.org/works/10509411

Hermione drummed her fingers against her desk and for the third time in the last five minutes, wondered what she had done to deserve to be partnered with Pansy bloody Parkinson. Joining the unspeakables was fun and all, and Pansy did get a case solved quickly, but honestly, she never shut up. There was a 1001 puns Hermione would have made about Miss.Chatterbox becoming an unspeakable if she were Ron, but alas she was not, and though they had split on good terms, it was still slightly awkward between them.

“…and then Draco tried to tell me that I looked good in pink, and of course I told him that nobody looked good in pink, so then of course he said that he looked god in pink, so obviously I-”

Blah blah blah. That’s all really Hermione heard. It was so annoying but Hermione liked Pansy, and since Draco and Harry had got together, and Hermione had split with Ron she was nearly always with them,  but Hermione really really just wanted Pansy to shut up. She was perched on Hermione’s desk, making it impossible for Hermione to do the paperwork, which Pansy refused to even look at, and Hermione had to grit her teeth in order to not scream.

Pansy had a nice voice, in a way. It was high pitched, and a little bit snobbish but it was quite a soothing voice. If it wasn’t for the fact she was still going on about how she wanted to wear red and Draco wanted her to wear pink, or something along those lines anyway. Hermione wasn’t really sure if Pansy could look bad in any colour, considering she always looked perfect. But then again, she had never seen Pansy wear pink, and after meeting Umbridge, Hermione did wonder if anyone could look nice in pink.

“…So what do you think?”

“About what?” Asked Hermione, trying to pretend like she had been listening to whatever Pansy had been jabbering on about.

“My tits.”

Hermione’s eyes widened. “Pardon?”

“Always the one of many words, Granger. My tits, blue tits you know the one that Draco said he liked?” Hermione blinked at her and Pansy rolled her eyes. “Shall I get him some?”

“What does Draco need blue tits for?”

“For the summer garden party, duh.” Sighed Pansy, rolling his eyes as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. Then again, if Hermione had been listening instead of just staring at Pansy it would have probably made sense.

Hermione sighed. “If you roll your eyes any more, they’re going to roll out of your head.”

“That’s impossible Granger, I wish you could hear how stupid you sound.”

And Hermione started laughing because she wasn’t the one who’d been talking about tits and clothes when they had work to do. So she said just that:

“You’re the one who’s been talking about stupid nonsense, when we’re supposed to be working.”

Pansy sniffed and looked offended. “Well if I’m that boring, I’ll be going then.” Pansy hopped off Hermione’s desk and made her way over to her own. Hermione sighed and followed her, holding Pansy’s arm – who was refusing to look her in the eye.

“I don’t mean it like that Pansy.”

“No no, I get it. Hermione Granger is too good for idle chit-chat with me, a lowly -”

Pansy was cut off as Hermione firmly, but softly, pressed his lips to Pansy’s, trapping her between Hermione and the desk, which was pressed against Pansy’s lower back. A million thoughts were running through Hermione’s mind, most of them being ‘why?’ and the other half being ‘wow!’, when Pansy gasped slightly, and began responding with as much enthusiasm as she gave to talking. Pansy then wrapped her arms around Hermione’s neck, pulling her in closer. Only when Hermione was sure she needed air did she pull away. Pansy was panting, her lipstick smudged, her shirt mussed and her skirt riding up her thigh. Hermione wondered if it was the lack of air that had made her breathless after all.

“You can’t just kiss me to shut me up, you know?” Smiled Pansy

“Hmm,” said Hermione, pretending to think, “but your mouth is so much better at kissing.” Pansy laughed and pulled Hermione close again.

Post-Episode Thoughts

Okay, so I made a post just a few days ago about the fact that I didn’t know what to make of Laura just yet. I had never read the books, so I didn’t know what to think about her because we hadn’t seen that much of her yet. Going into this episode, there was a lot of hype surrounding this character. A lot of people were hyping her up. So going into this, I had some high expectations based on those responses alone. 

Laura Moon is an interestingly complex character. I will give her that, but do I love her? No. To be perfectly honest, I don’t even really like her. She’s sad and unfulfilled and unhappy and all those things, but I still don’t like her. That could definitely change since she’s planning on turning over a new leaf by being a better person in death. But as of right now, I don’t love or like her as much as everyone else does. I did cheer for her when she saved Shadow; but again, why did it take her dying to become a better person? 

I understand that she may have been suffering from some sort of mental illness, but that never justifies people being shitty individuals because of that. It wasn’t Shadow’s job to help her through that either like I’ve seen some people say in passing, because Shadow’s not a licensed professional. Contrary to popular belief, love and emotional support doesn’t cure everything. And Laura needed a licensed professional to help her through those issues, but it still doesn’t excuse anything she did. After watching the episode, I want Shadow to find someone who will appreciate and love him as much as he needs to be appreciated and loved. And Laura is not that person. So while I’m open to Laura redeeming herself, I don’t want her anywhere near Shadow. At least not in the romantic sense. (And the ‘puppy’ thing still bothers the hell out of me.) 

I will say this - I do think the episode did fairly well with incorporating this complexity into Laura’s character. They did a good job with making her complex, layered, and three-dimensional. So, I can definitely give credit in that respect. 

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hey, could you give a brief tutorial on how you made this gifset /post/129789289845/the-world-is-a-dangerous-place-not-because-of ?? or at least what i should look up to find a tutorial for a gifset like that? thank you :))

hey :) ok since i promised ages ago that i will post this tutorial and i never did, i’ll do it now. if this is confusing i apologize, feel free to message me about anything, english is not my first language and i’m bad at explaining things, but i included a lot of pictures so i hope it’s going to be ok. and also i’m pretty sure there are easier ways to do this, but this is how i do it. so anyway, i’m gonna explain how i made these two gifs, or at least try to :) here is gifset, all other gifs are made pretty much the same way. so, 

1. from this

to this

2. and from this

to this

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So I’ve noticed all of the ship wars in the SU fandom as of late. It’s getting really annoying tbh. 





Rebecca herself said that she loves all of the ships, so why are we as a whole acting like some are fatal? Erasing sexualities, really? The Harry Potter fandom has ships where straight characters are headcanoned gay and so forth. What do they do? Nothing. No one cries about it like the SU fandom does.

Let’s go over some main hated ships

Jaspis- I know, abuse. But guess wat? The abuse was not only done on Jasper’s side. Lapis abused her, as well. There’s redemption that can be made. That’s what a focus on the show is, anyways. If they talked and realized their mistakes, it could definitely work out. I’ve seen so much worse in other fandoms.

Stevidot- the ship I had in mind through this whole post. People say that it’s pedophilia, is it tough? We don’t know exactly when Peridot was made, we just know she’s era 2. That could literally mean centuries ago or five years ago. Gems don’t have ages. They were never babies and they’ll never be elderly. If someone saw Steven walking with Pearl, they’d think she was his mother. If someone saw him walking with Peri, they’d think they were school friends.

Pewey/Gregpearl- Oh hohoho, this one. Let’s be real, majority of this fandom hates these ships. They say pearl is a confirmed lesbian, when not exactly. There’s no proof (that RS tweet was photoshopped) and yes, she’s only shown female attraction, but some bisexuals and pansexuals also only show interest in  a certain gender. That doesn’t make them less valid. And saying Pearl hates men is stupid, she’s literally interacted with four or five men.

Lapidot/Amedot- the biggest war at the moment. I know, some are pissed because of what Zuke may have done to Peri and Lapis, but do we really need to fight about which is a better ship? No. Both show chemistry and would work out just fine. All three deserve love. Trying to put down the other is pretty childish, as far as I’m concerned.

Do you guys really like being known as the worst fandom on tumblr? I personally hate it. When I mention I’m a fan, I have people thinking I’m a sjw who hates all men. I’m sure many others have the same problem. 

If you hate a ship so bad, just fucking blacklist it. Don’t make an anti blog and torture shippers. They did nothing to you.