i made this ages ago and forgot to post it

you guys have i ever gifed the deleted shots from the cabin scene? i found gifs on my hard disk from it but i can’t remember actually making them?

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4 & 5?

This has been in my ask box for ages and I’m sorry I forgot to post the draft I made a few weeks ago. Ask meme here.

So many to choose from. These are in no particular order because I’ve got so many. Every single male favourite character on here except one, has black hair and wears a suit, guess I have a type. Every single female favourite character on here could beat me to a pulp and I would thank them.

  • Jim Moriarty. (AKA The dream guy.)
  • Loki Laufeyson. (My father, mother, and brother have blond hair and blue eyes. Whaaaaaat? I’m adopted???? #atleastyoureprettyloki .)
  • Sherlock Holmes. (To achieve peak greatness, give drugs.)
  • Ciel Phantomhive. (90% of the time he’s on screen is just me saying ‘legit me’.)
  • Sebastian Michaelis. (…well obviously…)
  • Kyoya Ootori. (Sebastian’s long lost son and no one can convince me otherwise.)
  • Tamaki Suoh (AKA my only decent favourite character.)
  • Alucard. (Most stylish on this list, and could beat Edward Cullen in a heartbeat.)
  • Artemis Fowl. (If they mess up the movies I will skiiiiiiin the directors.)
  • Neal Caffrey. (The only show that made me think about going outside (to see if I could pull off a robbery))
  • Magnus Bane. (His eyeliner is my life goals.)
  • L.
  • Natasha Romanoff. (Super BAMF assassin. She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’ll shoot you in the face.)
  • Melinda May. (Super BAMF SHIELD agent.)
  • Annabeth Chase. (Super BAMF teenager demigoddess.)
  • Rosamund/Mary Morstan/Watson. (Super BAMF assassin part 2)
  • Mey-Rin. (Super BAMF sniper.)
  • Elizabeth Midford. (Super cute BAMF Marquess.)
  • Seras Victoria. (Super BAMF vampire.)
  • Irene Adler. (Super BAMF dominatrix.)
  • Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing. (Yes, I remember all of it, Super BAMF vampire huntress.)

Most likely to be continued as I’m sure these aren’t all of them. Now to the least favourites.

  • Grant Ward. (… I don’t think this needs an explanation.)
  • Alois Trancy. (You know someone’s trouble if they wear booty shorts in Victorian England.)
  • Charles Augustus Magnussen. (When you want Moriarty and you get him… ugh. But any villain succeeding Moriarty is going to be disappointing (except maybe Loki.))
  • Baron Kelvin.
  • Kronos, Gaia, (both underdeveloped villains for such a great book series).
  • Valentine Morgenstern. (Meh, pretty bland.)

Pines Family Color Parallels

i made this ages ago and forgot to post it

but yeah Stan & Ma Pines share a red/black color scheme (with gold accents), while Ford & Fillbrick share a blue/yellow/brown color scheme, and i always though that was pretty neat

(also an interesting bit of foreshadowing, since Bill’s colors are predominantly yellow and blue… just like Fillbrick, and, more importantly, Ford)

I found a page of his journal today in Skyhold’s courtyard while doing a last look around to see if we forgot anything. Maybe it fell off when he left and he didn’t see it. It’s dated from when we set out for the Emerald Graves to help that Fairbanks guy. Now that I think about it, that was a while ago!

The page says that he was thrilled to be surrounded by trees again, that the light passing through the leaves was the most beautiful sight, that the smell of the wood and the sound of water rushing were the most calming things. There’s also a great deal of elvhen written here, and I don’t understand it.

But I remember that expedition. He looked so happy.

I really hope he will have that look on his face again.

I’m keeping this for the moment, until the next time I see him.

- Former Inquisition lead-scout Lace Harding, in a note from her personal journal.


Made this weeks ago and forgot to post it might as well do it now since I know fans post stuff for Solas Fluff friday lol. My first time experimenting with gouache so naturally I made Dragon Age fan art. Little doodle of my inquisitor Lavellan with her old elf bf. Sketchy doodle and final painting. I Lost some of what I really liked from the doodle so I have to keep practicing gouache!

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