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don’t mind me i’m just crying at 1x04 malec and the “there’s nothing to ashamed of” vs the 2x10 “i love you” scene x

SO! I did this quite some time ago, but forgot to post it for ages >w< This is a gift pic for @jarofloosescrews‘s birthday! It was made to become part of a present zine called FootyBootyWingyBlingy :D

@ephdraws edited this pic into this sweet, sweet, awesomesauce bucket of a cover (and the rest of the zine, too. Thanks for the great work >u<):

Gosh this was such an excellent project TTuTT Thanks a bunch @krinsyn for organizing it, and to everyone else who participated, too! ^ w ^

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Hey! You're awesome! Those sleeping headcannon were so good :3 It made me wanna go back to bed and snuggle haha I'd like to see your thoughts on gladnis and their first time together. Also, gladnis kinks? ;D PS. Don't forgot that you're awesome

So you asked me this AGES ago, and it’s been sitting here waiting for me to do something about it. Well, finally, here it is. Tiny Llama, you’re awesome. 

Gladnis first time. Ho boy. And Gladnis kinks. Yes please. How about a post where the two kind of meld? *shrugs* Moderately NSFW. Mentions of BDSM.

  • Gladio was nervous of asking Ignis out. Ignis is smart, sassy, successful, and beautiful as all fuck. Not that Gladio isn’t those things, but Ignis’ exterior is so flawless that he just never worked up the courage to do it.
  • So when he does finally do it, there’s a lot of pent up feeling and long-term pining…
  • They’ve been best friends for years
  • Sparring sessions were hard for Gladio. Pun intended. Cue Gladio trying not to pop a boner when he finds out just how flexible Ignis is.
  • Gladio does pop a boner during one particularly hot, late evening sparring session and calls it off early, heading to the showers. Ignis comes across him in the shower.
  • Gladio is ready to die of embarrassment, but Ignis just steps in under the shower beside him, completely surprising him with how forward he is, in such a public space. Admittedly it’s late at night, but still…
  • Cue very hot shower sex
  • Cue Ignis discovering his kink for doing it in public places where they could be discovered
  • Cue Gladio finding shower sex even hotter than he ever did before
  • They don’t talk about it the next day, but Ignis starts giving him The Eye™ in meetings until Gladio can’t take it any longer.
  • One night they’re out with Prompto and Noctis as chaperones, and, while the younger pair is off on the dance floor, Gladio pounces on Ignis in the semi-privacy of their booth. “I can’t stand this any longer. Stop torturing me,” he growls, hands in Ignis’ hair, knocking his glasses askew, and kissing him with a raw passion.
  • Ignis smiles beneath that kiss, and returns it. “I was wondering how long it would take you,” he breathes between kisses. Then he yanks Gladio back off him by his hair with a strength that takes Gladio’s breath away. “We’re working tonight. Later.”
  • Gladio finds the sharp tone of command in his voice intoxicating, and also finds his body obeying completely and utterly.
  • Ignis smirks.
  • Cue some dom!Ignis and sub!Gladio play, with Ignis calling him ‘soldier’.
  • They fall into their relationship in a tangle of steamy, stolen kisses around the palace and passionate nights releasing lots of pent up emotion and tension on each other. Gladio is an attentive partner, knowing when to give Ignis a shoulder rub and when to blow him, and Ignis is a tender, sassy partner, knowing when Gladio needs to have all his control taken away from him so he can relax and be taken care of (in whatever way seems most fitting at the time…), and when he just needs someone to curl up with to take his mind off the pressures of his role as shield.

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Forgot to post this ages ago, but the awesome @nobyas drew my four main ocs I made last year for a novel I am working on, and this was the result <3 Thank you again for doing this commission for me. I love it! My children are all so beautiful! <3 From left to right, it’s Lee, Nava, Keira, and Irina. If you got questions about them, please ask! I love talking about them lol