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GINNY WEASLEY / TOM RIDDLE ◇ LEFT HOOKa time travel fic by @elicitillicit

She should feel dirty, nauseous, repulsed, but his breath is hot against her skin and she cannot ignore the crackle of his magic pushing against her bones. Tom Riddle is magnetic in all the meanings of the word, and she blames hormones and puberty for the rush of desire that sets her blood on fire when he presses closer. 

“You’re sick,” she whispers unconvincingly, and he smiles, sharp and feral. 

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all ships got such shitty stuff in tvd finale though, stelena got the final moments but they were about damon and caroline, delena got human married endgame but ian couldn't smile and they didn't even talk, bonenzo don't get anything apart from a reunion after death, steroline got eternal love promise but they're separated by death, klaroline got the letter but caroline's still wearing her wedding ring. bamon, beremy, forwood? what are those? plus stefan died while abusive rapist damon lived


okay so. starting with beremy - this ship has ended long time ago and since bonnie was with enzo i didnt think they will make anything for them. i’m suprised though we didnt get any elena/jeremy scene. bamon - while i did see the chemistry/potential (whatever) it was never canon and they made bonnie with enzo so obv they didn’t get a shit. i’m sad for shippers though because yall are not blind, they made a lot of scenes that showed us bamon might be happening.  forwood - the biggest tragedy, they deserved so much better, i will forever be salty how they handled tyler’s death. But since this ship was over a long time ago (because of steroline or klaroline) i’m not really surprised, i didnt expect much from them. I’m sad though how they treated Tyler, Matt got so much screentime and they showed us only Tyler standing with Vicky, not even a word about him, anything. They made my boy so dirty, he deserved so much better than this. His whole family is dead and noone from his friends said a word about him and the funeral they gave him in s8 when damon killed him? it legit looked like a party. its also funny though how they focused a lot on stefan’s redemtion because he killed enzo/but everyone is totally okay with damon killing tyler. whats the point? also last tyler’s line was “she (elena) will never forgive you (damon)” well guess what. she didnt even ask about him. so yeah Forwood deserved better but mostly Tyler deserved better than what he got. Del.ena married human endgame yeah but ohmygod I swear even Matt’s scenes were more interesting than Delena’s. Ian had one job - to kiss nina and to smile at her. He kissed her chin and the way he smiled.. i’m just glad that’s not my ship. but well at least they can be happy they’re endgame right? I’m glad it’s not mine endgame at least. Ster.oline - I don’t believe Steroline is endgame in “afterlife”. I believe in afterlife you have Elena+her parents and Defan, that’s how they showed us at least. And they’re all humans, everyone except of Caroline. Caroline loved/loves being a vampire and Stefan always wanted to be a human basically whole s8 (or whole their relationship) showed us how they will never work.  While everyone who was human saw people they loved - Elena her parents (after she died), or damon - stefan or matt - vicky etc etc etc. Caroline is the only one who didn’t see her mother she just felt her presence. for me it’s because she is a vampire and she is immortal.

Stelena - I will never forget them, I thought I’m over them for 4 years and I got their goodbye scene and I cried for whole day. Stefan dying because he doesn’t feel he deserves forgivness after everything what he has done/after killing Enzo.. while Damon after killing Tyler was redeemed in one episode without doing anything really… yeah. it’s fucked up. I will always be bitter how they treated Stelena in/after s5. But you know what I will remember? Kevin saying that Stelena is the story. Kevin and Julie admitting that if Nina stayed, Stelena would be endgame. I’ll remember everyone from the cast shitting on DE, I will remember how Elena said about D that it’s “the worst choice she ever made” and I will remember “I was coming back to you stefan. The best choice I’ve ever made”. I will remember Kai, Klaus, Katherine, Rebekah, Lexi saying all positive things about Stelena. That kind of love never dies. I will remember how last Stefan’s goodbye is to Elena and how when she lets him go the song “never say never“ (never let me go) starts playing. And I will remember that’s the same song from 1x01 when Elena invited Stefan’s inside. I will remember that one of last Stefan’s words are “I was feeling epic” said to Lexi about his goodbye scene with Elena. and I will remember this is the parallel to scene from s1 where Lexi was talking with Elena about Stefan. That’s what I’m choosing to remember.

Klaroline. Yeah I wanted to have ADR and hear Klaus’s voice saying once again “however long it takes”. Caroline might loved Stefan and she will for sure remember him just like she remembers Tyler (it’s more like my opinion than canon fact because julie is dumb with what she did to forwood) but she is immortal just like klaus and she will move on. She already got a letter 2 years after what happened to Stefan. She shouldn’t be alone forever and she should find her happiness. Klaroline scene might be short, or she might be wearing stefan’s ring & she might still think about him but she will move on, she wont be sad forever. You don’t fall in love only once. Klaroline scene might not have “I will love you forever, I never forget you” quotes but they have something else, which for me is better - a promise of seeing more of them. A new story. A continuation. Seeing them in The Originals once again. And it might not happen in s4, or maybe in finale of s4 or maybe in s5 if TO gets it. BUT this ending klaroline scene in TVD?

This is the beginning of the new story.

And a promise of an epic endgame.

I made this a while ago and thought you might like it, since it’s Lulu and all lol. Love ya girlie

So, I made this black and white Luhan moodboard eons ago. I looked at it and thought “My God. I need to show this to @exosmutxoxo” sorry if it sucks. Love ya

Submitted by: @nemogirl02  

OMG this is so pretty! Thank you so so much for taking the time to submit this, I LOVE IT. You should make more moodboards, I can already tell you’re going to be superb at it ;) again, thank you loads! xx

Oh, sorry, did I throw that away?

So, my boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me 3 hours ago. He made his decision while I was out of town last week, but waited a week to break up with me. And he couldn’t even look me in the face when he told me…he just kept playing his computer game.

To make it even worse, we live together. He’s moving back to IL within the next month (coincidentally, our lease ends at the end of July). Which means I’ve got to scramble to figure out where I’m going to live, split up our stuff, get my own things packed… it’s a goddamn clusterfuck.

So, what better time to be petty, amirite?

Starting with this pizza crust. My (now ex) bf HATES to waste food. When I eat pizza, I always give him the crusts, as I’m not overly fond of crust. But not this time. Nope. That crust is going right in the trash. Right on top. Can’t miss seeing it.

In fact, I’m still hungry. Better add a second crust to the trash!

Edit He’s cooking right now. I know he’s seen the crusts.

I’m going to move the pizza crusts to the top of the trash every day.

Edit 1 So, a lot has happened in the last 27 hours. I ate another piece of pizza and added the crust to the pile. My ex has made me food (out of guilt) that I will not eat. Fuck you and your guilt tabouleh, C! And, of course, with all the cooking, I’ve had to move the crusts back to the top of the trash. My cat won’t let me out of his sight and keeps snuggling with me… he knows something is up. I left my landlord a voicemail with the basic information (ex broke up with me and is moving, I’d like to stay here for at least a few months) and my landlord (who I have become friends with during my two years as his tenant) came to my door to tell me that I can stay in the house for as long as I want! That we will work out a rental rate. That this is my home. That I’m like a daughter to him, and I’m a good person, and to not forget that I have family and friends who love me. I bawled so hard, for about the tenth time today. Pretty sure I won’t be able to wear my contact lenses or makeup all week with all the damn spontaneous crying.

So, things are looking better than they looked yesterday. I’m very thankful for my friends and family. And my cat, of course!

ST: VOY - Resolutions 5.13.1996

On May 13, 1996 Janeway and Chakotay ‘shippers had a moment of hope while watching Resolutions.

That angsty pain only continues twenty years later…

@bamf-ness made an amazing GIF set that is very fitting.

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omg i used to be so into phan/phanfic a couple of years ago and I used to be so in LOVE with your blog but i've been super busy with school so I couldn't keep up with anything and my love for d&p faded :(((( but it's starting to come back a lil so I came back to your blog and im so glad that youre still doing your thing and that youre still so awesome and while scrolling through ur blog it all came rushing back and now im crying lol

OMG!!!! this made me smile so so much thank u so much for letting me know, it means the world that after all this time u still came back to my blog omg thank u for sticking around pal!! <33

BTS as prom dates

So I made this little Prom BTS thing a while ago i thought i would post it!  Hope you all like it ! !

- admin Saturn

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HAHHAHAHAH cheesy comic I made while I was at my friends house a while back ago but only finished now. Okay so basically I was eating Chinese  food and I got a fortune cookie that said that and yeah this trash came up…… OMG HOW DID I DRAW MCCREE SOOOO WELL!?!?

BTW Hanzo is reading some sailor moon XD

If you want me to draw more of these justlet me know… these are fun to do  (▰∀◕)ノ

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Idk this was a lil while ago but I saw this gifset where jimin was trying to get hoseok to guess which phone was his, and hobi knew which was his right away cause jimin's phone was dirty, and THE FACE!! HE MADE!! WHEN HE SAID IT!! so cute omg I haven't been able to take my eyes off of hoseok since then (I hope you know which one I mean & im describing it okay 😂)

I know exactly what you’re talking about! Hoseok is PERFECT!!!!!!

I actually did this a week ago since I have relatives over ^o^ But okay context, some jokes were made by school mates which turned into me imagining a bubble tea hero with a bubble tea shield. Yknow, +2 defense and all that.

Also I’m realising this is lineless art for the most part. Omg :0

Well, enjoy I guess haha. This is the actual speedpaint for this Saturday LMAO☆

The hair is supposed to be like liquid;;

[ Please don’t use my art without permission or credit while of course adding credit ]

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I read your "Slushie Blue" comic a little while ago and oh my god I would LOVE to draw it out as a comic! (though it'll take a bit and what not..) I've been waiting to ask about it over a week now, but it's cool if you'd prefer me not to! I would, of course, give credit to you and the story on ao3 if you give me permission!

I WOULD FUCKING LOVE THAT OMG it was a really short thing I did when I first made an acc but I accidentally schedule posted it so when I realized it wasnt up I just posted it then. Its really short and Ive been thinking about making it better its really sweet to know that someone liked it :’^)


FANWORK MEME : post your first ever posted fanwork for one fandom alongside the latest fanwork you have made - this includes fic, art, or cosplay

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The first picture of Q,i drew it in August 2012
 and the last pic of Q was in Dec 2015 :)

Also, the first pic of 00Q, it was in October 2012,
 while the last pic was in Dec 2015… (ugh,sorry about NSFW!)

..omg,almost 3 YEARS AGO…

   I just wish I could have made more progress…:=(

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OMG, so I think Tumblr must have eaten the ask that I sent you a while ago, but that's okay because then I thought of something that made it better! So, you know how there's that quote that's like, "Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit - Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad"? But like, avocado is a fruit. So if you make a "fruit salad" with tomato, avocado lime/lemon juice, and even peppers (also fruit!), you get guacamole! which is really good! (1/2)

(2/2) (This somewhat breaks down if you include onion though, which is a vegetable, but let’s ignore that.) So then the other thing I thought of that makes it even better is that I really think this is a conversation that super-drunk Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson would have. Anyway, I hope you’re having a great day! - RHC

They would talk this over for literally years. Foggy would bring it up when they drink (naturally) but Matt would stridently disagree. Karen would never take a side one way or the other, but she would secretly agree with Foggy. It fits the whole criteria, right? 

They would have this argument over and over and it wasn’t uncommon to see them heatedly debating it in a whole in the wall Mexican restaurant, a pad of paper between them next to the tequila that only has a quarter of the alcohol left in the bottom and the worm (the waiter notices with an inward wince) is gone. Every time there is a potluck anywhere, Foggy would sign up for “fruit salad” and Matt would sigh. 

It was really good guacamole though.

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