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au where lance is a famous youtuber and blogger and keith is a minor one but a big fan of lance (and also has a even bigger crush on him) and decides to send him this message – minus the i love you – but not anonymously ofc and then keith regrets his whole life bc of a simple misspell

lance mentions that on his next video and keith decides to answer by saying “he can be silly sometimes, no offense, but i’d never send him a hate message” (really keith stop trying to pretend you’re not a fan of his goofiness)

lance takes full offense on that and they start going back and forth on their bantering both on youtuber and tumblr with silly little interactions like lance reblogging a picture of an alien holding a knife angrily and tagging it as #keith (he may or may not have done his research on what are keith’s interest. for no reason at all, not interested, nope.) and and keith doing a live outside and “oops, sorry lance” when almost stepping on poop and etc

but people would begin to catch on how keith’s voice softens whenever lance is mentioned and how lance’s eyes softens whenever keith is mentioned

keith, being a fan and all, knows for a fact that he and lance live in the same city, so he gathers courage and asks lance out. not entirely, what he does is tell lance they should do a video together someday, so he says they should meet up to talk about it and maybe eat something, which of course lance answers is “talking? eating? are you asking me out on a date?”

keith doesn’t answer right away because well shit he is asking him out on a date, subtly, but surely and he doesn’t know what to answer. lance, seeing his message visualized but not answered thinks he went too far and immediately says that jk but yeah let’s meet up

and so they do, and on that day lance takes a picture of them – keith looking slightly amused and looking at lance with quirked eyebrows, lance looking to the camera, bright smile and leaning into keith – and posts on Instagram with a single hashtag, #klance

and their video together? gayer than ever; lance is telling one of his crazy childhood stories and keith is just staring at him with a lazy smile and soft eyes, not even realising it but, of course, everyone else realized it, so the fans made lots of edits and shitposts like “i want someone to look at me the way keith looks at lance” and while keith is mortified for being called out like that, lance is sitting at home, slight blush on his face, “oh”

and it’d be so soft, everyone who have eyes would notice the growing affection between them just from their videos and pictures together, how closer they’d get each video and how more comfortable keith would be with lance so close to him in every picture, and the fans would make metas and analysis of that. they’d read everything, of course, but never together. they’d read it in their homes and never mention it to the other, too embarassed (but that wouldn’t stop them from reading a klance fanfic together, one that keith had to close because nope, no, absolutely not, i can’t do this anymore lance, blushing furiously and angrily

lance doesn’t have a moment when he realizes he likes keith, like it came out of nowhere, he knows they’ve passed the friend line long ago, it just happens naturally; they’re sitting on keith’s couch after a session of recording two videos, (one for lance’s channel, other for keith’s) and lance looks at him, his eyes are closed, he’s blissing out. lance sighs with a smile, “i really like you, y'know”, keith opens one of his eyes to look at lance, a knowing smile on his face, “yeah, me too” as they entrelace their fingers and keith cuddles up to lance, sighing happily. “now i know what that girl from starstruck: my boyfriend is a superstar feels” keith says, making lance almost die laughing

after some time together, they’d decide to move in together and make a channel together and being absolutely most diabetic and amazing couple ever, making videos singing love songs while drunk such as always by bon jovi or all about us by he is we – dancing too – and keith everyday thanks for misspelling that ask on tumblr

First Crush (part 3)

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader, Tony Stark (dad) x Reader

Summary: After being home schooled your whole life, it’s finally your first day in high school. You are so excited to finally have a chance to live a normal teenage life. Well as normal as you could get.

Word count: 1000

A/N: This is the first thing that I have ever written so please go easy on me. I have written five parts to this story and I’m going to post a new part everyday. I would really appreciate constructive criticism. So, if you think of something that I could do better let me know! So here we go. I hope you guys like it!

PS You can send me requests if you want! I can write about almost any MCU character and actor. By sending me requests you can help me improve myself. Send your requests here!

Part 1   Part 2   Part 4   Part 5

Peter’s point of view:

Y/N and I had been friends for a few weeks now. She had become one of my best friends and the biggest crush I have ever had. Every time I saw her smile and heard her laugh I fell in love with her even more. Ned figured out my crush almost instantly and has been teasing me about it since then. He has been dropping hints at Y/N, not so subtly may I add. But Y/N seems to be completely oblivious about it and she hasn’t (luckily) figured it out yet.

“Peteeer!” I heard a familiar voice yell and felt her hugging me from behind. God, she smelled amazing. Her signature perfume had become my favorite smell in the world. “H-heeey Y/N” I replied and cursed myself for stuttering. I mean seriously I had known her for weeks and I still couldn’t control my stutters. “I just ran into Ned and he told me about your movie night tonight and invited me to join you guys. I don’t know if he told you about it yet but I’ll be there. Hope you don’t mind” Y/N said with the biggest smile on her face. God that smile makes never fails to make my heart beat out of my chest. And those soft-looking pink lips, the most perfect set of lips I have ever seen. I wonder what it would feel like to kiss those lips and- “Peter you don’t mind do you?” she continued now with a slightly worried expression. I jumped out of my thoughts and shook the image of kissing her out of my head “N-no no of course not! I would love for you to join us.” I told her emphasizing the word ‘love’ way too much. “Great I can’t wait!” she cheered “walk with me to math?” she asked. I nodded and shut my locker.

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spn-samifer  asked:

Can you write (post-war or not, canon-ish situation or not) Draco introducing Harry to N&L? Also your drabbles give me life, even though I found your blog five minutes ago or so, I've read about six

Harry was up all night, thinking intently as his boyfriend slept soundly on his chest. They were going to tell Draco’s parents about their relationship tomorrow and he could not be more nervous. Sure, him and Narcissa got on great. Even met up for tea once in awhile. However, though he’d never admit it out loud, he was sort of intimidated by Draco’s father. It was this air of superiority that followed him wherever he went. A sort of regality.

“Hey,” he whispered and nudged Draco’s shoulder. “Hey, Draco.” Draco hummed, but didn’t open his eyes. “I need to talk to you.”

Draco sat up and yawned before he finally opened his eyes. “What time is it?” He asked sleepily. Draco groaned when he say the numbers on the digital clock and cuddled back up to Harry. “Can’t it wait until morning?” He whined.

“I’m nervous about meeting your parents.”

“That’s nice, dear. Now hush up and let me sleep.”

Harry nudged him again. “Draco,” He whined. “I’m serious. What if they don’t like me?” Draco propped himself up on his elbow and started down at the messy haired boy. He gave him a gentle kiss which Harry returned.

“Mother loves you, you know that. She always enjoys your little tea visits. You have nothing to be worried about okay?”

“What about your father?” He asked, trying not to sound anxious.

Draco smiled. “Aw Harry. Are you scared of my father?” He asked in a mocking tone and kissed the tip of his nose.

“Pft, no.” He scoffed. “Okay, maybe a little.” Draco chuckled. “I just want him to like me because, well, because I love you.” It was the first time he’d ever said it out loud. “And I kinda see this going somewhere.” He watched the Slytherin light up and flash him a smile that left him breathless.

“I love you too.” Draco told Harry and kissed him sweetly. “I’m sure my father will like you. It might take a while, but it’ll happen, okay?” Harry nodded. Draco pecked him quickly on the forehead before laying his head back on Harry’s chest. “Oh, Harry?”

Harry hummed.

“If you ever wake me up again, I will have to kill you.”

Despite what Draco said, Harry couldn’t help but worry all morning. He let the nerves overtake him, untying and retying his tie that Draco recommended he wear. Harry untied it for about the fifth time, groaning because it wasn’t coming out perfectly, when his boyfriend grabbed his wrists.

“Harry, honey, you’re going a bit insane.” Draco dropped his wrists and began to tie the tie for him. “There really is nothing to be worried about.” He finished the tying and started to sort out his collar. “I love you.” They kissed, which relaxed Harry a bit

“I love you too.”

They apparated to the Manor hand in hand and Draco knocked on the door. Narcissa answered, greeting her son with a hug. To Harry’s surprise, she pulled him into a hug too.

“Hello, Harry. How are you?” She asked politely.

“I’m great. How are you?”

“Good. Won’t you come in?” Harry nodded and they walked in. It was quite awkward when Mr. Malfoy joined the table. Draco placed a hand reassuringly on Harry’s knee as they made small talk.

“So,” Draco said after a while. “I wanted to tell you guys something. Well, we wanted to tell you something.” He looked at Harry and inhaled deeply. “Harry and I are dating… and it’s pretty serious.” Harry braced himself for their reactions.

“Finally!” exclaimed Mr. Malfoy, much to Harry’s surprise. “For years, all I’ve been hearing is Potter this and Potter that. I’ve actually been wondering why you hadn’t mentioned him lately.” Harry grinned and turned to face Draco, who wore an expression of shock on his face. He noticed Harry looking at him and turned away, a blush creeping up his neck.

“Lucius!” Narcissa scolded him.

“Oops. Did I share too much?”

“Yeah,” Draco answered. “But most of my dignity is gone anyway.” Harry laughed freely to which his boyfriend glared daggers at him. After that the nerves and awkwardness seemed to settle down. Narcissa and Lucius kept telling embarrassing stories about Draco. Harry swore he was falling more and more in love with him with each story.

At one point, Narcissa gave Draco a book on potions and he started to smile widely while explaining the book to Harry. It was in that moment that he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with this dork.

In fact, he came back to the Manor a week later to ask for their blessings. Narcissa got all emotional and pulled him into a hug. Lucius walked out of the room when he announced it which worried him (like Lucius always did), but he can back with a small black box in his hand.

“This ring has been passed down in our family for generations.” He began, opening the box to reveal a gorgeous yet simple engagement ring. “I see how happy you make him. I’ve never seen him act like that towards another person before.” He placed the box in Harry’s hand. “You’d make a fine husband for our son.”

Harry smiled, not believing how positive their reactions were. Lucius stuck out a hand for Harry to shake, but he pushed that aside and hugged his future father-in-law. He pulled apart shortly after. “Sorry.”

“Not to worry, Potter. Welcome to the family.”

read Harry telling his parents here

Bliss (Lin x Reader)

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader


Setting: Modern, smut (it’s my first smut heheheh)

Prompt: none

Summary: The reader is a fan of Hamilton and moves to new york with her friend Bryan, and they meet Groff and Lin, then Lin becomes jealous Lin and then boom smut

Words: 1,971

Notes: I have not been posting because of school, and I promise that I will write more soon, but I need to find the balance with school. Anywayyyy here is a smut to start off your weekend! Love you all!

The impact of your back on the concrete wall could have broken your spine and you couldn’t care less.

Lin didn’t give you a chance to breathe. He smashed his lips hungrily onto yours and ripped the stitching in your underwear. He tossed them into the trash.

“We won’t be needing those, now will we?”


“Bry, hurry up! We are going to be late!”

Bryan has been your friend ever since high school. You bonded over a mutual love for the arts, and nobody has been able to separate you ever since. You were on your way to the Hamilton stage door, where you would meet the cast after the matinee. I mean, you are going to, if Bryan doesn’t take so damn long to dry his hair.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N)! I have to look good for Daveed. Ima get a PIECE of that ass.”

He strolled out of the bathroom with a confident stride and a beaming smile. “Well, how do I look?”

“Smashing, darling. Now get your shoes on and let’s go.”

It was so cold outside, you felt hot.

You and Bryan were waddling down the crowded street, arm in arm. Considering you both just moved here from California, it was a drastic change. This kind of cold surpassed the “I-can-see-my-breath” kind of cold. It was inhumane.

When you finally made it to the stage door, you were relieved to find that nobody was waiting in line to meet the cast yet. You sat down with Bryan and leaned with your back on the fence.

“(Y/N), do you think we are here too early?”

“No, remember the time we waited to meet Brendon Urie? We got there 5 hours early, and we didn’t even get to meet him. Besides, we are only here four hours early, not five.”

He huffed and brought his scarf around his mouth. He said something but it was muffled. He either said, “Fine” or, “Fuck.” You could have related either way.

About thirty minutes had passed until you heard a familiar voice talking to another. Where had you heard that voice before…

Jessie St. James. (aka Groffsauce)

Hi totally irrelevant but I just started watching Glee a few days ago because Jon was in it and oh my god it’s amazing. Please go watch it if you haven’t, it will bless you. I’m already on Season 2!

You felt a tap on your shoulder. You spun around to see Jonathan Groff leaning over the fence and facing Bryan, talking to him. More importantly, you met a pair of dark eyes with small snowflakes hanging off of the eyelashes. Lin.

“Hey, I’m Lin. Are you two here for the stage door?”

You kind of forgot how to speak at the moment, so you nodded your head.

“Four hours early? In these weather conditions?” John chimed in.

You and Bry both nodded.

“Well,” John protested, “It’s too cold out here. You could freeze in those paper-thin jackets! Come inside and warm up.” Lin opened the gate and held out his hand. He guided you inside with Jon and Bryan treading closely behind. The warmth of the theater overcame you. You could feel your nose again! Lin led you to a stairwell off the side of stage right.

“Go into the room upstairs, to your right, two doors down. It’s my dressing room and you can cool off in there.”

You and Bryan made your way up the stairs and into Lin’s dressing room. The walls were lined with fan-made art, books, photographs, trophies, dolls, cassette tapes, you name it. 

You ended up talking to Groffsauce and Lin for an hour. You told Jon about your obsession with Glee a few years back. You accidentally called him Jessie. Twice. Jon was occupied with Bryan, and you were talking to Lin. You talked about your hopes and dreams. You talked about the universe. Life after death. Childhood. You had a deeper connection with him in 30 minutes than you had with friends of 10 years. 

“In the Heights is what really got me into preforming. So, I guess I should thank you. If it wasn’t for In the Heights, I would have probably never found a state of mind that I felt so at home. It’s amazing what live theater can do to a person’s happiness.”

“Thank you (Y/N). It means so much to me that you think that way, but I have to ask.. Why did you like In the Heights so much?”

“It gave me a sense of passion and comfort, for when nobody was there to give me either of those things. Also, honestly, it might have been a contributing factor that I had the hugest crush on you as a teenager.”

Oop. Did you really have to say that.

Lin laughed and tried to hide his oh-so-obvious blush. He started playing nervously with the fabric of his shirt and looked down.

“Awwwwwwwwww!” Jon sung. “(Y/N) and Linny sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-” He was cut off by Lin’s razor sharp glare. Jon let his lower lip hang out. “What’s wrong darling, cat got your tongue?” 

Lin stood up and took your hand. “Let’s say we go on a tour of the set. You like that idea?” You nodded and followed him out the door.

The next few hours following that were even better than the last. You and Bryan went on a tour of the Hamilton set and met the rest of the cast. You even got to stay for the show. Well, you didn’t get to watch from the audience, but you got to see all the commotion backstage! You had a mini-dance party with some of the cast while The Schuyler Sisters song was going on! After that, Bryan pulled you aside. 

“(Y/N), did you see the way Lin was looking at you?”

“No, when?”

“During the dance party! He came out of the side door and he didn’t particularly like how… close you were getting with Daveed. He looked kind of angry.”

Then, you got an idea.

Bryan went out to lunch with Thayne and left you alone to fend for yourself. Thanks friend.

With or without him, It was time to put your plan into action.

You and the rest of the cast were hanging out on stage when Daveed invited you to sit next to him. You were talking with a bunch of other cast members, including Lin. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you. You were relishing in every second. 

You gave Daveed light touches and leaned on him. When it was Lin’s turn to talk, his tone was cold and he only looked at the way you were holding onto Daveed. You had him right where you want him. He knew what you were doing. It was only a matter if he acted upon it or not, before Daveed could catch on.

(Y/N), I need to talk to you. it’s important. 

A chorus of “oooohs” and “girl you in troubles” filled the room. Lin grabbed your hand and brought you up to his dressing room. Dragged would be more like it. He slammed the door behind you and got in your face. You tried to stay as calm as you could, but a jealous Lin is a scary Lin.

“I know what you’re doing. You are just trying to make me jealous.”

“So what?”

So what? What do you mean by that?”

“So what are you going to do about it?”

He gaped at you for a few seconds, and then flashed a devilish smile.

“Is that a challenge?”


You winced. That underwear was fucking expensive.

Lin crashed his lips onto yours again and shoved a finger up into you. He held your shoulder to the wall and pumped in and out vigorously.

“I’m going to make you regret making me jealous.”

Two fingers. Your stomach tightened.

“Because when I’m jealous, I don’t play nice.”

Three fingers. You saw stars.

“You’re mine.” 

You couldn’t hold it anymore. You started shuddering and your breath became uneven. “Lin, I’m so..”

He pulled his fingers out of you. “I told you. I don’t play nice.”

He went to his couch and sat down. “Shirt off.”

You took your shirt off. He laid down and pointed to his face. “Sit.”

You stepped over to him and he grabbed your thighs. He hoisted you up onto his face and started licking your clit. He rolled his tongue around and pushed two fingers into you, pumping in and out. You rode his face and fingers, and he massaged your breast. You couldn’t hold it in. You felt a sensation in your stomach, and-

He lifted you off of him and set you down. Before he had the chance to say anything, you got on your knees in front of him and snapped off his belt. You wrapped your fingers around the waistband of his jeans and the elastic of his boxers. You looked up at him as if to ask permission. His eyes were dark and glazed over, his hair unkempt and chunks of spilling out of his ponytail. “(Y-Y/N).. please..”

You yanked his boxers and jeans to the floor, and revealed his size. He was.. to say the least, massive. You hovered over his tip and took it into your mouth. You rolled your tongue over it. He shivered at the feeling. You kissed his tip and started stroking his base. You licked up and down the shaft and contained eye contact. His chest started to rise and fall in weird patterns. You took him whole into your mouth and started bobbing up and down. He let out uneven, heavy moans. When he was about to release, you licked from the base to the tip, and sucked the tip. You felt a warm texture fill your mouth.

He sat up and hair was sticking to his face, and his it was no longer in a ponytail. You climbed on top of him and kissed him as he came down from his high. Once he came off, he seized both sides of your hips and laid you face-up on the floor. He planted kisses on all areas of your body. “You are the most beautiful woman ever. I want to be with you.” He sang you more praises as he traveled down your body, coursing electricity through your veins with each kiss. He positioned his hips at your entrance and looked at you. 

“Are you ready?”

“Yes. I need you. I nee-”

“Are you sure? I mean, it really seems like you like Daveed.” he said with a grin.

“Lin, I need you..” you let out in a voice so soft and strained that you weren’t sure he could hear you.

“No misericordia.”

He plowed into you with his full length. You could swear there was nothing more blissful than this. He hit against your g-spot with every stroke. You ground on him and pulled on his hair. He grabbed the floor for support and hovered over you. You felt your impending release for the final time.

“(Y/N). Cum for me. Scream for me.”

You did just that.

Lin rode you off your high. You pulled out of him, got on your knees, and sucked him until he released. You laid on the floor for a few minutes, still calming down. You both got up and started dressing again, barely parting from kisses to actually put on your clothes. You finally finished and Lin turned to you with a face of pure joy. What a dork.

“I don’t know what to say, (Y/N). You are truly amazing.”

You beamed at him and wrapped your arms around his neck. He nuzzled into your sweatshirt and started playing with your hair. 

“I think I love you..”

Well hello fellow nasties

I hope you enjoyed this one!


Cataclysm | 02

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 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | ?

Baekhyun series | Soulmate AU | End of the World AU | Angst (not as much in this part, but overall theme is angsty)

Warnings: mentions of death

Summary: It’s a race against time when there’s a month left until the end of the world and you have yet to find your soulmate.

A/N: I was originally going to wait a week to post this but I got carried away and wrote this part in like 2 days. You’re welcome 😊

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1,000 Piece Puzzle (Connor Murphy x reader imagine)

A/N: Hello beautiful humans! My first request complete! Yay! Also, I feel like I want to make this a series of experiences that Connor and the reader will go through with the pregnancy. Spoilers oops. Also, I’m going to post some headcanons tonight. Have a wonderful day!- Ella
Requested: Yes!
Words: 1415
Warnings: some swearing and this is a teen pregnancy one.

You always wanted to have kids, but not now, not even close to now. You pictured yourself married, in your late 20’s or 30’s, with a house that had picket fences and a minivan ready and prepped. This is not where you thought you would be, 17, sitting on the bathroom floor of a Walgreens, with a positive pregnancy test and crying your eyes out. It could be seen as ironic since you were crying like a baby because you found out you were carrying one, but you couldn’t manage to find any irony in this situation. Denial seemed like the best action, so you told yourself the test was wrong. You bargained with yourself, you would go to the local clinic to have them test it, find out that you aren’t pregnant and never mention any of this to anyone, especially Connor. This plan seemed foolproof.

You and Connor had been joined at the hip since you started dating over a year ago. To others he might have seemed closed off and cruel, but they never took the time to know him. You denied that he changed around you into someone better, in reality he was just his true self without all of the guards that he put up. This didn’t mean that he didn’t get angry or close down, but you knew why he did and he knew that you wouldn’t judge his reasons. Trust was beyond important in your relationship. You trusted him with your life and he trusted you with his. The love and trust you had didn’t mean that you weren’t terrified of telling him because in truth you were beyond terrified.
You went to the appointment and to your fear you were pregnant. The doctor took her time with you and handed you pamphlet after pamphlet with every option you had. You thanked her and told her you would come back in later that week when you had your head on straight and could actually focus.

You had been ignoring Connor’s texts and phone calls all afternoon. Sure you felt bad, but you felt worse knowing that you would have to tell him. What would he say? What would he do? Would he run? Or get angry? A million different variations of these questions invaded your mind. You knew what you would do, deep down you knew, but what Connor would do seemed like a mystery that could only be solved by talking to him.
You knew that after ignoring Connor for a few hours he would be sulking in his room or yours. You decided to start at his house since it was closer to you. You used the key under the planter and walked up to the room you knew so well.
“Hey Connor,” you said softly as you pushed the door closed behind you. Connor immediately sat up.
“Where the fuck have you been? I’ve been going crazy not knowing where you are,” he spoke. His words might have seemed angry but the worry on his face betrayed him.
“I had some stuff I had to deal with,” you replied, not even looking him in the eyes.
“Well that’s specific y/n.”
“I just need you to hold me for a minute before I talk about it.” Connor just nodded, frustration seeping into him, but he sensed that he would need to question later and just hold you in the moment. You climbed into his bed and rested your head on his chest feeling it rise and fall with every inhale and exhale he made. You needed to hold onto him for a few minutes before you confessed, in case he left. You needed a simple and happy memory of him. You told yourself that no matter the reaction you would have these memories and that not telling him wouldn’t make the situation disappear so you may as well admit it to him.
“I have something I need to tell you. It’s bad and it’s scary, I know that, but I still need to tell you,” you said while still laying on the bed with him. You felt his arms tighten around you and him take a large breath.
“I’m not breaking up with you,” with those words he let out a deep sigh, “but you might break up with me after I tell you this.” You took a second before responding, treasuring the moment and every moment you had with each other.
“I’m pregnant.”
“You sure?”
“Very sure”
“What do you want to do?”
“Keep it,” you finally sat up and looked at him with tears spilling out of your eyes. His face was blank and his hands let go of yours. He stood up carefully and left the room. You sat on his bed staring at the door he walked out of. He just stood up and left. You were scared of this, but it was Connor, he promised to always be there for you.
A few minutes later he walked back into the room and sat on the end of his bed. He clutched a worn out blanket with a balloon design covering it.
“If we’re keeping it,” he spoke softly, “It’ll need this blanket. I slept with it every night until I was 12. I used to believe it had good luck or some shit like that so our kid should have it.” Tears were now freely pouring out of your eyes.
“You aren’t mad?”
“Well I was part of the process so it wouldn’t be fair to get mad. Plus you’re carrying my baby so that would make me a fucking ass.” With that you grasped onto him for dear life while he put his arms around you again.
“I’m scared Connor.”
“I’m scared too y/n, but if we figured out that 1,000 piece puzzle together when the electricity went out we can do anything.”

With the appointment set up for later that week you and Connor decided not to tell anyone until you met with the doctor. When you entered the waiting room Connor found your hand and tightly held it until your name was called. The nurse took your vitals and information and gave you a gown to change into. You changed and sat on the exam table while Connor fiddled with your hands.
“When the appointments done I can paint your nails.”
“Only if I can paint yours.”
“I wouldn’t want it any other way.” At that moment the doctor opened the door. She introduced herself to Connor as Dr. Laurens and greeted you with a warm smile. Dr. Laurens then went over all your basic information. She figured that with your last period you were around 8 weeks along.
“Have you thought any more about your options? We will support you with any decision you make. If you choose to terminate we will be there with support, or if you choose to carry the baby we will also be able to give you all the prenatal care you need.”
“I’m keeping the baby. I support a women’s choice, but that’s not the right path for me,” you said nervously. Connor leaned over and kissed your temple.
“Won’t she need vitamins? I think I remember that my Aunt took them when she was pregnant.”
“She will actually need those and many more things, but that can seem overwhelming, so let’s do the ultrasound first. It usually makes it easier to take in all the things you need to do when you know what it’s for.” The doctor set everything up and started the ultrasound. She showed you where the baby’s heartbeat was and confirmed that you were between 8 to 10 weeks along. Half listening all you and Connor could do was watch the life that you had made. It was so small and so precious, and Connor already felt the intense need to protect you and your child.

You and Connor left the appointment with vitamins, appointments set up, lots of information, and an ultrasound of your already beautiful child. You sat in the car together and looked at the photo for 10 minutes before pulling out of parking lot. The love you both felt for the small growing child inside of you was so large that all both of you could do was place gentle hands on your stomach. You knew this would be a lot more complicated than a puzzle, but that didn’t matter the moment you saw the baby you created together.

I fucking love Sean Chiplock

No seriously. He is amazing. I can’t even express how much I admire him and it’s usually easy for me to put these kinds of things into words.

I’m guessing this will be one of those “I need to get this off my chest so expect a long as heck text, thank you” kind of posts. I do not even know yet, I’ll just write and see how it goes. Writing is fun, yo.

Okay so. Sonicmega. Cool dude. Would recommend checking out.

I found him through his “Papyrus Makes a Mixtape” audio in 2015. Shit, I already have a writer’s block. Please brain, work with me. It’s an absolutely hilarious and great lyrical adaption of Bonetrousle, Papyrus’ Theme from Undertale. He wrote the lyrics and voiced both Papyrus and Sans. “Papyrus Makes a Mixtape” was one of the first fanworks of Undertale I ever came across so whenever someone mentions it, I get instant flashbacks to the first days of Undertale. It was one of those songs my sister and I sang the good old days. (And boy, were we into it. We’d even make the facial expressions. Just imagine us listening to it in our car’s speaker and screaming. It’s an accurate image.)

I followed him on tumblr so, occasionally, I’d see his posts but that was it. Basically all I knew about sonicmega. He stuck to me as the voice of Papyrus and Sans in “Papyrus Makes a Mixtape” and “What’s Boning On”, another great masterpiece, if I say so myself.

And then, I happened to purchase a Nintendo Switch in late March of 2017. Money well spent, woop woop! Starting Breath of the Wild was a whole new chapter to me. I had never gone near a Zelda game before that. Breath of the Wild is what got me into the Zelda franchise in general. I don’t know why I had not gotten into Zelda before, being a huge Nintendo fan. Nevertheless, I did and I’m so happy.

Breath of the Wild also got me to realise that I’m a fucking furry ohmygod. I was absolutely not prepared when I walked into Rito Village. I started doing the Main Quest to find Teba. In order to find him, you need to find his wife in the village and for some reason I spent 20 minutes trying to find Saki, aNYWAY. Suddenly Link started doing the “Oh shit, I remember something!” stuff while looking at the village’s landing and that’s how it all started, basically.

I think it was evening. I was lazing out on my couch and watching a freaking gorgeous bird landing in front of Link.

‘Impressive, I know.’

It was at that moment I knew.
Revali was a huge jerk.

But there was something so soothing and charming about his voice and his attitude. I honestly got upset when the cutscene was over. My heart needed more, okay.

So like, I still had that ‘I don’t know what just happened and what the heck that bird was talking about but for some reason I love him’ kind of feeling while making my way to the Flight Range.

And guys, guys, guys.

Teba spoke.

HIS VOICE I CAN’T EVEN- It’s funny because Revali is all I want in my life right now. I’d sacrifice anything for him to be real, it’s crazy. But back then, I was all about Teba. I decided to go to sleep and continue the quest the next day because it was late but I remember fangirling about it all night to my sister, who had not played Breath of the Wild yet. ‘Dude, listen. Today I went to this very cool bird town thing. The setting is all I ever wanted in a village, the soundtrack is my funeral music and there’s this really freaking cool bird warrior with this absolute amazing voice, I want him to sing me goodnight every night, you don’t understand!’

That’s not all of it, however. The first Divine Beast quest I ever started doing was in Gerudo Town, for the Divine Beast Vah Naboris. The thing is, I could not beat Thunderblight Ganon. So I left and headed somewhere else. That somewhere else was Rito Village. I was absolutely terrified to go to Vah Medoh because I was expecting Thunderblight Ganon to come out of no where. I don’t know, I was imagining it to come out and say ‘You thought I forgot about you? Now DIE!’

I’m flying with Teba in the sky, with lasers shooting at us, this epic music that just spoke ‘You can’t fail, bro.’ and the whole scene is so perfect. And when it was time to land on Medoh and Teba got hurt, I screamed‘Listen, Teba, my man, we can talk about this? You can like, wait in the corner. Don’t be like Riju, stay with me man.’

And so, Teba leaves. Link does his Sheikah Slate magic and I hear this voice that I can’t shake the feeling I’ve heard before.

‘Well now, I’ve seen this face before…’

‘… Do I know you from somewhere?’

As I mentioned before, I had not beaten Thunderblight Ganon at that point. I did not know who the voice speaking to me inside Vah Naboris was. I thought of Urbosa as “That spy girl who reminds me of Wyldstyle from the LEGO Movie”. I had no idea that the people speaking to you in the Divine Beasts were seen in flashbacks.

To me, Revali was “sir sassy beast, who is probably a black haired tall Hylian dude”. Beating Windblight Ganon with him cheering me was something I needed, if that makes sense. The way ‘I can’t believe I’m actually saying this… But you must avenge me, Link!’ was performed gave me the chills. It meant so much knowing that someone had finally faith in me while I fought that thing.

‘Well I’ll be plucked… You defeated him, eh?’

He lands in the exact same way he had in his cutscene. ‘WAIT HOLD ON, IT WAS JERKISH RITO ALL ALONG!?’ I literally died at that moment. I don’t know how to explain my excitement other than saying I died. Which is not a bad thing considering Revali is a spirit and if I become one I’ll be able to be with him, right, right, right

After Revali gave me his gale and I started realising what the heckling heck was happening, I was in tears. It was the first time I cried in the game. I sound dramatic but it’s true. I felt this ‘Oh god. Husband birb gave me his power. I must not fail him. Wait what, husband? Where did this come from?’. The music. THE MUSIC. ICANSPEAKABOUTHISTHEMEFORHOURSANDHOURSAND-

Technical Difficulties. Please stand by…

The quest in Rito Village is by far my favourite. I loved the characters, the sceneries, the scenario and the overall atmosphere. ‘Love’ is a perfect way to describe my feelings towards this place. I always feel so welcome there.

Then there’s this… Not so welcome place. Not welcome at the outside, at least. Going through the lost woods, feeling lost, alone, scared, only to be greeted in a forest decorated in green by some tiny creatures and… A tree. I looked at it and thought ‘Is this my father? Why do I feel so safe around him? Why is he so perfect for a tree?’

A month and a half later, I believe, I finished Breath of the Wild. I decided to see what the fanbase was about. By freaking instict I type “Revali” in tumblr’s search bar. I had found my home. Literally.

I don’t remember how exactly this happened but I started listening to some audios popping up. ‘Oh man, sonicmega has such a good Ravioli voice!’ I was so happy to see that a creator I was already familiar with had produced something related to my new obsession.

Oh little did I know.

Realising he was the official voice for Revali, Teba and Deku tree made me throw my phone down and scream. I could not process it all. I was so feeling so ??? but so !!! at the same time, it was weird.

As I said, I had never really gotten to know Sean as a person and view his overall work. Currently, I have notifications to his tumblr turned on for his tumblr and I’m afraid I freak him out whenever I like posts three seconds after they are posted, oops. And I may or may not have downloaded all of the Revali and Teba voicelines he was making at some point. I’m not crazy, I’m just filling up my fangirl needs.

Sean is so talented? He can do a huge variety of voices and he has such potential. Listening to his performance in literally everything is such a pleasure. I have never been unsatisfied with his work. 

But honestly? What’s being talented if you are not “a person”? To me, being a good person is what matters the most. While yes, being talented is an amazing trait, being good, generous and kind is way more important.

This is why I like and admire Sean so much. Because not only he has gifted us with his voice acting skills but with being real as well. For connecting with his fanbase. For showing us what it’s like - not to voice a character - but to be a person voicing a character.

It’s important to remember that behind all the content we see, there is a person. A living, breathing person. Nowdays, I think it’s very rare to find someone who is so genuine and passionate about not only their work but their fans as well. Someone who treats their fanbase as allies and does not see themselves superior of them all.

Yesterday, a video by @ojedi popped up at my YouTube feed. She was explaining what had happened in her stream of fighting Calamity Ganon in Breath of the Wild. Basically, Sean was there, watching her beat it. He even recorded an audio in his Revali voice, congratulating her for defeating Ganon and also paid for her E3 ticket. I rushed over to watch the ending of the stream. I was smiling like an idiot throughout the whole thing. And even cried but details. I could feel Haley’s happiness. I just discovered her channel but I am so godamn happy for her. The fact that Sean took the time to do all of this, it warms my heart. Not everyone does this. The kindess this person spreads is something I admire so much.

My dad found an old mp3 somewhere and gave it to me. I already have an mp3 so I decided to use that one to listen to podcasts before going to sleep. The first podcast I listened to, a few days ago, was “ZI Podcast Ep. 055 - Talking with Sean Chiplock”. I am planning on listening to some more I have found.

To begin with, listening to podcasts before sleeping is a great experience and I recommend it a lot. It helps you relax and concentrate, making you both listen to something you enjoy and falling asleep easier. I quite enjoyed the podcast. No, wait. I loved it. As I mentioned more than once already, to me, being real, being a person is more important than talent. Listening to how Sean got into voice acting and how he managed to achieve his dreams is a truly beautiful story and very inspirational.

Sean Chiplock is my role model. I want to be like him when I grow up. I want to be able to interact with my fanbase and give as much as I can. I want to be there, I want to be real.

I don’t know what else to say other than thank you @sonicmega. Thank you for being such a wonderful person. For inspiring us to do things and for making us see some situations in ways we had not thought of. I hope you know you are a huge source of inspiration to so many people and that we’ll continue to support you until the end and even more than that.

Personally, I was going through a very strange stage of my life. As if a new chapter was opened in which you were big help and inspiration in. Thank you for everything you have done. This summer, I learned so many things about voice acting. I also saw how someone can choose how they act towards anyone else, regardless of how well known they are. You interacting with your fanbase, for example. Treating fans as people and not something else. (I already believed this kind of interaction was possible. But seeing it in action is something absolutely fascinating for me.) All those mean a lot. They mean more than I can say.

Thank you, Sean. For everything.

Twisted In Love (D.T) Part 3

Summary:  Y/N is an up and coming YouTuber. Grayson falls in love with her, and wants her to be his. Little did he know that his twin brother Ethan had the same idea. Who will win her heart? Who’s heart will get broken?

Word Count: 3,691

Warning: Smut.

A/N: Team Ethan or Team Grayson?


* * Times Skip - 3 Months * *

Reader’s POV

It’s been three months since Ethan asked me to be his girlfriend at the pizza place. Things between us were going pretty well. The fans were starting to accept our relationship, so the hate started to die down a little. Ethan and Grayson were back to normal. There was no more tension between them, which was a relief. Grayson and I on the other hand, we weren’t really on speaking terms. He still hasn’t spoken to me since what happened. He still hasn’t forgiven me. I mean I guess I can’t really blame him. He was dating Tana Mongeau now. That trashy YouTuber. Yeah I said it! I honestly don’t know what he sees in her. I didn’t even know he was into those kind of girls. I mean he seems happy, so I’m happy for him I guess.

I was in my room writing down some ideas for next weeks video. My YouTube channel literally blew up over night. Three months ago, I had about 197,000 subscribers, now I’m a couple hundred subscribers away from 1 million! It obviously had a lot to do with the boys shouting me out on Twitter, when they first saw my channel. I was now verified on Twitter, which is fucking crazy! I got invited to Playlist Live in Orlando next weekend! How did so much happen in 3 months? I’m more than grateful for all of this. There was so much love and support from the fans, but with all that love and support, comes a lot of hate. Some fans would say how I used the boys to help boost my YouTube career. I knew that wasn’t true, the guys knew it wasn’t true, but it was still hard to hear. The guys found my channel. They decided to shout me out, they wanted to film a collab, I didn’t make them do any of that. I mean yes of course them doing all that had a big play in where I am with my career now, but I didn’t use them. 

I was laying in my bed scrolling through Twitter, when Ethan called me. A smile crept upon my face before I answered.

“Hey!” I said!

“What are you up too?” Ethan asked, before I heard a car door closing.

“Nothing much, trying to come up with some ideas for the new video.” I said, scribbling random shapes onto my notebook.

“How’s that coming along?” he asked.

“It’s not. I’m one of those creators block, or whatever you call it. What are you doing?” I asked changing the subject.

He laughed slightly before speaking again. “ Well I’m on my way home right now, but how about we go get some ice cream, and I can help you come up with an idea for the video?” 

“That sounds like a great idea! I’ll get ready and meet you at your place.” I said, closing up my notebook. 

“Sounds good. I’ll see you soon babe.” Ethan said before hanging up.

I stayed in a bed for a few more minutes looking through some tweets, when I noticed the trends. #GrayanaIsOverParty was trending number 1 (Grayana is Tana & Grayson ship name, gross!) Why is this trending? I thought to myself. I clicked on the hashtag, and all I saw were fans calling Tana a hoe, and a slut. I mean that’s nothing new, but I was confused as to way they were saying this. I scrolled a little more, and there was a link to a video. I clicked the link and it took me to Kian’s and JC’s channel. It was a video called “Sexual Spin The Bottle” and Tana was in the thumbnail. It was almost impossible not to cringe watching this video. After watching the video, I decided to go look at her Twitter. Why not? Her last tweet was an hour ago. 

@tanamongeau: When your bf doesn’t like the new YouTube video so he breaks up with you. Oops 

What a bitch.

* * * *

I was in the bathroom finishing up getting ready, so I could go meet Ethan at his apartment. I was brushing my hair, when my Twitter notification had gone off. I walked over to the night stand to check. Looks like Grayson had just posted a new tweet. I’ve always had his, and Ethan’s notifications on. I guess I just never remembered to cut it off. 

@GraysonDolan: Positive Vibes.

I stomach dropped a little thinking about how Grayson must’ve been feeling about the video, and the whole situation. I wanted to reach out and see if he was ok, but I knew I shouldn’t. He wasn’t going to respond to me anyway. I liked and retweeted the tweet, before closing out of the app locking my phone.

I finished brushing my hair, and grabbed my wallet, and my keys of the bed before heading out.

* * * * 

I was outside Ethan’s apartment. I texted him letting him know I was here, but I don’t know what’s taking him so long to open the door. I held up my fist to knock again but the door opened, revealing Grayson.  

“Ethan’s in the shower.” Grayson said coldly, moving out the door way and into the kitchen.

It was like he could careless if I was there. I hate this. I miss him. Before all of this, he was my friend. Can I at least have my friend back? I walked over to the kitchen, and stood by the counter. Grayson was sitting at the dining table, eating some In n Out. I’m pretty sure he knew I was standing there, but he just wanted to be an ass and ignore me. I wanted to ask him if he was okay. I wanted to just talk to him. So I did.

“I heard about what happened with Tana…” I said. He took a sip from his drink, and looked at me with side eyes.

“You didn’t deserve that. You don’t deserve to be made a fool of li-”

“You would know about making someone look like a fool. Don’t you Y/N?” he interrupted me.

Okay, seriously? Why is he being such a jerk? I get that I made him look stupid, but I apologized so many times. He knows how bad I feel about it, so can’t he just let it go? Its been 3 months already!

“Okay, I get you’re still mad but that doesn’t mean you can keep being a dick to me! If you can drop what happened with Ethan, why can’t you drop it with me? We both started dating other people. I’m sorry your relationship with Tana Mongoose didn’t work out. But I had feelings for you Grayson, I did! I tried to reach out. Hell I even went over to see you. I wanted to try and talk to you. But I show up, and you got Tana’s legs spread out in the fucking air, screaming your fucking name! …” I paused. The memory of that moment came flooding back in my brain. I honestly wanted to throw up.

“Look Grayson, I get it okay?” my voice a little calmer.

“It was just so overwhelming to see you guys fight like that. I felt awful knowing that I was the reason. But you need to understand where I was coming from when I didn’t want to make a choice. I thought what I did was the right thing to do. I didn’t want to have to choose between you guys… I couldn’t!”

“But you did choose!” he said, his voice a little louder than before.

I wanted to say something, but before I could Ethan entered the room.

“You ready babe?” Ethan asked, wrapping his hands around my waist. I saw Grayson get up from the dining table, and walked towards his room.

“Yeah, lets go.” I said, with a half smile. 

* * * *

We were sitting outside the fro-yo place eating frozen yogurt, and talking about some ideas for my videos. Ethan was talking about doing a couple’s tag, but to be completely honest, I wasn’t really paying attention. My mind was still stuck on that awkward moment between Grayson and I. “But you did choose.” what he said kept replaying itself in my head. Grayson was right, I did choose. I chose Ethan. I was happy with the choice I made. I was happy with him. So why do I am I starting to feel like I made the wrong choice. 



“Y/N!” Ethan said loudly, pulling me out of my thoughts.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“You haven’t said much since we sat down.”

“Yeah, sorry. I’m not really feeling good.” I lied. There was nothing wrong with me. But I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell Ethan I was thinking about his twin brother. 

“Want me to take you home?” he said, giving me a worried look and I nodded.

Ethan and I arrived at my apartment. He walked me upstairs, wanting to make sure I was okay before leaving. I wasn’t even sick, so I felt bad that he was worrying so much. He offered to stay for a while, but I wanted to soak in the bath, and be alone.

“Ethan, I’m fine! I’m just grabbing some water, and I’m going to go take a bath. We can FaceTime whenever you get home.” I said, giving him a kiss on the lips. He pulled away, and said the three words I was not expecting him to say.

“I love you.” he said, as he moved a strain of hair behind my ear. 

Ethan Dolan just told me he loves me. Why am I standing here like an idiot? Say it back you idiot!

“Ethan. I-I l-”  I wanted to say it back, I tried to say it back. But nothing came out. I just stood there like a deer in headlights.

“Y/N it’s okay. I’m not expecting you to say it back. I just wanted you to know how I felt. Whenever you’re ready babe!” he said, kissing me on the forehead.

“I’ll call you later.” he said, walking out the door of my apartment.

* * * *

Grayson’s POV

I was laying on the couch, scrolling through Twitter on my phone. Thought I’d follow, and DM some fans back. I was scrolling through my notifications, I saw that Y/N liked and retweeted one of my tweets from earlier. I wonder if she still had my post notifications on. I couldn’t help but smile a little at the thought. Remembering when she first told me that. She was so embarrassed, she turned as red as a tomato. My thoughts went back to the somewhat of a conversation we had earlier. That was the most we’ve spoken in months. I just don’t know why she chose Ethan over me. It was me she had the “celebrity crush” on. She liked me. I liked her. We would’ve been perfect together.

I heard the front door open. It was probably Ethan and Y/N coming back from their date. The door opened revealing just Ethan. Y/N wasn’t with him. 

“Yo.” I said, as he entered the living room.

“Yo!” he responded back, giving me a head nod.

“Where’s Y/N?” I asked, curious.

“She wasn’t feeling good, so I took her home.” he said before walking into his bedroom.

We were currently in his room, working on editing the video for next week. It didn’t take us long, because I had already did half of it while Ethan was out. Ethan told me he was gonna FaceTime Y/N, so I went back to my room.

It was 11:45 pm. I was laying in bed, and I could hear Ethan talking to Y/N in the living room. He seriously couldn’t sit in his room, close the door and talk to her? I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bitter about the whole thing. She was suppose to be my girl. Not his. If it wasn’t for Ethan, coming into the situation, she would’ve been mine. We would be the ones on face-timing right now. Not them. He just had to slide into her DMs even after knowing that I wanted to talk to her! Than on top of that he tried to lie, and hide it! I threw my phone across the room, feeling pissed off at Ethan all over again.

I threw on a white t-shirt, and some black Adidas sweats. I ran my fingers through my hair, before putting on my snapback. I picked up my phone from the floor, and grabbed my keys. I told Ethan I was heading out, before slamming the apartment door shut.

* * * *

I stood in front of her apartment door for what felt like hours, but its only been a few minutes. What am I doing here? Why am I even here? I don’t know, but I just needed to see her.

My hands formed a fist, as I knocked against the hard wood of the door. I knocked a few more times, and I could faintly hear someone talking from the other side.

“E, I gotta go. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Y/N said. I’m guessing she hung up because not long after that, the door opened.


“What are you doing here?” she asked, slightly confused. She stepped to the side, letting me in and closing the door behind us.

“I heard Ethan say you weren’t feeling good, so I just wanted to see if you were okay.” I said, standing in the middle of the living room.

“You can sit down you know?” she said sitting down on her couch. 

“And I’m not sick. I just told E that, so he would take me home.” she said, nibbling her bottom lip. A habit of hers I’ve picked up on pretty quickly. She usually does it when she’s feeling bad or guilty about something. 

“Why’d you do that?” I asked, sitting on the couch next to her.

“I don’t know.” her voice was at a whisper. She was fiddling with the ends of her sleeves. I can tell she was lying. She did know why, she just didn’t want to tell me.

We talked for a bit, catching up with what’s been happening with our lives. I congratulated her on hitting 1 Million subscribers on YouTube. I was honestly so proud of her. I just wish I could’ve been a part of all her great achievements. I was too busy being mad at Y/N for what she did, and in spite I started dating some blonde bimbo, trying to get over her. But I never did. My feelings for her never went away. No matter how much I tried to act like I didn’t care, I always have. I was such  prideful person, that I didn’t want to admit it. When Ethan started dating her, words couldn’t even explain how much that hurt me. But I still kept that “I don’t care” attitude going. Even though deep down I knew we belonged together. I don’t want to be that prideful person anymore. I don’t want to lie about my feelings anymore. I need to tell her

“I love you Y/N!” I said, cutting her off. 

“Wh-What did you just say? she asked, standing up from the couch looking at me.

“I said I lo-” I tried to speak but she cut me off.

“No! Shut up!” she yelled at me.

“Why would you do that? You can’t… You can’t just randomly come here, and tell me you love me Grayson! You can’t do that! Especially when I’m dating your brother! For fuck sake, I love you too, but I’m with your bro-” I didn’t let her finish. 

I grabbed the sides of her cheeks and crashed my lips onto hers. She kissed me back, but trying her hardest to keep her arms at her side. Her arms found their way around my neck. I smile into the kiss as I felt her wrapping her arms tighter. Our lips were moving in sync, my hands trailed down her waist. I rested them on the small of her back, pulling her body closer against mine. Her chest against mine, as I could feel my heart beat out of my chest. 

I pulled away from our kiss, and rest my forehead on top of hers. My eyes meeting her beautiful brown ones. My hands found her butt giving it a playful squeeze.

“Jump.” I whispered, before connecting my lips on her soft plump ones.

She jumps wrapping her legs around my waist, as I continue to kiss her intensely. Without breaking the kiss I carry her into her bedroom, and set her down on the set. She takes the collar of my shirt, and pulls me down on top on her. I moved my hands along her sides, stopping at the bottom of her shirt. I pulled her shirt up slowing revealing her stomach. She arched her back, so I could continue removing her shirt. I stopped kissing her for a quick second to pull the shirt over her head, and tossing it on the floor. Her hands made way under my shirt, running her hands up and down my back. She grabbed the trim of my shirt, I pulled my body away from her letting drag off my shirt one arm at a time, than tugging it off my head. I reconnected my lips onto hers, licking her bottom lip for entrance. She parted her lips letting me in, and our kiss deepened.

I moved my hands down slowly, my fingers meeting the waist of her shorts, and slowly pulled them down her legs. I bent down kissing her most private part through her red lace panties, as I run my hands down the back of her legs. She shivered slightly, and I glance up seeing her smiling down at me. I gave her a smirk, as I slid her panties down, tossing them on the floor with her shorts. 

I stood at the end of the bed, pulling down my sweats, and boxers, kicking them off to the side. Not once did my eyes leave her. She looked so beautiful laying there waiting for me. A part of me was feeling really bad for doing this to Ethan, but a part of me didn’t really care. As harsh as that sounds, I didn’t. He knew how I felt about Y/N. But he still decided to go after her. I know I say it a lot, but she belongs with me. And tonight I’m going to show her just how much I want her. 

I grabbed her ankles, and pulled her towards the end of the bed. I climbed on top of her, grabbing her hands, raising them over her head, and locking her fingers with mine.

“Want me to show you who the better twin is? I asked, planting wet kisses up and down her neck. 

“I’m gonna make you feel better than Ethan ever could.” I whispered against her lips.

“Ethan and I… We never… We never had sex…” she said. Her eyes locking on mine.

What? Her and Ethan never had sex? Why? I mean obviously that’s a good thing, but why the hell didn’t he want to tap that ass? Maybe he did? Maybe she didn’t want to have sex with him? I don’t know, but the thought of Y/N never even being touched by my brother turned me on 10 times more. She’s mine. All mine. 

“Mmm.” she hummed, as I pushed my dick into her slowly, not wanting to hurt her. 

Her eyes locked on mine, as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I had her hands in mine, still resting over her head. I was dominantly her physically, but emotionally, she had me at her mercy. I started picking up my pace moving in and out of her body. My eyes never leaving hers. I could feel Y/N digging her nails into my back. But I didn’t mind. That just means I was doing my job. 

“Fuck! Grayson!” she screamed out, as I began to thrust deeper into her. 

I could see her face start to flush, and I felt her body tighten around me. She was close, and I was too. I can feel myself creeping closer and closer into the edge of an orgasm. I started to move faster, and harder.

“G-Grayson, I’m about to cum!” she moaned.

“Cum for me Y/N!” I groaned, pumping my entire length inside her.

“F-fuck!” she half moaned, and half screamed. I continued stroking deeper and faster strokes, until I felt our bodies trembling against each other, and we both came together. 

I rolled over on my side, pulling her naked body close to mind. 

“What did we just do?” she asked. Tracing circles into my bare chest.

I didn’t say anything. We both knew exactly what we did. Y/N just cheated on Ethan, and I just had sex with his girlfriend. Probably by far the most shittiest thing I’ve done. 

“I love you Gray.” Y/N said.

A little taken back at the fact that she just told me she loves me. But I didn’t question her about it. I knew she meant it. I just knew. 

“I love you too babygirl.” I said as I placed a kiss on her forehead. I pulled her closer, and held her tighter against me. 

How can something be so wrong, but feel so right?


Oops! I wrote angst… (more like a heartbreak fic) sorry!!

This story is based off the lyrics of the song “Saturn” by Sleeping At Last. I cried while writing this. So don’t worry if you do too… (y’all can cry with me)

I sat down on the chair beside her bed and knew that today was her last day. The last day I had with her. She looked up at me with a sad smile. Tears were welling up in her eyes but she was strong. She didn’t let any of them fall. So, I didn’t either. I had to stay strong for her right down to her final breath.

She had shown me all the beauty you could ever find in the world. Had shown me the stars and light that I never knew I could have. She taught me to be brave and to have courage. Not just on the battlefield but to face death and loss with the same courage. She built me up from the ground and made me the strongest I had ever been. She explained to me how rare it is to exist. To live. And taught me to cherish every breath, every moment I live my life. Even after she was gone.

She told me that she would always love me, even though I could be thousands of worlds away after she leaves. That she would never, ever forget the centuries we had spent together and would keep the memories forever in her heart. That her feelings for me are eternal and will never fade even though she would no longer be beside me. That the entire universe had been made for me. That every single thing in this world was made to be seen by me.

She told me that she would live on through her paintings. That they told each and every one of the stories of our time together if I looked hard enough. That she would live on through every single star. Every splash of colour in Velaris. Every flower… every tree. She would live on through my heart, my soul… my mind. Would be part of every little thing. Every grain of sand and every gust of wind. Every. Single. Thing. In the world that I lived in.

I didn’t want her to leave. I didn’t want to let her go. But it was her time to move on and my time was getting closer and closer. Mor, Azriel, Elain, Lucien, Cassian, and Nesta had already left this world and moved onto the next one. She was going to join them soon. I was going to join them soon. Only Amren remained. Everyone else had faded away. She had broken the bargain we had made a long time ago. Said that it was not okay to leave the Night Court without a ruler. So, she would fade… but I would not. Would be left to suffer the pain alone. Left alone to grieve over the loss of everyone with only Amren by my side.

I knew that my time would come. That the pain wouldn’t last forever. That I would one day join the rest of my family. But I sure as hell would miss them in the meantime. Amren would also join us because she was now a true High Fae. She would leave this world too. We would all leave this world behind.
I knew I would be remembered. I was, after all the most powerful High Lord in existence. Still am. But my powers are depleting. Just like the powers of the woman lying down on that bed next to me.

She took hold of my hand, her skin old and wrinkly. She gently pressed the tips of her fingers against the back of my hand. She looked up at me once more and I saw that light was leaving her eyes. Her once thick brown hair was now thin and white. She was… leaving me. I squeezed my eyes shut, couldn’t stand to see the light in her eyes disappear.

“I love you…” She whispered.

As she took her final, heaving breath I opened my eyes. Looked one more time at her infinitely beautiful face and her paling skin. Looked one more time at the woman who had entered my heart, the woman who ruled beside me… the woman who I loved so deeply. The woman who had defied death only to fade away. The string connecting our two souls stretched and stretched until it snapped and the sudden hollowness I felt from the disappearance of the bond replaced the constant hum of the mating bond. It… it shattered me.

She would no longer be there for me when I faced my nightmares, her face would become the centerpiece of my nightmares. My hands began shaking and I let out a roar. A roar full of pain and agony at the loss of… her. The other half of my soul. The one who was always there for me whether I liked it or not. She was… gone. Tears filled my eyes and I let out a ragged breath I didn’t know I had been holding. The tears streamed down my face freely now.

Feyre was gone.

Kpop Parents Connections #The3rdMeeting #TheDadsAreInCharge

( @lxnchiii gave me this idea for this post a while ago and I’m finally doing it now. Sorry for the lateness I’ve just had no time to write.)

Jaebum: Welcome Dads and Maknaes! As you can see we decided to do this meeting a little differently. Change things up, and really connect as famil—

Rap Monster: Did Jinyoung make you sleep on the couch again?

Jaebum: Lol *starts shuffling notes* why would you say that?

Yugyeom: Because he did.

Top: Been down that road bro. You gotta show him who’s in charge. A good marriage is about give and take. Trust and loyalty. Love an–

Jaebum: Um didn’t the story just break about GD’s secret girlfriend?

MJ: *snickers*


Sungyyu: Woah! no reason to get upset with the kid. It’s pretty funny, you have to admit.

Top: *calms down* Yeah i guess you’re right bro

Jaebum: I’m happy you were able to settle tha–

Top: Shut up

Jaebum: Yes sir

Changkyun: Okay sorry, I don’t want to be rude but Kihyun told me I couldn’t go home unless Monsta X was appreciated fully at this meeting.

Tao: Lol why?

Jungkook: You guys can’t even get appreciation on the charts.

Sungjong: *chokes*

Leo: I’m going to go make some coffee.

Jaebum: Tao?!! Why are you here??? Why are there so many Exo members?

Kris: Well everyone knows Yixing kind of stepped up as a father figure once I left-

Yixing: *nods*

Kris: So Suho decided it may be good if the “ex” and the “next” teamed up to support our dysfunctional families.

Seungcheol: Question though. Why are Tao and Sehun both here? Shouldn’t there be only one Maknae?

Yixing: Well see Exo is made up of M and K and toget–

Sehun: Shut up dad, they don’t care.


Sanha: I don’t feel comfortable being here.

Yugyeom: *whispers to Hyuk*  pretty sure my dad would kill me if I ever said that.

Hyuk: Mine already did.

Jaebum: Let’s get back on track. Vixx just had an impressive comeback. Way to go guys! ….Wait…Where did Leo go that fast?

Zelo: Pretty sure he went out the back door when he said he was going to go get coffee.

Hyuk: Not again.

Kris: Lol I’m usually the absentee father. But that’s the past, I’m fully committed to being in my kid’s liv-

Seungri: Yo Yifan! I got the score on 3 models with daddy issues in a hotel room in 5 minutes! First 3 rounds of soju are on me! You down?

Kris: *stands up* I never liked Exo anyway *leaves with Seungri*


Dino: *to Seungcheol* Just in case I never said it. You’re a great dad.

Sungjong: *to Sunggyu* Same

Changkyun: *to Shownu* agreed

JungKook: *looks at Namjoon*

Namjoon: *smiles back*

Jungkook: Nahh *pulls out phone and starts texting*

Yongguk: Yo Yugyeom! Did Jinyoung make any cookies for the meeting this week?

Yugyeom: Oh yeah I almost forgot! *pulls out small container and passes it to Yongguk* Jinyoung said he made them especially for dads meeting!

Yongguk: *takes a bite*

Yongguk: These taste like ass

Yugyeom: Ohhh wait!! Those were the ones I was suppose to only give JB! My bad bro.

Zelo: Wouldn’t be the first questionable thing he’s put in his mouth.

MJ: *covers Sanha’s ears*

Sehun: Is this almost over? BamBam just sent me a message about an Fboi meeting down the hall.

Yongguk: *pulls out phone* I got the text too!

Yixing: Same *high fives him*

Namjoon: *checks phone* I did to- Wait it’s just a por–

Jaebum: NOOO the meeting is not almost over! Bap came back and we haven’t even acknowledged them yet!

Top: Let’s be honest nobody is saying anything because Zelo has roadkill attached to the back of his head and Yongguk is–

Yongguk: I’m going to go make coffee

Yongguk: *leaves*

Yugyeom: *to Zelo* You think he’s coming back?

Zelo: Nah fam he’s gone, and he was my ride.

Hyuk: Don’t worry bro, i got bus fare.

Dino: You act like you get left a lot

Hyuk: 3 times a week

Tao: I feel your pain


Tao: Honestly I didn’t have anything to do and I wanted a cookie before i left.

Seungcheol: But they’re ass flavored.

Yixing: He doesn’t mind.

Sungjong: Why are you all so gross? I feel like I have to be a fake person to even fit in here.

Changkyun: *mutters* Says the person who makes all the plastic detectors go off in the airports.


Shownu: Ouch

Jaebum: Hey Shownu! You’ve been so quiet. Is there anything you want to say?

Shownu: no

Sunggyu: We are literally the nicest people here, why in the world are we getting dragged?

Top: Calm down gramps, you’re like 5 years late to the insult, they already moved on.

Sunggyu: *cups ear* A gas station in Tuscon???!!

Jungkook: You remind me of someone old I once knew….

MJ: So we’ll be leaving….this was…something

Sanha: Daddy what does Fboi mean?


MJ: SEEE YOU ALL NEXT TIME!! *drags Sanha out*

Namjoon: We’ll be leaving too. I heard that Jin may be cheating on me with some statuesque type guy an-

JungKook: And i just thought we were too good to be here *leaves*

Dino: We need to leave too, we have a comeback to practice for *leaves with Seungcheol*

Seungcheol: *stops in doorway*

Seungcheol: But we did enjoy “Checking I-

Top: *Slams door in Seungcheol’s face* Oops…it slipped….. I’m rolling too, don’t invite me to anymore of these. *opens door and pushes past Seungcheol*

Seungcheol: I think my nose is broken

Changkyun: We’re bouncing out, Starship is getting sick of our losses and said we can’t stay out late as punishment

Zelo: But it’s only 2pm


Shownu: *whispers* not again *leaves too*

Jaebum: You know, sometimes i wish i could go back in time and save him.

Sunggyu: Well we’re out! I’ll be here next time with Woohyun he really wanted to come! *leaves*

Sungjong: I’ll be busy the next meeting

Jaebum: But it’s not even scheduled ye-

Sungjong: *slams door behind him*

Hyuk: Yo Zelo, you ready to go?

Zelo: Yeah dude, but I mean I was ready after the first 5 minutes *both leave laughing*

Jaebum: *mutters* Being around these idols is starting to make me sick.

Yugyeom: Nah it’s just the coffee. Jinyoung had me slip something in that too.

Sehun: Come on Yixing, I want to go home. This was boring and no one complimented my “boyfriend look” today. *leaves with a humph*

Yixing: Thanks for having us, It’s nice to be recognized for something more than being Chinese *follows Sehun*

Jaebum: Whew finally this meeting is over!

Tao: *clears throat*


Tao: So about the cookies…

Jaebum: Why don’t you do something you’re actually good at and just leave!


Yugyeom: Damnnnn

Tao: You cut me deep bro…you cut me real deep *adjusts prada leather coat with panda fur and leaves*

Yugyeom: Yeah so I’m going home too Jinyoung made dinner and I don’t want my plate to get cold.

Jaebum: Yugyeom

Yugyeom: Yes?

Jaebum: Can you ask him if I can come home now?


Yugyeom: Probably not *leaves*

Jaebum: I quit.

Seungcheol: *from hallway* MY NOSE WON’T STOP BLEEDING!!

Jaebum: *leaves*

More Than Words

It’s been like a month or something like that since I last posted oops. I don’t know if I should start a series or like is that too early lmao? I’ve actually been really busy lately so I honestly don’t know if I would have time to write one. Also I’ve been really into SKAM like sorry about it. Also I’m crying this gif is the scene 

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Bias x Reader 

Word Count: 893

Summary: This is pretty much based off one of my favorite scenes in SKAM when Noora’s singing to William, but you can imagine it’s you singing to your crush (bias) for the first time ;) Also you and your bias have a weird kind of relationship where he makes it clear he’s in love with you and you try to make yourself as hard to get as possible. Y/B= Your Bias

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You looked around his trashed apartment seeing all the alcohol bottles, cans, tins, you name it, it was probably somewhere in his place. Parties were never really your scene, but your friends desperately wanted you to come because they knew about your thing with Y/B. They shipped you two so hard it was kind of weird how much they could care about your love life more than their own. 

Well sometime during the party one of his neighbors called the police and the party had to come to an end. You weren’t going to deny it, it was hella fun and you and Y/B had been kind of flirting the entire time. 

It made you sick how much he could make your heart race from just one look, but you knew you couldn’t fall for him because he was after all, a player. He basically brought a new girl home with him every night, practically slept with all of the girls in your grade (besides you and your friends of course). 

You didn’t leave his apartment after the police came though, you had no ride and you were not motivated to walk all the home, so what was the point is trying to leave with the rest of the crowd? So you stayed behind and wandered his living room, walking around mindlessly not knowing if he was even going to find you in there. Well he did and let’s just say he looked even better than he did 10 minutes ago, if that was even possible?

“Why didn’t you leave with the rest?” he questioned after stumbling upon your small figure. 

“I-I had no ride and wasn’t about to walk 3 miles so..Er..Do you mind if I crash here tonight?” you squeaked out. 

“That’s fine, as long as you make it a habit to sleep here every time you come to one of my parties,” he replied with a sly smirk. 

After that cheeky remark you couldn’t really retort because you knew if you did you were ending up in his bed tonight, and you couldn’t let this happen. 

Player Y/N. Remember he’s a player. He only wants you for sex. Don’t fall for his stupid mind games.

It took you a few seconds to realize he was no longer in front of you and had moved to the couch while you were desperately trying to calm yourself down. You watched him for a second as he picked up the guitar next to the couch you hadn’t noticed before. 

“You any good?” you asked him sincerely. 

“You could say that, but even if I wasn’t I’d still be better than you.” he replied with that same sly smirk on his undoubtedly hot face. 

“Excuse you, Sir. I happen to be pretty good if I may say so myself.” you huffed, reaching for the guitar that he hadn’t even strummed a note on yet.

You quickly cracked your knuckles and strummed a couple notes before you looked at him and returned a smirk, “I bet you play guitar for all the girls you take to bed with you, right?”

He just shook his head and chuckled at you before moving to the window to light up a smoke. 

You could tell he was unsure of your actual abilities on guitar, so this was your moment to prove him wrong and rub it in his face.

You started to play the first chords to a song your grandmother used to play for you when you were a kid. You admit you were a little nervous to sing in front of this boy who had probably seen and heard talent from all sorts of girls. What makes you think you’re so special that he would bother listening?

Saying I love you is not the words I want to hear from you. 

At those first lyrics he stared intently at you smiling like a fool. Point Y/N.

It’s not that I want you, not to say but if you only knew, how easy it would be to show me how you feel…

By now it was a battle of who would break eye contact first and you sang to him with a voice as sweet as sugar.

More than words is all you need to do to make it real. Then you wouldn’t have to say, that you love me. 

Not even a breath could be heard from the boy that stood across from you as he threw his cigarette out the window.

Cause I’d already know. What would you do, if my heart was torn in two? 

His face faltered for a split second.

More than words to show you feel. That your love for me is real.

He leans forward.

What would you say? If I took those words away? And you couldn’t make things new…

He inches towards you.

Just by saying I love you.

He takes the guitar from your hands and cups your face in his hands so gently like he would ruin you if he held you any harder.

“Why must you make me fall for you even more?” he mutters so faintly.

“I-” he cuts you off by pressing his lips to yours for a sweet and passionate kiss.

This time it was hard to hold yourself back when he indeed showed his love with more than just words.

High School Band AU: Ch. 8

TW: Mentionings of an attempt of raping

Seniors. They look like a bunch of gorillas, bumping, grinding, groaning in this little jungle that was this house whose owners were probably away on a trip for the weekend, leaving the baby gorilla alone. But gorillas live in packs, and drink in packs, and the male gorillas cat call the female ones in packs, ugh… senior are gross. And you, the freshman, the little domesticated chimp monkey, can’t say a thing about this, you can only smile and hope this torture ends soon.

“Nervous?” Jaehee asks you, helping you zip the pleated skirt in the back.

“Terrified, actually.”

“I would be too.” Wow, such a great motivator. “I mean… this is part of the rush, right? Getting nervous… if you weren’t feeling anything, it would be a problem.” Oh… that actually makes sense.

“Yes, you’re right.” You smile and look straight at her through the mirror. “How do I look?”

“Much greater than I would expect. When Saeyoung said he would dress you as a schoolgirl, I was so scared, but this… is very cute. So you look cute”

“Thanks, Jaehee.” You two smile at each other, like good friends.

“So, MC, just to… make it clear, about that conversation we had, you…”

“Oh, don’t worry, I… I don’t have feelings for Zen, if that’s what you’re wondering.” She widens her eyes and opens her mouth, but… doesn’t say anything. Weird.

“Well, I guess you’re ready to go, I’ll… see how the guys are going with setting the instruments.” Oh… why do you have the feeling this had nothing to do with Zen?

Doesn’t matter, forget Zen, forget that Jaehee used to have feelings for Zen, focus on getting on that stage and performing for the gorillas. Gosh… it is terrifying, it’s the first time that you will introduce yourself as the vocalist of Mystic Messenger. It’s official!

You walk out of the bathroom where you were changing, only to find Yoosung leaning on the wall next to the door. Was he waiting for you?

“MC, hey! I… I wanted to… walk you to…” his eyes roam over you, his face gets as read as your pleated skirt. “You look great, MC.”

“You think? I feel so… weird.”

“You shouldn’t! You… you look… amazing.” And he looks away, surprised by how loud he spoke. “Can I walk you there? I already set my keyboard.”

“Yes, sure.”

The two of you move towards the living room, you glance quickly at him, noticing his hands are shaking a little. Is he stage frightening? Or is he… nervous because of you? Why would he be? He wasn’t like that when you sang A Thousand Miles together, and he definitely wasn’t like this when he tried to teach you how to whistle. Is it because of the outfit?

“I want to sing Oops with you, MC!” he says all of a sudden.

“You do?”

“Yeah, I talked to Jaehee and Jumin and they said we could have a duet together, I… sing as well as Zen, don’t you think?”

“You do, of course. But… why such a sudden decision?”

“I… I think it would be great because our voices sound good together, and… it would be the… romantic song… and… I think I suit this romantic side more than Zen, and… people would slow dance to this song.” He really thought about it, huh?

“I see. Are you trying to show your romantic side to someone here?” you tease, knowing he would do exactly this flustered expression, you’re so mean!

“I… I, yes, I… maybe.” Oh…? Really now? You didn’t expect him to be so honest…

Hum, there is somebody he likes here? You look around taking a chance to check some of the girls hanging there before the show starts, they’re all seniors… well, it’s not exactly surprising he would like older girls, you got that vibe ever since you  heard the way she talked to… Rika. Oh… Rika, she’s a senior, this is a senior’s party, Rika is here somewhere. So… is Rika the girl he’s trying to show his romantic side? But she’s his cousin, but she has a boyfriend, but… she’s weird. But… he looks so confident, you don’t want to ruin this for him, do you?

“Okay. If nobody opposed, I won’t as well.” Did it sound bitter? Ugh… you don’t want to sound bitter.


“Yes, sure. Let’s go and our best!” you tap his shoulder friendly, ugh, anyone else would see how uncomfortable you just got, not him, because he’s too sweet for this, isn’t he?

In the moment you step on the back of the impromptu stage, Saeyoung runs to hug you. You’ve kinda got used to it now, he acts like the mother of the bride everytime he saw you trying his creations.

“You look so fine! I’m such a genius!” Yes, this is more about him than about you, that’s why you don’t mind too much. “Guys, behold this, look like he school girl uniform evokes the exy sweetness of Britney Spears circa 1999, how the ripped details show MC’s personality on it, and how red is the greatest color ever created by the nature. Can I get an amen, Saeran?” see? He’s talking about his hair…

“Amen, whatever, dude.” And he looks away, the red of his hair apparently slipped down his cheeks.

“You did a good job.” Jumin states. “Okay, this is it. This is the official presentation card, I made sure we’re being filmed and this will be posted on youtube, that way our rivals we’ll see what we’re capable of before the Winter Festival in two weeks. I expect nothing but the best from everybody.”

“Yes, but don’t forget this is a party, people want to have fun, so… entertain them, don’t take this too serious. Make’em laugh.” Jaehee smiles, oh… Singing in the Rain reference? Good one. “Take places, everyone.”

You shake your legs and arms to loosen up, like some actors do before going on stage for a play. Should you do more vocal warming? Nah, you did it a lot in the bathroom, Jaehee was even laughing at you… relax, have fun… this is kinda ironic coming from Jaehee, she always looks tense, well… not that day in the record store…  what did she want to say before? Did she want to tell you she still has feelings for Zen? What about Zen? Was he trying to flirt with you that day in the nursery? Definitely, he flirts with everything that breathes, according to Saeyoung, when you were trying on the ruffled dress in Yoosung’s bathroom… Yoosung, he likes Rika. And Rika is here somewhere, watching you take her place as the band’s vocalist. The band!

Before you make your way to the stage, you feel an arm blocking your way… Jumin!

“I… hope you sound as good as you look. Break a leg.” He says giving you a side look before passing the strap of the bass over his shoulder and neck.

The lights dim a little, did Jumin provide all the lightening equipment? He must be really rich… Focus! You take a deep breath and look at Zen, standing to your right and giving his usual smile, you read his lips. “You got this, babe.” You give him the thumbs up nervously.

There is no curtain, but you feel like it just fell. You hear Saeran beating the sticks against each other behind you. 1… 2… 1…2…3…4!

Jumin can be a dick sometimes, but he made such a good set list! Opening with The Strokes was genius! (it was Saeran’s idea, but let’s pretend it wasn’t) Then there was the old school selection, Bon Jovi, Journey and… Meatloaf. Too bad he didn’t have a mic next to him, you wanted so bad to listen him singing “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.”

But Zen was singing with you, and Zen is phenomenal! Such a presence, be careful or he’ll outshine you, you’re the vocalist here, don’t let people forget that. Well, the outfit Saeyoung put on you definitely drives the attention to you, it was clever putting you in red and everybody else in more neutral colors…

Then it moved to some more pop rock songs, most of them chose by Zen and Jaehee. You noticed the crowd got really excited with the duet between you and Zen on Everybody Talks by Neon Trees.  Probably because he looked more excited too singing something he, not Jumin, chose.

You barely noticed Jaehee running to place a mic next to Yoosung , she was fast, and it was impressive how she was able to get on that stage in order to solve something without hesitating! Yoosung and you killed in the Oops duet, you could see a lot of girls weren’t expecting to listen to Little Mix coming from a pretense rock band, and they loved it! Yoosung whistling was… adorable. You woudn’t be surprised if some girl were squealing because of him, not because of the song. Mission accomplished for him? Where’s Rika?

Some pop songs, chosen by you, Yoosung and Saeyoung. It was a good chance to Sayoung show what he could do to the pick-ups. And… well, it is your favorite genre, so… you probably sound more comfortable singing them.

The last song was your choice. “I Really Like It” by Adore Delano, you sang it smirking remember how half of them didn’t know who she was, and the other half was excited for your choice. Saeran hated it, but… his drums line sound really great on this song, you must admit.

There was no curtains, you just imagined them closing. Your chest was rising and falling so hard you could feel your heart beating in your throat.

“This was amazing, babe!” Zen grabs you by the waist when you two meet behind the stage and spin you around in the air. “You were… ugh, why didn’t you never speak up in the musical theatre club, we could have survived if you played Maria in West Side Story.”

“I doubt it, but thanks, Zen!” you say, trying to shrug it off the fact that he had you in his arms a few seconds ago.

“I’m… I’m really glad to have you here, MC. You are everything I could want on a band mate and on… a friend.”

“Thank you, Zen. You’re amazing too.”

“I… I was wondering if…”

“Yes?” No! What are you doing? Don’t look so interested, he’ll think you are… interested in him.

“If… you would like to…” oh God! “be my partner on the beer pong.” Oh… god… how come you’re relieved and frustrated at the same time?

“I… I would love to, Zen, I…” you see Jaehee talking to Jumin while they finish wrapping the equipment up. Jaehee… “Why don’t you ask Jaehee? I heard she is great at beer pong.”

“Oh… okay. But… what about you?”

“Me? Oh, I… I’m not good at… beer pong. And if I were, I would… probably make a team with… Yoosung.” He looks at you, then at Yoosung, then at you again…

“Oh… got it.” Did he? “Well, Yoosung must be a good… beer pong partner.” Oh, he did. And this isn’t about beer pong anymore, is it? “Well, let me know if… it doesn’t work out with him. I… should help Jaehee, see you at the party in a few minutes, babe.” And he walks away from you.

Well, it wasn’t like he was really flirting with you. Look at him, look at you, Zen is the kind of person who’s nice to everything that breathes, he’s not necessarily flirting, and he probably wasn’t with you. But, for added measure, and in order not to hurt Jaehee, pushing him away was probably a good idea.

Bringing Yoosung’s name to the table, on the other hand, wasn’t. What if Zen says something to him? Well, it was the only way to push Zen away without hurting him, right?  He’ll probably get mad you suggested there is something between you two when he likes someone else, no, not just someone else, the previous vocalist of the band, his cousin, the weird girl who cornered you and intimidated you for no apparent reason.

“Hey, MC! Thanks for agreeing on the duet with me!” he greets you when you finish getting changed to your usual clothes in the bathroom door. “I… really think we make a great duo.”

“I agree. I hope you liked showing your romantic side to the girl you like.”

“Oh, I hope she liked more.” He chuckles nervously. “Do you… do you think she liked?”

“Hum… she would be crazy if she didn’t, but… can I be honest with you, Yoosung?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Be careful, okay? You could end up really hurt if your feelings are… unrequited.”

“My feelings are… unrequited, MC?”

“I… I wouldn’t know, but… be careful, okay?” he widens his eyes and looks away for a while, as he is processing what you said, then he smiles softly.

“Thank you for being honest with me.”

“You’re welcome.” You smile. Whew… he apparently got what you were trying to say. Good.

“So… see you outside, MC.” He puts his hands on the pockets of his jacket and turns around, and you sigh in relief, knowing you did the right thing in order to protect such a sweet guy’s feelings.

As you make your way to leave the hallway and go meet your band mates outside, you hear laughs echoing down the hallway, they belong to these two seniors stumbling against each other. Drunk gorillas, gross.

“Hey, if it isn’t the schoolgirl! Hi, cutie! Are you a naughty student?”

“I got to detention before, so watch out.” The reason was because you called a classmate a “muggle”, since the teacher didn’t know Harry Potter, he sent you to detention. But the gorillas don’t have to know that, they need to think you’re trouble.

“Hum… so feisty! You are a naughty girl! Don’t you know naughty girls get punished?” Ugh… now the gorilla number two got into some Christian Grey bullshit, for God’s sake.

“I do, but thanks for reminding me. See you, gentlemen.” You say trying to run out of there, but one of them grabs your hand and slam you against the wall. Ouch! You hit your head on it, but the pain isn’t as bad as facing this gross guy so close to you, his hands holding your wrists roughly, shit… everybody knows what happens in parties like this, you nerve thought you were joining the statistics of raped girls. Don’t look at him, don’t cry! Don’t… shit!

“Leave her alone.” You and the guys look at the end of the hallway. Saeran is there. Ah, great… prepare yourself for the lecture about being careful with men, that if you manage to escape from your cruel destiny…

“Or what?”

“Or I’ll beat the shit out of you.”

“It would be fun to see you try, baby boy. We’re two, we’re older, you’re just a little twig.” Both guys laugh. You watch as Saeran’s face expression doesn’t change at all. “So what are you going to do?”

“I’ll use this.” He takes a metallic pointy object out of his jacket. A knife? No… just a razor, but still… pretty dangerous. And the look on his eyes look really scary…

“Whoa, dude! There’s no need for that. We’re just… we’re just drunk, and she… she is with us, ain’t it right?”Is he… is he asking you?

“That couldn’t be, she’s with me.” Saeran fidgets the razor in his hand. “And I’ll show you assholes what happen when you mess with my friend.” He’s inches away from you and the other guy, and… he really looks like a twig next to them.

But he is an armed twig, and the drunken gorillas step away, telling they don’t want any trouble. They even apologize, to Saeran, not to you, though.

You just realize how harsh it was the grip around your wrists when you’re free, feeling them lighter somehow.

“Are you okay? Did they…?”

“No, your timing was perfect.” You say, rubbing your wrists. “I… know what you’re gonna say, but…  let me just thank you before you start blaming me for what happened and…”

“It wasn’t your fault. Don’t say stupid things.” So great at comforting and insulting at the same time… “I should have cut them just a little, though.”

“And we would end up at the police station, so… I’m glad you didn’t. Thank you, Saeran.” And that is the first time you call his name.

“It’s fine. Oh, and… MC?” and that is the first time he calls yours.


“I’m sorry for what I said that other day.” Oh… are you sure this isn’t Saeyoung pretending to be Saeran? He would totally do something like this, wouldn’t he? No, but the twins are very different, you can tell who is who without thinking much. And who saved you right now is Saeran.

“I would be such a bitch refusing your apology after what you did for me…”

“You would.” He scoffs. See? It’s Saeran.

“Well, apology accepted.” You smile. Yes, you’re smiling at Saeran, how is that even possible? Not even you know as you pass beside him trying not to furrow your eyebrows in confusion, but then… you remember something. “Saeran?”


“Nobody would ever be that idiot to fight for me, right?” he widens his eyes a little, then low his head, chuckling, you can almost see what he’s thinking “Well played, bitch.”

“Well played, bitch.” Ahá! Who cares if he called you a bitch? You were right!

You finally get the chance to see that party, and… well, a bunch of gorillas doing gorilla stuff. Maybe you’re too young to appreciate this for now. Jumin and the twins were nowhere to be seen, Yoosung was talking to a cute senior, maybe she was Rika’s friend? And Jaehee and Zn were playing beer pong, no way you’re gonna be a third wheel on this. Time to go home and try not to think too much of what could have happened if Saeran wasn’t there to save your chimp monkey ass…

Chapter 7 | Chapter 9 

World Feminism Day - my story.

Hi! I’m not sure if you guys know my name, but I’m Alyssa, I’m 14, and I am in the wonderful LGBTQ+ community.

This is my story and my history with the community.

When I was in 6th grade I was that one girl who had super long blonde hair, loved life, and considered myself a perfect straight Christian girl. Well… you see how that turned out. (oops) Anyways, I had this one friend who later considered herself considered transgender (but then transitioned back).

Even until this very moment, the only thing I regret is not accepting her when she needed it the most. I would never let her say the word “transgender” in my friends’ groupchat because I was so close-minded. When she moved away in 7th grade, I was heartbroken and instantly realized how terrible I was to her. This is when things started to shift a little.

A little while before she moved away, the thought of bisexuality came to mind; I had a crush on her. I didn’t exactly know how she felt about me, so I pushed it down so deep and far so I forgot about it. Where I live, you’re practically considered satanic for being slightly different; not even exaggerating. This was hard to keep down, but I did it anyways. The bisexuality fluctuated over the year or two, knowing how much I went to church camp; coming back home only made me feel worse.

During the summer of 2016, I at least came to the conclusion that I wasn’t straight, but more than that. Having this thought in mind, I was like, “Ya know what? Since I’m changing and growing, I need to make something of myself. I’m bored of the way I feel and look. Time for a confidence boost”
So, in a timespan of about a month, I chopped off about 15 inches of my hair and donated it to a cancer foundation. I went from this shy and quiet girl who hid behind her hair, to a outgoing young woman who was more than how she looked. (Yay, acceptance!!!)

I swear I got soooo many looks and stares from everyone which kinda made me paranoid at first, but I learned to embrace it. People snickered, people laughed, people made fun right in my face. This got me down, but not for too long. I put my emotion into music. I’ve been playing music for about 7 years now, and I don’t plan on stopping. Like… Ever.

Ever since, my self-acceptance has grown, knowing how much I was walking into the LGBT+ community, one day at a time. So to skip forward a bit to May of 2017, I got a boyfriend! (At this time I considered myself bisexual, but was still confused for the most part) He was super sweet, caring, and funny. He always loved to look out for me and was always there when I needed him. The thing was, it didn’t feel right to me. Something about it gave me a feeling in my gut that said, “You’re making a wrong move”

Until one day, my gut was right.

It was the last day I was gonna be at school, as a kid in Junior High. It was only my boyfriend, my other friend, and I that I really talked to. But anyways, during our first class, I sat by him and we watched a movie. Not even 30 minutes into the movie, I gradually felt his hand on my leg. Knowing me, I’m not really much for physical contact, so I kinda just had a freak attack in my mind. I was sitting there shaking, sweating, and worrying because I didn’t know what he was gonna do. (I’m just an anxious person in general what the hell) I felt his hand get closer to my thigh, and before I knew it his hand was on my upper thigh. When I tell you I was anxious, I’m telling you I was sweating bullets. Not because I wasn’t attracted to him or anything, but it just didn’t feel right and the guilt was suffocating me for not being honest. Only to find out, it all was just a “joke”.

His friends dared him to do it. That’s all I have to say, because I don’t feel like being mean right now. Let’s move on, shall we?

I ended up breaking up with him about 3-4 weeks into the summer, only because I gave him too many chances.

Over the last couple months of summer, I grew more into my skin. Just a couple weeks ago, I came out to my friends as very confused about my sexuality; so I just said I was sexually fluid. SURPRISE! 4/5 of my friends came out to me too!!! This sent a wave of reassurance and love over me and I’ve never felt better.

That brings me to now! I’ve never been in something so beautiful and loving as the LGBTQ+ community. You’re probably thinking, “What does this have to do with feminism?!” Well I have an answer for that.

While all this was going on, I slowly realized how powerful and intelligent women are. We are just as much as men, and a little extra! The future will hold so many great things for women and our power. I believe that with all of my heart.

*If you have any questions, comments, or simply someone to talk to, just don’t hesitate to DM me!! I’ll be up for a little bit after I post this, so if I don’t see your message tonight, I’ll be sure to see it some time tomorrow.*

I can’t wait to see where life takes me on the journey.

#26 - you don’t have to say it 

“I love you.”

Robert stiffened, at Aaron’s words, those three little words he was so used to hearing now, as though they were as easy for Aaron to say as any other entirely mundane, normal phrase.

It had taken him a while, to be like that, Robert savouring and treasuring every time he’d say it aloud, knowing Aaron said it a thousand other ways, but always been affected by the words, the most, affected by Aaron’s willingness to be open, and proud and to love him, despite it all.

Maybe it was because he didn’t believe it still, sometimes, no matter how many times he’d heard it.

He’d heard it a lot.

Aaron had said it nearly every night, since he’d gotten out of prison. Soft, mumbled ‘I love yous’ into Robert’s skin, against his lips. Bolder, stronger ‘I love yous’ as they’d kiss, as something soft and gentle turned to so much more, turned to what they had always been best at, the physical.

Grinning, mumbled ‘I love yous’ as they’d stand, shoulder to shoulder, at the bathroom sink, brushing their teeth in unison, a sort of silly new nightly tradition they’d developed, newlyweds who couldn’t stand to be away from each other for even a few minutes.

Quiet, confident ‘I love yous’ as they’d settle underneath the covers, Aaron back on the left of their bed, where he was supposed to be.

Robert loved every kind.

But tonight, Aaron’s words made his heart twist in his chest, knowing he didn’t deserve to hear them. Knowing he didn’t really even deserve to be in their bed, in their room, in their home.

“You don’t have to say it,” Robert said, glad they’d already turned the lights off, glad Aaron couldn’t see his face as he spoke, couldn’t see the fear, the worry, couldn’t tell that Robert was just waiting to be told to leave, after everything he’d done, after how he’d hurt him.

“What?” Aaron’s voice was quiet, confused, and he shifted slightly, so he was looking at Robert, rather than gazing at the ceiling.

“You don’t have to say you love me,” Robert focused on a spot of the pristine white ceiling, guessing entirely from memory that it was wear the strange patch of slightly off-white paint was, a renovation disaster that was probably his own fault, but he blamed on Adam anyway. “I get it, if you don’t want to say it, after everything I’ve done. I don’t - I don’t deserve to hear it.”

“Maybe,” Aaron’s words weren’t so much an agreement, as a shrug, a noncommittal hum as though he was thinking aloud. “I wouldn’t say it, if I didn’t mean it.”

The words were an echo of a time that had felt like a lifetime ago, a place Robert didn’t want to think about, another time he’d hurt Aaron.

All he ever seemed to do, really.


Robert tore his gaze away from the ceiling as Aaron spoke, able to see him a little better now his eyes had adjusted to the dark. “I’m sorry,” was all he could think to say, knowing it didn’t exactly make up for anything, it didn’t change what he’d done.

Aaron’s hands found his underneath the warmth of their duvet, tangling their fingers together tightly. “I know,” he reassured. “I know you’re sorry, Robert, and no matter how angry I am, I still love you. Okay?”

Robert didn’t want to cry.

He didn’t want to break apart, not now, not when there was so much at stake, because it felt like he’d never piece himself back together again, if he did.

Not this time.


Who is StudiousBees??

Hello, everyone! It’s been about… one and a half? years since I started this blog, and I’m really appreciative of all the support that I’ve gotten here :) I don’t have a language-related content post for you all today, but I have been wanting to write a post just sort of letting you guys know a bit more about myself and why I’m writing this blog!

Who is StudiousBees?

I guess I’ll start with some basic bio stuff. I’m from the US, went to Canada for university, and moved to Korea almost immediately after graduating (and I’ve been here ever since then, a bit over four years ago!). I’ve loved languages ever since I was younger, and that has been a driving force in my life. I also had dreams of becoming an author or an illustrator when I was younger, but I soon realized that I only liked writing and drawing purely as a hobby and that thinking about doing either beyond hobby level just killed my motivation for them.

In university I studied East Asian studies as my major and Korean and linguistics as my minors. I’m currently an EFL (English as a foreign language) teacher, and I’m working on my M.Ed TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). If I could get into translation at some point, I wouldn’t be mad about that either :)

How many languages do you speak/have you learned (and for how long)?

I’ll just do some list action! The bolded languages are the ones I still actively use/learn:

1. English (~25 years)— native speaker :B

2. French (~7 years active, 7 years inactive)— literate. French used to be my passion. When I was a kid there was a French after school club at my elementary school and my mom signed me up for it because I asked. I don’t remember learning much at all there, but I knew I wanted to actually learn French when I got to middle school (there was that and the fact that my older sister was taking French, so I figured I could just get help from her if it was hard… in the end, I was a lot better at it than she was :B). I studied French for seven years in middle and high school and was going to major in French translation at university, but I actually ended up changing my major on the very first day of classes. Oops! I can’t really speak it anymore outside of really basic stuff, but I can still read it. I think that if I were to expose myself to more and more French and actually try to use it again, it would come back to me.

3. Korean (~7years)— fluent; been learning for a bit over seven years now. I’ve never taken the TOPIK exam, so don’t ask what I scored on it >.> Lately I mostly just maintain my Korean through talking with people, reading books, and watching Youtube videos and the news. The death of my French is Korean’s fault :B

4. Spanish (1 year)— skills non-existent (except a bit of reading). I shouldn’t even count this; I just had six credits to burn my last year of uni and decided to take Spanish. I didn’t really like the class, but I didn’t find it too hard since it was very similar to French. Not too interested in getting back into this one.

5. Mandarin (~2 years)— basically conversational? Semi-conversational? I’m not sure how I’d call this one >.> I can have conversations fairly easy with people online and I can read simple books, but at the same time, my speaking and listening need some work. The on-off nature of my study of Mandarin has made it hard for me to pinpoint exactly how long I’ve been studying it, but I’ve decided to put the official start of my studies at October 2015 since that’s when I bought my first Mandarin textbook from Taiwan and really started going hard.

6. Japanese (~1.5mo)—VERY basic. I remember when I was younger, maybe middle school age, I wanted to try learning Japanese. I bought a book on it, but all the introductory stuff at the start of the book, talking about weird and crazy things like particles had me so confused that I wasn’t able to get very far. If you’ve been following this blog since (near) the beginning you’ll know that I was studying Japanese then, a year and a half ago. However, I quickly dropped it because I couldn’t handle studying both beginner Japanese and beginner Mandarin at the same time. So, I left it alone for a few months, and I only recently got back into it. I was surprised to find that, other than fairly decent recognition of Hiragana and Katakana, I had pretty entirely forgotten anything, so I don’t feel cheaty saying that my real Japanese study started only a short while back. I feel like I’m progressing fairly quickly though, especially since I’m making sure to study it every day and use it on language exchange sites, even if I’m just having the same conversation about the weather a thousand times.

Why did you make this blog?

I started this blog primarily because I wanted to encourage myself to study more. At the time I started it, there were a lot of people I follow on my main account that were doing 100-day challenges and things like that, and I was made very aware of how much I had slacked off. I thought that if I entered into such a challenge and documented my study in a public way, I would feel more drive to study. I never did stick with the whole 100-day challenge concept, but I did stick with studying every day!

My grammar posts started from my wanting to mentally consolidate and keep track of grammar I had studied. One of the best ways to make sure you know something is to try to teach it to someone else, so that’s what I did. Those posts were very well received, and I really liked writing that sort of stuff (and still do!) so it took off. Then I added in book reviews, Hanja posts, and app reviews as more people starting following me and asking me questions and all. I was so surprised that people were actually looking up to me ㅠㅠ

Any questions??

If there’s anything else you guys wanna know about me, feel free to ask and I’ll answer them in maybe a follow-up post or something! As always, thank you for your support, and happy studying

• studying abroad

@trashyemonerd requested: I sent a request like 24 hours ago but I wanna send one again. Can you please write a Kj imagine where Kj will be staying out of NZ for months to film Riverdale and his career like blows up so he’s doing tons of projects and decides to stay in the US. And the reader, his gf, is left in NZ to study but then surprises Kj that she’ll study in a Uni near him? Omg. Im getting the feels from this haha bc Im having a uni interview tomorrow. Ahh ty

A/N: This is rather late, I apologize for that but I hope you did a good job on your university interview. I hope I did an alright job as I’ve never really been anywhere outside of the U.S but I’d love to travel and visit other places, especially Italy or Japan. I did do a little research on universities in NZ and the States / Canada so there we go. You, the reader are from Massey University (NZ) to U/N which is University Name since I’ll let you decide where you want to go to school as originally I was going to have you in VSAA (Vancouver School of Arts & Academics) but decided to change and let you do the picking. I decided to change up the parents a little so please don’t hate me, just change it to ‘dad’ or something if you don’t like having two moms. I’m trying to be more diverse with my writing and if you forgot, YN/N is your nickname. This does mention the whole KJ liking a comment that is fat shaming people which really has been blown up and I really don’t mean to offend anyone out there by mentioning it. Also this turned out rather long by accident, oops. Posted from my library near my apartment so yeah. . Ships are closed for the time being and requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!


Originally posted by mdblanchard

                                Relationship(s): KJ Apa & Reader 

You remember when you had to say goodbye to KJ when he was picked to play Archie Andrews for the new show called Riverdale, it was a big chance for him and you wanted to be supportive. Even if that meant you would be stuck in New Zealand while he was going to the States and Canada as you never have had left your home country. You were still studying at the Massey University in Wellington before and after he left. It was okay for the first few months while you stayed and watched Riverdale which was surprisingly becoming one of your favorite shows, totally not being biased or maybe you were a little. But it did make you miss him a little more than you thought even texting and skyping was a difficult due to the wacky time zones and KJ’s schedule not being in his favor. You decided to do probably the biggest choice you’d make in your life, well one of them anyway and you decided to ask your parents about it.

“Well what do you think? I promise to stay in school and not be like that crazy college kid who just drinks and parties. Plus I’ve gotten such good grades during my first year at the university.” You say with pleading eyes to your parents who kept looking either you, each other, or your little PowerPoint you even made for extra brownie points. It was happening so fast for your parents that you wanted to go out of the country, let alone study aboard in a different country. Even though your parents did house some foreign exchange students while you were in high school. Eventually they agreed as long as the school board was okay with transferring your existing credits to the school you already picked out, U/N. Which so far has worked out smoothly as you stopped to see your parents whom came with you at the airport as you moved the strap of your carry on bag to hug them more comfortably.

“Remember we expect you to call when arrive safely, okay Y/N?” Your birth mother says with a serious facial expression on her face, “I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.” She says as she gave you a hug before went to hug your stepmom whom was very excited to see you go study aboard since she did it herself when she was younger.

“Be good okay? Remember I packed a camera in your bag so be sure to send plenty of pictures, I can’t wait to see your adventures out there. Oh! Don’t forget to say hello for us when you see KJ.” She says as she presses a kiss on your forehead while you nod before waving goodbye to them as your plane was calling your passengers.

 { time skip due to long and boring flight across the pacific ocean . }

You remember telling KJ that you were just visiting but you didn’t quite tell him that were actually studying abroad as you looked around being noticing a familiar face that you missed so much. He seemed to have noticed as well while you both ran up to hug each other after it seemed like forever. You let out a squeak as he picked up you just a little before you let go. He didn’t look much different well, excluding his hair that was still in that noticeable Archie Andrews auburn ginger. “Gosh, it feels weird not being New Zealand anymore. But I miss you, you big goof.” You say as you nudge him in the forearm before walking along side to get a move on with the crowds of people in airport, not noticing that cameras were on you.

“I miss you too, YN/N. It’s been crazy since Riverdale really took off on CW, I didn’t expect it to suddenly give me such big projects or popularity. Or the scandal that’s going that I’m sure you’ve heard of me liking a comment that was very inappropriate and shame on my part. I guess people are hating me but like you said Y/N. ‘You can’t expect everyone to love you, some will hate you and try to bring you down’ right?” He says while absently rubbing the back of his neck, “And you know, I haven’t mentioned you yet to the public because I’m scared that they’ll start turning to you and spread all sorts of mean things.” KJ mutters as you gave him a one armed hug while you remember that before picking up your suitcases from baggage claim. The former burnet furrows his eyebrows at your bags in confusion, “I thought you would pack less for what you said you were coming here for.”

You brought up a mischievous grin on your face, “That’s because I wanted to surprise you. I’m going to start studying at U/N now so we’ll have a more time together with your crazy schedule, plus New Zealand isn’t the same without you.” You say as you start chuckling at KJ’s shocked face and you elbowed him once more, “You look like some gaping bird waiting for a worm. Oh and my moms say hello. I need to call them soon to let them know I arrived safe.” You snicker as the other just shook his head at you while you followed him.

“You are full of one too many surprises YN/N for your own good you know?”

A/N: I said I would post a few days ago but I’ve been pretty busy since then so oops. Anyway I hope you like this one! I’m not too satisfied with it tbh but oh well. I’ve gotten two asks for this scenario so might as well do it first hehe. There will be a Part 2 and 3 to this also, and maybe a Part 4 or an alternate ending :) Hope you guys enjoy!

“Jongin, what is this?”

He looks up from his phone lazily, making eye contact with you. His eyes briefly gaze over your outstretched hand, where the disgusting article is open on your phone. He doesn’t bother trying to read it, even if you’re shaking and your eyes are wide - he doesn’t seem to notice. Or maybe he doesn’t care.

“What is what?” he asks, clearly unaffected by the way you seem so distraught. He goes back to looking at his phone, fingers rapidly tapping the screen. He cracks a small smile, one that hasn’t been directed to you in a long, long time. You’ve always wondered why - was it you? Were you doing something wrong?

But no, you weren’t. You aren’t doing anything wrong – it’s all Jongin’s fault.

“Texting your girlfriend, huh?” you ask hatefully, glancing at the headline of the article you had just found.

f(x) Krystal and EXO’s Kai revealed to be dating!

That gets his attention. He looks up at you properly this time.

“What are you talking about?” he asks, walking over to you. You hate how this is the only time he goes up to you now, when he had all the time to do so since he’s been at your apartment for an hour now. All he’s been doing is ignoring you, despite your many attempts at striking a conversation with him.

“I’m talking about this!” you yell, shoving your phone in his face. “You better have a good explanation about why you were out with her when you were supposed to come over.”

He takes your phone from you hastily, scrolling through the article. You wait for him to finish reading, your arms crossed. You’re absolutely seething, but you don’t want to yell at Jongin just yet - you still trust him. Even if he’s given you every reason to think that he’s been cheating on you - the missed calls, the unreplied texts, the fact that you barely ever get the chance to see him anymore - you still trust him. He made a promise to you.

Besides, the article could be false. The whole thing could be a publicity stunt, or a way to attract attention.

When he’s finished reading the article, his face pales. “This isn’t going to sit well with SM…” he mumbles to himself.

“Seriously? That’s all you have to say?! Jongin, is it true? What the hell do you think - ”

His phone rings then, interrupting your yelling. Both of you look at the caller – it’s his manager.

He’s about to pick it up, but you stop him. He has to explain everything to you first – it’s your right as his girlfriend.

“Answer me before you take that!” you shout. “At least tell me if you’ve been cheating on me with your supposed best friend!”

He stares at you for a while, the ringing of his phone being the only thing that breaks the silence between you.

And then he answers it.

You suck in a breath - you can’t believe him. Shouldn’t you be the first person he explains everything to?

“Hello? Ah, yes manager-hyung…yes, I saw it…alright, I’ll be there in a while.”

There’s no yelling on the other side of the phone from what you can hear, which is a good thing, but it doesn’t mean he’s out of the woods. At least not with you.

He hangs up, looking at you for a brief second.

“I have to go, Y/N,” he says quietly. Just your name. Not ‘jagiya’ or ‘yeobo’. “I have to explain things to them.”

“Shouldn’t you explain things to me, first?” you all but yell. “Are you seriously cheating on me with Soojung, of all people? You said I never had to worry about her because all you would ever be was friends!”

He’s quiet again.

“Damn it, Jongin, answer me! You can’t just keep shutting up every time I fucking ask you to explai - ”

“Yes, okay?!” he yells back, his voice raising for the first time. “I’ve been cheating on you with Soojung, so just shut up already with your yapping!”

Immediately, tears spring to your eyes. You can’t believe he’s just said that to you - who says something like that to the person they’re supposed to be in love with?

“Oh, don’t start fucking crying on me, Y/N, you already knew.” he says, as if he’s fed up. As if he’s tired of you.

“Just because I knew doesn’t mean I had to believe it!“ you yell. You can’t believe this - you can’t believe him. “I trusted you, Jongin!”

“Yeah?” he sneers. “Well, you can stop. I have to deal with SM, I don’t need you on my case too.”

You’re hurt. You’re so hurt and you honestly can’t believe that the man in front of you is Kim Jongin, the love of your life. The one who had promised that one day, he would marry you because he would always love you and only you. After all these years you’ve stuck by his side, all he can give back are hurtful words and betrayals.

“Jongin,” you say, trying your best to be angry and demanding, and not as hurt as the way you’re feeling right now. “I spent years with you, supporting you and loving you. And all you’ve done for me is date another girl that you always said was only your best friend! I can’t believe you!”

He rolls his eyes. “Just stop trying to make me guilty already, Y/N. It’s not working. I don’t love you anymore - in fact, I don’t think I even like you as a person. All you do is yell at me when I do something you don’t like. I’ve had enough of that - enough of you.”

You’re speechless. Is this really Kim Jongin?

“Jongin…” you mumble. Is this how he’s thought of you all this time? Has he always thought of you as a mere nuisance? All those days you spent supporting him in his trainee days, those days you spent cheering for him in his concerts, those days you showed him nothing but love and support and concern - did he never care? Did he never love you the way he said he did?

“Don’t call me anymore, Y/N,” he says, picking up his phone, his wallet, his keys. “We’re done.”

And you can’t move. You can’t scream at him like you want to. You can’t tell him that he’s wasted your time, that he’s betrayed you, that he made you a promise. You can’t do anything because you’re so hurt, so heartbroken and it’s all because of the man that said he would never hurt you.

It’s only when he shuts the door behind him that you collapse. You cry and cry and cry because not only has Kim Jongin cheated on you, he’s also completely destroyed your heart.

-Admin Nyx