i made this a while ago but forgot to post it here

i drew this a while ago and realized i forgot to post it here! my third grade self is proud of me for finally doing a proper art for my favorite series.

Happy ASOUE Day, guys! we finally made it!!


Night Diver (Mera Hakamada)

Here’s another translation I made a while ago that I forgot to post. It’s an official one shot from volume 7 of kirara magica. It takes place the night before episode 9. Enjoy

This is quite possibly one of the dumbest drawings I have ever made.

One of my livestream doodles from like…2 months ago that I forgot about while checking my back up files. Something to do with being super tired at the end of one of my streams and then we started talking about taxes. Mystery came up for some reason and then I think I went on some kind of sleep deprived rant on how dogs can’t file taxes because they don’t have appose-able thumbs.

Anyway i’ll just leave this here since I have nothing new to post yet. Enjoy???


I haven’t posted something on here in a while, and it needs something. Also I forgot that I drew up this character a few months ago. And just … forgot to post these finished drawings of him. 

His name is Desire (I will find a better name during his development). He is a “new” OC, so there isn’t much back story on him yet. Desire use to be a pirate sailing the seas till he got into a fire fight with a rival ship. One of the cannonballs from the enemy hit near Desire. Sending a large splinter into his chest, another splinter into his eye. He fell into the sea from the impact and was surely going to die till the witch of those seas found him. Because he saved her life before Beltanya did not kill him right away. Instead she made a deal with the man, that would give him the curse of immortality if he gave her his heart. Near death he excepted the deal. So the Witch of the Sea Beltanya, cut into his chest and cut out his heart using magic to give him immortality. 

That is just the back story for his immortality, but over the years he has spoken with Beltanya multiple times. To the point where he started learning about magic and spells. (Idea about him being taught by Beltanya or Samhain is still up in the air.) So he specializes in shadow magics, making him seem like a phantom to other.  

Hello everyone!! First things first,let me apologize for this shitty “thing” or whatever that I made. Let’s just say it could’ve been worse since I haven’t been editing for months. anyways. So a few days ago I hit 1k!! That’s like amazing. Thank you so much for following me and for putting up with my shitposting and sometimes ok posts. I’ve been on tumblr for 2 years, since summer of 2013. ofc I had another blog back then. I started this blog on december 2013, hoping to spread the love for snsd and many other great girl groups. A lot of things have changed since then though. I created this blog with a name that is really cringe-worthy so I don’t really think I should say it lmao. then I changed it and became ‘yoong-sy’ for a while. Last month I decided to change my url for the 2nd and probably last time.(cool story denisa lmao…..) anyways I just wanted to thank all of you guys for following me and for being so awesome! And just so everyone knows, I aknowledge every single on of you guys. yall amazing and I love all of you. also sidenote… I apologize if I forgot to mention anyone here. check out my blogroll actually.

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I found a page of his journal today in Skyhold’s courtyard while doing a last look around to see if we forgot anything. Maybe it fell off when he left and he didn’t see it. It’s dated from when we set out for the Emerald Graves to help that Fairbanks guy. Now that I think about it, that was a while ago!

The page says that he was thrilled to be surrounded by trees again, that the light passing through the leaves was the most beautiful sight, that the smell of the wood and the sound of water rushing were the most calming things. There’s also a great deal of elvhen written here, and I don’t understand it.

But I remember that expedition. He looked so happy.

I really hope he will have that look on his face again.

I’m keeping this for the moment, until the next time I see him.

- Former Inquisition lead-scout Lace Harding, in a note from her personal journal.