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Zendaya Coleman is so Important

So, unless you’re living under a rock you probably know about the whole thing that happened with Zendaya Coleman and Guiliana Rancic.

Assuming that you’re living under a rock, I’ll explain right now what happened: Zendaya Coleman wore protective locs (read: dreadlocks) to the Oscars, and Guiliana Rancic made a comment that she probably smelled like pot and patchouli oil, which was extremely offensive. Zendaya posted a sort of an open letter on her Instagram and was so classy and amazing, standing up for herself with dignity and grace. The next day, Rancic publicly apologized for her words.

We’re living in a world where women with our hair type are publicly humiliated time and time again. We’re called poodles, we’re asked if we can hide things in our hair; people tug on our curls, they laugh at us, they tell us that we’re ugly because we’ve embraced something that has truly made us feel beautiful. You know, I have to admit that even I’ve struggled with loving my curly hair - believe it or not, I struggle a lot with it. Lately I’ve felt really bad about my curls, and I’ve resorted to straightening my hair to feel less like I have to stand out. 

Because… you know, that’s kind of what having curly hair does: it makes us stand out. And it’s not in a bad way at all! Curls are absolutely beautiful. Over the past couple weeks I’ve put away my hair straightener and forced myself to stare in the mirror at my hair and love what I see. Zendaya’s statement, on the red carpet and off of the red carpet, has given me faith again in curly hair.

It’s funny, we live in a society where lately people have been fighting to be different, telling each other to embrace the things that make us different, and yet when someone does, it’s shocking and even sometimes jarring. This entire situation has been weighing on my mind a lot lately, and you know, I think that we have to thank Zendaya for standing up for all of us. Because in a way, she did.

So thank you, Zendaya, for refreshing my faith in humanity once more, and letting every curly girl who is crying over their hair that they are beautiful. You truly are a princess in my eyes.

XX Olivia


The Waiting Game

What To Wear When You’re Waiting For Spring

We’re three weeks away from the start of spring but you wouldn’t be able to tell because it’s brick as hellllllll in New York. Is global warming real now?? I mean I always hate this time of year because like a true testament to the behavior of my generation, I’m impulsive and impatient. I’m either shopping non-essentail designer winter clearance items or scooping up new spring merch that I totally can’t even wear yet OR will likely not even want to wear by the time it’s actually seasonally appropriate to do so.

Herein likes this first world predicament! What do you do wardrobe-wise when waiting for the seasons to change? Don’t go shopping, for one! And screw that “transitional” dressing noise (stay tuned to my inevitable post next week where I’ll probably - mostly likely - contradict myself). My suggestion is to simply wear all the winter clothes. Over the next few weeks, hopefully less, (hurry up Spring!), go through that closet and get the most wear out of all the coats, ugly sweaters, wools, and fleece that you can before you store them away or end up taking them to Buffalo Exchange. As you can see here I made sure to wear my turtleneck, wool coat that I think I wore literally only 3 times this winter, and wool pants before it’s too late. It’s also a good time to work on your patience. I currently have some really great , recently purchased spring staples I’ve been dying to wear that for now will have to remain neatly on their hangers.


Lucky Brand Jacket//  J.Crew Shirt  //  Uniqlo Turtleneck  //  Topman Pants  //  ASOS Shoes  //  ECCO Bag  // Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch  //  Guess Sunglasses