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The vampire looked from the golem to Vimes.
“You gave one of them a voice?” he said.
“Yes,” said Dorfl. He reached down and picked up the vampire in one hand. “I Could Kill You,” he said. “This Is An Option Available To Me As A Free-Thinking Individual But I Will Not Do So Because I Own Myself And I Have Made A Moral Choice.”
“Oh, gods,” murmured Vimes under his breath.
“That’s blasphemy,” said the vampire.
He gasped as Vimes shot him a glance like sunlight. “That’s what people say when the voiceless speak.”

– Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay

Guys I’m still so happy that the 16 personalities website has typed Mulder as an INFP 

 (I don’t know about Amelie though)


Book Quotes [2/?] -  We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson

“There’s an amazing world out there for you to discover, Henry Denton, but you have to be willing to discover yourself first.”

“but wouldn’t it be hot if I made this lesbian fuck a man instead?”

“woah dude, that’s kind of morally reprehensible at fundamental level”

“no it’s ok it’s my ship”

“oh well in that case I guess we’ll just ignore the history of gay people both in reality and in fiction being portrayed as being saved by heterosexual relationships, and the horrific reality that a lot of gay people forced themselves into these relationships to avoid literal death. as we all know, it’s written in the constitution not to ship bash”

Yesterday my grandfather asked me if I was going to be doing voice acting for Dungeons and Dragons. He’s about 30 years behind the times and has no idea what he’s talking about, but it meant I got to explain what D&D is to my 80-something year-old grandparents who thought it was this hip new thing that all the kids are playing.

I made the mistake of mentioning mass moral panic and the movie ‘Mazes and Monsters’, which invited a half-hour discussion about Tom Hanks’ career, talent, and appeal.

I was young when I was convinced that I was not beautiful.

I felt it when my mother would viciously pull on my hair when she would braid it, because my hair was too curly to become straight just by her feeble fingers.

I felt it when I was scolded for eating the last candy bar sitting in the kitchen cabinet because eating it apparently meant that I was now ten pounds closer to being the most talked about subject at a party.

I felt it when my aunts would tell me to try on a size bigger than what I was wearing because the cloth simply clung too much to my skin which was unporportional in all different angles even though I thought I looked pretty.

I felt it when the phrase, “girls don’t behave that way” was drilled in the back of my head for stepping outside my so called ‘boundaries.’

I felt it after the first month of middle school when I made friends with a group of girls who lived by the moral codes of perfection based off of what you wore, because nobody else wanted to sit and eat lunch with me.

I felt it when I stood to give a class presentation and my classmates were too busy not caring about what I had to say when I first started to hate my voice and to this day I frequently stutter when I speak.

I felt it when I’d sit quietly with my hands folded in my lap while the everyone else conversed around me with nothing but the silent humming of my own heartbeat in my ears, eyes trained on the clock and my mouth would become so dry for holding my tongue for so long, because I debated a hundred ways to say a simple ‘hello’ in five minutes.

I felt it when I told my first crush that he was beautiful and he laughed and told me that I was not.

I felt it when I would weep against my pillow with the curtains drawn on a Saturday evening with my siblings playing in the room next door.

I felt it on the first day of high school when I repeatedly told myself to smile more because then people would stop asking me how I am.

I felt so much that now I have realized something.

The world is a void, a black hole that is meant to pull you out of the shadows, undress you, make love to you, and then leave you naked.

I have realized that I was born beautiful
and the minds of others plagued my own.

So I am sorry heart,
I am sorry brain,
I will be kind to you now
for I have passed my youth, selfishly given to those not worthy
and I have learned roughly that we can grow plants out of dead roots
if we choose to water them,
and it is time to grow a forest
out of my body.

—  You don’t define my definition of beauty anymore
The vampire looked from the golem to Vimes.

‘You gave one of them a VOICE?’ he said.

'Yes,’ said Dorfl.  He reached down and picked up the vampire in one hand.  'I Could Kill You,’ he said.  'This Is An Option Available To Me As A Free-Thinking Individual But I Will Not Do So Because I Own Myself And I Have Made A Moral Choice.’

'Oh, gods,’ murmured Vimes under his breath.

'That’s BLASPHEMY,’ said the vampire.

He gasped as Vimes shot him a glance like sunlight.  'That’s what people say when the voiceless speak.  Take him away, Dorfl.  Put him in the palace dungeons.’
—  Terry Pratchett, “Feet of Clay”

And all those people, chasing after all those promises, running full-tilt toward a thousand paradises that never were and are never gonna be, Steel, no matter how bad you want it… well, it makes a big mess.

LEFT AND LEAVING the weakerthans
my city’s still breathing but barely it’s true / through buildings gone missing like teeth / the sidewalks are watching me think about you

the problem with showing your lover your scars / is that everybody’s lover is covered in scars

HEAVY IN YOUR ARMS florence + the machine
this will be my last confession / i love you never felt like any blessing

STRANGER johnny hollow
shut up and look at me / i’m just a stranger who let you think you knew me

with your thought in mind i walk the streets down to the shore and i sink into the pacific / this is everything up to now ending / it was nice to believe for a while

HURRICANE DRUNK florence + the machine
i brace myself cause i know it’s going to hurt / but i like to think at least things can’t get any worse

2 ATOMS IN A MOLECULE noah and the whale
so now i look at love like being stabbed in the heart / you torture each other from day to day and then one day you part

SLIPS AND TANGLES the weakerthans
neon lights and slinking purple skies / squeeze out soft regrets from all our lies

RAJA VOCATIVE the mountain goats
a bird you would have liked brought the sky down / but it was useless to see it without you around

I CAN’T STAY the killers
in the dark for a while now / i can’t stay very far / i can’t stay much longer

ANYMORE frank turner
not with a bang but with a whimper / it wasn’t hard it was kind of simple / three short steps from your bed to your door

((title from richard siken’s “wishbone”))

ok friends this will be the last time i discuss this

i dont plan on telling anyone how i voted 

if i say i voted hillary clinton, you guys would be upset at me for compromising my morals when i’ve made it very clear how much i dislike her

if i say i voted donald trump, you guys would be upset at me for voting for a racistsexistmisogynsticislamophobicxenophobic-whatever else cheeto puff

if i say i voted third party, you guys would be upset at me for “throwing away my vote”

so there’s really no winning which is why i decided not to say anything about it

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  • Season 5 Lucifer: I'm fighting because I don't understand why the people I loved most abandoned me over a matter I feel so strongly about and I desperately need to prove why I still believe I'm right because I feel like it will validate my more questionable actions and maybe make my brother and Dad love me again because literally everything I do is about proving that I'm not the monster unworthy of their love that they made me out to be. I consider myself morally-superior and to represent justice on a level that everyone else is too brainwashed to realise is right. I truly believe I'm the good guy. I treasure my one true vessel as someone who was promised to me eons ago and promised to be the one being who would finally understand the way I think and why I do things because we're one in the same. We're two halves made whole whether either of us like it or not so as I've been alone for centuries Sam has been the only ray of hope I have clung to, not just for my own sake, but with pity knowing he is destined to suffer the same I have, so when we are finally together we can console and take comfort from each other with an understanding no one else in the universe will ever share.
  • Season 11 Lucifer: I do bad stuffs because I'm the big scary bad guy.

ive been seeing it here and there and its irking me but

Adam IS an abuser. I can’t find it atm but RT has stated it. They have stated Adam abused Blake. I might not be happy that they made him an abuser and not a morally-grey character but

Stop saying he isn’t? It isn’t some headcanon the fndm came up with, it’s legit. And even if he wasn’t, he still tried to murder Blake. Like, he tried to murder his ex-girlfriend cause she left him…Like…hello???? Stop. Adam is an abuser and he is the scum of the earth. I might like the idea of what he could have been (the morally-grey character) but he is now an abuser, he’s the scum of the earth. That’s what he is canonically and this shouldn’t be something that pops up here and there, people saying he isn’t.

The Fox and the flowers

I put all the images together into one big post, now, the images aren’t HQ, i had to resize them down, if you want to see them full quality i made an imgur album for them. 

I also put some sort of morale at the end, in text form, saying what was going through my mind while narrating this story, what means to me and what i wanted to tell or make people feel in this seemingly empty and purely edonistic comic.
So yeah, check it out. And if you already did I hope you enjoyed it, it makes me really happy that a personal project like this got noticed as much as it did ;v;


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I think Clarke made a mistake not putting Monty on the list. I definitely agree that there's no need for too many engineers and Jaha is probably more skilled in engineering overall. However, we're forgetting that Monty grew up on farm station where they grow the food. Surely when they're sheltering in the ark they're going to need someone who knows how to grow food without soil. As there's practically no farm station members left I would've thought Monty would be vital.

That’s the thing. There was no good choice. Everything was a mistake. Everything was wrong. Every choice was bad.

Clarke makes bad choices sometimes. Clarke makes hard choices and she has to live with them. That’s what the show is about. No good guys, remember?

No cupcakes either. 


One Year of The 100—Day 5: Favorite Quote:”You are the most beautiful broom in a broom closet of brooms”- Raven Reyes

I’ll kill you. Do you understand me? I’m gonna kill you. And I’m too upset to come up with a witty description about how exactly I’m gonna kill you, but I’m just gonna do it, ok?
—  Clarke Griffin [to Commander Lexa], Season 3