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demyx + battle quotes

I don’t have song enough to say 

You’ve changed my life in every way 

But I wrote you a second song


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hopeful Scenario: Bum and Woo go uncle's house. Bum confronts his uncle about the hell he put Bum thru. Uncle doesn't apologize and insults him instead. Woo is pissed and punches him in the face and holds him down and says"go ahead Bum, u wanted this right?" Uncle is screaming "Bum pls I'm ur uncle, I raised u!" Bum's anger and sadness overwhelms him and he starts stabbing while crying and screaming "I hate u" and "You made me hate myself" and Woo is just smiling and giddy the whole time.



Scenario: Zico asks you for some advice on how to talk to his crush ending with you shocked when you find out who it is.
A/N: This is my first time ever writing for this little shit (I’m bitter for him wrecking my life) and it probably won’t be my last. I hope this wasn’t supremely cheesy or anything. I hope you guys enjoy this!
Genre: Zico x Reader

Disclaimer: Gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!


“You can’t be serious. Zico, you are not shy!”

You were in a state of disbelief. Zico called you hours earlier, his voice thick with tension and unease. He was wound tight -his legs jumping in place – while his hands drummed out a silent beat on the hardwood table. He’d said he needed your advice on something important, and what it was you weren’t quite sure. Zico wouldn’t give any information over the phone. The only thing he’d kept insisting on was that you come to his studio so that he could tell you in person.

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AU Meme: As Cain predicted, Sam is killed by Dean’s hands under the influence of the Mark of Cain. Dean tries to cope with his actions by visiting Sam in different time periods where he tries to be there for his brother at times he felt he was not. Sam never tells Dean about these visits.