i made this

i have this dream that one day this pin will be used on a very boring date, he will spend an hour and a half talking about himself, and when he asks you if you want to come up, you will look him dead in the eyes and just point to and repeatedly tap the pin you are wearing
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Monday: made Chocolate Angel Food Cake for FiL’s 80th birthday.

Had lots of yolks leftover, so made Challah.

(Had lots of yolks left after that, so will be making ice cream next. Super-rich vanilla with (my world-famous) Chocolate Chip Cookies (dough), by NinjaSpyBoy request.)

One loaf for toasting, the other to be ‘sacrificed’ to French toasting.

Many, many eggs.

Figured I might as well give this its own post on my main blog, for posterity. XD Keith as Fenris the angsty elf from Dragon Age 2! Inspired into being thanks to this thread and a conversation with @jaegereska afterwards. Think about it. Their personalities match so well???? Ridiculously so!

I may clean this up later as a nice head shot, but HERE! Have my first contribution to the VLD fandom! XD

Pokeballs by Mostly Harmless Designs!

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