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bangtan ot7 cutout wallpaper!  ♡

⸗  for iPhone6 (750x1334) so it works for older generations too
⸗  requested by a cute anon
⸗  you can download the HQ’s here
⸗  © idology | 슈가의하루 | little blossom | suga pop!

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Civil War Missing Scene (Escape to Wakanda)

The worst part is, I wanted to make this before the movie even came out because the moment I heard Bucky’s arm was missing in the trailer, I was like “omg I hope they end up seeking refuge in Wakanda” and lo! Anyway, since we didn’t get any hugs or anything, I gues it’s now down to the fanartists to bring the feels. So, missing scene… T'Challa rescues Steve and Bucky in Siberia and flies them to Wakanda.