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1. What’s your favorite animal?
2. What’s your favorite colour?
3. What’s your favorite country/city?
4. What’s your favorite memory?
5. What’s your favorite quote/phrase/line?
6. Are you single?
7. Are you in long term relationship?
8. Are you in love?
9. Are you mad with your partner right now?
10. Have you ever had sex?
11. Had sex with someone of the same sex?
12. Did a threesome?
13. Did a foursome?
14. Been in an orgy?
15. Had cyber sex or phone sex?
16. Reached on orgasm?
17. Watched porn?
18. Have you ever cheated on your significant other?
19. Does someone know your biggest secret?
20. Tell a secret about you.
21. Say one thing that never fails to make you horny.
22. The most awkward moment during a sexual experience was when…
23. A fictional character that you think would be good in bed.
24. Weirdest thing that ever made you horny.
25. Two things you like [or dislike] about oral sex.
26. Weirdest sexual act some has performed [or tried to perform] on/with you.
27. How big is too big.
28. Worst possible time to get horny.
29. Best compliment you ever got.
30. Most attractive celebrity?

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MorMor Drabbles - Follow the Links To Read

Leave a comment or tag that indicates your favorite drabble, and I’ll write a bonus chapter for the one with the most votes.

1. Amnesia

      Jim comes awake thrashing – what’s left of him that can thrash. His legs lie, still and withered, underneath the hospital blankets.“Moran?” His voice is rough. He coughs, chokes, and tries again. “Moran.” This time there’s a note of fear in his voice. He’s always been sharp, Jim. Always caught on quick.He knows something’s wrong.

2. Ancient Greek AU

All of Greece knows the stories – Spartiates are born to the blade and blooded by slaughtering helot slaves. The Spartiate school only takes the finest of the citizen boys. From the time they can walk they are molded. Their ability to question their command is destroyed, as is any loyalty that isn’t to the Twin Kings. By the time the boys of Sparta have been spat back out as Spartiates, they are perfect machines. Inhuman, inflexible, incapable of thinking for themselves. The backbone of the Spartan army, predictable and unstoppable as the tide.

If Moriarty has taken one – even one – true Spartiate alive, they will never stop singing his name.

3. Sebastian is a ghost that haunts Jim’s house.

Jim leaves his cigarettes burning and someone snuffs them out before he can ruin his suits or his carpets. Jim puts his cups near the edge of the table and someone pushes them back, just an inch, so they don’t topple over.Jim comes home late and somebody’s ordered takeout on his credit card, set it up in the kitchen.After a while, it just becomes part of life at Conduit Street; Jim runs the Empire and the ghost, whatever it is, runs the house. It’s a little like living with a very shy nanny. The ghost picks up after Jim. When he doesn’t eat, the ghost leaves a pile of takeout menus on the table so high it starts to fall over, which might be its version of chiding.

4. After the world ends, something goes wrong in Jim’s head. Sebastian keeps him around.

Jim watches him with glittering black eyes, and Sebastian can’t help but feel that Jim’s still waiting for a moment of weakness. There’s nothing human left in those eyes, not anymore, but sometimes Sebastian thinks there’s something worse; something huge and insane and impossibly intelligent, like a monster from a dream walking loose. Sometimes Jim says things now that don’t make sense until years afterwards, or until it’s too late, or only when you whisper them to yourself in the middle of the night.

5. Jim kills the omega who was meant to marry the king, and takes his place without anyone noticing.

Sebastian Moran the First – (and last) – his greatness the Lord High King and Alpha of jolly old England. Jim doesn’t know whether to laugh or vomit. It’s been impossibly easy. If one person – just one – had suspected omegas could think for themselves, Jim wouldn’t have been able to do a thing. Jim twists enough on the couch to see himself in the full-length mirror, and practices batting his eyelashes. He does an alright dumb and pretty, he tells himself – especially with a touch of black at his eyelids and a bit of red on his lips. He could almost pass for a court doll.

6. Jim is a bankrobber. Sebastian is the sheriff - and Jim’s childhood friend.

“Aw, save it.” Sebastian takes another drag of his cigarette and leans forward to tap the ashes into the plate on the table. “You think they’d have me here keeping watch on you if they thought I couldn’t handle it?”

There’s a short silence, then Jim tilts his head to the side in that snake-like way of his and says, “I think they don’t know the first thing about you and I.”

7. Sebastian is a serial killer, and Jim is his psychiatrist after his arrest.

Moran is a big, hulking man, but Jim knows from the news footage just how fast he can move when he needs to. When he agreed to be Moran’s personal therapist, the cops showed him more – the tapes from the warehouse where Moran’s last six murders had taken place.

Jim thought they were doctored, at first. Apparently, footage of Moran has that effect on people.

8. Sebastian is in prison after Reichenbach, and believes Jim’s dead. Spoilers: Not. Dead.

In progress

9. Jim is a centuries old sidhe who migrated from Ireland in the eighteenth century. Sebastian happens to interrupt him in the middle of a turf war between faeries.

In progress

10. Jamie Moriarty needs a sniper. Sabine Moran needs to crawl out of the bottom of a bottle.

In progress

11. Sebastian wakes up under a wolfbane hood, to find a man waving a pink plastic bone in his face. The relationship goes downhill from there.

In progress