i made these while listening to adams music

Cleaning, party of one, your dance floor is ready. [Listen.]

A mix I made for myself, for the days I’m home alone and want to jam out while I do chores.  I have a wide taste in music but you guys are welcome to have a dance party to my faves~.  Special thanks to roguerequiem for giving me several of these.

“Footloose”–Kenny Loggins / “The Cat and the Moon”–The Lord of the Rings musical / “Uptown Girl”–Billy Joel / “Maji Love 2000%”–ST☆RISH / “Funkytown”–Lipps Inc. / “Oye”–Gloria Estefan / “For Your Entertainment”–Adam Lambert / “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”–The Andrews Sisters / “Jailhouse Rock”–The Blues Brothers / “Dance in the Graveyards”–Delta Rae / “Tell Her About It”–Billy Joel / “Under the Sea”–The Little Mermaid Broadway cast / “Conga”–Miami Sound Machine / “That Man”–Caro Emerald / “NILLILI MAMBO”–Block B / “Flip, Flop & Fly”–The Blues Brothers / “Best Years of Our Lives”–Baha Men / “You Make My Dreams”–Daryl Hall and John Oates / “Boogie Shoes”–K.C. & the Sunshine Band

REQUEST: Dan being a long-distant dad

Request: “hi!! can you do an imagine on a song ‘Never Be Alone’ by Shawn Mendes, please??” -anon 

Link to the song here (i strongly advise you listen to it before or while you’re reading since that is what the request was based off) 

The tune of the song made me think of the music i used to listen back when i was 14/15 and made me feel all nostalgic. 

I traced my fingers through y/d/n as she laid her head on my lap and I read to her. She had these beautiful brunette locks, gently pulling out the knots at her split ends. She had been so adamant about growing her hair ‘as long as Rapunzel’s’ and although I wasn’t going to let my daughter have hair as long to the ground that she would stumble on her own locks, I was letting her grow it to her mid lower back.

“Clifford and Elizabeth walked down to the beach realising that Sally was in danger when-“

“Mummy, when’s daddy ever going to come home?” ,y/d/n sat up and turned around to look at me with an almost saddened expression as if she had forgotten that only moments earlier we had been laughing about Clifford the Big Red Dog and his silly adventures.


He was her father and she knew that. I didn’t hide it from her at all, that would be wrong and Dan had made the active effort in the past 5 years to be a part of her life. Neither of us had expected that our short fling would end in there being this long lasting commitment for a child we conceived together. However, the thing was Dan was now a big Media personality and all I had subsided to was working the occasional nursing shift at the nearby A&E when I was needed, otherwise from that we lived off savings and the odd commission from baking now and again. He was never really in London that much anymore and when he was his life became dictated by meetings and filming as if he wasn’t really the Dan that I had known and instead had become this corporate puppet. A puppet that let others play with his life but forgot about the one girl who wanted to have play dates with him the most.

Our daughter.

He said that he would come by every second weekend a few years ago and promise that she could stay the night with him and have dinner or watch a movie. But soon that turned into at first just grabbing some pizza and eating it in a nearby park to going out quickly to the Jungle jims and be back within the hour. I had told him over and over again to start making a proper effort. But soon it became scolds and arguments directed at him for not being a good father. I had the right to stand up for our daughter and make sure she wasn’t treated like shit but also to gurantee she had some sort of positive father to look up too.

3 months previous

“No, you listen to me Dan. You cannot put all this blame on me, you were the one who said you wanted to be involved and I let you into y/d/n’s life. You told me that you would be the best father you could to her but now all I hear from you is excuses towards why you cannot take her out to simply get fucking burgers. You keep telling me that your life is pretty crazy and whatnot now but you need to learn how to slow it down and actually stop and realise this family you have.  If you have a new girlfriend, just tell me and let me know that you do not want to the dotting father anymore and focus on her. Give a piece of your bloody heart to her and not some fractured and dull one to our daughter”

Those last words had stung as they left my lips. They were harsh to say the least but I wanted him to know that he couldn’t just forget about us. y/d/n was and still is pretty much my only priority and what keeps me going in a city where it seems I keep and keep getting fucked over by people in my life.

“Y/n please I’m sorry I don’t want to not be around but I don’t think you understand that me going and travelling in America doesn’t change anything. Yeah I agree I have not been around y/d/n lately but that was just because I was trying to make sure that the tour was going to go smoothly. I’ll make the effort when I’m away to Facetime her so that even though we will be apart, I’ll make sure she doesn’t feel alone”


It was now mid-June and there had been no facetimes, no text messages or no emails. I had seen photos of him floating around social media with his arms hugging girls only maybe 7 years older than y/d/n.  He had posted videos on his channel, so I knew he had had some free time even if it had only been a small amount. It almost broke me that it came across that he didn’t care at all.

Looking down at y/d/n, I smiled and reassured her that she would see her dad again soon or even talk to him. Although Dan would ‘never come home’ to this address in particular, she still was not aware fully that although Dan and I were not together at this exact moment, we wouldn’t be getting back together or living together again which seemed to in her own mind what the end game of ‘separation’ meant.  

She turned away from me, looking as if she was almost about to cry.

“It’s not fair mummy! I thought he love-ed me and I thought you loved him”, tears began to dribble down her freckled cheeks as she spat out words I never thought a five year old would say.

She got up from the couch in the living room and I heard the angry pattering of small feet run up the stairs and then a massive ‘flop’ down on a bed.

It tore me to see her like this and all because of fucking Dan Howell. The man who said he could be a father but lacked any skill to be a good one. I went over to the bookcase in the living room where I had placed my phone earlier and began searching through the contacts to try to find Dan’s number.

As I pushed the dialling button, I put the phone as close as I could to my ear, probably smudging off some foundation but so I could hear every excuse this man had to say why he could not call me.

“Hello y/n?”, It wasn’t Dan but Phil on the other line sounding very tired. It probably was either very late at night or very early in the morning wherever they were along the west coast but I just couldn’t care.

“Phil, can you put Dan on please?”

“Yeah sure I can try, he’s just in the other room editing a new promotional vi-“

“Phil just put him on. I don’t give a fuck what he is doing right now. He needs to understand he has a family back here in England whether he likes to admit it or not”

Phil was silent but I heard some muffles and mumbles as I assumed he went through a connecting door and into the other room to interrupt Dan editing. All I could really distinguish was “…Y/N..”, ..angry..” and a simple “Okay”

“Uhh hi Y/n? you still there?”

He sounded to un interested and almost distant as if he was acting like we had never been intimate before in our lives and that I was just a mistake.

“Yes Daniel I’m still here and I’ve got a crying 5 year old upstairs because her father hasn’t bothered to talk to her in 2 months”

It was silent for a moment when I heard a one syllable “Shit”

“Oh did you forget you had a child? Going to another country doesn’t mean that everyone you knew in the U.K. becomes irrelevant and void”

I paused for a moment. I knew continuing to get mad at him wouldn’t be worth it and soon I was worried that my voice would begin to attract an unwanted spectator from upstairs as the sobs became smaller and smaller.

“Please Dan just FaceTime her now and let her see you. She has been bugging me all week to see you and to hear your voice and for you to just hold her. I know you can’t do the later one right now but please just talk to her. She loves you more than I ever could and she looks up to you so much.”

He hanged up the call almost immediately, confusing me first but then I realised he was actually listening to me when I started to get an incoming FaceTime call. As I answered it I was met with the face of someone I almost didn’t recognise, an exhausted and unkempt Dan who if I didn’t guess it looked like he was about to cry.

Telling him to just quickly keep quiet I knocked on y/d/n door which she had decorated with stickers of Anna and Elsa from Frozen and a collection of other Disney princesses that had been her favorities from time and time again. Nobody answered so I slowly pushed it open to see a five year old face down into her pillows on her duvet silently sobbing any more grief she had out of her.

“Y/d/n honey please look up I’ve got someone very special who would like to talk to you”

Dan took it as an almost que and finally spoke up brining some joy to this household, the opposite of what he had done really in the past months

“Hey little pooh bear how you going?”

Immediately her puffy red face looked up over at me as I held my phone screen facing her so she could see a smiling Dan in her vision


They talked for a solid hour with Dan seeming genuinely interested in how her last days at kindergarten were going and if she was excited to move onto the ‘big-kids school’ soon. God I had forgotten how good he could be around kids. As it started to get late, I suggested that y/d/n needed to be getting to sleep soon with of course led to protesting from her

“But what if I don’t get to see or talk to daddy again for ever mumma??”

I heard Dan laugh slightly from the phone and he promised her that he would call again sometime this week and make sure he would tell her exactly what was going on with the tour

“Little monkey we will talk again soon I promise? And if you ever miss me just remember that we are laying under the same stars and I can see exactly up there what you see. I’ll always be there and you’ll never be alone. Goodnight bud”

“night night dadda” she waved to the camera and placed a big kiss on the lens in which Dan reciprocated.

I tucked her into her blankets and gave her her favourite stuffed Harrods teddy bear with 2011 stitched on its paw that Dan had gotten her when she first born like his grandma had done for him. As I gave her my own goodnight kiss I turned off the lights and let her glow in the dark ‘Tangled’ stickers illuminate her wall next to her bed.

Looking at the phone myself this time I saw Dan looking almost guilty but I couldn’t make him feel bad. He meant so much to y/d/n and she meant to much to me.

“Thanks Da-“

“No y/n don’t thank me please. I know I’ve been a rubbish father to her lately and I feel like crap. I just can never stay around that much anymore and live a ‘normal’ life like the one you two have. I go from one work project to another and just forget about what makes me normal and happy that has nothing to do with work. You don’t understand how much you mean to me and how much our daughter means to me because she is everything I could have asked for and I know I don’t deserve your pity or forgiveness but please know that who I was before I will not let happen again and I owe so much to you. Y/n you are an amazing mother and I know you don’t hear that often but please know you are and that I admire that plus so many things about you ”

Looking directly at him I could tell how honest he was and how much he really did want to be a part of not just her life but mine as well  

“When you’re back in London, we will talk properly about this because I know you can’t stay long but just know that you mean so much in mine and her heart and I’m going to make sure we all see each other soon hey?”

“Yeah I’d like that. I’ve got to go now but I’ll call as soon as I can and I love you both for than you will know”

Hanging up I realised how lonely he was. Although he had Phil, sometimes you just wanted to be around family as well as your close friends. Quickly grabbing my laptop, I looked up at websites like cheapoair.co.uk, skyscanner.co.uk and cheapflight.co.uk for flights to Los Angeles for the end of the month.

None of the three of us would be alone then or again. 

I think what some swift fans mean by dating her it raises the recognition of her bfs, is that most of us(swift fans) didn’t have a clue who CH was when she started dating him. We then in turn bought his music and some became fans. So in that way, more of his music sold. Who knows if swift fans started attending his concerts/shows. Same with Tom H…I had no idea who he was other than Loki. So then we buy his movies and especially TNM. He is more in demand in public and social media. In some ways being associated with swift can definitely raise ur public profile, like it or not.

Hey. We actually agreed that whoever dated Taylor is going to be known by a wider GP, but that’s doesn’t mean more people buy his music. 

If we compare his latest singles; ‘Summer’ 2014 (before Taylor), ‘How deep is your love’ 2015 (while dating Taylor) and ‘This is what you came for’ 2016 (/after/ Taylor), his singles have sold pretty much the same much. If we compare in USA only, Summer sold 3M certified units and it went 3 times Platinum, HDIYL sold 1M certified units and just went once Platinum and TIWYCF has sold 2M certified units and went 2 times Platinum. Him dating Taylor certainly didn’t make more people buy his singles.

If we’re going to talk about how much he made, in 2014-2015 he made $66M, while 2015-2016 he made $63M. So, him dating Taylor didn’t make him gain more money neither. Trust me about something too though, lots of people who love Adam’s music and the EDM music in general, became Taylor /fans/ because of him. More like they listened to her songs more. I’m one of those people who only had heard 3-4 Taylor songs and that’s it. And because of Adam, I bought her albums. 

He’s been the most pain DJ for his 4th year in a row and is currently the richest in the EDM world. Raising his public profile? People just know your name more and that’s it. Being her boyfriend didn’t bring more money to him or more units sold or more gigs.