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hey i’ve seen a bunch of j*hanna//the/mad on my dash lately and here’s a reminder she ships sh//eith (a ~25yo and a 16yo) and draws g/nderbends (i’m sure there’s more but that’s all i can remember off the top of my head)

All the Nuggets

People saying that her reputation was destroyed

Nils Sjoberg and the out of the woods dress

Met Gala 2014 dress

The dollar she won/she only cares about money

She’s a snake

In the pillars it says “et tu Brute” which means, “even you Brutus?” When Julius Caesar’s close friend Brutus stabbed him in the back when everyone turned against him. AKA fake ass bitches 

People referring to her as a snake. Her starting up drama by sipping tea. btw I love the necklace 

IDK if this has to do with Bieber’s Lamborghini crash, or Kanye’s assistant crashing his car. Some are mentioning a Maserati but this is clearly a Lambo, so it might be that but with a different car. 

She only gets awards by being dramatic. 

Playing it up for the cameras and wanting attention. 

IDK but maybe a reference to carrying around Olivia?

People celebrating when everyone was treating her like crap

Only caring about her cats, and if you see it says Blind For Love, like making fun of people saying she has too many boyfriends. Also only caring for money. 

Pretty sure this has to do with the whole girl squad thing, and flaunting it around. 

Taking on the streaming services

Building a squad of perfect barbies. 

People saying she was forcing others to like her. 

Loki’s t-shirt 

All of the different characters she’s played bc she is fake, and really just evil 😂

Fearless, we are never getting back together, red tour, I think VMAs, Billboard awards outfit. 

22 outfit from the tour, shake it off ballerina, YBWM, Holy Ground outfit, so many references. 

Signatures: Patrick, Selena, Martha, Este, Todrick, Lena, Danielle, Alana, Blake & Ryan, Gigi, Claire, Abigail,

She even has the our song dress!!!! VMA dress, VMA romper, all of the outfits! 

This is for sure walking around with Olivia. 

YBWM Taylor surprised. 

“Stop making that surprised face, it’s so annoying!” Out of the woods/dead Taylor 

“You can’t possibly be that surprised all the time” Shake it off Taylor. 

“HISSSS” Red dress sexy Taylor 

“What’s with that bitch?” Reputation Taylor

“Don’t call me that!” dead Taylor 

“Y’all” Fearless tour Taylor (I love her!!!) 

“Oh, stop acting like you’re all nice. You are so fake.” Red Tour Taylor 

Fearless tour Taylor cries. Red Tour Taylor mocks her. 

“Oh, there she goes, playing the victim again,” biker Taylor 

“What are you doing?” Met Gala 2014 Taylor. 

“Getting receipts, gonna edit this later.” Drama loving Taylor

Met gala Taylor does a dramatic sigh. 

 “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative.” 2009 Taylor. 

“SHUT UP?” Everyone else 

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Hello... wonder if there is any chance that you made another part of "did you steal this" story... pretty please?? That's so amazing... thank you so much for writing it... ^^ ^^ (you are amazing, you know that, don't you?)

Here you go, sweet Nonny. <3

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3: 

“So you’re going to wear the vest,” Plagg drawled, watching Adrien button it up. “Just like that, ‘Hi, Marinette, I’m Chat Noir’, huh?”

Adrien paused, looking at his reflection in the mirror. “Are you saying I shouldn’t?”

“Do what you want, Kid.”

He frowned. “This seems a little unlike you. You usually don’t want anyone to know my secret.”

“What can I say? I think Bakery Girl is cute and you can trust her. Also those cheese danishes she gives you are amazing.”

“I think I can trust her too.” He turned to slump against the counter. “Ladybug might get mad at me though. I still don’t know if I’m making the right decision, but it’ll be such a relief to have someone know and Marinette is so awesome–”

“And cute and sweet and blah, blah, blah,” Plagg finished. “You don’t have to convince me, Kid. I’m on your side.”

He nodded. “Okay, here goes nothing.”

“I think you meant to say everything.”

Adrien blanched.


He sought her out immediately, having put Nathalie and Gorilla on lookout duty. Her cheeks went pink as she held out a gift, not fully looking up at him yet. 

“You look beautiful, Mari,” Adrien said softly. “I knew you’d make an amazing dress, but this is beyond even what I could’ve imagined.”

He could see the moment the pieces fell into place in Marinette’s expression. She knew now. There was no going back. She looked at his face with wide eyes and then slowly down to the matching vest, inhaling sharply.

“Please don’t freak out,” he whispered, stepping closer. “I shouldn’t have done this so dramatically. I’m such an idiot sometimes.”

“I’m not freaking out,” she squeaked, eyes still too wide.

“Are you sure? Because you really look like you’re freaking out.”

She swallowed and glanced around at the mingling guests. “Chat?” she asked, almost inaudibly.

Adrien nodded, a nervous lopsided grin taking over his face. “Is that…is that okay?” When she didn’t answer, he looked around, spotting his father on the other side of the room. “Do you want to go somewhere we can talk for a minute?”


Adrien quickly led her out of the ballroom, dodging anyone who might be tempted to stop them, and down a quiet hallway. They settled on a bench, Adrien taking one of her hands in his. “Okay, so this wasn’t the best plan, I see that now. I probably should’ve just told you the other night, but…” he trailed off, frowning.

“I can’t decide if I’m flattered or upset,” she said, almost to herself.

“Please don’t be upset. I…I really like you, Marinette, and no one else knows this side of me and we have so much fun when I’m Chat and…and…and I guess I just thought it would be nice if you were my person who knows, but maybe that was selfish. You didn’t ask for this. I shouldn’t–”

Adrien’s words were cut off when Marinette pressed her lips to his cheek. “Sometimes you talk too much, Chaton.” His heart stuttered for a moment as she stood, offering him a hand. “I think I’d like a dance if you don’t mind, Kitty,” she said shyly. 

The wheels were turning slowly, gears cranking inside his brain. The puzzle pieces were all there but they weren’t quite fitting together somehow. “Chaton,” he echoed.

“I never really thought about it, but I guess I do have quite a few nicknames for you, don’t I? Chaton, Kitty, mon minou. It’s surprising I didn’t out myself sooner with how often we talk.” She titled her head to look at him. “Do I need to say it?”

He nodded, lips thinning. She pulled on his hand so he was standing with her. She opened her mouth and then snapped it shut, taking a deep breath. “This seemed easier in my head a second ago. Okay, I can do this.” She nodded to herself and then looked back at Adrien. “I’m Ladybug.”

“You’re Ladybug,” he parroted. 

“Is that okay? I know I should’ve probably told you when you started visiting as Chat so often, but then it had gone on so long that–”

Adrien kissed her then, one hand fumbling at her waist while they other slid to her cheek. It was a relatively short kiss, chaste and sweet and slightly awkward, but they both were out of breath when they parted. 

“Oh,” Marinette said, touching her lips.

“All I want to do right now is transform and run across Paris with you,” he said breathlessly. 

“You have a party full of people here to celebrate your birthday.”

“I don’t care.”

“Silly Kitty.”

He got a more secure hold on her waist. “I can’t believe you’ve been in front of me this whole time, my Lady.”

“Technically behind you,” she flushed as he pulled her closer. “Wow, um, this is changing really quickly, huh?”

Adrien paled, dropping his arms and stepping back. “Sorry. I…I think I got caught up and–”

“I don’t mind!” Marinette interjected quickly. “I mean, you can…we can…the kissing was….” Her shoulders slumped. “Why is banter so much easier in our masks?”

He ducked his head and glanced at her through his lashes. “So this is really okay?”

“This is perfect,” she smiled.

He beamed at her, offering his arm. “Then I think there was talk of a dance, Bugaboo.”

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This is my entry for @therealjacksepticeye‘s “Septic-art” thing. This is the first time I’ve done fan art for something like this, so I hope that you like it Jack!

I made Shadow of the Colossus art because I know it’s your favorite game. It’s kinda inaccurate because you’re commanding the colossus, but I thought it was cool anyway. Enjoy!

P.S. I watch your videos every day, I love how much you fool around but also that you are very sincere and spread messages of positivity and kindness in the YouTube community. You’re a cool dude ;)  Sincerely, Miranda

This battle station is now fully operational

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[[ so i know this is,,, pretty unconventional?? if that's the word, since this is an ask blog and i don't know how common this is but anyways um. would it be a completely awful idea to write a fic based on this college au?? like, using the backstory/universe you created {it'd be for you as well, it wouldn't be like,, deliberately stealing the plot} ]]

(( HOLY CRAP ANON ID LEGIT DIE,,,,,, I WOULD LOVE THAT SO MUCH OH MY GOD please be my guest omg if u have any questions about stuff i might not have answered yet u can dm me here or on my main if ud like its squigglegigs !!!! this made me smile really big that someone besides me likes these silly college boys thank u so much aaaaaa))

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You basically ripped off Colubrinas story with yours. Your title isn't original you stole that. Get a life or better yet. Don't. Kill yourself. Please. Do us all a favor and stop stealing things that aren't yours and just end it. Smdh. Kys bitch!

Oh my dear anon, 
You are not the first to send me hate, death threats, appealing to me to kill myself, etc. I was made aware shortly after I began to talk about this fic that Colubrina did indeed have one with a similar title. Before I could even begin to respond to these people and try to make amends I was already being bombarded with messages much like this one. 

The only thing I really have to say to you anon is this: I truly feel sorry for you. I am actually a survivor of suicide (Four times to be exact) and I am proud to say I am no longer in that dark place that I once was. You should never encourage someone to take their life, no matter how much you dislike them. If you had been around earlier, you would have known I actually asked permission from @colubrina about the similar titles and expressed how genuinely sorry I was (Because I didn’t know she had a fic with that title) She was very nice about it all and said that there are hundreds of fics with similar titles out there and that she was 100% okay with me having that title. 

So if she is okay with it, why aren’t you anon? I don’t know if you are religious or not but know this; I will pray for you. I will pray to every God, Goddess, Energy, and Spirit out there that this hatred within you will relinquish its hold. Though if you would like to continue this conversation, I would love nothing more than for you to come off of Anonymous and we can have a real chat.  💚

Have a nice day sweetie.   ❤️ I hope this made you feel a little better and you won’t go around doing it to someone else.  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


for my little project of NOT LOVERS I drew a lot of tattoos for Soul’s arms, and they have a lot of details so here we have the whole arms and the principal tattoos. I didn’t design all of them but I modified them to adjust to diferent concepts related to Soul

Here we have

-Witch Hunter

-Santa Mario Novella Basilica

-A skull with gears (the same of his resonance with Maka)

-Oni’s badass cousin

-Sharky Soul

-Phonograph on flames

And the jigsaw puzzle of mini tattoos includes: his 3 scythe blades, Black Room’s floor, Soul’s teeth, cobwebs, chains and things I thought that look cool

and if you wonder, yes, I’m totally crazy about details ;D

“I’m pretty sure I’m one of the smallest clowns…”

I worked on this all month and I am so proud of it! Now it&rsquo;s time to work on other people&rsquo;s gifts since some many amazing clowns were made while I was working on this! :D

JPen: my clownsona
Gpenny: @ghost-oakes
Ginger and Lpenny: @lokigirl2k
Blinky: @apple-sappy
Deadlight: @bishopinblue
Pennywise: @coulsart
Bpenny: @damnitnastymonsterporn
Peeny: @teensiest