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I'm looking for Sherlock blogs to follow

Hi, it’s not so long ago that I made this account. In fact, I’m also new on Tumblr. As the title of this post says, I’m looking for Sherlock blogs to follow them, but I have no idea where to start.

The reason is that I noticed there are toxic parts in this Fandom that are spreading hate towards the writers, the actors and other fans. I’m not saying that season 4 was perfect, but I think hate will never be okay.

So that’s why I thought it would be awesome if you interacted with this post in some way (commenting, liking, reblogging: whatever suits best for you) so I can notice where the nice fans are and follow them.

I’m not looking for any particular ship; I’m a sherlolly shipper, but I don’t mind following blogs about other ships, or blogs dedicated to the actors, or the series in general. We all love Sherlock, so that’s enough for me.

These topics are the only exceptions: ship wars and the conspiracy. In the case of the last one, I have seen what some fans of it are capable of and it’s scary. I’ve even been attacked by one of them, but I’m not here to talk about that.

Finally, I reiterate the invitation: no matter what you ship, if adlock, johnlock, sherlolly, and others, or any in particular. As long as you respect others and are more invested in enjoying what you love than in spreading hate towards others, please let me know so I can follow you.

Note: English is not my first language, so I hope this post makes sense.


Get to know me again: one/? female characters ▷ Cristina Yang
“Sometimes the future changes quickly and completely, and we’re left with only the choice of what to do next. We can choose to be afraid of it, to stand there trembling not moving, assuming the worst that can happen or we step forward into the unknown and assume it will be brilliant.”

KageTsuki headcanons bc why not
  • Tsukishima is the little spoon
  • the team is so confused by their relationship, they’re both grumpy and standoff-ish and both awkward as hell yet they make the cutest couple and are actually so sweet it hurts
  • Tsukishima really loves booping Kageyama’s nose
  • their getting together story was such a long process since they’re both stubborn as hell and refuse to admit to anything
  • the first week they move in together one of them always ends up having to sleep on the couch bc they fight. they thought it wasn’t going to work out and even thought about breaking up but then they sat down and really had a conversation about what was going on and it was because both were so afraid of fucking up so it ends in cuddles
  • both rarely smile genuinely but when they do it makes the other’s heart skip a beat
  • Kageyama learns how to make strawberry shortcake just for Tsukishima
  • Tsukishima has a thing for Kageyama’s hands, they’re so pretty and he is just always trying to hold them and at first Kageyama was really confused by it but now he almost craves it
  • they seem like the least touchy-feely people but they love physical contact so much, even if it’s just brushing against each other in the hall
  • Tsukishima begins tutoring Kageyama, he rewards him with kisses for each question he gets right
  • both love classical music and listen to it as they get ready in the mornings
    • they also end up slow dancing a lot in the mornings bc of this
  • Tsukishima was terrified when he finally realized he liked Kageyama and didn’t think he could talk to anyone about it, not even Yamaguchi, and one day Kuroo just messages him out of the blue and Kuroo ends up giving him relationship advice and Tsukishima thinks he’s gone crazy to take Kuroo’s advice but in the end it’s what got him and Kags together

Why are sapiosexuals so fucking annoying

I literally made that post about it like….at least a year ago? Probably more? And I still get long pseudointellectual anons about it…….. I don’t even care anymore I’m just deleting them

I can’t believe I’m “prejudiced against sapiosexuals” like this is almost as hilarious as that “vanilla privilege” shit

So I made a deal with kittyichooseyou / kittyarts that if she showed her I would show mine. 

And boy did she delivered.

^Everyone should look at it btw.

Mind you, every decent drawing I do is posted to this blog so all of these are not my proudest achievement.

Sorry this took so long,I had to find them all, scan them and moderately clean them.

Bonus: Juvia headshots in my notes

Bonus: Testing a brush setting and trying to draw on the computer

Bonus: I drew this LONG time ago. Never give up drawing kids.

standing ovation for WM

If you knew that Jongsuk couldn’t go to Baeksang in the first place due to schedules, then you should have SAID so one month ago, before all the fans poured in HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars voting for him in Baeksang. The hope that they could see him on TV for five minutes in a suit and getting his glory is a main part of why people voted.

If your goal is to discourage people from doing these silly things, then you should have told them that he was not going. If your goal is to satisfy the fans, then he should go no matter what, now that they have already shown their support like this. I have never seen a movement of this scale in Jongsuk fandom – we are usually low-key and satisfied to allow other people to win voting things.

Which is not to say I support the whole Baeksang movement, it was emotional fanwar baiting and a complete money-sucking pit. Also, it’s been said that Jongsuk did his Japan fanmeets with high fever, so I completely understand not going because health is the most important.

But Wellmade-ah, maybe ALSO mention he is sick from the schedules and therefore not able to go? (He looks quite well in the Japan fanmeets though, so don’t know how  much it would be believed.) Because otherwise it just sounds insensitive and infuriating. Obviously, I am asking too much of your PR skills.

ANYWAY. Maybe this is a way of saying, look at us, we are so popular that we won the popularity award and still can’t go because we are too POPULAR with overseas schedules??? Idk anymore.

Rest well, Jongsuk. See you in Hong Kong.