i made these for myself so i thought i'd share


@black–betty ’s lovely Cherik Persuasion AU.

cover made from my own manip; I also made it into an ebook for myself [d/l] to put on m’kindle, for which I knocked up the letter from the fic too, and used another of my own manips (which I like to think fits that scene pretty damn well ^_^) for the back/inside leaf.

Writing Tracker for 2016

I made this for myself to keep track of everything I write during 2016, so I thought I would share it in case anyone else was looking for something similar. The tables for each month are to count how many words you write each day, and then you put the total below the chart and in the overall year chart at the end. You can edit the information below the charts to track whatever you want.

You can download it here.