i made these days ago... i'm so annoyed

OK, I'm annoyed.  I saw a post a few days ago that said that people shouldn't be upset by the fact that Emma Watson is auto tuned in Beauty and the Beast because all movie musicals are auto tuned.

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So, this is one of the many reasons the casting of a big name celebrity with little to no musical theatre experience bothers me so much.  Audiences are starting to think that in order to be in a musical, signing talent is not a necessity.

Also, this person obviously hasn’t seen a musical that was made before the year 2000.  Really, even later than that!  More like, anything before 2010. 

Here’s a homework assignment for this weekend.  Don’t worry it’s easy.  Look up:

Gene Kelly:

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Fred Astaire:

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Judy Garland:

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Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald:

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Julie Andrews:

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In watching some videos of these wonderful people, you will see how much work goes into the craft of musical theatre and movie musicals.  

And, it bears mentioning, that at the time, these actors were “big names” and they were box office draws based on their singing and dancing talent.  I’m all for bringing that back.  If Hollywood wants to keep making movie musicals, then let’s bring back the movie musical star!

Is anyone else like absolutely disgusted for the Dean/Amara kiss.

This is literally the most disturbing, explicitly sexual, disgusting arc. She was 6 like 5 episodes ago. This is DISGUSTING

Also where the hell is Cas. His not even in the next weeks episode which like the most important one. WTH they bring Cas in the fun episodes but when it comes to the serious ones his not there. Now his like a one of character like his in some episodes and then he just disappears. HIS ALSO A MAIN CHARACTER AND YOU DON’T DO THAT TO MAIN CHARACTER WHICH EVERYONE LOVES.

Is Robert Singer out of his mind. His portraying Dean as a pedophile. Amara was child about 6 episodes ago.

The worst thing that annoys me is when they cut out the scene when Dean and Cas talk. That was like the most important bit and they made Misha re-act it so many times.

I miss the days when Sam, Dean and Cas used to work together and Cas used to be in most of the episodes.