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ariksay  asked:

Ok you don't have to say yes or no, but I am guessing the person Viktor was visiting was Yuuri's mother? But I don't get how since it was said before the Viktor didn't have the extra money to spend, so I am not 100% sure. Btw loved the last chapter! I made the mistake of ignoring your warning and I read the chapter in my grad student office (Which I was sharing w other ppl). You'll be surprised how many people come by your desk when you are trying to read privately!

You’ll see to both questions. I already have the next chapter planned out. It will provide all the answers. ;)

And yeah, I get it. Every time I write someone has to come by. Drives me insane.

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btw i made another short study session video! 


I’ve been locked in a dungeon and a jewellery box. I’ve been engaged to my eleven year old cousin. I spent the better part of two years in the same outfit. I am getting my happy ending!