i made them in a moment of madness

I can’t imagine a life without the mountains, not anymore..when you’re mad you can take the anger out on them, believe me they can handle it. When you need inspiration they offer you all the space necessary for yourself and for your thoughts. Those moments when you’re feeling brave, they create the hardest challenge. Standing on top of one is unlike anything I’ve ever felt. Knowing you made it thousands of feet up with a little bit of gear and your own two legs. Well, you come alive, in every sense of the word.

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Vimes’ thoughts on “Us vs Them” in Jingo is my favorite and one of the reasons why Jingo is my favorite book

You know, I’ve been thinking about Jingo so much recently. I guess current events are always bringing it back around. Vimes has so many good bits in that one; Jingo is just bursting with Big Deal Moments.

And then he realized why he was thinking like this.

It was because he wanted there to be conspirators. It was much better to imagine men in some smoky room somewhere, made mad and cynical by privilege and power, plotting over the brandy. You had to cling to this sort of image, because if you didn’t then you might have to face the fact that bad things happened because ordinary people, the kind who brushed the dog and told their children bedtime stories, were capable of then going out and doing horrible things to other ordinary people. It was so much easier to blame it on Them. It was bleakly depressing to think that They were Us. If it was Them, then nothing was anyone’s fault. If it was Us, what did that make Me? After all I’m one of Us. I must be. I’ve certainly never thought of myself as one of Them. No one ever thinks of themselves as one of Them. We’re always one of Us. It’s Them that do the bad things.

Chastity- sneak peek

Hi hi~~
Ok so this is the beginning of a fic I’ve been playing with but may/may not ever be finished/completed or published. 


The Vongola mansion was surprisingly still and eerily quiet this particular morning. It was a nice cloudy cool day. No fights, no arguments, no unneeded damages.

The guardians for once all sat together, eating their breakfast quietly, enjoying the rare moment of serene pea-


All the guardians paled. Then turned to stare at their boss, still calmly consuming his eggs on toast. They had never heard the hitman like this before. Yes he had been mad before, many times in fact. But that anger was always in chilling low tones, that made them wish they were swimming in the arctic with just their underwear instead. It was like the silence of a snake waiting to sink it’s torturous poison into their flesh. Slow, calm, deadly. 

Never had he ever raised his voice to the point that it echoed across the halls. And everyone had to wonder what the brunette must have done to incur such wrath.

Of course they didn’t have to wonder long as loud furious footsteps were heard till the door to the dining room slammed harshly open, revealing a slightly out of breath but enraged nineteen year old ex-Sun Arcobaleno. 

“Tsunayoshi Sawada.” He growled seething, black obsidian promising murder and a fate worse than death. Even Mukuro felt his usual amused smirk falter and pale. Tsuna however seemed to pay no notice to the palpable anger of the hitman, still nibbling on his toast before turning to said man with a smile that failed to reach his eyes. Gokudera and Yamamoto who were sitting right next to him subconsciously shifted away.

“Good morning Reborn, did you have a pleasant… surprise?”

It was faint but there was a small twitch in the older man’s eyes, more than a few were really afraid the hitman was actually going to snap. Well it had been nice knowing their boss. How long has it been, about ten, no, twelve years now?

“Take. It. Off.” Reborn grounded out, the words almost crushed by the weight of restrained wrath. 

Tsuna looked thoughtful as he sipped his delicious coffee before grinning sadistically. 


The hitman was ready to lunge at the Vongola Decimo still happily drinking his tea when to his surprise and irritation he felt seven pairs of arms restraining him. 

“Reborn-san! Please calm yourself! I’m sure if you and Tenth just talk it o-” Gokudera began pleading only to be cut off by a harsh snarl.

NO. This is far past talking now.” There was a glint of madness in those black eyes, just waiting to overflow and kill them all right where they stood.

Kufufu, just what on earth did the bunny do?” The male counterpart of the Mist Guardians asked curiously as he was slowly dragged on the floor by a certain raging hitman’s left leg.

“That goddamn idiota-” Reborn began slowly, darkly, like he was taking his time in shredding the words to pieces, “-fucking chained me up!”

There was a silence after that. Then wordlessly Ryohei pulled up the man’s right sleeve he had been clinging onto before, declaring bluntly, “I EXTREMELY don’t see no chains.”

The brunette added a spoonful of sugar into his coffee absentmindedly as he replied rather nonchalantly, “It’s not somewhere you can see.”

All his guardians stiffened and stared at their boss who just smiled that unnerving smile.

“You don’t mean…” Yamamoto began slowly, the smile long gone from his face.

The growl from a certain hitman only confirmed their disturbing suspicions.

“Hibari I suggest you stop staring at my groin or I will rip out your retinas and stuff them up your stupid boyfriend’s ass.”

The skylark grunted but quickly complied. Mukuro was extremely grateful. Reborn did not give two shits. His anger again refocused on his own lover.

“Now Tsuna if you take this off now I will be extremely generous and let this off as a very, very bad joke you pulled.”

The brunette smirked triumphantly at the offer. “No dice Reborn. This is a punishment after all.”

The hitman’s anger faltered, replaced by slight confusion, then stoned his expression. 

“I don’t remember doing anything to incur any sort of punishment to this degree.”

Apparently that was not the correct answer.

The Vongola Decimo’s serene, graceful features contorted into deep barely restrained anger, eyes burning a blazing orange that threatened to destroy all in its vindictive path. “Don’t remember Reborn?! Don’t remEMBER?! WELL LET ME HAVE THE FUCKING HONOURS TO REFRESH YOUR SHITTY MEMORY THEN-”

At was at that moment Lambo chose to escape, no one stopped him, they were too fucking scared to even tear their gaze away from the train wreck happening before them. It also helped that it was becoming increasingly obvious that the conversation was going to head down a path not meant for their youngest guardian’s ears.


Yep. Definitely not meant for their youngest guardian’s ears. 

Actually Gokudera looked like he was close to a stroke. Reborn however smirked, obviously proud of that moment.

“I do not see your point.“


“Now that wasn’t that bad.”


Reborn winced. That had been… an unexpected visit indeed.


All the guardians still present paled, even Mukuro looked a bit sick. They eat food cooked from that kitchen!

“Ok so maybe that crossed the line a bit but-“


Everyone just stared dumbly at their raging boss. All immensely uncomfortable just being there. Actually they were feeling uncomfortable just existing at this point. Fellow guardians choosing to be fascinated by the ceiling, the floors or the wall closest to their vision, anything to try and ignore the argument before them.

Yamamoto, ever the peacemaker tried to give a reassuring grin. “Maa maa Tsuna, don’t you think the punishment is a little harsh not to mention… unusual? I’m sure Reborn’s learnt his lesson now, maybe you should take it off?”

The Rain Guardian of Vongola flinched as the fiery intense gaze was now boring into his being. If those vivid orange eyes glared at him any harder Yamamoto was sure he’ll combust. Then suddenly the fire died down, the anger was still palpable but instead of a roaring forest fire it had gone down to a burning simmer. For a brief, hope filled, beautiful moment all thought they were finally in the clear.

Then he smiled.

And the room dropped to a spine chilling degree.

“Oh Yamamoto,” Tsuna laughed softly, it held none of it’s usual warmth and affection though. If anything the out of place laughter made the whole situation so much more terrifying. “You and your jokes.”

Sadistic amusement twinkled in brown orange orbs. Reborn hated the fact he knew just exactly where the brunette had picked it up from. The hitman did not deny that the moment he saw that all too familiar glint his stomach dropped and a feeling of foreboding hit him like a bag of bricks. Personally he’d rather the bag of bricks to his current dilemma.

"No, see, Reborn is much too stubborn to have learnt his lesson in just one morning." 

Another giggle. It was eerie. "However if he truly apologises and repents for his previous actions then I promise to take it off.”

The guardians gaped. The hitman silently fumed. 

There were many certainties in the Vongola family; Gokudera would always be incredibly protective of his boss, Mukuro and Hibari will always fight, no one ever approaches Tsuna before his second cup of morning coffee unless absolutely necessary. 

And possibly the most important and stubborn of them all- Reborn does. not. apologise.

The brunette knew this better than anyone, though he merely smiled a sickly sweet obviously fake smile at his furious lover. “I see.” Caramel brown flashed vibrant orange for a split second indicating that the all-knowing hyper intuition had flared. “Well then,” Tsuna nodded dismissively at his guardians and lover as he picked up his cup to drink from. “Have a pleasant morning. Now if you excuse me, I have a nice cup of coffee that needs drinking and paperwork to be filed.”


thing number 82375298584 i just noticed even though ive seen this film a gazillion times: capable touches furiosa v gently on the back before running to check on angharad and her bleeding leg. 

the sisters aren’t the only ones to lose their last chance when max takes the war rig from them and drives off into the desert; capable is acknowledging that this is very much a blow to furiosa as it is to angharad.


*Read directions if you don’t know how a 365 note jar works*

“PINK: When you miss me & motivation
YELLOW: Reasons why I love you
BLUE: Moments & Memories
PURPLE: Love Quotes”


ANYWAYS SHE DIDN’T EVEN READ THEM EVERYDAY, SHE TOLD ME “I’ll get to it when I get to it”, “ I don’t feel like reading it”. IT MAKES ME SO MAD BECAUSE OF HER I PROBABLY WONT MAKE ANYTHING AS NICE AS THAT AGAIN. YOU REALLY GOT TO BE SPECIAL. But now there just sitting there collecting dust untouched probably. 😒


Before you, I never really understood love.

We Will: a short film for Australian Marriage Equality. (~3 min)

[transcript below]

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Great British Bake Off contestant Tamal Ray has revealed that he is single and looking for a boyfriend.

The 28-year-old has become a resident heartthrob on the BBC baking show and frequently received propositions from fans on Twitter.

When asked about his current relationship status the baking aficionado told Radio Times: “I wouldn’t have a girlfriend, I would have a boyfriend. But I am single at the moment.

"Yes, I have had a few offers on Twitter!”

But it isn’t just viewers who are fans of his baking talents.

The trainee anaesthetist said that his Bake Off role has helped to ease the tension with patients preparing for surgery.

“It’s a great icebreaker,” he said. “In the morning I see my patients on that day’s operating list, and talking about Bake Off helps with the tension a bit.

"I didn’t think the consultants were particularly interested, but I made some muffins recently and they all went mad for them.”

And staff at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester where he works have taken advantage of his baking abilities and have asked him to channel Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood and judge a hospital Bake Off.

“At the end of my set of night shifts this week I’ve been asked to stay on during the day and judge a hospital Bake Off,“ he said. "It’s the last thing I want to do, to be honest!”

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Hey Mads, how to you think Tsunade reacted when Sakura went traveling with Sasuke and when she saw Sarada for the first time? *-*

Well I’m guessing Tsunade figured out how Sakura felt about Sasuke from the moment she saw the two of them. She was able to decipher that Sakura had been visiting everyday due to the freshness of the flowers:

This was made all the more apparent when she acknowledged how sensitive Naruto was to the situation by giving them their time alone:

So I’m guessing that when Tsunade saw Sakura go on her way to catching up with Sasuke on his travels, she must have thought something along the lines of “Ganbatte, Sakura!”. She was her student after all, and Tsunade would obviously want her pupil to succeed in any endeavour, whether it be as a kunoichi, or in her pursuit of romance with Sasuke.

So when she’d see Sarada for the first time, I can imagine Tsunade giving Sakura a cheeky thumbs up :D

I know this was posted by my good friend with my permission but figured while I’m lingering in the airport I would elaborate on the story for a moment since I never post on here :) so my daughter is only 6 but having a mom who loves horror films and obviously supernatural it only came naturally that she does too. Her favorite character is cas and Dean is a close second. She got mad at me that she couldn’t come to Denver con with me because she has missed her “best friends” since meeting them at dccon so I promised her I would get this photo and have misha hold the sign she made for him. I just wanted him to know how much he is truly loved and they both remembered her and I think his smile and the thank you/hug I got after meant he got the message. Never hurts to make my large group of friends that are crazy about cockles happy as well haha :) I’m glad you’ve all enjoyed it so much :) I hope she does as well when I get home way later and surprise her with it. For now, enjoy the cockles.

Imagine your OTP getting in a fight and one of them yelling that they love the other one and then it gets really quiet prompt

“Oh my god!” Arya shouted, “You are infuriating!” Gendry just made her so mad sometimes, they’ve been going at it for at least ten minutes now, Hot Pie having abandoned them five minutes ago.

I’m infuriating?! You’re the one going off on me for no reason!” He replied rather incredulously, “Fuck, Arya, sometimes I don’t even know why I love you!”

Silence fell between them, Arya was sure her mouth was open in shock. Gendry still looked mad, she wondered if he even realized what he just said. “You what me?” she asked in a whisper.

She saw the moment he realized what he had in fact said. “I, uh, love you?” he said, the end of the you went up in pitch as if in question.

A little laugh bubbled out of her at that, “You sure about that?”

He nodded, face looking more determined and less scared and confused, “Yes. I do. I love you.”

A grin spread across her face, and she leapt up to wrap her arms around his shoulders and crush her lips to his in a slightly messy kiss.

As she pulled away, she whispered, “I love you too.”

Jinkx's concert last night:

Jinkx was absolutely amazing last night! I’d like to give you guys some highlights:

 1. Ivy’s adorable outfit/knife throwing routine

 2. Major Scales being adorable when introducing Jinkx 

 3. Jinkx introducing Ivy by saying some thing beautiful and heartfelt to the tune of “WE NEVER HOOKED UP! IT’S BEEN THREE YEARS, SHIP SOMETHING ELSE FOR FUCKS SAKE!”

 4. Ivy being Jinkx’s back up singer but when Jinkx was talking (which was most of the time lol. I’m not complaining) she just sat there and looked really pretty

 5. Jinkx getting ‘mad’ at Ivy for waving at/distracting the audience. 

 6. Jinkx teasing Ivy about getting married and then telling us she buying them a goat named Jinkx (no joke) as a wedding gift 

 7. Jinkx and Ivy talking about Roxxxy Andrews’ only two sweet moments that were cut from Drag Race (she handed Jinkx a soda once)

 8. Jinkx talking about the great friends she made from Drag Race like Alaska and Ivy which was cute to say. Then she continued by saying that Ivy was the bottom of the barrel of friends (kidding of course) 

 9. Jinkx deep throating the microphone during Everybody’s Girl

10. Jinkx getting an audience member to moon the rest of us and then flirting with him for the rest of the show 

 11. Jinkx singing A Song To Come Home To (the album does not give her justice. That song live is so beautiful) 

 12. Jinkx and Ivy’s duet of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow 

 13. Jinkx announcing her new EP 

 14. Seeing Milan from season 4! 

 15. Me standing near the beauty that is Ivy Winters 

 16. Meeting Jinkx obviously 

 17. Her bracelet getting suck in my hair😂 

 18. Jinkx, and Ivy too having conversations with audience members 

19. Me about to leave coz someone else started talking to Jinkx and her turing around and adding me into the conversation

 Fun Fact: Jinkx Monsoon buys her nails at CVS