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anonymous asked:

How did you do Waldi's plaits for the competition? They look so so good and every time I plait my horse it seems to look worse! Any tips you could give? They'd be so appreciated, thank you!

Hi anon! I love braiding!

The braids that I made for Waldi are my version of Roosjes, better known as Dutch Braids. 
Those braids are seen a lot in the higher competitive international dressage, but turn up at all levels of the Dutch dressage fields.

This video by Jill Huijbregts is one of the best videos I’ve seen of ‘How to do Dutch braids’, even though I myself make them a bit differently (simpler).
You can find very readable English subtitles through the subtitle function YouTube offers.

Jill does a lot of things very interestingly, but I don’t agree with everything. I personally like to wet my mane with water (mousse can work too, just what you want) and I do use a comb. 
Combs are great for making the ‘splits’ between the braids so much clearer, and they’re the easiest way to make even sections of mane. I prefer this type of comb because you can use the pointy end to split the mane cleanly. I also use it as my measurement; the length of the comb (so the pointy ends) is the width of my braids:

As for the braiding I fully agree with Jill; start out ‘loose’ and then continue on tight. That will make for some ‘higher’ braids, ie the arches you see in Dutch braids. Here’s a picture from this morning where you can see said braids:

The needle and thread thing is something you’ll have to practice, but Jill’s instructions should be pretty foolproof! Remember that braiding is not easy to master, but once you get the hang of it, it’s great to do!

Keep in check how long your horse’s mane are, by the way. Long and thick mane are terrible to braid, so consider thinning them out. If your horse’s mane are thin already, consider growing them out a bit longer (like Waldi’s) to make sure that you still have a nice length to braid with.

I should still have some footage of me doing a plaiting video on both Dutch and jumper braids, but I never put it together (it’s out of focus and half of the things are happening off-screen). If I have time for you, I’ll conjure up some new vids and will upload that to this blog. I can’t promise when - it might take some months. 

atem-no-koibito  asked:

Hi~ I just want to know if Wolfram had prior relationships before Yuuri. I remember someone mentioning that he did have relationships before, in the novels, and that they were all females, while Yuuri was the first guy partner. It's starting to feel as if I made this info up myself, because I just don't remember reading any info like that in the novels. So, is it true? If so, please tell me in what book and chapter. This has been bugging me for a LONG time. :D Thank you!

No, it’s confirmed in the novel canon that Wolf is as inexperienced as Yuuri in matters of love. Them being equals is an important thing that’s mentioned many times. 

I had my doubts some time ago but I think that clarified it. I’m not sure where it was included in the latest novels, but we can also read something about him not being popular with women because his personality during Caloria (when he’s visiting the temple and meet Gisela there).

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Name: Tiffanie

Nickname: Tiff, Tiff Tiff, Tiffy, tiffanietwisted from MySpace (LOL)

Gender: Female

Star sign: Gemini

Height: 5'4"

Sexuality: Straight

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor

Favorite animal: Owls and foxes

Average hours of sleep: 6-7 but capable of 20

Dogs or cats: I love both, but I have 2 cats

Blankets you sleep with: All of them (just ask my husband)

Dream trip: Dublin, Paris and London

Dream job: Graphic artist in the music industry

When I made my blog: I just started fresh as a dedicated Swiftie blog but I originally followed Taylor here in 2013.

Followers: 756

Why I made my Tumblr: Originally my username was tiffanietwisted and I was using my blog to share my IG and FB posts and the content was varying. I wanted this blog to just immerse myself as a Swiftie.

Reason for my URL: I’m a Swiftie from California. It was too hard to try to choose one TS lyric to define myself with.

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Syndra and Kahled <3

//Finally! I could draw these two <3 You don’t know how I fought to decide the Kitty’s color, gender and name and drawing him orz D:< But finally came with a good idea and here he is! Little Kahled :3 Expect him in every verse (?

I always struggle with Syndra’s outfit since her splash art, concept art and 3D model’s outfit are different! So I tried to mixed them all up ;u;

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Name: Zoe

Nickname: Zo, Zozo, and Depression

Gender: Female

Sign: Virgo

Height: 5 foot 5

Sexuality: Straight

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Favorite Animal: all of them

Sleep: Anywhere from 3-12 hours (wow that’s bad)

Dogs or Cats: dogs

How Many Blankets: 1-3

Dream Job: I’ll get back to you when I figure it out myself

When I Made My Account: It was either March or April of this year

Why I Made My Account: I wanted to fangirl about Sherlock and Johnlock

How Many Followers: 1,338! Love you all!

What Your URL Means: It’s pretty self-explanatory if you’re in the fandom. It’s 221B. And Johnlock. 

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poor pitiful children, poor jeremy

i wanted to do a doodle of this with the other songs but one picture didn’t really serve it justice so i just did a lil comic thing instead

beep bop boop

lately i’ve been thinking a lot about the specificity of language. everyone always talks about how english has one word for love, i’m bored of that. i think a lot about how we have a word for a sign of things to come (portent) and how we have a word for freeing someone of sin (absolve), we have a word for a sudden outburst of any kind of activity (paroxysm). today my brother taught me wayzgoose: “an entertainment given by a master printer to his workmen each year on or about St. Bartholomew’s Day”. 

i think about this in a kiss, how we purse our lips, how we press into each other, how kiss is a small word for an action that feels big - i think about how we have french kiss, how we have a smack on the cheek, a peck. i think about this when we make eye contact, how we have “a moment” that passes between two people like an envelope, one that reads of more, more, more - i think of who gave us the names for obscure things. how shakespeare gave us elbow, and what did we call it beforehand. 

what word is there for the way your eyes look when you talk about your favorite thing. we have phosphorescence, the property of emitting light, but that’s not right. what word is there for how it feels with the floor against your back while you’re watching sunbeams filter dust motes. there’s languid, relaxed, but that doesn’t work. what word is there for how it feels beside your best friend, listening to them laugh, knowing this moment is a pocket that keeps all of the good things inside, one i will tuck myself into again and again, one i am somehow distant from even though i’m enjoying it: watching the moment become a memory i think of fondly, even while it’s happening. 

there’s kissing, there’s leaning in, there’s words for summer and fireflies in jars and fall creeping in. there’s words for leaves and the smoke in the air from breathing and there’s words for the fire of a sunset on an autumn evening. i think about how we made words for things. the oxford dictionary gives us 171,476 current words to make sense of things. how we let poets give us syllables for how it feels to fall into someone’s arms (melting) and someone who talks a lot (gregarious) and vast burning (conflagration). the beauty of language is we have a word for that until we don’t have a word for that and then poetry comes in. 

if i kiss you i think: portent. if i kiss you i think of telling you here is where our lips purse here is where my sins absolve here is the paroxysm of my heart. i kiss you and i think: what words do other people use when they need to fill in the emptiness of “love”. do they think conflagration, the misery of scorching, or do they think of slow burning. do they think portent. do they think of kisses as french or as just kisses, no purses or bow lips. when they lean in do they melt into it. when they love, is it just that? something specific? or do they mean “the spaces around this word say more than the letters i’m given.”


“Gay people are worse than paedophiles” - a woman I went to church with when I was 7/8

“You know that’s the gay pride flag you’re drawing, right?” - a classmate seeing me draw a rainbow at age 11 before I knew what gay pride even was

“Ugh that’s gay” - most people around me who went to my schools/college from ages 7-present(17)

“I agree with civil partnerships but I don’t agree with gay marriage because marriage is between a man and a woman to produce children” my religious studies teacher when I was 12

“I don’t have a problem with gay people but why do they need to shove it in my face” - my mum when I was 12

“I don’t mind gay people, it’s bisexuals I have a problem with, just pick, be gay or straight, it’s not a pick and mix” - my mum when I was 12

“Ew you’re a lesbian” - many people around me, joking, even before I came out

“Well I don’t like gay people because of my religion and I think they’re going to hell” - a classmate in my religious studies class when I was 15

“All of these celebrities are just coming out as bisexual for attention” - my mum when I was 15/16

People often wonder why it’s difficult for gay/lesbian/bi kids to come out, this is why, it’s not even outright direct homophobic attacks, it’s offhand comments made by straight people because they think you’re one of them meanwhile feeling trapped inside yourself. When you start questioning your sexuality, you start to remember all of those comments made and it terrifies you because it makes you question who you are and what you’ll become if you ever do come out and it’s horrible

When you’re told these things by parents/family/teachers/ friends you start to believe these things because why would they lie to you? I believed almost all of those things at one point because that’s all I’d been told and it made it 10x harder for me to come to terms with who I was, it meant not even looking at girls for too long in case they thought I wanted them and scoulding myself and getting so angry at myself every time I had any remotely romantic/sexual feelings about a girl, saying things like this make it so much harder for people to accept themselves

I’ve worked so hard for a long time to accept who I am, however I’d be lying if I said I was completely comfortable with what other people think of me, even after I’ve come out, it still terrifies me to talk about sexuality with my family and friends because I’m still scared that on some level they’re not okay with it and I don’t know when this feeling will stop or if it ever will

So yeah, I am loud and over the top about my sexuality but that’s because 1) I’m so proud of how far I’ve come and the the journey I’ve taken to come to where I am today, accepting who I am 2) I’m still trying to convince myself that I am Okay with being out and proud and not caring about what others think 3) if other people hear me being out and proud maybe it will make it easier for them when they think about accepting who they are/coming out because they’ll think about the positives

What I’m trying to say here is, watch what you say especially around younger people who are probably starting to question who they are because what you say can have damaging effects on them and trust me when they start to think about coming out, they will think about every single one of those comments made

Do you know what pisses me off the most about the dreaded “Autism Moms”?

Let me tell you, as an autistic adult who also was a main caregiver for an autistic boy (my brother). 

For the record:  I swear that if you use this post to say autism makes people violent and abusive, I will send 12,000 angry geese to flock in your bedroom and destroy every item that you treasure the most. AND I will eat the leftovers you had planned on eating for lunch tomorrow. Don’t you fuckin dare miss the point of this post. 

Listen up. I got a story for you.

Bit of background first.

My boy, my little hobbit, was born when I was ten years old. My mother left him alone with my grandparents and me. She legit abandoned him. 

My grandparents weren’t sure they could take him in. 
I begged. I pleaded. I asked as hard as I could to let us keep him and not give him back to my mother. 

Of course, they said yes. 

I dutifully became the protective older sister.

I would bathe him up until the week I left for college. I measured his medications and crushed them into his favorite yogurt. Blue, if you were curious.I made sure his food was perfect - french fries made just like he wanted, a chicken fry sandwich complete with his favorite McDonald’s sauce we bought in bulk.  
I went to his speech and occupational therapies several times a week, and practiced the things he learned. I went with him to his first day of school.

I even did a middle school project all about autism (which I am slightly embarrassed about, as I mentioned A$ in it ugh). I read all the autism books a 12 year old could find, and immersed myself in the Vanderbilt paperwork. I delved into the world of IEPs, visual schedules, and basic sign language.

And now, I’m still sending them resources and information on medications, papers for teachers, and going over doctor notes for him - despite being six hours away. 

(Of course, I was an undiagnosed autistic girl who also needed quiet. When I wasn’t needed to do these things, I was often in my room away from the loud television and people. I wasn’t a perfect caregiver, but I did do a lot.)

All of that to say: yeah, it wasn’t easy. But since when is raising a kid ever easy? I started looking after this boy when I was ten years old.

But here’s what infuriates me.

I read all the time about these autism moms who complain about how terrible their lives are. They say they’re afraid of being hurt and their lives are destroyed. Some even talk about killing their kids.

You know what?

Yeah, I got hurt by him or when helping him. I got bit, scratched, hit, and everything else. Usually it was just him being frustrated over lack of communicating his needs, so I was rarely angry. 
I ran after him when he went out the door straight for a lawnmower and I fell to the concrete. I grabbed him right before he ran into a street and ended up with my arm covered in blood.

I was kicked in the head and given a traumatic brain injury that requires me to now use a cane, and has caused a ton of nervous system issues. I even use a wheelchair part-time due to another condition that occurred afterwards. I’m only 20, and my health is pretty comparable to someone with congestive heart failure.

And you know what? 

I never in a million years thought about hurting my little brother.

I still don’t blame him. He was often overwhelmed, and had meltdowns. As an autistic person myself, I understood it - even if I didn’t know I was autistic at the time. (I suspected, but was too focused on other things.) 
I don’t know if I’ll ever get better health-wise, and that’s okay. I don’t know if I’ll get to run and dance again, or if there’s worse effects to come. It’s just what it is, and I’ve accepted that. 

He’s a child. It’s not his fault. He once asked me if it was, and I hugged him tight and said absolutely not. 

I say all this not to demonstrate how violent autistic people can be, but to demonstrate that I get where these autism moms are coming from.

  Again, for the record, autistic people are far more likely to be abused and assaulted. 

Remember how I said  I get where they’re coming from?

Yeah, that’s still not an excuse to be harmful toward your child. Ever.

You don’t give your babies bleach, shock them, or starve them. You don’t talk about them as if they’re literally a death sentence for you. And you sure as hell don’t want to murder your little ones. 

And if you literally want to kill your kid, if you would rather have a dead child than an autistic one, I have news for you.

You don’t deserve that child, and you better back up and understand this.

You autism moms need to stop. You need to listen. 

Your kids are going through a world that wants to “cure” them, force them into suffering so they can look “normal.” Your kids are going to spend their entire lives dealing with a world that is hostile to them. People try to assimilate us to save their own pride, at the expense of our own comfort and stability. 
Your kid is going to go through life being told that they should be literally “treated” with electroshock therapy because of their neurology. They’re going to be told that they shouldn’t reproduce. They’re going to be told that they’re not worth having space in this world. Your kid is going to grow up one day, and they’re going to hear this and internalize it. 

I know that, because that’s what I hear every day. 

You say it’s so hard to have an autistic kid?

Well, of course it is. But you know what?

Kids are hard.
They’re going to kick, hit, pinch, and everything else. Even neurotypical kids do that. I don’t know a single kid who hasn’t bit their caregiver or thrown something when grumpy. 
(I’ll say it again for those in the back: autistic kids are way way way more likely to be abused and hurt.)

When you have a kid, you sign up for this. You love that little one unconditionally, you protect them with all your heart. You give them support. You love that child even if they have a disability, especially when they have a disability.

You teach them that they are allowed to exist, that they are just as valuable and needed in this world like anyone else. We need all the neurodiversity in this world we can get. 

You teach your child that they’re not a burden. You teach them how to say no and that autonomy is often more important than compliance. You teach them that you love them, and that they will always have someone in their corner to back them up when times are tough.

I don’t care how hard you think it is raise an autistic child.

Trust me, I know full well it’s hard. Parenting is hard. It’s not easy, and it’s not always roses and fluffy kittens. That has nothing to do with having an autistic kid; that’s just a fact of life. 

The fear of getting hurt is valid. I can attest to that, and I don’t think I can downplay that. But that behavior is communication, and you have to learn how to read it. I did. You have to fight for better supports, for ways to make it easier on your kid - and by doing this, easier for you too. 

Sure, it’s hard.

But you know what? Your kid’s going to have it much harder. 



so what we have here!! is!! some!! presents!! for my amazing friend @rachirdsims, she was one of my first friends on tumbles and is one of the main reasons why i even make cc!! shes kind, thoughtful, smart, and such a beauty!! SO!! as a thank u to the universe for blessing me with such an amazing creature i have made these wonderful 13!! mesh edits!!

~ all of these items require city living ~

(if i get enough requests i may try to make them bgc as well)

  • i did do all of these myself, so chances r i did make a mistake!! if that is so!! plez!! let!! me!! kno!!
  • please do not re-upload or claim as your own, these are not only cc but also a gift to a friend dont disrespect that!! ):<
  • if you use them in a build tag me!! i love to see creations in use!!



bts scenario: you’re stressed

thank you for your request! i made it into a more ‘you’re stressed’ in general, but i hope you enjoy it! i’m also proud of myself for finding a gif from DNA for all of them lmao xx

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jin: jin hands would find their way to your shoulders as you groaned and slumped down into a seat at the table. “do you wanna talk about it?” when you shook your head, jin simply continued his ministrations and placed kisses on the back of your neck. many more kisses made their way up your neck and finally to your lips as you felt the tension begin to leave your body. “thank you jin,” you whispered, to which he merely hummed and pressed his lips to yours again.

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yoongi: as soon as you had slammed the door behind you, yoongi knew you had a bad day, and as the protective boyfriend he was, he was determined to make you feel better. yoongi grabbed your favorite blanket from the edge of your shared bed and draped it over your shoulders. “yoongi-,” you began but he quickly hushed you. “relax,” yoongi’s steady voice and comforting hands were already beginning to make you feel better. 

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hoseok: hoseok would immediately pick up the phone and place an order for your favorite take-out place. “but hobi,” you frowned at the thought of him spending money. “hush,” hoseok smirked, “you know i love spending money on my baby.” his words made your neck and cheeks flush a deep pink color, your hands immediately going to your face to try and hide it. “don’t do that,” hoseok said while pulling your hands away, “you’re always gorgeous, no matter what.”

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namjoon: namjoon would basically push you down onto the couch, demanding that you relax. after a few minutes of trying to escape, you had finally given up and resorted to making yourself comfortable on the couch. “which one is your favorite?” namjoon asked while holding up two of your favorite movies. huffing, you pointed to the one in his right hand, “that one.” namjoon smiled and put the movie on, pulling you into his lap and forcing you to relax for the rest of the night.

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jimin: jimin’s head turned after hearing you sigh for what seemed like the 10th time in the last minute. without saying anything, jimin went to the bathroom and began to run a bath, making sure to drop in your favorite bath bomb. “baby!” jimin called for you, and you followed the sound of his voice into the bathroom, where he was waiting for you inside the tub. “jimin what-,” you began. “come join me,” jimin said with a bright smile. you shook your head before climbing in with him.

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taehyung: taehyung knew laughter was the best medicine, so he was determined to make you smile after you had returned home with a frown on your face. “baby~,” taehyung’s voice teased as he gathered you into his arms, beginning to kiss you everywhere. “tae,” you laughed as he kissed a sensitive spot on your neck. taehyung’s fluffy hair brushed over your cheeks as he continued to attack your neck with kisses, “there’s that beautiful laugh.”

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jungkook: jungkook knew that you needed your space to cool down, but that you also needed comfort sometimes. “come here baby,” jungkook said. you huffed out a breath and made yourself comfortable on his lap. jungkook’s arms immediately wrapped around your waist as he began to softly hum in your ear. the muscles in your shoulders began to loose their tension at the sound of his voice. “thank you kookie,” you whispered, giving him a soft kiss on his lips. 

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Travis: Uh, before we get started I went back and listened to the last two episodes, ‘cause I really like listening to myself do stuff. And Justin and Dad… I think maybe there’s a connection between all those eyes on the moon and the spiritual beings that Justin saw in the extradimensional plane.

Griffin: Is it because I used a lot of the same words to describe them?

Travis: Yeah.

Justin: This has been our Adventure Zone recap wrap-up fancast, where we talk about our own podcasting theories about the show we made ourselves.

Someone give Sansa a hug 😭😭
  • Sansa: Bran, I'm so happy you're home, I've missed you so much.
  • Bran: It was Beautiful that night, snow falling just like now. You looked beautiful, in your white wedding dress.
  • Sansa: Oh Arya, I'm so relieved you're all in one piece, and made it back home safely.
  • Arya: Ah yes, the man [Ramsay] you married. Of course you took mother's and father's room, these are the best rooms in the castle. You always liked pretty things, they made you feel better than everyone else.
  • Sansa: I feel so attacked right now. *writes to Jon* Jon, I beg of you, come home, I miss you. Arya and Bran are driving me insane, I can't handle them by myself, especially, Arya. Bran keeps going on about the night I was raped, and how "pretty" I looked when it happened, Arya thinks I want to overthrow you and become the Queen in The North *sighs*. I need you here. Please, come back. 😩😢🙏
  • P.S. I almost forgot, Bran told me to tell you, that the dead are coming. 💀