i made the underwater thing look like fire because yeah why not

Essays in Existentialism: Frozen

Could you maybe do a fic where neither Clarke or Lexa falls into freezing water and the other goes “well now I’ll have to get naked to keep you from dying”

The trees creaked and cracked against the bitter cold that froze everything it touched. The entire forest seemed to moan with complaint against the frigid state of the world as the only two brave enough to venture out of the warmth of homes and buildings as the blizzard began to descend upon them.

Hooves trudged through the accumulation that obscured the familiar path, blurring out all directions in a multitude of white and grey. But still, they horses pressed on through the glacial midmorning with the foolhardy notion of beating the worst of it.

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New Voltron AU

So sometime around November 2016 I came up with three Voltron AUs (I’m just sharing one because reasons)(and only because @futureblackpaladin made some art). One of them happened to be an Atlantis: The Lost Empire AU so now I’m sharing it in all it’s terribleness so enjoy

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On Your Marks

More of the YouTuber AU!!! Find this series here on my AO3.

This is more fluff, but don’t worry I have a lot of angsty plans for this, too. Plus, lots of unrelated things coming up are also full of angst. So look forward to that, I guess. Or don’t, depending on how you look at it.

This particular one-shot features Lance, Keith, and Hunk all making an appearance on Pidge’s channel, and the four of them play Mario Kart. As you can probably guess, they all take it pretty seriously. …hopefully you won’t be confused if you’ve never played the game.

“Hello, fellow nerds, and welcome to Pidge Plays,” Pidge began in a deadpan voice, staring at the camera blankly. “Today we’re playing a game from one of the most haunting periods of the human race— Lance’s childhood.”

“Wow, what a great way to introduce guests on your channel, Pidge. I could learn a thing or two from you,” Lance said, with obvious false cheer.

“As you guys can see, I have visitors,” they swept their hand at the three other people seated on the couch. “Hunk and Lance’s channels will be in the description, but don’t check them out because they suck. Keith’s not actually a YouTuber, but you guys seemed to want him here, anyway.”

“I only came because Lance said you needed a fourth player,” Keith muttered under his breath.

“If you, for some reason, neglected to read the title to this video, then we’re playing Mario Kart!” Hunk finally spoke up, doing jazz hands. Pidge shot him an unimpressed glare.

“I could be continuing my Undertale Let’s Play,” they grumbled. “But nooo! If I want to get invited to come bake with Hunk, I have to let you guys come into my house and play Wii!”

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My Lover Smells Like Fish (omake)

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5

Married life isn’t what Alfred expected it to be.

‘Take out the trash.’

Okay, yeah, maybe he expected that part.

Arthur’s holding up the sign, looking annoyed, and pointing very forcefully at the overflowing waste bin attached to the wall. When the trash isn’t taken out, sometimes it gets into the water, which upsets Arthur, which is kinda, sorta fair.

Alfred extracts the bag from the bin, some force needed as it’s keen on sticking, and wades out of the kitchen, exiting through the back and walking up the steps to solid ground. Throwing the bag in the dumpster a dozen yards out, he returns, walks down the steps, and wades back into his home.

When Alfred had agreed to a cohabitation experiment, he had had in mind Arthur in some sort of tank in a home, maybe something that could span several rooms, or possibly, an arrangement at the aquarium.

Instead, he was driven out to a house they had hastily constructed out of non-water-soluble materials and half flooded. Alfred had been assured it was safe, had been given some boots, gloves, and rubber fishing pants, and had been told he could move in immediately.

Did his family and friends judge him for moving into this questionable water home with the merman he’d unofficially eloped with?

Yes. Yes, they did.

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request: heyy I really like your writting and I was wondering if you could write a imagine where kai cheats on the reader with bonnie, the reader starts to act weird and everyone thinks its bc of the break up but the truth is she is sick (eating desorder bc she is human) bonnie is mean towards her at the salvatore house and she just yell that she is sick and everyone feels bad for her including kai :) sorry if it is too confusing.

gif cred @mattmoredick


Her back was to the door, head buried in her knees, hair water-falling over her closed eyes as she took in shaky breaths. She wore a baggy navy sweater and ripped black jeans, and a hard pang seemed to take over her whole body, like a constant throbbing, dull, ache. She tilted her head up against the oak frame, chewing at her lower lip, thoughts swarming around her head like a thousand rampant bees.

“Hello?!” Caroline chimed from the other side of the wall, making her jump in surprise. “(Y/N), you okay? You coming?”

“Uh, yeah, fine,” she cleared her throat, groaning lightly as she pulled herself from the floor and to her feet, fingers trembling as she pulled open the silver knob.

“Everyone’s here,” Caroline smiled politely when she saw her, “we can walk together.”

The girl nodded, ignoring the way Caroline spoke with her underlying sense of pity for her, something most had taken to doing recently. Their knuckles brushed lightly against each other as they stepped across the dark floors, dark boots clacking and filling the silent corridor with noise. Before they entered the lounge, Care gave her a faint squeeze to her arm, and then they walked in together.

“Hey,” she said, eyes darting over the crackling fireplace, and thick red carpets which were sat upon by Stefan, Damon, Elena, Matt, Bonnie, and…

Her gaze fell upon the boy with his hands curled in his lap, legs crossed, head lifting when she entered, those blue eyes looking just as ashamed as they had the first time she heard the news.

“One week without being attacked by vampires, wolves, witches, ghosts, or whatever hell beast this town has seen, come celebrate!” Elena said cheerfully with a big smile.

“New record,” she laughed lightly, strolling to the table and sinking down beside Stefan and Matt.

The golden red flames sent shadows over their faces as Damon approached them carrying just a couple of his many bottles of alcohol with an eager wink.

“What shall it be?” Matt said, sliding an elegant glass to the girl.

“Oh, nothing, thanks,” she tried.

“You sure?” he raised a brow.

She gave a nod, and Matt glanced at her suspiciously. He seemed to know her feeling more than anyone, the one of being the only human in the group, a human who’d been thrown into this whole messy world of the impossible, which means he did well with looking after her, even though they all did.

“We should drink once for every supernatural monster we’ve faced,” Elena chuckled as she stole Damon’s glass with a giggle.

“That would be one hell of a list, we’d be drunk in two minutes,” Damon said, taking his drink back with a playful shove.

“My particular favorite would have to be literal Satan,” Stefan chimed in with a twitch of his lips, making them all laugh.

“Yeah but those witches have to be the most annoying, am I right (Y/N)?” Kai said sarcastically, eagerly trying to pull a smile from her lips.

“You couldn’t be more right,” she said, her voice lowering seriously, brows knitting in clear unamusement

Kai’s face fell, and he gave a little awkward clear of his throat.

Bonnie, who sat beside him, shot the girl a glare, her dark curls framing her aggravated face.

“Don’t listen to that,” Bonnie soothed.

‘Oh, so I’m a ‘that’ now, am I?’ the girl thought to herself as she toyed with a loose string on her sweater.

“I don’t need you to defend me,” Kai hissed back, which made her feel only a little better.

She felt a hand touch her back, so she raised her eyes to the vampire who sat next to her. His glimmering gaze stared forward, arm lowered beneath the edge of the table so nobody could see. His palm pressed to her back, and he rubbed his thumb against her with the smallest tilt of his head that told her he was there for her.

“Thanks,” she whispered barely audibly, but she knew Stefan could hear her.

It had been a couple weeks since her whole world had come crashing down on her. Malachai Parker, the person who she’d loved with every particle of her being, who she would do anything for, who had promised to fight for her like she would for him, had crushed her beating heart into shattered fragments in a matter of seconds. She didn’t know where she went wrong, what made him do it, but apparently she wasn’t good enough, but Bonnie Bennet happened to be. She could remember it so vividly, the utter regret in his face when he cried to her, the tears that flowed down his pale and sunken face.

“I’m s-so sorry, I wanted you to hear it from me first, because after what I’ve done, the least I can do is be honest with you…”

Her eyes had glazed over, the rest of his muffled pleas for forgiveness sounding like they were coming from underwater. She hadn’t cried, not in front of him at least, because she wanted to seem like she wasn’t hurting, like the person who gave her will to live hadn’t just set her spiraling and gasping for oxygen. But he had.

“Food’s ready!” Caroline skipped into the room, vamp speeding around and filling the table with colorful delicacies of her homemade cookies, casserole, potatoes, macaroni, and various other things.

The aroma filled the whole room up, and while the mystic falls gang dove into the food like rabid animals, the girl clutched at her stomach, instantly feeling sick from the sight before her and the smell that filled her lungs. Everyone stacked the goods onto shiny silver plates and filled the room with chatter, but she just couldn’t bring herself to touch the food. Her eyes flickered over and caught to the forlorn looking heretic’s bright blue ones. He stared at the plates and then back at her, and repeated this look a couple times before the realization dawned on him. He knew her, he knew her so well that there was no doubt in his mind she had no intention of eating.

“Hungry?” Elena nudged the girl out of her daze and picked up a plate.

“I’m fine,” she responded with a forced smile.

“C’mon, you’ve barely touched any of this stuff all day,” Elena cooed.

“I’m fine,” she smiled.

She hadn’t touched any of that stuff all day, not really all week either, not really all month, but nobody seemed to notice, not except-

“You should eat,” Kai soothed quietly, like his whole life depended on her doing so.

“I said I’m fine,” she fired back softly.

Kai’s head sunk, “that’s what you always say.”

“Excuse me?” she flared.

“Am I lying?”

“Shut up, Malachai.”

He grimaced, face scrunching at the word, one she only used when she was really upset, ‘Malachai.’

The group were starting to notice the quiet feud between the two, Bonnie looking especially displeased, to which Kai muttered softly, “may I talk to you a minute?”

She didn’t want to, but not doing so would risk Kai opening his mouth too much, so she gave a long sigh and purse of her lips, “outside.”

Bonnie opened her mouth, then decided better, the two brushing past the now quiet group and into the empty corridor.

“What?” she snapped the second she turned to face Kai.

He was wearing a ripped jean jacket over a black tee, brown locks pushed smoothly atop his forehead, his arms folding.

“That’s all you have to say?” Kai said.

“What do you want me to say?” she swallowed the lump in her throat and diverted her gaze from his.

“Don’t think I haven’t noticed, I’m not stupid. It’s gotten worse, and you always wear those sweaters so nobody will notice,” he said, sounding genuinely hurt.

When she didn’t respond, he raised his fingertips to her arm, his silver rings gliding over her flesh and raising goosebumps.

“Don’t,” she muttered, pushing his hand away.

He shook his head, “please.”

“Why would you care anyway?” she looked back at his sad blue eyes.

“Stop doing that,” he begged softly.

“Doing what?”

“Isolating me, talking about me like everything we had together before just vanished when I…” he trailed off, taking a deep breath. “I made a mistake, okay?” he said, voice breaking as a tear rolled down his cheek. “And I’ll hate myself for that forever, just like I’ll love you forever.”

Her heart raced, jaw set as she trembled lightly beneath his gaze.

“But even though I fucked up and lost what was most important to me, whether you ever forgive me or not, I need to know you’re alive. And at the rate you’re going at, it won’t be too much longer,” he wept quietly. “So please, I’m not asking this for myself, but I could never handle it if I just stood back and let it happen, you need to take care of this, and I want to help you, (Y/N). I already lost you once, I don’t think I could do it again.”

He brushed her cheek lightly, the contact making her shiver, his expression softening, “I’m begging you.”

She wiped roughly at the tear that had escaped her eyes, giving a loud sniff and tiny nod, “okay.”

And she didn’t stop him when he pulled her into a hug, she nuzzled into his neck, his hands sliding into her hair and holding her to him like she would sink if he let go. His familiar and warm scent embraced her, and she didn’t try to stop when she cried this time.

“I don’t know how to do this,” she whispered, pulling away, her eyes red.

“Can I?” he started.

She lifted the edge of her sweater, and Kai’s face dropped, his breath coming suddenly heavy when he saw her underfed front and her ribs that stuck out. He’d seen this before, but never like this, never to this point, and it strung a chord within him. 

“I’m gonna help you get through this, I promise,” he squeezed her hand, his eyes wet.

“I can’t do this alone.”

“You won’t.”

After enough time had passed that they’d regained their composure, they gave a nod and entered the room together again. The group was a little tipsy, huddled before the fading orange embers, their bellies bubbly with alcohol and food.

“You’re back,” Damon gave a faint smile, “done clawing at each other’s throats?”

“Think so,” she smiled faintly.

“Shame, I’m gonna miss the reserved and mopey act,” Bonnie grumbled.

“What?” the girl laughed nervously, pushing a strand of hair behind her ear.

“I said,” Bonnie started, “you’re little heart broken facade to get everyone to take pity on you because of Kai.”

Her heart sank, cheeks flaring red as her fists balled tightly at her sides.

Kai brushed his fingertips lightly against her hands, “breathe.”

So she did.

“Nothing to say?” Bonnie snapped, “now you choose to be quiet?”

“Please, stop,” the girl hissed through gritted teeth.

“Why? You and Kai suddenly go back to the way it was bef-”

“She said stop,” Kai warned, his eyes darkening and voice dropping the way it always did before he snapped someone’s neck.

“There’s more to it than you know, okay?” the girl stammered softly.

“I’m pretty sure I already know everything there is to it, thanks,” Bonnie said.

Stefan, Damon, and the others all watched in silence, though none of them seemed keen on aiding Bon, in fact any one of them looked just about ready to snap a neck or two.

“Can we just stop talking about this?” she begged.

“Sure, until the next time Kai does something stupid and breaks you all over again,” she challenged, her jaw set.

“I’m going to say it,” she whispered.

“You don’t have to,” Kai squeezed her palm gently, Bonnie’s eyes catching the gesture.

“Say what?” she snapped. “Do i-”

“I’m sick.”

The whole room went dead silent aside from the crackling fire which chewed hungrily at the burnt logs.

“What?” Caroline breathed in shock.

“I’m sick, okay? I can’t eat, or when I do, I can’t keep it down. I’ve been in so much pain recently but I didn’t want to drag anyone into my own mess so I just didn’t say anything,” she rambled, turning to Bonnie, “is that what you wanted to hear? That I was in the hospital the other week, or that I have no energy and yet I’m doing this to myself?!”

“(Y/N),” Bonnie said softly, instantly feeling ashamed of herself.

“I don’t know how much longer I can do this before….” she trailed off, eyes falling to the soft red carpet.

“I’m going to help her,” Kai said.

Everyone stared blankly at them, then, after a moment of silence.

“Me too.”

Caroline had piped up softly.

“Me too,” Stefan said.

“And me,” Elena chimed.

“All of us,” Matt nodded.

“Guys, it’s okay,” she reassured.

“No it’s not,” Elena murmured, “we’ve been so focused on everything happening in our lives and in Mystic Falls that we were letting this happen.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“And it’s not yours either,” Matt soothed.

Bonnie stood, her lower lip trembling  “I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have said those things, I’m so so sorry. Not just for this, for everything. I was so angry at myself that I was trying to project my shame onto you, when I should’ve been there for you instead.”

The girl nodded, “it’s okay, why not forgive two people today?”

“(Y/N),” Bonnie said.

“I want my best friend back, Bon.”

“Me too,” she smiled weakly.

She felt Kai’s rings brush her hand, and then his fingers were laced through hers, comforting and familiar like she’d remembered. Then he brushed his thumb over her skin, his blue eyes feeling like home when he looked at her, and suddenly she wasn’t so scared.

Quite the Catch — AU

Here is my AU day prompt for @bmblbweek, can you tell I love mermaids yet?

AO3 (1.5k, PG, Fluff)

When Blake volunteered to bring in the nets that morning all she had wanted was to keep her father from hurting his back further. She sure as hell was not expecting to find a large golden-tailed woman thrashing in the net.

Blake had never liked the ocean and the way it’s rocking caused her stomach to twist into knots. She didn’t even like water for that matter. So what was she supposed to do with… whatever monstrosity that beautiful thing was.

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These Kids have issues chapter 5

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4

Meet the readers siblings. Hope you enjoy!

General Tags: @nervouswastelandvoid,@marlenej1,@lastbeliever,@ladyalexa, @books-netflix-and-pizza,@pillow223

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Pairing: Jason Todd X Reader

TW: None

Word Count: 1,343

Chapter 5- Growing Pains

You woke up in the infirmary later that afternoon. Now, instead of you claiming ceremony, you would be moving into Cabin number three, it was strange, you had half-siblings, you were a sister- oh gods and your brother was one of the most famous Demi-gods within the last century! You slowly sat u, still smelling the smoke in your hair and pajamas. There was the sound of a chair scrapping against the floor and you looked up to see both Ester and Leon looking back at you. Ester launched herself at you, burying her nose into your stomach while wrapping her arms around your torso. It was nice, until she started blubbering like a baby, “NEVER do that again! You STUPID IDIOT!” She shouted, muffled by your tummy.

You put a hand on her head and Leon walked over to you, they set beside you and took your free hand in theirs, they weren’t one for words like Ester was, but it was enough. You all looked up as someone enter the room. It was Percy, your heartbeat sped up cause oh gods this man was your brother! There were stories of him, Urban Legends, that he created a Tsunami, things like that. He smiled softly at you, “Hey little Sis, how are you feeling?”

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Abhorsen’s Bells - Legends of Tomorrow fic

Link to Chapter 1 on ao3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/12359733/chapters/28114461

Mick had thought his time with his aunt following the Fire was just the mind of a twelve year old coming up with dreams as a coping device. Turns out the bells, Charter Marks and travelling into Death and back were not, so when a Charter sending comes to find him on the Waverider to deliver the bells, the sword and a how-to book written in a language he has vague memories of, he has to learn how to use them and deal with the heavy responsibility that comes with them. The responsibility is not helped by bringing Len back, as he must discover what new abilities and restrictions he has.

Chapter 1: The Bells

Mick and Len never talked about what happened on the night of the particle accelerator explosion. Maybe, it occurred to him in retrospect, they should have. At least then he would have gotten the indication that not everyone had seen a blue light filled come through the front door of the warehouse and crash into them like a wave that soaked into their soul and then spent the next month waking in a sweat from dreams and memories made by a child’s brain.

The team was running from a smoky thing wielding a sword. Sara kicked it, or tried to. Her foot went through it. She – and the rest of them, because if there was something Sara wouldn’t fight, there was no way anyone else was fighting it – decided discretion might be the better part of valor and ran. As they were running through the door, Mick grabbed Nate, who had stumbled on his own feet, the idiot, and shoved him through the door and then planted himself between them and the ghost. If it wanted any of them, he thought, it had to get through him first.

It ran at him.

And then it stopped.

Mick didn’t breathe for a few seconds. But the thing was just standing there outside the door. Something glittery swarmed over it, like a thousand silver moths. He peered closer at the shimmer and saw that it was the same Katakana-like characters that seemed to come from memory. No sooner had he realized that they might have then the thing produced an ancient leather belt with little different sized cases attached to it, a sword alight with the same calligraphy the thing seemed to be made of, and an ancient book straight out of the Medieval times, with more of those markings on it. The ghost offered them to him.

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WAIT THERE, I have some reflections and theories to share (2/2)

So I’m back with the longest essay I’ve ever made. If shipping gays would be an acceptable topic to make an essay of in my Spanish class (South American gal, yeah) I think this would have been shown in my school’s news board.

Here comes the ship- *inhales*

In a little less than the half of the book, Jasper insists on knowing who does Call like, but he gets really awkward. Jasper actually asks about all the girls he knows Call is close with, but nothing. That gives a miserable hope that there’s space for his blonde best friend in his heart. At the library as well, since he gave him all those lovey-dovey related books (I sincerely have the headcanon that Jasper knows all the tension between those two and he is just like “for fuck’s sake just kiss already”)

When Call learned to breathe underwater, he was very happy and Aaron noticed this, saying that “he ruled”. That made Tamara protest and say “Hello, we all rule here” since she was there like a third wheel. (I honestly laughed at these two dorks in my fangirling mode but I have to keep stern in this post-)

Even Anastasia noticed all of this, and Call is so oblivious that he answered “Yeah?” Like he didn’t know why on hell was she pointing out that they were pretty close and they cared for each other. He was that confused that he also included Tamara in his answer. Friendzone…
Oh and don’t forget when Aaron was blaming Celia all along when she was just trying to go out with Call, and he kept on it even if Tamara or Call were insisting on her innocence. I could sense a tint of jealousy in his actions, to be honest.

And, when Call thinks that “Maybe Aaron wasn’t actually his friend” that left me confused. He constantly friendzones himself and then he says that. Then what is he? Hm? This gets weirder when they magically take lessons without Tamara (great timing) on seeing souls.
(Taken from the book, chapter eleven:) “He flicked a glance up at Aaron’s eyes and found Aaron looking at him. They both grinned, without being able to help it.”

I really hope these are real hints of something further than friendship and counterweight stuff, because I am honestly disappointed of JKR when they made The Cursed Child (because come on it had all the homo but no, they would rescue each other from the dark and be awkward and all and them bam no homo) and I reaaallyyy don’t want to see that ever again, specially in here. Think about MaLec, aunt Cass. You did this once, why not again? Because it’s pretty sly from them to make them not only best mates, but also counterweights of each other. That can easily camouflage basic romantic quotes as “I can’t live without him” or “We need each other” because that’s what literally happens since both are Makars.

It’s clearly seen that Aaron is deeply in love with Call. Pretty fucking much. Since the moment they met, he was the first one in giving him a cheerful smile. To make it gayer, I just counted the times Aaron clasped his hand on Call’s shoulders. Three, okay? Three fucking times, and those times, even if they are just a few, were tense as hell. (I also have the headcanon that Aaron touching his shoulder calms him down even if he is getting consumed by the Void-) look. Just. Look.

“Aaron put his hand on Call’s shoulder. “Remember,” he said. “If you need to do any chaos magic, don’t try to do it all on your own. I’m your counterweight. I’ll be just outside with the others. Draw on me, on my chaos energy, like you’d draw on air if you were underwater.”
-Chapter 7

In here, the gang was about to see who was the spy in Magisterium, using Call as bait, remember? And Aaron just told him that. Like, practically he told him to cling with his life onto him. I’m swooning on how damn cute this ray of sunshine is. (Tbh they remind me of solangelo a bit too much) He knows Call likes to do things on his own, so he doesn’t doubt in telling him those words. If I was in Call’s place, I’d hug him right away, just saying.

“Be careful,” Aaron told him, clapping Call on the shoulder. His green eyes were reassuring.”
-Chapter 13

Before that creepy fire maze, he does the same thing he did to make him feel good. I’m pretty sure that with his eyes, he was saying the same words he said six chapters before. Want some more? Down below.

“Call felt Aaron’s hand on his shoulder, and a moment later he’d been guided out of the room and was back in the corridor.”
-Chapter 14

Call was freaking out because of that accidental soul commanding he did with Jennifer’s soul leftovers. Then Aaron strikes again, gives him a small motivational speech, squeezes his shoulder and lets go. He just can’t take the fact that his crush is stabbing himself with self-hate, huh?

And yes, it really looks like as if Aaron is madly in love with Call who friendzones him, sadly (don’t make me count the times he says Aaron wouldn’t hurt him, since he is his /best friend./ They are countless.) BUT!!
In a pinch, when he made the chaos-ridden obey him, he employed all of the Void magic he could afford, he went dizzy, and reached for Aaron; but he couldn’t do it since the blond’s magic was dim, so it almost consumed him. It’s even said that he felt desperate because of the fact that he was without him. That could make him reflex a little more, I think. It was necessary.

“He was alone in the dark without Aaron. In despair, he let himself fall backward into nothingness.”
-Chapter 13

He practically was giving up since there wasn’t his other half ready to help him and put his feet back to earth.

But what gives me the chills and gives me a furious outrage impulse is the fact that even at the verge of death, in the tensest pinch of their lives now, they still want to protect each other no. matter. what. Just remember those lines where they were all “No, kill me, don’t hurt him” “Just don’t hurt Aaron” “Get away from Call” etcetera etcetera. Those lines through all of the book are also countless, if we also count the “I wouldn’t hurt Call” and “He wouldn’t hurt me!” Lines.

Is when even at all the lost hope, when they already accepted the fact that their powers would be absorbed, is the moment when Call, out of a sudden, grabbed Aaron’s hand. God fucking dammit. I swear I’d cry a river if they had put a confession right there. That would have broken me into pieces and a two-week depression. That would have been too much.

And that sunny optimistic little shit |returns the grip|, and says THIS:

““At least we’re going to die together,” Aaron said. Then, unbelievably, he smiled at Call.”
-Chapter 15

He smiled at him, even if they were about to die. This was practically the most romantic moment between these two (even if at the shoulder moments I was like “take his fucking hand now” this hit me hard), and at the most defining moment of their lives. Aaron is sadly happy that at least, he would die with the person he liked as more as a friend. Oh god. (I personally was frustrated af since in the last minute he approached for not making the first move, well done, Stewart. What’s next? Waiting for a kiss when you’re revived?) this gives me the feeling that Aaron knew that he was being friendzoned (damn obliviousness) and he was showing his affection in small portions, since it would be bad for him (his feelings) and for Call (since he was going through many bad stuff) to go and confess his feelings right away, or just go and peck him on the lips.

And when he apparently dies (I’m not confirming this, for my crashed, mashed and broken shipper heart’s sake and because of the reasons in the early post) Call realizes who had lost. Not only a best friend, but his soulmate. He dreams with him after all that stuff, he was smiling and telling things about the Gallery, as it was said in the books. He realizes that he was taking their bond for granted, that he didn’t think a single time that such a thing would ever happen. Oh well, lessons are everywhere.

I personally think that I could make essays justifying why do I ship certain ship and this is not the exception, since for me, they are so fucking otp. And that’s why I’m trying to squint and find every rational trace of romance implied between them. Rational, okay? I am not using every time he acknowledges Call’s presence. He always cares for him in a friendly way, but see these things and tell me if some of those ways are way much closer than Tamara has ever been with Call. Sure, he is awkward toward girls because he doesn’t know how to deal with them, since he has lived only with his father, and because of the contrast between Tamara’s direct personality and Call’s introverted and distant one. But he tries his best on not to focus so much in these things. I still think that Aaron has a sweet personality filled with gentleness that blend perfectly with Call.

These two dorks are my otp, fight me. I will sink into fanfictions until the next book is out, thanks for reading until here. I will upload some fanarts of this saga because it deserves them.

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screaming, then silence.

a/n: this was originally going to be a full oneshot, 5k words and all, but that obviously didn’t happen. whatever. eremika week day seven: ocean. because mermaid aus. they’re good.

FF.net | AO3

word count: 1,199

The mer hadn’t always been the vile seductresses they’re known for being today, they say. Some say that they had been mere mortal girls a long, long time ago, cursed by some other power to become the lurking creatures of the deep that they have become.

Eren doesn’t know if those legends are true. He knows he doesn’t want for them to be true. After all, when you’ve dedicated your entire life to hunting down every last one of said creatures for want of revenge for your deceased mother, it’s so much easier to have peace of mind killing a creature with an expressive human face when you tell yourself they are nothing but sinful meat sacks, lower than the scum on the bottom of the boat.

Being face-to-face with one now, he’s suddenly not so sure.

He’s not sure what force in the universe compelled him to freeze, leaving the tip of his harpoon just centimeters away from the unblinking girl’s face, but now that he’s looked into her dull, grey eyes, he’s not sure what force in the universe can compel him to unfreeze.

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Everywhere Paulie looked was in a state of absolute Chaos.

When Harry had asked her if she had a little free time to come and help out at the Senior Citizen’s Centre she hadn’t expected to be walking into a scene out of a post-apocalyptic movie. There were chairs and tables stacked on top of each other haphazardly, the little stage-like podium at the back of the room was covered in wires and boxes and speakers, there were even more boxes full with stuff Paulie couldn’t make out scattered across the room, people were running around gesticulating wildly and there was confetti everywhere.

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Strange Days pt 5

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“Alright, guys. There’s something I need to show you.” Hank says as he leads us to his room where he’s hooked up TV monitors to ancient looking computers, “This the system I designed to record any news about Paris, over all three networks and PBS.”

“All three?! Wow!” I say sarcastically.

“Yeah, and PBS. Look what I found.” Hank says, obviously not realizing that I was using sarcasm.

He plays recorded footage of a news report, “Tomorrow in front of the White House, the President will make his announcement. He’ll be joined by Secretary of Defense Laird and has even sought the help of renowned scientist Bolivar Trask, he’s special adviser to combat this mutant issue. The White House has asked…”

Hank stops the recording.

“Raven doesn’t realize that if she kills Trask at an event like that with the whole world watching…” Charles trails off.

“I know and Erik is no better. He’s heading over to DC right now as well.” I say with my eyes closed, seeing Erik already on a plane.

“Then we came a long way for nothing.” Logan says exasperatedly.

“And there’s more bad news. I saw the report, they found traces of her blood in Paris. For all we know, they already have her DNA, which is all they’d need…” Hank trails off.

“To create the Sentinels of the future.” Logan finishes.

“Now there’s a theory in Quantum Physics that time is immutable. It’s like a river, you can throw a pebble into it, create a ripple, but the current always corrects itself. No matter what you do, the river just keeps flowing in the same direction.” Hank says deep in thought.

“That isn’t true. I have kept things from happening in the future. I’ve saved lives and stopped potential wars from happening.” I defend.

“Just because someone stumbles, loses their way, doesn’t mean they’re lost forever.” Charles smiles to himself, “No, I don’t believe that theory, Hank. And I cannot believe that that is who Raven is. Ready the plane, we’re going to DC.”


Once on the plane I notice Charles touching his leg.

“You alright?” I ask the Professor.

“Getting there.” He sighs, and we both take our seats.

“Whatever happens today, I need you to promise me something. You looked into my mind and you’ve seen a lot of bad, but you’ve seen the good too.The X-Men. Promise me you’ll find us. Use your power, bring us together. Guide us, lead us. Storm, Scott, Jean. Remember those names. There’s so many of us. We will need you, Professor.” Logan tells him.

“I’ll do my best.” Charles says with a smile.

“Your best is enough, trust me.” Logan says as he lights a cigar.


“Thousands of people will be gathered here today. They’ve come from all over the world to witness history. Along with news crews from at least fifty different countries.” I hear one particular journalist report.

At security everyone is being checked through a metal detector and as Hank wheels Charles though the detector beeps.

“Can I see your invitations, please?” One of the secret service men asks.

“Yes, you may.” Charles pulls out four blanks slips of paper and uses his power to make the man believe we have tickets.

“Go ahead.” He says, clearing the way.

Charles then uses his power to try and find Raven in the crowd while I close my eyes and try to track her.

“She’s beside the…” I start but am interrupted by the presenter.

“The President of the United States.” I suddenly hear and Nixon walks up to the podium as the crowd cheers.

“Yeah.” I say lowly to Logan, who nods.

“My fellow Americans, today, we face the greatest threat in our history: Mutants. We have prepared for this threat. In the immortal words of Robert Oppenheimer, “Behold. The world will never be the same again.”He says, pointing to the giant American flags behind him which unveil to reveal the Sentinels.

“I got Raven.” Charles says, with his fingers at his temple.

“Logan, Hank you get her. I’ll stay with Charles.” I say pointing them to Raven.

Then suddenly the Sentinels become activated.

“What the hell are you doing? I didn’t tell you to activate them!” Trask says near the mic.

The Sentinels begin to rise and the crowd cheers, thinking this was planned. They then float over the crowd then stop before shooting at a police car. The crowd panics and makes a run for it.

“Erik! Erik, I doesn’t have to end this way and you know it.” I scream upward getting his attention.

“It’s for the greater good,Y/N.” He states, not even looking at me as he drops an entire stadium around the White House, nearly crushing Charles had I not moved him.

“What? To make humans even more afraid of us?!” I yell, feeling my throat already become a bit sore.

Erik ignores me as he dispatches the Sentinels around the stadium to stand guard.

“I’m probably not supposed to ask this kind of thing, but in the future, do I make it?” Hank says, suddenly at my side.

“No. But we can change that, right?” I tell him, optimistically to encourage him to fight harder.

Motivated, Hank changes into his Beast form but Erik notices Logan and Beast and turns to the Sentinel standing guard telling him to, “Do what you were made for.”

The Sentinel turns to Logan and Hank and starts shooting at them, while Erik uses this opportunity to try and locate Nixon.

“Erik! Stop this! You’re hurting your own kind!” I yell, dodging bullets from a Sentinel.

Logan tries to fight off the Sentinel while Beast jumps on top of it.

“I got this! Go, Logan!” Hank yells, continuing to fight the Sentinel.

Both Logan and I approach Erik as he throws anything with metal at us but I try to dodge each one, only to be struck in the shoulder by a bullet.

“Fuck!” I scream out, grabbing my shoulder after hiding behind a flipped table with Charles.

“This may hurt a bit.” He says before using his telekinesis to pull out the bullet.

“Thanks Charles.” I hiss out.

Logan fights his way through the metal while Erik then gets a block with rebars and wraps it through Logan’s body. Erik then makes Logan rise and float making him yell in pain.

“So much for being a survivor.” Erik says snarkily, before throwing Logan into the Potomac River.

“Erik! That’s enough! You aren’t helping anything!” I approach him without fear.

“You’ve said that already! Y/N this is the only way to save our kind! To save your mother!” He says, hitting a nerve.

“My mother would not be proud that we achieved acceptance this way. Please, Erik. Think things through.” I plead teary eyed.

Erik ignores me and pulls a room out of the White House, that I can only assume is where the president is. He lands the room on the lawn in front of him, and pulls the door apart. He then levitates all their guns into the air then turns all the live news cameras toward him and gives a speech.

“You built these weapons to destroy us. Why? Because you are afraid of our gifts. Because we are different. Humanity has always feared that which is different. Well, I’m here to tell you, to tell the world, you’re right to fear us. We are the future.” Erik says into the camera.  

“We are the ones who will inherit this earth, and anyone who stands in our way will suffer the same fate as these men you see before you. Today was meant to be a display of your power. Instead I give you a glimpse of the devastation my race can unleash upon yours. Let this be a warning to the world.”Erik continues,” And to my mutant brothers and sisters out there, I say this; no more hiding, no more suffering. You have lived in the shadows in shame and fear for too long. Come out, join me. Fight together in the brotherhood of our kind. A new tomorrow, that starts today.”

I hate that I’m basically useless, not able to teleport or fight against the Sentinels or even help Logan who was currently… drowning. Or can I? With tears in my eyes, knowing this could be the end for me, I stand.

“Y/N! You don’t have to do this.” Charles says grabbing my wrist.

“Yes, I do. It’s for the greater good. Just stop them for me, yeah?” I smile sadly and close my eyes, focusing only on Logan in this time period.

In my mind, I find him underwater at the bottom of the river. Taking a deep breath, I teleport to the bottom of the river and already feel pretty drained. I grab hold of Logan’s shoulder and think about the riverbank. Already seeing black spots in my vision, I use the last of my energy to teleport to the bank. This last thing I hear before blacking out is the sound of Logan’s heavy breathing.


“It’s about time you woke up. Do you need anything? Food? Water?” Peter says quickly as he zooms to my side, making my heart pound in fright/surprise.

I sit up and notice that I’m again, in Peter’s basement with Charles, Logan, and Hank.

“Woah kid, give her some space.” Logan laughs gruffly, crossing his arms.

“Yeah. Can I have some water please?” I ask the silver haired mutant raspily, who in a flash leaves and comes with a glass of ice water.

“Thanks, Pete.” I say gratefully and chug the water down.

He looks at me with his usual smirk, “No problem, Y/N.”

“So how long have I been out? Did Raven or Erik kill Nixon?” I ask, rapid-fire like Peter.

“Only a few hours. Peter here, freaked out because he thought you were dead.” Hank teases, making the speedster blush.

“Did not! I just thought it’d suck if she died. Then she couldn’t fulfill her promise.” He says more to me and gives me a wink.

“Thanks Peter for caring about my well being. Now can someone please tell me what happened?” I say beginning to become anxious.

“We did it kid. We saved the future.” Logan pats my shoulder giving me one of his rare smiles.

“Hell yeah!” I fist pump, with a smile.

“But there’s something I have to tell you Logan. This event has greatly altered our futures. There will be memories that others have of us that we won’t remember. When we return home, we’ll be living different lives.” I warn him, before he’s shocked by our new futures.

“Gotcha kid. Been there, done that. What’s new?” Logan shrugs.

“Bye Charles. In the future, try to go easy on me with the homework yeah? You made 10th grade hell for me.” I joke giving my professor a hug.

“I’ll try to remember that.” He laughs, as he shakes Logan’s hand goodbye.

“Hank, it was nice meeting you. Please remember to be proud of who you are.” I hug him and give him a smile once I see him nod before saying goodbye.

“Peter. I’ll keep my promise. But I swear to god if your fifty year old ass teases me about it in the future, remember that I’m younger and faster than you and can kick your sorry old ass.” I ruffle his hair and kiss his cheek.

“If we’re close like you say we are in the future, then you should know that I won’t keep that promise.” He quips, pulling me in for a hug.

The sad part is that I had to lie to him that we’re still close. After he left the brotherhood, we hadn’t come into contact since, unless it was to try and hurt one another.

“Bye kid.” Logan says to Peter, breaking me from my thoughts and I let go to Peter.

I then grab ahold of Logan’s hand.

“Time to go home.”

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The Paily/Emison Ship War

So it appears the PLL Emison/Paily Ship War is starting again because of Paige’s return to the show. Of course with it come all of the Alison hating Paily fans who seem to be returning from the grave like some sort of swim-team zombies hoping to eliminate their blonde competition once and for all, but I figured it was time to fire my salvo of artillery fire from my ship onto the Paily ship and sink every argument they try and throw our way. So let’s start with Paily and why it’s a BAD relationship…

Paily is an abusive, controlling relationship that could be considered one of the most unhealthy of the entire show. To start with, one of our first introductions to Paige is when she is competing with Emily for team captain, and shoves her head underwater in attempt to drown her, or at least scare her into thinking that was the goal. Let’s pause for a moment, HOW can you get into a relationship with someone who shoves your head underwater and holds it there one day, and then kisses you in the car and runs away the next? Seriously? I get being confused and trying to figure yourself out, but that’s a bit extreme and almost impossible to forgive when someone tries to murder you. Now I know the Paily shippers are probably already having steam come out of their ears like some Bugs Bunny cartoon, and will immediately throw the argument of “well she was only 15, she was young, ect at us and yes that’s true, but hold onto that as I get into Alison’s stuff later. Because I’m going to turn your own argument against you.
Continuing along in the long relationship of Paily, there are a number of times where Paige is controlling of Emily, where she lashes out in anger, and can be a violent person. Perhaps the best one is when Paige catches Emily trying to send money to Alison and Emily, trusts Paige enough to tell her what’s going on. Paige then tells Emily not to have any contact with Alison after she sends the money or she’ll turn Alison in to the Police. Emily agrees. The reason Paige felt the need to do that was because she knew that with Alison alive, her place with Emily was now threatened. Alison was the one person Paige felt threatened by when it came to Emily’s love. Paige isn’t stupid, I’ll give her that, and THAT is why she told the cops Alison was alive. She did it out of desperation, but it backfired because somehow Paige didn’t realize Emily will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS pick Alison over anyone else. She has done it time and time again. Yes i know in 5b she tried to frame Alison by putting her hair in Mona’s house, but if you look at her face when Alison is arrested, she’s so close to crying because she knows she’s made a mistake. It’s her one moment of weakness.
Somehow Paige ended up in "How A Stole Christmas” episode, but when she told Em she was leaving, Em was just “i’ll drive you to the airport.” Remember when Alison tried to leave again? Emily practically threw herself at her and begged her to stay. Nope, none of that here… And then fast forward to “Through a Glass Darkly” Emily tells Paige that it’s safe, she can stay, and Paige doesn’t seem to love Emily enough to believe it. She couldn’t get on that plane fast enough.
Yeah, so Paige is not healthy for Emily, and never has been.

NOW, before all of you Paily shippers jump on your high horse and blow your stacks, and start lobbing the accusations right back about Alison being a manipulative soulless bitch (and yes I’ve seen Paily shippers use those exact terms before), allow me to explain the Emison dynamic from it’s beginning.

The first thing we know about Emison is that kiss in the library… Take a real, hard look at Alison for a few moments while the kiss is happening, eyes closed, softly smiling, completely at ease and relaxed. They were alone in the library with no one else around. She felt safe to be herself. Alison has told Emily many times that she’s the only one she can be herself around because Emily always sees the best version of her. There were many other times in their childhood that Alison played with Emily’s feelings, and shot her down and said she wasn’t interested. yes that was mean, yes that was manipulative, but it wasn’t soulless. Think about it, these girls were in their early teens. Alison was the most popular girl in school at the time and every guy wanted to date her, that was her power! She’s a young adolescent trying to figure herself out and at that time popularity is the most important thing to her, or any person that age. What people think of you means everything so if someone even thought she was gay, she could loose her entire reputation and her world would come crashing down. She was a spoiled, queen bee. Notice that most of the time that Alison shoots Emily down, they are either in public, or have the threat of someone walking in on them (the locker room). When they are alone, she is much more open to it, much more gentle with Emily. It’s not as scary.

When Alison disappeared, Emily held out hope that she’d come back. She even had her little system “if so and so is wearing red sorts, Alison’s alive. If the bell rings twice then she’s coming home.” Stuff like that (yes I snabbed that from the book). She kept hope alive that Alison would come home until the time that they thought they’d found her body.
Put yourself in Emily’s shoes for a moment… The love of your life, the first girl you ever kissed, you ever loved, and who ever cared about you in that way died. Worse than that they were murdered by someone that you don’t know who they are. It destroyed her! I honestly think the show underplayed how devastated she should have been. From that moment on Emily walked around with a hole in her heart that would never be filled. She tried to fill it with Samara, she tried to fill it with Maya, and she tried to fill it with Paige. All of them fell short. For years this kept going, living with this constant longing.

Now, let’s shift gears to Alison. She’s assaulted, buried alive by her mother and forced to flee her childhood home and leave everything and everyone she cares about behind. She lives on the run for two years. No contact with anyone, and it is left open as to whether she suffered a sexual assault. All that time she has ONE photo she keeps with her all the time is the one of the four of them with Emily sitting right next to her (4x18).
Alison comes back several times to save each of them, but she comes back at least twice to save Emily. The first time (Season 2, episode 12 (I think)) She pulls Emily from the barn she’s locked in and then stays with her until she wakes up and offers to take her with her. She NEVER offers to take any of the others with her. That she was the one she missed the most, and that she was always her favorite. Alison is starting to realize what she’s lost, and what REALLY matters to her. She’s still young, but she’s getting there.
Then she saves Em again from the saw mill.
Alison even sneaks back when Em isn’t in danger and just sits with her, (The scene in Alison’s room when Em is staying over). That’s how Em gets her bracelet back. The further along in the story you go, the more Alison keeps coming back for Em, and you can tell the more she is caring for her.

It’s a progressive buildup, which is how character development works. When Alison finally does start making direct contact again, the first person she reaches out to is Emily. Some people say it’s because “she knows Emily is easily manipulated” but no.. Alison’s over her manipulation stage at this point. She reaches out to Emily because she needs her Mermaid. When they finally meet, the first thing Alison says to her is that she’s sorry, that she would do it different if she could. She knows what she did to Emily, and after all of these years she realizes just how pointless it is to have treated Em so badly. (P.S. you never see remorse from Paige for anything she did. Not ONCE does she apologize for trying to drown Em).
When Alison finally comes home, things are starting to change but she has a large group of people who can never believe that Alison can change and they set her up for failure. Mainly the framing of Alison by Mona’s video! yes Alison should have told the girls what happened, so they wouldn’t be blindsided by it, but she was set up and pushed to return to her old ways.
More importantly when she gets back she starts to really try and confess her feelings for Em, that Em was the “hardest one to leave behind.” They sleep together, and are getting closer and closer, but Mona’s trick drives a wedge between them but even after that, they are still holding hands because Alison still needs her.

The Dollhouse… Alison risks everything to save the girls, and when they are finally rescued and rush out of the dollhouse, who is Alison standing there looking for? Emily? Hanna ran right by her and she didn’t stop her or check on her, she was still straining through the smoke to find her soulmate. And who does Emily made a bee-line for? Alison! If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is!

Fast Forward to the 5 years forward, Who is constantly checking on Alison? Emily! Who is the one who goes with her when she checks herself into Welby? Emily! Who is the one who is constantly visiting Alison? Emily! Time and time and time again Emily is there for Alison, and now that Alison is free we are seeing that she is showing up for Emily. The disappointment in her voice when Emily mentions she’s sort of dating Sabrina is so obvious!

Emison is endgame! PERIOD! There’s no way to argue it! Paily doesn’t have HALF the chemistry as Emison does. Paily hasn’t been through half of what Emison has. However, we as the Emison fandom have to be grateful for Paige’s return, because she is being used as a tool to let Emison take the final steps to be together! Paige is being brought in so that Alison will step up and fight for her Mermaid. It’s so that she will realize just how deeply she loves Emily and how hard she will fight for her. That’s why Paige brings out “bitchy Alison”. It’s because Alison is fighting for Emily. If you want a frame of reference, go back to the story Charlotte tells Spencer in like season 3. The story about the fake letter when Alison tricks Paige into thinking Em wrote her. Even Charlotte said “they were fighting over Emily”. Even then Alison was at odds with Paige over Emily. That’s why she was so hell-bent on destroying that “no-neck bitch.”

So thank you Paige for being the final piece in the EMISON puzzle, but you will never be endgame. That title belongs to EMISON.

Wizards and duels and dragons, oh my! [johanbeck]

The Martian: Chris Beck/Beth Johanssen 

Synopsis: The first time a certain Dr. Chris Beck realizes he might have some feelings for a certain computer whiz Beth Johanssen. 

Chris and Beth got along from the beginning. They’d seen each other around the NASA world a few times before and during their Ares 3 selection process, but it wasn’t until their first day assembled as a full crew that they had a real conversation. It was clear right away that they were the most similar to each other–they were the two youngest, they didn’t have families, they were curious, and smart, and at similar stages of their lives. They were bound to be good, solid friends and sources of support for each other in the years that lay ahead.

The whole crew clicked, really. Nobody expressed their relief out loud, but they all felt it–they couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be immediately turned off or annoyed by someone, considering the next several years that they’d spend in close proximity.

That first week, when Commander Lewis pulled the four guys aside and (firmly, but with a smile) told them that she’d kick them off the mission if they tried to flirt with Beth Johanssen, Chris Beck didn’t think of anything of it. Yeah, she was cool, and he enjoyed her company, but he was a professional who was here to do his job. It wouldn’t be a problem for him.

Boy, was he wrong about that.

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Description:  Stiles saves Lydia from the doctors in Eichen House and hosts her at his house. Once Stiles leaves to go take a shower Lydia asks him if she can join him because she’s too scared to take a shower alone because of what the doctors in the Eichen House did to her.

Rating: T

Genre: Angst, Comfort

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-*-* Surprise Flight *-*

You have taken to hugging Crowley every time you see him, just because he’s cute when he’s flustered, but surprising the King of Hell is not a good idea.

Warnings: language, some description of hell, little bit of panic. Some fluff


You almost fell out of the shower, teetering precariously as you squeaked in alarm and swung blindly for the countertop. Your fingers caught the edge just barely, and you held on, swinging your other arm to bring yourself back up straight. After a full minute of panicking you finally straightened, slumping back against the shower wall with a long sigh and muttering.
“Holy shit.”
This time, you stepped past the small puddle of water and onto the small carpet, roughing the towel over your skin to dry off and shaking your head like a dog. Water splattered the walls and you covered your head with the towel, squeezing and wringing out your hair as quickly as possible. You and Sam had just come back from putting a wendigo out of the local town’s misery just half a state away, and you’d -had- to shower. Seriously, dirt, wendigo blood, and soot was not a pretty combination on top of sweat. Yarg.
But then you remembered why you had been hurrying and glanced at the clock.
Dean had just gotten off the phone with Crowley when you and Sam had returned, and said the King was supposed to be making an appearance pretty quickly. You liked Crowley, and wanted to see him, but not as icky as you’d been before for hells sake! But you had taken longer than you meant to scrub off the nastiness. You grabbed your underwear, yanked them on then wiggled into your jeans. You hopped around while pulling on your socks and boots, only stopping to tuck a blade into one of them and fasten on your thigh holster with your machete. You yanked on a dark green T-shirt, snapped your leather shoulder holster on and shoved your 1911 into it and snapped it. You fumbled blindly for your black and blue plaid over shirt, tugging it on as you skidded out into the hallway and ran towards the stairs.
You were going to miss him if you didn’t hurry, and you were so worried about it you completely forgot about how clumsy you were when you weren’t careful. You burst into the room, saw Sam look up from his seat in front of his computer with wide eyes, and Dean glance up with an amused grin. He thought it hilarious that you liked Crowley, not LIKE-liked him, but liked him, and that the King of Hell seemed so oddly fond of you as well. Both brothers thought it funny that every since the first time you had hugged the demon for something he’d done to help, you made it a point to run up and hug him now when you saw him. He usually saw you first though, and this time you grinned as you ran at him. You thought it funny how he seemed to get halfway flustered when you hugged him, as if since he was a demon he wasn’t suppose to get hugs.
However, you made a tactical error this time. Just ad you reached the King of Hell he rolled his eyes at Dean and raised his hand.
“Yeah yeah squirrel, I’ll keep my cell on since I have nothing better to do than pop in and bring you rare spelling ingredients.”
You realized your mistake the same time as Dean, who went wide eyed and held up his hands. You tried to apply the brakes, but you were too close, and just as Crowley snapped his fingers, you barrelled into the demon with a curse. He halfway turned to see you, eyes going impossibly wide as his mouth fell open. Then you heard Dean’s voice echo, sounding strange as he cursed loudly, and the scrape of Sam’s chair before it hit the ground.
Two steel hands clamped around your arms as Crowley’s eyes abruptly went blood red and narrowed on you, and the world melted away.
Misty red smoke swirled up around you with a wind that pulsed dry and so very hot across your skin. Behind Crowley, two great leathery -things- rose up, spreading wide and flexing strong muscles as they suddenly beat down with the force of a hurricane. Onyx scales glittered, alluring and tempting as they flashed, and then you were surrounded by screaming wind. Everything was chaos, beautiful deadly chaos; it felt like you pulled apart atom by atom, separated and reformed, dunked underwater as something covered you from head to toe in arcing electricity. The only thing holding you together were the two hands in bruising force on your arms, and you grasped blindly with your hands, fumbling for something solid, and curled them in the demons shirt.
Suddenly, just when you thought you were going to pass out, lungs screaming for air, muscles straining and locked tightly with fear, it all came to a crashing halt. You hit your knees, palms landing on hard ground covered with black sand, gasping in a grateful breath. It hit your lungs and you wheezed, reaching up to grab your throat as the air -burned-, it was so hot and thick, choking, and all you could smell was fire, burning flesh, rotten things and blood, all mixed with sulphur and brim stone. Your ears hurt, ached with the cacophony of screaming and wailing, begging, pleading, cursing, and this high pitched laughter that made you want to scream to shut it out.
-Oh god what happened where am I what’s goingonwheream-I WHAT IS THAT WHEREAMI-
Then you were jerked up, Crowley’s hands holding onto your face, his own white with shock as those full red eyes stared at you.
“Bloody hell what were you thinking love?! Hold on!”
You flicked your eyes to the side, away from him for the barest second, saw the flames, saw shadows darker than any nightmare you’d ever had, fresh blood and old, grotesque creatures raised up with black eyes and twisted faces and bright bloody smiles and -
You jolted and gasped in another breath as you felt that chaos again, so quick it barely registered, and then you were wrenched up against the demon. Out of reflex you wrapped your arms around his waist, hiding your face against his stomach, breathing in the scent of him while everything around you went silent. You were fisting your hands in his shirt as tightly as possible, fearful until you caught a whiff of fresh air, and realized you were shaking so hard your bones ached and your teeth were chattering, tremors were running under your skin, and hot tears were falling down your stinging cheeks. You couldn’t stop the gasping breaths as you tried to orient yourself, to figure out what was going on, your hands clinging desperately to the one solid thing; Crowley.
He stroked your hair, rubbed his hand over your back in soothing circles, and kept murmuring some nonsense in a language you didn’t know while he held you close to him. It took him a few moments, but finally you calmed, slowly, and you weren’t afraid you were going to shake apart anymore. You vaguely realized you were on the grass in front of the impala just outside the bunker. As you moved a little, Crowley leaned back to look at you, his face creased with sympathy and worry as he held you out from him, looking over you in concern.
“Ah love, what were you thinking?”
You shook your head, throat working, unable to say anything, but you knew one thing, you damn well hadn’t meant to.
“Are you okay?”
You shivered and buried your face against him again, fingers wrapping in his shirt, and his sigh rumbled through you as he petted your hair.
“Its alright love, you’re not there anymore…”
You were kind of surprised really, huddled there, that the King of Hell was comforting you, murmuring soft nonsense to calm you down. Shockingly, it was working. The mind numbing chaos and terrors were fading, and while you thought it might be something he was doing, you didn’t even care right now. Eventually you leaned back, and he gently wiped the tears away, giving you a smile you never thought you’d see on a demon.
“Th-thank you C-Crowley…”
He shrugged one shoulder, straightening and taking a step back from you as he raised a hand and a cane appeared in his hand, perking as if he’d heard something from behind you. The door to the bunker banged open, startling you as you whipped around to see the guys armed to the teeth. As they wheeled to a surprised stop at the top of the stairs upon seeing the two of you, you barely heard Crowley over their shouts.
“Don’t mention it love.”
As they rushed up and picked you up, crushing you between them despite your flailing, Crowley’s face slid into annoyance and he pointed the cane at you.
“That’s what you get, surprising a demon! Don’t be doing such stupid things.”
Both boys glared at him, Sam with his best bitchface, and Dean with his blackest scowl, and you gaped at him. They turned away, dismissing him as he raised a hand, about to leave again. But his face softened, and he winked at you before he snapped his fingers and disappeared. You slumped against the guys who were still holding you up and checking you over for wounds, and sighed.
“M'fine guys, he brought me right back…”
Clucking like worried mother hens they continued on, talking over you as you shook your head and laughed.
At least now when someone said go to hell, you could smile and say ‘been there, done that.’


It all started with the flash of a fin in the horizon. 

Well, that’s what Derek’s going to stick with anyways. He doesn’t feel like telling the real story of where it all started with his family barely escaping from their burning house, running to their shed nearby the beach, where they lived for a whole week before the insurance company finally gave them enough for a big enough apartment, how he still goes there to get away from his thoughts, to punish himself for trusting someone who apparently had a notion they were werewolves. 

He thinks it’s better to start there rather than the real beginning. 

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Day At The Beach - Luke Imagine

My feet hung out the window of my best friend, Heather’s, car. It was sunny and there was not a single cloud in the sky. Perfect weather for the beach. “So they’re meeting us there?” I asked. “Yep.” Heather smiled. We were heading down to the beach where we would meet up with her boyfriend Ashton and three of his best mates. I had only ever met Ashton but I had never been able to meet the others. I turned up the radio, head banging to the song that was playing. My hair lightly flew past my face from the breeze coming through the window. I smiled just because I had a good feeling about today.
I pulled my feet back into the car and sat up as we pulled into the car park next to the beach. The smell of the ocean filled my nose and I could imagine the feeling of the sand between my toes. Heather knew what I was thinking and said, “Why imagine the feeling when you can experience it. Now get out of my car slow poke!” She got out of the car and slammed the door. I snatched my backpack from the backseat and got out of the car. The leather seat was getting hot and sticky so I was glad to get out. I slammed the door and looked at my reflection. My hair looked like a mess. I combed out the knots with my fingers and quickly smoothed out my jumpsuit. I was wearing a blue and white dip dye jumpsuit with brown sandals. A good outfit to just tear off when you want to go for a swim. “They’re here!” Heather exclaimed. I turned around and squinted against the glare of the sun. I grabbed my sunglasses from my backpack and slid them on. Without the glare of the sun I could now see a car pulling into a parking spot across from ours. Ashton soon got out and was met with an excited Heather. He picked her up and swung her around, both giggling during the process. Ashton put her down an gave her a quick peck on the lips. Three other boys soon emerged from the car and grouped together at the back of the car. I walked over to where Ashton and Heather were standing. The ocean breeze blew the hair into my face but I pushed it back into it’s place. Once I got to them I shot a look at Heather and raised my eyebrows. She quickly got my drift. “Oh yeah Ashton you guys have already met.” Ashton nodded in my direction. “Hey Y/N!” He chirped. I nodded back. I was starting to feel a bit awkward because I could feel everyone’s eyes on me. ‘Why did I have to do this.’ I thought to myself. “Y/N this is Calum, Michael and Luke. Boys this is Y/N!” Heather said simply. I took in their physical features so that I could remember them. Calum was easy to remember because he looked a bit uhh what’s the word, ethnic. Michael was also pretty easy. He had a dark stripe between two white sections of hair. It was obviously dyed that way. The last boy, Luke, really caught my attention though. He had blonde hair put up in a quiff, broad shoulders and piercing blue eyes. And did I mention that he was tall because yeah he was really tall. I like tall boys. “Hey guys.” I half mumbled. I was now really awkward. “Hey Y/N.” They spoke in unison. Heather noticed the awkwardness just radiating from me. “Let’s go to the beach!” She rushed as she grabbed my arm and began pulling me to the sand. “We’re already at the beach Heather.” I laughed. “I know that! I needed to say something to get you out of there. You were soooo awkward!” Heather dragged out the last part. If she thought that it was that bad then I’m sure that the boys noticed. We got down to the sand and walked a little bit further down. Heather halted, causing me to bump into her back. “This is where we will set up!” Heather beamed. I put down my backpack and pulled out my towel. Unfolding it, I neatly placed it down on the sand. Some sand lightly blew past my feet so I turned my head and saw the other boys placing their towels near me. I noticed that Luke had placed his towel right next to mine. 'Um okay.’ I thought to myself. I didn’t really mind though because then I could sneakily look at him through the side of my sunglasses. I saw that Heather didn’t bring a towel to the beach. She was probably sharing with Ashton. I chuckled and bent down to pull out my sunscreen. I hurriedly smeared it on, eager to get into the water. It looked cool and inviting. I felt someone tap my shoulder and I looked up to see Heather’s smiling face. “Getting into the water?” She asked. Heather was already stripped down to her bikini. “Yep.” I replied. I stood up and pulled off my sunglasses watching as Heather ran into the ocean. The water splashed her face. Wow I really wanted to get in now. I tore off my jumpsuit and heard someone moving next to me. I looked to see who it was and saw Luke taking off his shirt. Oh. My. God. My jaw almost dropped off my face. Luke had a toned chest and what looked like the beginnings of abs. His broad shoulders looked even better now that I could see his biceps clearly. To put it simply Luke looked hot. I was snapped out of my thoughts by his chuckling. “You don’t look too bad yourself.” He smirked, looking me up and down. My cheeks began to flush a bright red. No one has ever said or done anything like that before. Not to me that is. Being my awkward self I made a dash for the water. The sand crunched beneath my feet as I ran. When I reached the water I was running normally but as the water got deeper I did that weird skip thing that people do. 'I probably look funny right now.’ I thought so I stopped and just enjoyed the cool feeling of the water as it swished past my thighs. I walked further out so that the water was up to the bottom of my neck. The waves were a bit stronger out this far. They were pushing me back slightly but I was able to keep standing. I was watching the water when I saw a wave a little bit bigger than the rest. It rushed towards me and hit me so that I stumbled backwards. My head went underwater until I felt a pair of hands lift me back up. I took a deep breath when I resurfaced. My lungs felt like they were burning and my throat hurt. I swallowed some water when I went under for a second, causing me to cough. “You alright?” A masculine voice asked me. I opened my eyes and saw Luke. “Yeah I’m fine.” I coughed. I swivelled myself so that I was now facing him. “You shouldn’t be out this far Y/N. It can get a bit dangerous.” He urged. “Yeah you’re right.” I agreed. We both swam a bit closer to shore. The water was now up to my waist. “You should be more careful you know. Someone as short as you could get knocked over by a gust of wind.” Luke smirked cheekily. “Shut up!” I exclaimed playfully. I wasn’t that short. He just thought so because he was so tall. I used my hand to swipe the water towards Luke, splashing him across his chest. He laughed and did the same, the water hitting me in the face. We both continued like this, laughing at each other as we did so. I was about to splash Luke again when I heard Michael calling out. “LUNCH IS READY! NOW HURRY BECAUSE I WANT TO EAT!” I made my way back to the sand with Luke. We were both laughing at how much Michael seems to like food.
Once we had eaten, Luke and I didn’t really get a chance to talk. The boys wanted to play beach cricket with him and Heather wanted to sun tan with me. Also, during lunch Luke gave me the nickname chook. I have no idea why but he just did. I thought that it was kind of cute. For the rest of the afternoon I chilled with Heather on the sand and in the water while the boys did their own thing.
It was now night time and we decided to have a bonfire. It turns out that the boys had anticipated this and had brought wood of their own. There was some debris nearby that was made of wood so we used that as well. I now had my jumpsuit on but even with the fire blazing in front of me I was freezing. While the others were deep in conversation I decided to go back to the car and grab my jumper. The sand crunched beneath my feet again. The sound was comforting because beaches are places that I’ve always had a good time at. My crunching footsteps turned into soft thuds as I reached the bitumen car park. I quickened my pace and approached Heather’s car. The dark has always scared me. The familiar, cold door handle cooled my hand as I opened the back door and picked up my jumper. Finally I could start to get warm. I backed away from the car so that I could shut the door. After I slammed it shut I swivelled around but was quickly shoved against the car. The cold metal of the car caused my skin to get goosebumps. Because it was so dark I couldn’t see anything so I freaked out. I took in a deep breath and was about to scream when a hand covered my mouth. “It’s alright Chook! It’s just me.” The familiar voice whispered. It was Luke. I relaxed and he pulled his hand off my mouth. “I’m so glad that it was you!” I began, “You scared me Luke! I thought that it was some creep who was lurking around the car park. Don’t do that me ag-” Before I could finish my sentence I was cut off by Luke’s soft lips against mine. They tasted like salt from the ocean. My body initially tensed up from shock. Luke is kissing me. What? I pushed the worried thoughts from my mind and began to relax, easing into the kiss. His hands quickly made their way to my hips pulling me closer while he was still pushing me against the car. The cold that was seeping through my jumpsuit was soon forgotten as a rush of heat came through me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and began kissing him harder. Luke’s kisses began soft and slow but now they were quick and hungry. One of his hands moved up to my waist as the other made its way to my lower back. I pulled at his hair slightly, causing a small moan to escape his lips. The moan vibrated against my mouth. It felt good to know that I could do that to him. I wanted more but decided to pull away before anything more could happen. “We should do that more often.” Luke breathed. “Yeah we should.” I puffed. That really made me run out of breath. Luke stepped back and reached for my hand, intertwining our fingers together. I smiled and squeezed his hand. It was a bit clammy. I guess that I wasn’t the only one who felt the heat. We slowly made our way back to the bonfire, playfully bumping into each other as we went.

A/N This was fun to write :) I hope you enjoy it 
Bianca xx