i made the sprite

Chica Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to the cutest pup!

I can’t believe it’s been 2 years! I’m so glad that Mark has this amazing dog in his life~

Here are the Chica pixel art sprites I made for the Hearts and Heroes mini games! Both with and without mud lol I made them when she was still a little bub and her fur was still super light!

I had a lot of fun making Chica for the game. She’s such a good girl and the channel wouldn’t be the same without her.

I hope you like them~

Since I love the design of my SHSL Gamer!Junko so much, i decided to make a lazy ref of her

And made some sprites as a “bonus”

her personality is kind of similar to Mukuro’s in DR1, she loves otome games and dating sims in general, tho she enjoys most of video game genres, also gets too emotionally attached to video game characters.

 i love her so much.

how to get a girlfriend (easy)

what you’ll need:

  • one (1) box of captain crunch
  • a copy of fallout: new vegas (pc or console, both work)
  • lactos-free milk or soy milk (never regular milk)
  • one (1) can of sprite
  • confidence!!!!!


  • find a girl you like
  • make sure she’s into girls by giving her the can of sprite (by then i hope i’ve made it well-known in the gay community that sprite is for gay ppl only)
  • mention you play fallout: new vegas. of she gets excited, you’ve already got yourself a date. if she doesn’t know what that is, invite her over to your house to play
  • yeah then do that. eat captain crunch while playing. kiss her on the mouth. ask her to be your gf.
  • you get married and have three kids, a dog, and a cat. you live in a nineteenth-century home in the middle of kansas. you work the farm while your wife has her canning business. 
  • sometimes you see a figure in your field of wheat and turnips: humanoid, shifting, like it’s made of smoke. every time you approach it, it vanishes. you chalk it up to your mind playing tricks on you.