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imagine akaashi as like a 55 year old dad getting so mad at new technology not doing what he wants it to.

i made them like… eighty. oops. 

“Zuku, please, just tell me how to make it so everything is in one remote again,” Akaashi adjusted the slippery smartphone so it would rest in the crook of his neck. The press of the glass against his ear pushed up his glasses and they slid down his nose, but both his hands were occupied. 

On the other line, his daughter snorted, “Didn’t I just set that up for you a few months ago?

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about a month ago, i decided to make a new blog after being off of tumblr for ~2 years… despite my short time here, i have already made close friends and found other graphic designers who inspire me to make better gifs and graphics!! 

thank you for giving me a warm welcome to the nctzen side of tumblr and helping me reach one of my goals this quickly~ ♡

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1. Nicknames: Most of my friends call me Dez, or just my full name.
2. Gender: Female
3. Zodiac: Scorpi-yooooo
4. Height: 5'3.5 on a good day
5. Time: 5:18am
6. Birthday: October 31, just like Hojoon and Frank Iero
7. Favorite Bands: My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero and the Patience (and all of Frank’s other Bands), Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Real Friends, In This Moment, and lots of others
8. Favorite Solo Artists: Childish Gambino, Cro, and Gerard Way
9. Song Stuck In My Head: Check In by Seventeen
10. Last Movie I Watched: Zootopia
11. Last Show I Watched: Orange Is the New Black
12. When I Made My Blog: 2-3 months ago
13. What Do I Post?: Topp Dogg
14. Last Thing I Googled: “greenpeace peru”
15. Do I Have Other Blogs: Yes. @da1zha is my personal/non-kpop music blog, @chuseokhoseok is my BTS blog, and @wonwhoaaa is my Seventeen blog.
16. Do I Get Asks?: Rarely
17. How Did I Choose My URL?: I love the Arario MV, and my bias is Xero
18. Following: 275
19. Followers: 41
20. Favorite Colors: Yellow
21. Average Hours Of Sleep: I’m really inconsistent. Sometimes I’ll sleep 12 hours, sometimes I’ll sleep 3 hours. I’m very unhealthy.
22. Lucky Number: 3
23. Instruments I Can Play: Every percussion instrument, piano, and guitar
24. What Am I Wearing?: Jeans shorts and a Hawaiian shirt
25. How Many Blankets I Sleep With: 3
26. Dream Job: Web design
27. Dream Trip: Canada
28. Favorite Food: Sweet, pineapple and strawberries; Savory, spaghetti
29. Nationality: Malaysian
30. Favorite Song ATM: 20 by Seventeen

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if they had an extra hour to get to know each other before gettin to the lions.


@witchnyx made a post about roleswap au months ago and i hadn’t gotten out of my head since;;

lissa is a pegasus knight and chrom is a pseudo-mercanary and both mess around constantly as prince frederick wonders why he even has guards when they accidentally hurt each other more than their foes

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SOPHIE!! i don't have Twitter so i have no idea what everyone is talking about Tyren and camren and L's tweets so pLEASE update me, i want to know e v e r y t h i n g !!! pls and thanks❤️

Okay, so it started when Ty posted this pic :

In a way confirming his relationship with Lauren.

The fandom got insane over it. Basically people are calling Lauren an hypocrite for dating a guy like Ty, who is known to have questionable opinions on women and the LGBTQ community, when she’s a proud feminist and bisexual.

Now there are three types of “haters” in there : 

1. The basic idiots, who don’t know anything about Lauren and who are just there to hate for pleasure - the real “fake fans”

2. The basic idiots who pretend to be “real fans” - often mistaken to be only Camren shippers when really most of them don’t even really ship Camren, they just want to piss Lauren off

3. The real fans, who are actually not hating on Lauren but are just worried about her and her decisions lately - but are still respectful about it - there are Camren shippers in there, respectful ones.

Anyways, earlier today Lauren lashed out in a few tweets about all the hate she was getting for maybe dating Ty

Until then it was okay, Lauren’s usual “I pretend that I don’t give a fuck but really I do” tweet - but then shit hit the fan when she replied to this tweet :

Once again, Lauren put every haters in the Camren shipper basket. Basically going back to the “sick pleasure” tweet she did a few months ago and once again not having any respect for the fans that are genuinely worried about her or other Camren shippers, like myself for example, who never bothered her.

Once again she made fun of a ship that helps and matters to a lot of people. 

Once again, she’s not thinking about the consequences of her words.

And to further illustrate my point, she also liked this tweet : 

There you go again, we’re the pervert CS who always hate on Lauren and imagine her having sex with Camila while we’re doing ourselves 🙄🙄🙄

Anyways, all of this hurt a lot of people - because Camren has a very deep meaning for many of us. So now people are pissed and sad because the artist we love, who is part of the community, who is supposed to represent us, is belittling us and making us feel guilty for just wanting to find comfort and representation in a ship.

Heart Doodles

Bucky x reader

Summary: You probably shouldn’t let Tony borrow your notebook.

Warnings: nothing? a moment of slight embarrassment but it’s not too bad.

Word Count: 1921

A/N: boop.

Originally posted by there-and-always-back-again

It’s honestly a miracle if everyone is fully prepared at the mission briefings. There’s always at least one person who walks in after the meetings start and it’s common that at least a couple people forgot pens or paper. On more than one occasion you planned to just grab a bunch of blank notebooks and extra pens from the supply closet and pile them in the center of the table. Though knowing the group, they’d end up taking it all from the room and still forget to bring it back next time. People love taking office supplies and the Avengers are no different.

Though to be fair, they have a lot to deal with on a regular basis between capturing lingering HYDRA agents, keeping extra-terrestrial threats at bay, and repairing their relationships with each other post-Accords. So maybe they have enough on their minds without having to remember to put a pen in their pocket so Steve doesn’t look so exasperated during meetings.

Tony always has a pencil stuck behind his ear. Always. But he can’t remember to bring a notebook to save his life. So you–being the lucky Stark employee that gets to sit in on mission briefings to take notes–started to just slide your personal 3-subject notebook to your boss. You carry it around with you all the time anyway to keep track of your daily random thoughts. Most pages hold little doodles, snippets of ideas you want to use in short stories, and probably too many lists of songs you’ve organized into themed playlists. It isn’t anything too personal, so you usually don’t have a problem with lending it to him.

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can you believe that only months ago, isak felt like he had no other option but to pretend and try to prove the world and himself that he was someone he is not, feeling so trapped in himself, trying to repress it all, trying to meet all these expectations, trying to keep up this facade. just trying and trying and trying. can you believe isak doesn’t feel like he has to try anymore? can you believe this facade is so, so long gone now, and it has made way for freedom, and pride

so like i made this months ago with the intention that one day i’d draw the other outfit and,,, i never did. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

anywho, this is fanart for @geek-fashionista and her Luck Us fic, which i totally loved everyone shoud read it (though, it is on the longer side, which is like dedication, so definitely go read it) and i know mari didn’t model the dress herself but,,, i like drawing her. hope i did the dress justice :)

  • Dani Alves: "When we beat Barcelona in the Champions League, I walked up to my brother Neymar and gave him a hug."
  • Alves: "Neymar was crying, and a part of me felt like crying, too.”
  • Alves: “Was I disrespected by the board of directors before I left the club last summer? Absolutely."
  • Alves: "That is simply how I feel, and you can never tell me any different."
  • Alves: "But you cannot play for a club for eight years, and achieve everything that we did, and not have that club in your heart forever."
  • Alves: "Managers, players and board members come and go. But Barça will never go away."
  • Alves: “Before I went to Juventus, I made a final promise to the board at Barcelona. I said: ‘You’re going to miss me.’"
  • Alves: "I didn’t mean as a player. Barça have plenty of incredible players. What I meant was that they were going to miss my spirit."
  • Alves: "They were going to miss the care I had for dressing room. They were going to miss the blood I spilled every time I put on the shirt”
  • Alves: "I remember during one training session, Messi was doing things with the ball at his feet that defied logic."
  • Alves: "Of course, that is what he did every day. Only this time, something was different."
  • Alves: "Now, I need to remind you, this was an extremely intense training session. We were not messing around."
  • Alves: "Messi was dribbling through the defence and finishing like a killer."
  • Alves: "And then as Messi is running past me, I look down at his boots, and I'm thinking to myself, Is this a joke?"
  • Alves: "Messi comes running past again, and now I'm sure what I'm seeing. His damn boots were untied. Both of them."
  • Alves: "Messi comes running past again, and I think, No, it's impossible."
  • Alves: "This guy was playing against best defenders in world, just floating around pitch, and he was acting like it's a Sunday in the park."
  • Alves: "That was the moment when I knew that I was never going to play with someone like Messi ever again in my life."
  • Alves: "Three months ago, when Barcelona made their incredible comeback against PSG in the CL, I was watching every moment from my couch."
  • Alves: "You might think from reading the newspapers that I was hoping my old club would lose."
  • Alves: "But when my brother Neymar scored that beautiful free kick? I jumped up from my couch and was screaming at the television."
  • Alves: "And when Sergi Roberto performed a miracle in the 95th minute? Like every other Barca fan in the world, I was going absolutely crazy"
  • Alves: "Because the truth is that Barcelona is still in my blood."
  • Alves: "When I had to play against Barca in the next round, it was a very weird feeling."
  • Alves: "Especially in the second leg at the Camp Nou, I felt like I was home again."
  • Alves: "Right before the match started, I went over to the Barca bench to say hello to my old friends."
  • Alves: "And they were saying, "Dani, come sit with us! We saved your seat!"
  • Alves: "I went sprinting back to the field, and I could hear my old manager, Luis Enrique, laughing his ass off."
  • Alves: "Pep would tell you exactly how everything was going to happen in a match before it even happened."
  • Alves: "Against RM in 2010, when we won 5-0? Pep told us before the match, "Today, you're going to play like the football is a ball of fire"
  • Alves: "It never stays at your feet. Not even half second. If you do that, there will be no time for them to pressure us.We will win easily"
  • Alves: "The funniest thing was if we came in at half-time and the game wasn't going well. Pep would sit down and rub his forehead."
  • Alves: "You know how he rubs his head? You've seen it, right? Like he's massaging his brain, searching for the genius to come to him."
  • Alves: "He would do this right in front of us in the dressing room. Then, like magic, it would come to him. Bang!"
  • Alves: "Pep was the first coach in my life who showed me how to play without the ball."
Jungkook’s self-control when Jimin is a tease (sometimes)

Ok, I know that this is random and probably off-topic, too, but! :D After melting 1524 times over the last Bangtan bomb I feel like I need to mention this. Since in last weeks I repeatedly went through dozens of BTS videos so I could find fitting facial expressions for my cracks, I couldn’t help but notice Jungkook’s facial expression sometimes.

We all know that in past years tables turned and it’s not Jimin who’s more obvious in showing off their affection, now – at least for me – it’s Jungkookie and his heart eyes and playful behavior both on and off stage (Did you like it? I LIKE IT, HIHIHIHI.) (Sorry about that :D)

And when they interact, we see Jimin somehow more controlling himself on camera; he’s not all over Jungkook even when JK sometimes try to initiate these things. Just, simply put, he’s careful. But as I watched all those videos I noticed that even though Jungkook may seem careless and for sure he’s more impulsive, sometimes, at least for me, it’s obvious how hard he try to keep calm and casual. There are lots more moments for sure; I just quickly “gathered” these because they are fresh in my memory.

For example, the bomb from their MC-ing together. At the end, Jimin decided to be flirtatious (oh damn he probably saw himself in mirror and thought he can’t miss the chance to enchant Jungkook, because like, that sweat? Hair? Look on his face? He killed me, and I wasn’t even physically there like Jungkook was) while sitting next to Jungkook. His body language was obviously communicating with Jungkook, since Jimin was all turned towards him, touching him, throwing his head on his shoulder as he laughed, you know how he is. Jungkook wasn’t refusing, but he kind of stiffened up, he looked at Jimin, but then averted his gaze multiple times, avoiding them making an eye-contact. Jimin touched him and leaned onto him few times but Jungkook still kept his calm. As always, his eyes were the most obvious sign of his attempts to control himself and not succumb (:D) to Jimin. He glanced at Jimin’s hand touching him/almost touching him and rather averted his gaze to his knees. And when Jimin’s face was really close and he knew Jimin stares at him, once again, he kept looking away.

I also remembered Jungkook’s detached expression when Jiminie sat on his knees in Behind the scenes of Run BTS! few months ago. (Yep, there was also Jeonlous under the surface. WHY did Jin-hyung touch Jiminie’s hair?! WHY?) I can imagine that if it were other two members, or even one of them + someone else, they wouldn’t act like that. Do you get what I have in mind? I mean, they would probably laugh/smile and steady the other member on their knees so he wouldn’t fall or something. But Kook just slightly steadied Jimin/touched his waist and kept his “outta this place” casual face.

And now the one that made me write this nonsense :D In last Bangtan bomb, Jungkook is simply cuteness-overload. From the way he pretends he’s cool with Jimin, being so close to him on that couch, through glimpses of a smile on his controlled face, to the nervous hand-fidgeting. Once again he keeps this weird poker-face, opting for looking shook rather than smiling obviously. And he clasps his hands tightly together, because, like, what else to do now? He would hold Jimin, too, but he can’t, so clasping it is. In the beginning, he even starts to massage Jin’s neck out of the sudden. + The way he controls his fingers when Jimin softly plays with them… we see them twitching slightly >:D But Kook controls himself. Just…  These are just screen-shots, but if you watch the video you can see those facial expressions (and how hard he tries to look casual when Jimin grabs him around his shoulders and plays with his fingers).

I know this probably doesn’t even make any sense :D
But, TL;DR: it’s not always Jimin who is the more self-controlling one on cameras. When this perfect human decides to tease Jungkook, it’s the younger one’s turn to keep it calm and casual. And I think it’s cute.
The End.

[shaky off-tune kazoo version of the jaws theme playing in the distance]

Hello, everyone.

First of all, I’m so incredibly sorry for just vanishing for more than half a year, especially because I realized my last post was about a hospital stay (which I did mention was harmless, but probably still looks pretty ominous as a last post.)
I feel terrible for making people worry, especially since there’s already enough upsetting stuff happening :c 

To be honest I’m a little nervous writing this post right now after being gone for so long, but I really wanted to give a life sign! This weekend I finally checked my inbox, and I was incredibly touched by all the sweet messages. I can’t get back to everyone so let me just thank all of you who sent messages or replies, or even just thought about me! I cannot put into words how much it means to me ;-; It made my heart hurt in a good way, and I hope good things happen to you!

(Personal stuff behind the cut)

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30/04/17 gouache in my a4 sketchbook

So this has been waiting to be finished since That Chapter came out, which was… two… three (?) months ago? I don’t even remember. I made like 200 other works in the meantime. But I sat down and finally got it done today. Over 130 chapters of waiting, but it happened. Way to go, Yona.

Celebration time! ( ̄▽ ̄)

don’t repost

Please help me get my life together!

Hello followers and non followers do I have a story for you

The name’s Madison but you can call Me Maddie Im a 20 year old lesbian who is so mentally ill that it has been effecting me physically Ive lost almost 20 pounds in over a month as well as having little to know appetiteI’ve been very emotionally unstable recently,Feverish off and on,I have a suspicion i may have schizophrenia, And i’ve been having problems i’ve been watching im concerned about and not too sure what too do  ive been getting with chest pains and once a week sometimes two weeks my heart feels like its struggling and i cant do anything for a few seconds??? its terrifying and of course my heart racing feeling its going to beat out my chest when im just sitting around

somewhat came out to my mother a few months ago but really she looked at my private information on my phone when i was going through some serious lesbophobia and trying to get some advice with friends shes been off and on about accepting me that night i had told her even though i already knew that she knew she made me feel like something was wrong with me and I had some sort of demon and PCOS

The money I’ve made I’ve gotten through my job gifts through holidays and some help from other people have been taken by my parents as well

The point is I really need some money If any of you have a couple of extra bucks to share I would be soooo Greatful! It will go to: 1. Putting aside savings for emergencys 2. Giving proper care to my dog (Who needs medicine to prevent heart worms and his rabies shot soon) 3. A laptop so i can draw away from home 4. Getting some money aside for driving lessons (I’ve been too mentally ill and let my parents walk over me for too long its hard to get a job when i have to rely on them i had to sob to my mom to take my dog who was bitten to the vet and tell her to please take me to the doctors for a week when i was sick) That’s what im starting with for now im trying not too overwhelm myself My mom put me through three anxiety attacks in almost 2 weeks i called my brother up telling him i was not doing well and he rescued me about two weeks ago today which i am so greatful I will immediately follow you!

I really need help and made these examples today to show my improvement and what i can do

Heres a simple but cute sketch which will be 5$ or lower Depending on how complex the character (I’ll leave out the guidelines at the face and put more effort)

Colored and cute 9$

Detailed sketch 6$ (Again i’ll put more work in it I most these examples in several hours today)

Lineart 8$ added characters 2$ each

Colored 10$ shaded 12$

Background an extra 2$ (Old example)

Memes 4$

Im not the best with humans,Backgrounds,and Inanimate objects but I will do my best! Thank you so much for listening and if you cant help me out please spread the word! To those who are willing to help me out I can’t thank you enough

To those willing to help me out please give me time to get it done my anxiety has been through the roof lately and I really want to make sure you’re all happy with all i make for you in return!

Thank you so much!

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On the Evolution of Fursuits

Has anyone ever wondered how the first fursuits looked like? I know I have. I’m actually quite curious as to how fursuits have evolved over the years.

 Did they simply start out as mascot costumes, where vision was through the mouth? Or did they have through-the-eye vision and tear-duct vision like today’s suit. I’ve read something a few months ago that claimed that 3D/follow-me toony eyes were quite the big deal when they were invented. I wonder what other fursuit feature, that we now take for granted, made a splash when they first appeared in the fandom. Also, if they weren’t present from at the dawn of fursuiting, when did realistic fursuits first made their presence in the fandom?

We see new styles being invented all the time. At first, they seem extremely unique. It can be argued that eventually, these styles become more common as new fursuit makers get inspired from these innovations. Now i’m not saying that any two fursuit makers have identical styles. In the contrary, they are all beautiful works of art, each with their own distinctive characteristics. What I’m saying is that they have similar features and build techniques (balaclava, bucket, resin, etc…). As new styles become popular, others must surely die off. There are a bunch of 80’s and 90’s trends that, while popular at the time, simply make us cringe today. Is the furry fandom an exception to this phenomenon. We can see influences of scene and raves in today’s art and fursuit, but how has 90’s pop-punk and 80’s rise of pop and other pop-culture trend effect the styles? 

I’d like to propose a small study of the evolution of fursuits. I’m going to try to dig through the internet in search of old pictures of fursuit. Unfortunately, many websites and servers that most likely stored this pictures are no longer in use today, and popular websites such as Furaffinity and Weasyl were invented in 2005 and 2011, respectively. This is were I need your help. If anyone has any old pictures or information or stories, or know where I can find such info, please send me a submission or an ask! This would be much appreciated. 

TL;DR: I’m looking for retro fursuit pictures and art!


Sherlock sat at the kitchen table, watching the sun stream through the curtains, and sipped at his tea.

“Good morning, love.”

He turned his head to see John standing there, his bedhead messy and sticking up in tufts and a soft smile on his face. “How did you sleep?”

Sherlock didn’t answer.

John walked over to the chair opposite Sherlock and sat down, picking up the other cup of tea on the table. 

Sherlock’s face twitched.

John stared at him with an affectionate expression, the smile never leaving his face, and reached for his hand. “I love you, Sherlock.”

Sherlock closed his eyes. 

Deep breaths. One, two, three, four, five. Just like the therapist had said.

He opened them again. The chair opposite him was empty. 

He sighed.

Those hallucinations would be the death of him.

He’d made two cups of tea again. One for him, and one for John.

John, his beloved John, who had died of cancer almost four months ago. 

He’d never heal completely.

I’m going to start with a secret. Actually, you may learn a few secrets in this story, because I feel like I am misunderstood by many people. But let’s start with the first one.

Three months ago, when Barcelona made their incredible comeback against Paris St.-Germain in the Champions League, I was watching every moment from my couch. You might think from reading the newspapers that I was hoping my old club would lose.

But when my brother Neymar scored that beautiful free kick? I jumped up from my couch and was screaming at the television.


And when Sergi Roberto performed a miracle in the 95th minute?

Like every other Barca fan in the world, I was going absolutely crazy. Because the truth is that Barcelona is still in my blood.

—  Dani Alves (breaking my heart)
for the Players’ Tribune

*please do not delete text or self promote*

hello loves, recently i’ve reached my goal and i wanted to celebrate with you guys by creating my first faves page. (this was meant to be posted months ago oops)


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good luck loves and i’m looking forward to looking at all your beautiful blogs. 

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