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I missed that smile …

Kai Parker x Reader

 (593 words , drabble)

(Reader breaks up with her boyfriend and Kai is there for her , in a way she didn’t expect…)

*not my gif


Y/N sat on her couch , a light blanket covering her knees. A box of chocolates was sitting on the small table nearby. She reached for them but someone snatched them away from her.
“Nah - uh. You are cut off.” a male voice said.
“Give them back ! I need them !” she pleaded. It has been only a few days , she had stopped crying even tho her eyes still hurt. Y/N tried to snatch the box from his hands but he was way too fast for her.
Kai put the chocolates out of Y/N’s reach and sat on the other end of the couch , pulling the blanket so it covered his knees too. Y/N was pouting. A small smile showed up on his face before he spoke.
“Look , I know your boyfriend broke up with you … but eating a ton of chocolate is not going to make the pain go away.” Y/N stared at him for a few moments trying to decide what to say and in the end she just sighed. She had to admit it - he was right .. and all the chocolates did was made her feel sticky.
“Fine. Keep the chocolates.” Y/N said as she got up and went to the small cupboard at the other end of the room , opened it and grabbed a bottle of bourbon. “That will have to do then.” she muttered to herself. A blink of an eye later Kai was standing next to her , the bottle in his hand.  He chuckled and shook his head disapprovingly. Y/N let out a frustrated scream.
“Malachai Parker … ” she started “… what part of ‘I am in pain’ don’t you understand?!”  she said walking back to the couch. Sometimes Kai was really getting on her nerves. Emotions were new to him but still , why couldn’t he grasp the concept that she was just trying to shut down the pain , drown it somehow. He had offered to compell the pain away but she had said no. It didn’t seem fair to her.
“I don’t want an easy way out…” Y/N had told him.

Kai returned the bottle where it belonged and caught up with her in a split second using his vampire speed. He grabbed her hand and made her hurt around.
“I have an idea …” he said wrapping his hands around her waist and pulling her closer.  "… about something that might take your mind off of this.“ A mischievous smile on his face. 
”What do yo- “ she started to say but never got the chance to finish.
Y/N was so startled at first , she couldn’t register what was happening. Kai had leaned in and kissed her. She pulled back confused and a little shocked. Locking eyes with his she felt happiness flow through her for the first time in days ,only somehow magnified. Kai started saying something but he barely managed to being opening his mouth when she kissed him. He slowly backed her to the couch , climbing on top of her never breaking the kiss. Y/N pulled his body closer to hers. It felt as if electricity was coursing through her veins and she wanted more. She wanted this moment never to end. Far too soon for Y/N’s liking ,  Kai pulled away. He was smiling and Y/N was smiling too.
“There it is!” he said grinning. “I missed that smile !”
“Shhh…” Y/N shushed him “Just kiss me again.” she whispered smiling , pulling him closer again.

NOTE :  This is my first drabble / super short story , hope you guys like it ! :)

Imagine: Annoying Bucky by placing magnets on his metal arm.

You sat next to Bucky the Winter Soldier in the Avengers Tower, he was flipping through todays newspaper, not paying attention to his surroundings; why would he? You wouldn’t do anything to annoy or harm him, so he thought.

You lightly placed a rose magent on his metal arm, you did it ever so carefully, making sure to make not a sound. You glanced at him, his eyes gazed at the writing, reading todays events. You placed one that was a gift from Tony when he went to Japan, it was bigger and it made a clank sound, you winced at the sound. Lifting your eyes to Bucky who just glared and pulled them off and went back to reading.

You should have stopped but you had more, this reminded you of the game buckaroo and it made sense in your mind buckyaroo you had named this game: he could kill you but you figured he enjoyed your company too much, since he gravitated to you a lot. Placing a small American flag on, you concentrated on not making any noise, flinching whenever his human hand moved to flip his paper.

Thirteen magents later, Bucky closed the paper and turned to you, you were mid placing a puppy magnet on his arm and looked at his narrowed eyes with big innocent puppy eyes. He sighed.

“Place one more on my arm and I will get Tony to change the Netflix password” he stated, you frowned and placed the magent down gingerly, but grinned at the brooding soldier.

“I just beat my record, thirteen” you muttered and you glared but a ghost of a small smile was on his face, he knew he wasn’t safe around anyone in this Tower. Request preferences and imagines.

AHS Imagine - Meeting Kit.


“We don’t allow visitations” 

the firm yet blunt response alluded that there was no way to get yourself out of this situation. For weeks you had been trying to get into the facility to visit your mother, but every time you tried, the answer was predictable.

“Y/N, I admire your determination, but no one is allowed to enter…especially little girls” Sister Jude was always known to be abrupt and egocentric which made you believe that the devil himself was standing in front of you.

You sighed; your mother shouldn’t even be in the facility, which frustrated you more as to why you couldn’t see her

“Can you at least give her this?” You motioned to the small blue box you held in your hand,

“May I ask what it is?” Sister Jude flashed a repulsive grin at you; you’ve bumped heads far too much with her to know her grins were perverse.

That box meant far too much to you to hand it to someone like her; she would crawl from hell to high waters just to keep her “hospital” out of suspect. From the second you turned 18; you went to the asylum every so often in hopes of getting in…but with Sister Jude, the chances of that were near to impossible.

“It’s a letter, and her favorite bracelet” you replied, hesitantly handing it to her,


Sister Jude took a deep sigh,

“It’s against the rules… I don’t know why I’m even considering it”

For the first time in years a real smile showed on your face,

“You don’t know how much this means to me Sister, thank you” You whispered, wiping the tears that unnoticeably left your eyes and shook her hand.

“Not a problem, now off you go!”  Sister Jude shooed you off,

“Wait, one more thing!”

“What now child?” Sister Jude eyed you,

“Tell her I love her” another smile curved on your lips, thinking about your mother’s reaction when she hears that. Frankly you’ve forgotten what she looks like, it’s been years since she first got admitted, but her smile is the one thing you would never forget.

“Very well” Sister Jude sighed again and turned away.

“Off you go” She repeated,

You turned on your heel letting out of your relief all in one sigh. As you turned the corner the exit was only meters away. The only thing you wanted to do more than leave was to go back and ask if your mother received your gift.

“Come here!” You heard Sister Jude say; a part of you thought it was meant for you, ever since your attempts to get in Sister Jude was always keeping an eye out for you.

“Yes sister Jude?” an quiet, frail voice of a women replied, it would have been helpful to recognize the workers but the only things you knew for damn sure was Sister Jude, and her irritating long finger that would always point you to the exit.

“Take this box and dispose of it immediately!” Embarrassment tainted your cheeks with pink and anguish filled your eyes with tears, never had you ever been so ashamed to make a deal with the devil. You stayed, listening to the conversation, to know where she would dispose of your precious gift.

“I don’t mean to disrespect Sister but…isn’t this meant for someone?”

“Sister Mary Eunice, I will not be questioned…. dispose of it” impatience was evident in sister Jude’s voice…assuming no one has spoken back to her before.

“I’m-I’m sorry…right away”

“I’ll do it” a male voice added itself into the conversation.

“I don’t care who does it, just get ride of that box!” Sister Jude’s heels clicked on the tiled floor, indicating her exit. Another pair of heels clicked away leaving you waiting to hear the man’s departure.

“I know you’re there” He said, you inched further away from the corner.

“I got your box,” He continued, making sure to shake it slightly.

You peeled yourself from the wall and made your way to where he stood,

“Give it” You said, reaching for the box. He pulled away slightly,

“Don’t you want to give this to your mom?” he questioned.

“I’ve learned the hard way to not trust anyone in here, so I’d rather wait and give it to her myself” With another huff you reached for the box again, but irritably enough he pulled away even further.

“I’ll give this to your momma, I know her…nice gal…doesn’t deserve to be here tho” he said with a shrug. You wanted to agree with him, your mom didn’t deserve to be in there… and from the looks of it he didn’t either. But with the stubbornness you got from your mother, your face stayed unpleased

“How do I know I can trust you?”

“I got your box from being thrown out…doesn’t that say enough?”

You stayed silent.

“Listen, I know this box means loads to you, I’ll give it to your momma because I know she’d love to know it came from you”

“Thanks” You gave him a weak smile,

“And plus, why would I wanna hurt a pretty girl like you?” You felt your cheeks flush pink from his remark; he walked closer to the bard door, linking his arms around the bars.

“What’s your name?…For business purposes”  he smiled, waiting for your response.

“Y/N” you replied, caving into the large smile that hid between your firm lips.

“Well,” He whistled,

“Name well suited for a beauty like yourself” a giggle left your lips as you looked down to hide you flushed cheeks…something you also got from your mother…from what your father has said.

“And what’s your name?… for business purposes” you mocked with a smile, finally looking up. With his eyes on you and his bottom lip between his teeth, he gave you a contagious smirk that showed his right dimple,


And with that, he unlinked his arms from the bars and gave you a wink, before walking back into the place you’ve now realized; no one should be apart of.


First imagine! Any requests? :) will write about any character of any season of AHS!

BODY ELECTRIC V // masterlist

A/N: This was pretty sudden, I actually wrote this during a break and was able to finish it in time. Originally, I was going to update Synergy but got carried away and the ideas weren’t coming out so I did BE instead. Thanks to those who read it, like I said, I’m thinking this may have about 8-10 parts (most likely 10) so let’s see how that goes! Anyways, enjoy! Pls let me know your feedback/if i should write more and thank you for reading :) [previous parts]

Warning: None

Word Count: 3.2K+

Kylo’s anger radiated throughout the Force as if it were air itself. It was thick and heavy and it was almost like weights on your shoulders. What happened that triggered the sudden outburst? Quickly following after the rage-fueled man, you yelled out to him, completely ignoring the fact that now everyone’s attention was on you. “Ben! Hey! Ben?!”

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So this was a request by alisadelina that I wrote way too much for. Thank you for the request because, as you can tell, I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. The ending is the way it is because I did not want this to become too long. However I might turn it into a longer fanfiction.net story later. Enjoy!

Prompt: can you do a fanfiction request where you are a shield agent and you have to irregated loki and he keep flirting with you


Fury swept his fingers across the multiple screens in front of him.
“How’s ‘real power’ doing? Does he want a magazine or something yet?”
“No change, sir. He hasn’t said a word since you left.” Agent Maria Hill responded from not too far away. Fury frowned. They had managed to ‘capture’ Loki in Germany yet it didn’t feel as though he was truly a prisoner.
“Want me to send Romanoff in, sir?”
“No. Not yet.” He scratched his chin in frustration. Romanoff would undoubtedly be able to get results but something fishy was definitely afoot here and he didn’t want to deal his final card until he was sure he had the best hand. That being said, he wasn’t entirely out of options…
“Hill, bring in Agent (y/l/n).” He said and the brunette nodded to him from across the room before strutting out in search of you.

“Absolutely not, sir. I politely decline.” You said with your arms folded. 

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“I’m 3000 miles away from you, and I can’t move to California.”

Warnings: none

Word Count: 497

Smiling you leaned further against your pillow, accepting the call from Justin “Hey baby.” His voice was low, the exhaustion was clear in his tone “Hi.” Clearing your throat a silence settled over the phone, your relationship has been strained lately due to the fact that you haven’t seen each other face-to-face in over a month

“I miss you.” He whispered quietly into the phone, those simple words made your heart nearly beat out of your chest, you replied softly “I miss you too Justin, so much.” And you did, not being able to feel him, wrap your arms around him, it was all something that made your heart ache every time you talked to him.

“I might be able to come see you sometime this month.” He said hopefully, letting out a small sigh afterwards “It’s just with my single coming out soon and my album needing to be finished I’ve been so busy.” The distress was clear in his tone, you knew it hurt him just as much as you not being able to see one another whenever you wanted

“This sucks.” You muttered shifting against your bed slightly “Seeing each other once a month isn’t enough, I just wish I could see you more.” His tone was filled with grief and resentment, you knew he blamed himself for the distance in your relationship no matter how many times you tried to tell him it wasn’t he just didn’t believe it.

“I just wish everything was different.” He whispered quietly, you wished it was all different too but given the circumstances there was nothing the two of you could do about the situation

“If I could make things different I would Justin, but I’m in college and I can’t stop now when I only have a year left.” Looking at your nightstand you smiled as your eyes met a framed picture of the two of you “I’m 3000 miles away from you, and I can’t move to California.” As much as it hurt to say it was true, moving wasn’t an option for you right now and quite honestly you didn’t know if it would ever be a possibility

“I know baby, I’m not asking you to leave everything behind and move here, I would never ask that of you. It’s just hard not being able to see you every day, not being able to hug and kiss you when I wanted and I can’t tell you how much I love you the way I want to.”

“I know how much you love me Justin, I’ve never doubted your amount of love for me and no amount of distance would ever change that.” You assured him, he yawned quietly making you laugh “Go to bed Justin.”

“I don’t want to stop talking to you.” He muttered tiredly, smiling you shook your head “I love you Bieber.”

“I love you too baby.”

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Date with Mr Dixon.

Summary: Daryl asks you to have dinner with him.
Warnings: Swearing, fluff.

You were walking around Alexandria with Judith on your hip, getting some fresh air. It was a routine you did everyday for about an hour, and today Maggie joined you.
“Are you looking forward to your date tonight with Mr Dixon?” She smirked nudging you.
“Fuck Maggie, its not a date!” You blushed. You really liked Daryl. You had met the group at terminus and they saved you. You had become a valuable member of the group and loved them all. Daryl never spoke to you much, he would try but he would get shy and trip over his words, so he would get angry with himself. You just thought he didn’t like you very much, which is why you were shocked when he asked you to dinner yesterday.

You were walking with Judith as you passed Daryl sat on the porch.
“Hey Daryl.” You smiled warmly at him. He smiled back.
“Hey…” You were about to walk passed him when he started talking again.
“I-I was just wonderin’ if ya’d um… if ya’d wanna have dinner with me tomorrow night?” He asked shyly. He rubbed his neck awkwardly.
“Of course, that sounds lovely.” He relaxed at your words and nodded.
“Come around 7, and um… dress nice.” He smiled slightly before he got up and quickly walked indoors..

You remember his words, ‘Dress nice.’ A little vague. You couldn’t help but inwardly chuckle.
“What do I wear Maggie? I don’t think its a date but he said to dress nice.”
“I think that black halter dress is nice.” She smiled. “And it IS a date.” She smirked again.

You didn’t know it, but it was a date. Daryl had been wanting to make a move for a long time, but was too shy. Rick finally convinced him to go for it and suggested dinner. Daryl was so anxious. He made sure to kick Glenn and Maggie out in time so you had the place to yourselves to relax.
It was nearly time and you gave yourself a last look over in the mirror. You were wearing a cute black halter dress with a sweetheart neckline. It cinched in at your waist before flaring out. It was thigh high, so it was a little short for someone who normally wore pants. You paired it with some nice black wedges. You’d put on a little mascara to accentuate you’re eyes and your hair was half up half down. You felt pretty for once. You made your way downstairs to see Glenn and Maggie in the kitchen.
“You look amazing y/n!” Maggie smiled.
“Yeah, Daryls gonna love it. Enjoy your date.” Glenn said.
“Its not a date!” You laughed as you walked to the door.
“It’s totally a date.” He smirked before you left.

You knocked on Daryls door feeling awkward, normally you’d just walk in, but you felt like you should knock this time. Daryl answered the door wearing his black jeans and a nice grey shirt with the sleeves slightly rolled up. He looked sexy as hell.
“Wow Daryl.” You blurted out before you could stop yourself. “You look really handsome.” You smiled at him. He blushed and looked down for a moment.
“You look beautiful y/n.” He said shyly. Now it was your turn to blush. He let you in the house and you gasped. He had set the dining table up with candles, wine and a vase with a pretty flower in the centre. It was so romantic.
“Oh my God.” You whispered. His face fell and he looked at you.
“What? Is it too much? I knew it was too much.” He sighed pacing a little. You grabbed his arm to stop him.
“No, its perfect.” You smiled sweetly at him. He sighed with relief and smiled.
“Good. Um…sit, I’ll serve food.”
You walked to the table and he pulled your chair out for you. You couldn’t help but blush, he was being so sweet. You ate food and made small talk, things like what you’d done that day.

“This is amazing Daryl. Did you make it yourself?” You smiled as you finished your food.
“Yeah, well Carol told me how to make it but I did it myself.”
You smiled warmly at him and took his hand in yours from across the table. He looked at you and smiled shyly.

“Thank you for all this Daryl, I’ve really enjoyed it. No ones ever made an effort like this for me before.” He rubbed your hand with his thumb.
“S’nothin’. Ya deserved somethin’ nice.” He said modestly with a smile.
“I’d really like it if we um…did this again sometime. I like spendin’ time with ya.”
You blushed at his words. Maybe this was a date after all.
“I’d love that. Maybe you could take me hunting sometime. I’d love to learn how to track and hunt.” You smiled. He looked surprised but nodded his head.
“I’d like that.” He smiled. “We could start tomorrow?” He asked enthusiastically.
“That would be awesome.” You smiled squeezing his hand.
You both jumped as the door knocked, Daryl let out an annoyed growl.
“Sorry.” He sighed as he got up, feeling the loss of your hand. He opened the door to see an apologetic Rick stood there holding Judith.
“I’m sorry Daryl, Abe’s not feeling to good, I need you to take over his watch.”
“Cant someone else do it?” Daryl asked frustrated.
“I need you Daryl, sorry.” Daryl just nodded at him and Rick left. You’d heard the exchange so you came to the door.

“M’sorry, I gotta take over watch.” He frowned.
“It’s fine. I had a really nice time tonight Daryl, I really appreciate it.” You smiled at him.
“I had a good time too. I’ll come get ya tomorrow morning for huntin’” He said with a slight smile.
You leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, lingering a little longer than needed, making him blush.
“Goodnight Daryl.” You said softly as you walked out the door.
“G’night y/n.” He said, smiling to himself as he shut the door.

To be continued…

Is it angst, or is it mystery? Who knows! I left the ending for this quite open. You can interpret it how you want. I just wanted to depict Clint’s loyalty, even to those he doesn’t quite get on with [yet], much like with Pietro. Thank you to @cosmichorse95 for this request. I perhaps took the title of Unsteady too literally but screw it, I’m rubbish at Song!Fics. I hope you all like it!

Can you do a loki or thor or hawkeye x reader based on “Unsteady” by X-Ambassadors? Oh a d I loved Fairytale! Not that it’s much of a shock, I love all your fics :D


“We got a tip,” Nat said, waving the file in front of Clint’s face. He grunted, and paused his video game. He was already perfect at it anyway. Nat liked to joke that it was because he spent all day on it, every day. He called it training.
“A hit?”

“A building on Main Street. Potentially got our guy.”
“I appreciate your attitude but we can’t just go busting in a building on a tip,” Clint smirked, resuming his game.

Nat pushed his feet off of the coffee table, and lowered herself onto it, purposefully blocking his view of the television. It was the only reason he came to Stark tower anymore.

“I know that, genius,” She smirked, watching him roll his eyes before pausing his game again, “but I’ve got a plan.”

Nat kicked his shin.
“Are you in or would you rather fight zombies?”
“They’re clickers actually.”
“Whatever. They creep me out.”
“And you creep me out. What else is new?”

“Guess I’ll just take the new girl then,” Nat sighed, standing up. Now Clint turned off the Xbox completely.
“What do you mean? What new girl?”

“Do you want to hear my plan or not?”

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