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Ibiki the Cupcake Man Masterpost

A list of all the things created around the headcanon that Ibiki Morino is an amazing baker. kokoro4kakashi‘s post that started it all here


The Case of the Mysterious Sweets by kunoichi-ume

Do You Know the Cupcake Man? by padlocked-quintus

Fanfic with OCs because OCs deserve more love 

I’d Do It Again by ladymikiri 

Fic by noharin

A Strange Homecoming by kunoichi-ume

The Sinner and the Saint by itslulu42


Aesthetics- Ibiki Morino by itslulu42


The Cupcake Man by genericnarutoblog

If anyone would like to be included, let me know! Send me a message, an ask, tag me, or send me the post - I’d love to see it all! Also, if you would like to be removed or change anything, let me know. I’ll do it asap. 

Thank you to everyone who made something for this! It’s been a whole lot of fun discussing our favorite fear-inducing baker.