i made the bottom two

ethan as spiderman aesthetic!! v v proud of how the pics in the top middle and top right look together!! 

requests are open! please look at rules!

inspo: @markiplitessepticeyes go check out their teamiplier marvel au !! some cool shit !!

bonus: pics of ethan where he may or may not have a frog in his mouth


I’m gonna get a little self-congratulatory for a bit cause check out the bouquets I made for bff’s wedding.

First time making bouquets of any kind and ngl I’m pretty proud of them. We bought the greenery in bulk along with the white and yellow mums but all the iris were picked from my garden.

Her entire walk down the aisle I was waiting for her cascading bouquet to fall apart but it held together.


I loved how Damian looked in this panel so I made an edit with Jon in it. The two bottom images are transparent edits. I made one with the comic bubbles and one without. 

Feel free to use any of these edits!!

being a girl was complicated. it was swallowing rusty nails and clawing our way towards something we didn’t even know we really wanted. // R.I.D.


“Look, pal. If you’re gonna come in here and wax poetic about learning from the mistakes of our ancestors, or some such shavit, you can stop right there. We’re Solos, and we’re Skywalkers. End of story.”


The End is Upon Us.

Kind of ambitious fanfic self-promo. The final chapter is finally up, but you can read it from the beginning right here.

The first two pictures from the top have existed for a while, and I’ve made the bottom two little after maybe, but I didn’t post them until now because they were pretty spoilerish. I guess it doesn’t matter anymore.