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[ 10th December 2016 ] wew hello everyone! here is this week’s spread that I whipped up in 30minutes (surprisingly) before I had work and was away from home for 5 days ;-;
I’ll be away for camp next week so I won’t be as active but I’ll try to queue some posts so y'all don’t miss me too much (who am I kidding)
*ALSO CAN WE TALK ABOUT YURI ON ICE???? ITS THE BEST ANIME EVER MADE WITH THE BEST MAINS AND I CANNOT GET OVER IT* *I’m also sad that haikyuu season 3 is over omg I CANNOT wait for season 4 kekekek*
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Ok y'all pll fans hating other pll fans’ strong opinion about the finale:

First of all, ya’ll need to understand we are not fucking mad bc of the fact that CeCe is -A, less so that she is trans, wtf. I mean she was even one of my suspects and I was a firm believer that -A was CeCe before the Charles reveal on 6x01, since the 2 yellow dresses I need to admit. But of course, we were all sidetracked bc of the Charles is a boy and the writers saying they were not going for the trans plot. Ugh. 

What we ARE mad and upset about is the actual ‘answers’, I mean, you need to admit it wasn’t one of the MOST clever and build up answer to this long ass mystery. It was lame, and not at all complicated. It was like a slap to the face realizing the why the liars were being tortured, kidnapped and stalked for 3 rosewood years, was bc fucking CeCe Drake was bored and liked the game. What the actual fuck. That part was the most bothersome, there is no legit reason for -A torturing the girls, and we were so let down. We expected a real, surprising reason behind all of this, bc lets admit it this kind of thing don’t happen to everybody for godsake. There had to be a fucking REAL REASON. 

Besides the fact of the lame ass motive (y'all need to admit), there is the fact that in some kind of way all these episodes of all these past seasons and other plots and “clues” they put into the storyline weren’t IMPORTANT OR RELEVANT. They even made the FUCKING LIARS look OUT OF PLOT. They seemed like just the victims and nothing more. They did absolutely NOTHING to deserve what CeCe did, probs just being at the wrong place at the wrong time. It seemed like their life besides it never really mattered so WHY PUT SO MUCH EFFORT IN IT, I DON’t GET IT. It was literally watching two different stories coming together in such a lame ass way. The four liars are supposed to be MAIN CHARACTERS OF THE SHOW, and they made them seem like the most secondary characters EVER. They even just saw the reveal behind a SCREEN, not even in person, like they weren’t relevant TO THE WHOLE STORYLINE. Ughhhhh. 

Third, the actual reveal was laughable, (i mean did y'all see the lame ass graphics where CeCe looked like was photoshopped into a white background WTF) It was not made to be deep and I actually found myself laughing at some point on CeCe’s story. Marlene had warned us we were going to feel sorry for ‘Charles’, and I literally just felt sorry for Jason. I laughed at CeCe, I need to admit. It may sound real rude, but hear me out. They way it was told, it was not meant to be deep, it was just telling us what happened and how. It had no emotion. CeCe cried like twice, and sorry but at like the second she was smiling and continuing telling the story. She was being sarcastic and telling the story like it was NOTHING. About her identity crisis, her parents sending her to RAdley, Bethany throwing off Marion and blaming HER, being in a relationship and KISSING HER BROTHER JASON WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, plus so many things. These things are serious, and she talked them out like they were the most normal things in the world. This bothered me. Also, when she talked about the why stalking the liars SHE WAS MAKING FUN OF IT. I thought she REGRETTED IT ???!!!???!!! And they added the -“but you tortured them and made the suffer…” “But did they die?” - Thing and yeah it was funny but it wasn’t for the occasion. This made it look 87% less serious and I was thinking, IS THIS A JOKE. Can y'all compare Mona’s reveal with this one for a sec??, Mona was straightforward and intense, it was creepy and fucking surprising af bc it was MONA. But CeCe was lighthearted and laughable, when the matter was so much deeper and relevant. Sorry not sorry. 

And ugh, finally, SARA FUCKING HARVEY. You can’t argue with me about being ok with Sara Harvey being not only Red Coat but BOTH RED COAT & BLACK WIDOW. This two villains are supposed to be here SINCE SEASON 3, AND THEY WERE A PRETTY BIG DEAL, just to be thrown at us AT A CHARACTER WHO WAS INTRODUCED 9 EPISODES AGO, ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS. And if it couldn’t get worse, we don’t even know how Sara Harvey came in contact with fucking CeCe was it in Radley?  At the street? And WHAT IS SARA’S MOTIVE, WHY IS SHE BEING PART OF THIS, WHY DO THIS TO THE GIRLS??!! I think CeCe kidnapped her or something and she developed Stockholm Syndrome or something IDK, MARLENE, IDK.

God, I’m in so many ways dissapointed. I could’ve been FUCKING HAPPY if CeCe was -A, but the EXPLANATION WAS JUST SO HORRIBLE. 

God. I don’t even know what to think anymore. I need to leave or else I’ll become insane and start stalking and torturing random girls. :)