i made that dream catcher

Also just want to throw it out there that I’m not on board with folks using dreamcatchers made outside of the native american community. I don’t understand how they’re so big in the witchcraft community. I know witch’s webs are a thing and as far as I’m aware that’s all above board so no complaints here. However, I’m making it personal practice to not support etsy shops/spiritual shops/etc that sell dream catchers not made by native folk. 

 I feel like this whole “metaphysical” movement is like a ton of shit plucked out of other cultures for white folks with dreads and it’s a real bummer, my dudes. Especially because people are associating that with witchcraft, which although not mutually exclusive unfortunately, are not actually things that go together. 

Dream Catcher (Destiel)

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Every night Dean had another nightmare. Sometimes about hell, sometimes purgatory, sometimes losing Sam or Cas. This time it was about Cas. 

Dean was watching Cas’ wings get clipped by Lucifer, a painful and permanent process. Cas screamed in agony trying to free himself of the chains while Lucifer cut out each feather and muscle impossibly slowly. Dean couldn’t even move from where he was standing. There were no ropes or ties around him, he just couldn’t physically move any part of his body. 

What he wasn’t aware of was that Cas could sense every nightmare he had. Every night Cas would pretend not to feel it. He thought it would be better if Dean got through it himself. Tonight was different though. The hunter was projecting more frustration than usual and Cas could almost see the dream. He knew it had something to do with him and that made him feel worried and guilty so he decided it would all end tonight. Dean wouldn’t have anymore nightmares. 

Cas started studying all he could about nightmares at 2 in the morning until he came across a chapter in one of the bunker’s books called “Dream Catchers”. It was simple, just hang a dream catcher in the room and it would replace your nightmares with good dreams. Cas decided to try it. He read in the book that dream catcher’s work best if they are made by someone who truly cares about the receiver of the gift so he got the materials and started working. By the time he was done it was 4am. He went into Dean’s room and hung it on the bed frame as quietly as possible and waited. The whole night he had been feeling emotions from the nightmare, but as soon as he put the dream catcher up they went away. Cas got an unexpected and overwhelming feeling of loss. Dean woke up then, relieved that it was over. He opened his eyes to see Cas standing there which made him even more relieved. 

“Cas?” asked Dean in a husky voice, “what are you doing here?”

“You were having a bad dream so I made you a dream catcher,” Cas replied surprised he was awake, “it seems to be working so I’ll go now.”

“Wait,” said Dean quickly, “stay. Stay here,” he pleaded as he pat the other side of the bed.

Cas tilted his head in confusion but obeyed, happy that he wanted him to stay. He laid down on the left side of the bed while Dean moved over. They both just looked at each other in silence. Their legs were subtly touching but neither of them moved away. They fell asleep and Dean didn’t have any nightmares this time. He felt safe with his guardian angel.

In the morning Cas woke up and realized he was spooning Dean. He felt warm and comfortable so he didn’t let go. He smiled and took in Dean’s scent. Dean was awake and enjoying every second, but Cas didn’t know that. 

Hey dreamers! Can you believe it? One year ago I started working on this project that came from a dream I had and I can’t believe it has turned into what it has. Daisuga makes me the happiest~ o(*^▽^*)o

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My friend and I have reached a conclusion: "dream catchers" made by white people will now be called "dust catchers"

best thing i read in a while thanks

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omg i had a dream catcher once and mentioned it a while back and a white girl told me it was culture appropriation and i just ??? rounding a lil bit down to make it in even, i'm like 40% native so i'm p sure i can have a dream catcher that my native mom made me??

Just reading this caused me physical pain. I have no idea how you went through that without immediately blasting off into the astral plane

I spent a few years as a Ghost –then returned to a Body i do not belong in–

My soul slipped out of it’s skin in it’s sleep
When I was young
Before my life had actually begun
I used to think –I’d die before I grew up
But I was wrong

I haunted the streets
Until the dream catchers set
Their nets made of memory
I begged them –forget me–
Forget me

This Body is too physical
The blood leaves stains on my skin
The stomach feels empty and the food tastes too good
The world wonders –where have you been–

And during the banquet
As he caresses my arm
The world will question me -who are you?–
I will respond–


Here are another couple of dream catchers I made!

The snowman one was a gift for a coworker for secret-Santa ( she collects snowmen and I had no idea what to get her ).

For this one I wrapped the metal hoops in white yarn, then added on a ton of bells and shiny little crystal charms.

And the huge one was a gift for my father-in-law and his wife! I used faux leather on the hoops, and little shiny gold beads. There’s a deer head charm on the main piece, and little pinecone charms on the side pieces.