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Milo Archives ~ 03/29/2016

This one’s almost a year old woo! I made a lot of motivational pics for myself around this time last year, and this was one of them. I’m a little bummed that we don’t hear Milo repeat his moto every now and then since The Note, but hey. Been meaning to post this a while ago, but now that I’m back working with these kids, i sorta forget that the folder of art is on my home computer now and not my work computer >w< Anywho, enjoy!

parting line of a breakup (if you break their heart)
  • aries: "I deserve better anyway. You never would have been enough for me and this should've ended a long time ago."
  • taurus: "I'll never forget you, but neither will I love you again."
  • gemini: "I'll admit, you made me feel something for a while. But I will NOT hurt over you."
  • cancer: "I feel so stupid. When did everything go wrong? I thought we were forever."
  • leo: "You can't leave me. I'm the best thing to happen to you. WE CAN WORK THIS OUT."
  • virgo: "Well, what can you do? They didn't deserve me anyway. I'll find someone better, someone who wouldn't deliberately hurt me like you did."
  • libra: "Why do I feel like leaving is the bad option? Shouldn't I give you another chance. You deserve that. WAIT, no. I'm already gone."
  • scorpio: "You'll regret it. I promise you of that."
  • sagittarius: "Were we really even a couple? Couples aren't supposed to drag each other down like that. I was feeling trapped and you were too blind to even see!"
  • capricorn: "Did I do something wrong? No, it couldn't have been me... But was it?"
  • aquarius: "You changed me. I didn't want to be changed. We're better off as friends anyway... right?"
  • pisces: "You hurt me, you hurt me so fucking bad and yet I'm still in love with you. How is that?"
Thank you vmhq :D!

First of all let me apologize for not answering sooner to you guys :(… I’m kind of shy and it took me some time to have the courage to make my first official post (I had made one a while ago XD, but I put it in private or something like that, so I think I was the only one able to see it :D!).

I still think that all the awesome fic writers that are in this fandom deserve this more than me :D. I really want to thank each and every single one of you :), but if I forget someone please let me know ><!

So thanks to @brittany4824, @addicted2love2015, @catefrankie, @cheshirecatstrut, TheLastGoodGoldFish, @kimikochan9, @amypc1, @skatearound, @missismess, @elliebear75, @susanmichelin, DestinyFreeReally, @lisawolfe80, @heavenli24, @happilyshanghaied, @nicemom93, @mysilverylining, @kayte76, simpatico73, @kmd0107, @kerali, and @ghostcat3000. I still have a few fics I haven’t read :3, but all your work is wonderful so I’m sure I’ll love them :D.

Without you and your wonderful writing and your lovely work I would be bored and probably would have never dared to interact with this fandom :). I love your fics so much that it made a lurker like me want to let you know how much all your fics mean to me :D!

And of course :D, I want to thank to the wonderful people at @vmheadquarters​ !!

And now, I want to show what I bought with the lovely prize you;ve given me :D:

I know :), it’s not that original :), but I wanted to have them :D. I still haven’t received them (I send it to a family member in the USA :D), so when it ends its journey to me :D, I might make another post :3.

Thank you guys :D, you are a wonderful fandom :)!

changing my icon for a while. i played stefan a while ago for a little over…. 6 months? or something like that? and it made me appreciate his character so much more, whilst deciding how big of a fan i was for paul welsey. i don’t stan delena or stelena, i purely stan stefan’s happiness and whatever he wants in life. im so friggin thankful for stefan salvatore, i’ll never forget how much he means to me and how much his character influences me as a person.

Gowther of the Ten Commandments

So, Gowther the Selfless..

I made a post a while ago theorizing Merascylla to the Commandment of Covet, but we learned later she was the Commandment of Faith. Now, with the amount of information we have, I think maybe Gowther is the Commandment of Covet. To covet means to desire something for oneself, and Gowther is supposed to be “selfless”. So if he desires something, his own commandment would act against him and he would forget himself, his desires, his memories and his emotions? This is very fitting, considering he is the Sin of Lust. Maybe his sin is connected to whatever caused him to trigger his own commandment. Something else I’m wondering now is if his commandment ability is still in effect right now? Another question is how Merlin ties in with this, is she connected to the Commandments as well? It’s plausible since she is a dark mage,,,Maybe she worked for the demon king or something? How do all the things she gave to Gowther (pills, his giant armor that’s supposed to keep his power in check) tie in with his being a Commandment? Is Gowther a demon residing in a doll? Anyone have any ideas? More questions every chapter, but it’s awesome.

I realised a while ago that nothing makes a singer quite so attractive as exquisitely beautiful and completely unnecessary adlibs like when you hear Taeyang’s extra notes during Bad Boy in 2014 YG family tour in japan or Daesung’s intro to Wings for the MADE tour or Seungri’s  adlib for the longer version of Bad Boy on YG on air they each suddenly become the most attractive member of the group and you forget to breathe and flail helplessly at your computer screen while asphyxiating 


I made this comic a while ago, I kind of forget to post it on here  

There’s a theory going around about Bill being Dipper from the future
At first it didn’t cauth my attention until someone point out that the Stans twins have names so silimar and that Dippper name will probably be something similar to Mabel, like Gable, name that actually exists and means the generally triangular portion of a wall between the edges of a dual-pitched roof.
Althougt it does have some problems but I still think it will be a cool Alternative Universe