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Based on @paperficwriter‘s Genos headcanon(s)!

So I met christen last night and it still feels like a dream. She started off signing on the other side of the field. So I thought darn there’s no way she’ll make it to me. But still I stayed with my press sign, magazine and jersey.

Then she got so close to me so I thought I have a chance! But right next to me was an entire girls soccer team probably 12 year olds. So I thought dang she’ll get bombarded by them and then leave. But!!!! She’s gets to them and smiles and waves to them, weaves through them, hops over the barrier and bee lines straight for me. Christen Press with her beautiful smile looking straight at me and walking towards me. (I wish I had a pic but I had handed my phone to my friend) I was shook! She gets to me, smiles so wide and says ‘wow! you got a lot of stuff!’ (I was wearing my press jersey, holding her World Cup magazine and holding a sign I made for her). I was too happy and shook to say anything so I just laughed and said yeah. She signs my sign and my magazine. And I motion to my jersey and she laughs and says ‘one more!?’

^that was her when she realized I was also wearing her jersey. And I just laughed and nodded. And then!! She asks if I want a picture so I said sure. She fixed her hair and we took a picture. I thanked her and she left. And it still feels surreal. Best day ever! :’)


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Could I request MTMTE Drift, Brainstorm, and Skids hearing/feeling human's heartbeat for the first time? (A+ blog, man)

Awww!  Thank you!  <3 <3 <3  And I really like this concept.  It’s kind of poetic in a way.

Drift:  The whole thing is almost like a spiritual experience for him.  He holds you reverently against his chest plate, feeling the millions of tiny heat sensors along his plating pulse as your heart beats steadily against him.  Your life’s blood – the very essence of your being, pulses in time with the glowing spark hidden beneath his plating, like two beings with the same soul.  He marvels at how fragile human lives are, how precious.  He leans down to brush a chaste, tender kiss to the top of your head.  “You are so dear to me…  Thank you.”

Brainstorm: He’d be absolutely giddy if you’d let him listen to your heartbeat.  Humans are so strange, so utterly fascinating.  He can’t wait to run some tests on you!  (Wait, that sounded a lot less creepy in his head…) He giggles slightly to himself as he listens to your heart through some sort of stethoscope-like apparatus.  “There’s so much blood!  Do all humans have this much blood?  Do your insides ever feel heavy?”  You tell him you could ask him the same question.  He then starts chattering away with all his signature bravado about Cybertronian biology and anatomy, secretly hoping to impress you. You’re certainly impressed, and also more than a little confused.

Skids:  The atmosphere would be very relaxed, probably either in his habsuite or another empty part of the ship.  It’s a nice, quiet, lazy moment of bonding; you stretched out on his chest with your eyes closed, him lying down on his back with a gentle smile on his face as he feels your heartbeat against his plates.  His outlier programming picks up more information about the human circulatory system with each pulse, making him realize just fragile humans really are.  It only makes him admire you all the more for your determination and resilience, despite your smaller size.  He smiles as he gently brings a hand up to rest over your back.

When someone literally Lance Strolls you taking off from a set of traffic lights.

It’ll rub out, just some tyre marks. But why on earth the turned into me is the question???? They came into my lane for some godforsaken reason. They had to have had their tyre turned towards me to leave those marks on my passenger door, the bodywork on their car extends 2 inches passed their tyres. Just so many ??????

Sure they had some overlap, but coming from that far back and braking that late is never going to end well from what I’ve seen.

Lil Sis

Lil Sis


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Can you do a little sister fic? P much just do whatever you want but overprotective brothers? :)

 AUTHOR’S NOTES: Here you go. I hope it’s ok. xx

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