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Being an hero isn’t half as glamorous as they make it sound, really

The Silmarils

As three great Jewels they were in form. But not until the End, when Fëanor shall return who perished ere the Sun was made, and sits now in the Halls of Awaiting and comes no more among his kin; not until the Sun passes and the Moon falls, shall it be known of what substance they were made. Like the crystal of diamonds it appeared, and yet was more strong than adamant, so that no violence could mar it or break it within the Kingdom of Arda. — J. R. R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion, Chapter 7: Of the Silmarils and the Unrest of the Noldor

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it makes me sad and angry when people judge ARTPOP because it had so much potential that gaga just couldn’t use because she was in such a bad headspace and in such bad times and like…… y’all bashing that era is shitty imo


i was playing animal crossing with @horrifichymns and this happened

,,except it was an axe

You don’t deserve forgiveness.
You don’t deserve sympathy. Affection. A second chance.
For all of your notorious lies, your malice and your madness,
You don’t deserve to be saved
Because there was nothing left to save.
But he believed in you with all his heart
Believed that everything was for the best
That everything will be for the better,
And he gave you everything you didn’t deserve.

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#PickUpPitch prompt fills - captain’s choice

Surprising no one, @alwayskels is a champ and has sent out even more #PickUpPitch letters (on PST letterhead, too!) Hats off to Kelci!

The prompt: Mike and Ginny are captains of two opposing teams for a charity baseball game. Ginny has LeBron James and Serena Williams on her team. Mike has Steph Curry and Leo DiCaprio on his team. Feel free to add other celebs on their teams too!

(There’s still time to help @pitchstreetteam​ out by getting our message to Hulu and Craig Erwich before the ATX Festival. Write your letters and send your postcards and I’ll write you your very own fic! Just get me a picture of your mail before you send it off.)

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The rules are simple. Build the best celebrity softball team ever and lead that team to victory in a (not-so-)friendly game benefiting the Padres Community Fund. He has six weeks.

It’s the kind of thing that Mike Lawson was made for. 

Doesn’t matter who they find to go up against him, Mike’s been around the block. He’s not losing this game.

That confidence doesn’t wane when he finds out Ginny will captain the other team. Not even a little.

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New items in my Etsy shop!

As some of you might know, I am a HUGE fan of anything to do with tabletop RPG’s and especially the amazing webshow Critical Role (if you haven’t watched it yet, please do! For their 100th episode I wanted to make something cool, so I made a big D20 board with the member of Vox Machina on it in mini hama fuse beads. This got such an overwhelming response and questions where people could buy them, that I couldn’t not put them up.

So I now have the big D20 board with all members, the small D20 boards with the members of your choice, pendants and magnets available! Follow the link!