i made some hipster tumblr edits for them

creakyneck  asked:

people are just massively overeacting. like one person from tumblr decided to try and 'educate' 4chan and now like 3 people are posting gore and shit in the feminism tag. it's a big load of stupid drama

lmao same thing happened in 2010 and tumblr went on full lockdown with people editing their themes so their blogs misleadingly showed 404 blog not found pages just in case the technology gods of 4chan wanted to hack them for some reason and it all started when tumblr decided it was a Good Idea to troll omegle/chat roulette (I forget which) with “what is air” and they were known as 4chan hunting ground so much paranoia had been had by all and it had gotten so sensational that many fan artists made headcanon comics with tumblr as the quirky hipster kid in a screwball romcom with dark forbidding 4chan it was the best of times it was the worst of times lemme tell you SHOUTOUT TO THE OLD FARTS WHO WERE THERE WHEN IT HAPPENED