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How to make a simple (but vibrant) GIF, a tutorial by yours truly, czarinakanaeva

I just recently hit 700 followers, so I wanted to thank all of you by putting this tutorial up. I made another one like 2 years ago, but since then, I’ve changed the way I make GIFs several times, so this is the method I’ve been using for a while.

What you’ll need:

A video of your choosing (preferably 720p or 1080p)

Photoshop (I used CS5 for this tutorial)

Basic knowledge to make GIFs (I explained how it thoroughly in the first part of this tutorial, as well as how to load actions)

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I can’t believe Taylor released Tim McGraw 9 years ago today it really feels like yesterday when I first heard Tim McGraw on CMT when I was 13 and I absolutely loved it from the very first moment that I listened to it & from that moment on I’ve became such a big fan of her music and she’s become such an inspiration to me & has become such a big part of my life & when she followed me on Tumblr back in October it made me even more happy that she noticed me & right now 9 years later at 21 soon-to-be 22 (can’t wait to play 22 on blast on my birthday in 3 months <3) she & her music is still such a big part of my life today =). 

She went from this long curly-haired blue-eyed small town down to earth country girl with big dreams into this sophisticated, powerful & brilliant young woman dominating the music industry who’s loved by millions around the world & is still is very down to earth & caring especially to her fans & even though she’s a pop superstar right now she’s still country at heart. She hasn’t changed one bit & has really stayed true to herself and that’s what I love about her the most <3. there’s not one artist today that I love more than this woman and I don’t know where I would be right now without Taylor. 

taylorswift if you’re reading this just know that I love you so much your music has always helped me through everything and I’m so proud of you at how far you’ve come in the music world and just know my love for you & your music will NEVER change thank you for being a such a huge part of my life & I really hope I get to see you in concert & get to meet you someday <3 :) 

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i do wish they used not as much cgi as they did. Like..on the Spinosaurus skeleton. Or the Bird in the intro. or even BABY INDOMINUS. O think the only non-cgi dino was the dying sauropod.

I can’t disagree with you on this one. Except, I know they did use animatronics in some areas other than the dying apatosaurus. The raptor head in the muzzle, I think that was practical, but it looked like they CGI’d over it? At least one of the pteranodons was a puppet too (the one from that awkward shot of it sliding very slowly towards Gray and Zach, iirc?) 

But yeah, the CGI looked pretty cheap in parts and while I’m not generally one to complain about that sort of thing, it is a bit frustrating. The raptors from JP3 looked amazing, whatever you think about the rest of that movie, and they were made over fourteen years ago! How do the raptors in this look less real?! Baby Indominus hatching looked very Syfy, and I agree, how hard could it honestly have been to just film a real bird?! 

If they couldn’t afford/weren’t allowed to spend as much time on the creature effects, I do understand. Studios are so much more pushy and demanding than they used to be. But sometimes you really do have to wonder how much extra time it would’ve taken to just film a bird. 

Helping Hand of a Friend sneak peek

Chapter 1

Dragon Queen story, takes place after Regina drank the infertility potion.

Rating: T, tw: infertility, blood

I promised this about a week ago…. I’m sorry!

Their lips touch hesitantly -both of them overwhelmed by how this kiss feels so similar to their first one. The softness filled with sweet promises, bringing distant memories to the surface, making both of their darken hearts ache as tears collect under two pairs of heavy lids.
It is like honey. But it’s also like vinegar. And that combination was what brought them together before, what made their fire burn so strongly. But at the same time, those two were also the reasons why they parted more than a year ago, because while one loved the hidden sweetness of their special friendship, the other loved more the bitterness of it.
So the kiss starts slow and soft, though neither of them would dare to say that it is because there is love between them. They rather continue to pretend that they don’t care what kind of emotion binds them together still. As they are both desperate, they are both stubborn; helpless, strong and also loving.
They could be the best for one another. But sadly there will never be a future for them, someone doesn’t let them have it.
But right now they have more important things to worry about. Regina is in a dark place again, and all she feels at the moment, or rather all she wants herself to feel, is plain passion.
What a twisted little thing she is.
Luckily Maleficent knows how big her responsibility is here, that what Regina really needs is safety and caring. She knows that this is one of those times when she has to stay sensible and protect Regina from herself. No matter how much she would like this twisted way Regina likes to use to forget the half dried blood between her legs.
But despite Mal’s common sense they keep on kissing.

Oh, how she missed this, the feeling of Regina’s smaller body against her stronger one, the sweet noises she always tries to muffle whenever Mal uses a firmer touch on her perky tits. How fast she melts and trembles every time between the blonde’s arms.
And she trembles so strongy now. And her skin feels cold.
Then, as Mal licks a stiff nipple after she bit it, she notices a few small bloody fingerprints still marking the valley between perfect breasts. And she realises that she has gone too far.

„Please.” Regina begs to be touched. To be… loved?
„No dear, it would only cause you further pain now.” responds Mal gently, as she caresses Regina’s pale cheeks.
„I don’t care.” she spats, fire burning in her eyes.
„I know you don’t. And that is why I am here, because I do.” the older woman continues, staying calm and protective, in the end managing to be reasonable.


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Do you still like the fault in our stars?

I do. There will always be a part of me that’s connected to that book. Unfortunately there’s just not much left to show that anymore. The movie has come and gone. Just about every possible gif of the movie has already been made. All of my theories on the book have been stated. My fanfic was completed over a year ago. 

Lately I’ve really been wanting to read it again. That’s a problem I have, buying new books, then re-reading old ones I already know I love. So I made myself promise at the beginning of the year that I would read some of the to-be-reads on my shelf, and I’ve stuck to that so far. I’ll probably end up reading tfios again soon though. I really want to go through and highlight, write notes in the margin, put sticky notes, etc. I want that book to reveal the impact it had on me.  

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Even if people aren't happy about gay legalization, that doesn't mean they're homophobic. Many religions say it's wrong, and it doesn't matter if they're right or wrong, legalizing it and telling all those people who are against it that they're homophobic is hypocritical. America is supposed to have freedom of religion, and not being allowed to practice it because they're against gay marriage is not freedom.

Okay, i get where you’re coming from, and i’m certainly not saying every believer is homophobic. But let me counter your statement. Is it freedom that if i lived in one of those states like 10 years ago. I couldn’t mary the person i love in most part of the country.
People still roll their eyes and shake their head when they see gay couples walking down the street holding hands. Is that freedom?
Me and countless of other gay people have been suppressed by many religions, because they thought we made the choice to be how we are. We were told for centuries that we were unnatural and the spawn of Satan.
So i’m not sorry if the fact that thousands of people are so happy right now is in controverse with any religion.

Few days ago I had a presentation of my thesis (surprisingly I did great :)) and part of this work was also Columbine. I worked on this thesis for like a half year. I made these few badges to honour Daniel Conner Mauser and other who died that day. I had a permission from Daniel’s father Tom Mauser who is one of the most inspiring people I know. I find it amazing how strong this person is and how strong his love for Daniel is. He is still fighting for his son even after all these years. I will post something more about my work in a few days if you are interested. :)

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Does that mean a year and 2 months ago he was introduced as Levi Ackerman considering currently chapter 70, chapter 56 was 14 chapters ago, one chapter a month, 12 months a year = / 12 chapters, + 2 = April 2014? Damn that's a long time ago, I didn't join snk's tumblr fandom until like January but was in fb stuff in late november

Lol feels like a long time!

I remember being stuck at my old job and like shaking severely because I couldn’t just sit and absorb it and it was a mess. It also made me put my foot in the door in the meta part of the community!

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at our end of the year school dance a couple weeks ago my friend is this student president who gets to choose the kids to lead the snowball slow dance (idk if you know what the snowball part is) and he knew i liked this one guy so he made sure to nominate us and yeah that was frickin great \(^3^)/

i think that’s super super cute and so kind of him i love this so much aw

the Soap Opera Formula

Or: Why you can walk away from a soap opera for several years, and it seems like the exact same story line when you decide to return.

If you had told me half a year ago that I would become invested in a soap opera, I would have laughed and said, ‘yeah right.’ Fast forward to a few months ago, when a coworker and I happened to catch part of an episode of ‘The Young and the Restless’ during lunch one day, then caught a little bit more the next day. That started our descent into the world of ridiculousness. We’re not stuck in the bottom of the pit, we’ve made sure of that, even though we are often tempted: we only watch it at work if we happen to catch it during our break. So, depending on the week, we catch 0-125 minutes a week out of the 300 that air.

I called it a descent into ridiculousness, and it is. I used to make fun the soap opera troupes. Heck, I still make fun of them. Evil doppelganger? Check. The baby’s daddy might be another guy? Check. Someone is backstabbing/blackmailing someone else? Check. These troupes and others are why if you stop watching a soap opera for a long time, and then watch it again many years later, it feels like the exact same story line. It might not be same characters doing the blackmailing or wondering who the dad of their kid is, but it’s all happened before, and will happen again.

As I think about it, these troupes also work into getting you sucked in. At least one troupe does: the troupe that everyone has slept with/is somehow related to everyone else. Because of this troupe, if you start watching it for more than one day, you have to get invested. My coworker and I are still trying to learn all the names and how everyone is related, but we know more of them than we did before. I sure if we became fully saturated and watched full episodes outside of work, we could easily learn them all. It also might help that I made a spreadsheet with how people are related to each other that I can refer to on my phone while we’re watching the show. Like I said, you get invested.

How long will we keep watching our soap? Who knows. We might decide to just quit paying attention someday soon. Or we might fall all the way in and start watching the episodes outside of work. But I do know this. If we turn on this show, or any soap opera, a few years from now, there will probably  be a doppelganger running around and/or paternity questions and/or blackmail galore. It is a soap opera, after all.

                                                                                 [ Did I seriously catch up to this anime?
Did the last episode already come out, but the anime site that I’m watching Utapri from is late by posting it…. maybe a hiatus or something…?

                                                                                                I’m not sure. But I’m confused.

                                                                                                                             Anyways, hi. ]

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Sledgehammer was actually my introduction to Peter Gabriel years and years ago. A friend of mine told me about the video and I just couldn’t look away.

i’ve always known solsbury hill because my dad likes that song, but it never made me look up anything else from him, so other than that, i heard one part of sledgehammer from that one genesis documentary and i instantly liked it just because it sounds fun. 

This is an appreciation post for the two literal best friends I’ve ever had in my entire life. The two people I trust more than I’ve ever trusted anyone. The people who’ve made me feel part of something so much bigger than I ever could have dreamed. You’ve done so much for me in both a short and long period of time, I feel like there’s nothing I could ever do to repay you for the happiness you’ve given me. Six years ago I met the most important nugget and I regretfully wouldn’t know that until a few years later. A nugget that I can honestly say is the only person that was there for me when I had no one. The only person who knew me at my best and worst, and I’m so glad it was you. I’ve never met anyone so real and loyal when it comes to people they care about. As hard as I’m trying, words can’t even express how much your friendship has meant to me. An actual hidden gem with another hidden gem for a girlfriend who was so accepting and amazing to someone she just met. Always willing to help and listen and I was completely blown away by your undeserving kindness and on-point makeup. I feel like I’ve known you so much longer than I actually have. You’re the kind of people I want to be when I grow up. Honestly I just feel bad for anyone that doesn’t have the pleasure of knowing you guys. I can’t ask for anything better because you are the actual best. Thanks for willingly being in my life and making me want to be a better person. Pce oot.

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I met most of my college friends through a girl I met at orientation. I was super nice to her and so she made me a part of her group and suddenly I had tons of friends.

good for you ? idk if this was an attempt to make me feel better or just to tell me but i went through orientation like a year ago, if this is advice then the boat’s sort of sailed on that one

  1. adventuresandwanderlust said: It’s frustrating but it’s something that’s a challenge to deal with. Nonnie, if you need to talk about it (especially the alternative diet part) feel free to send me a message!
  2. adventuresandwanderlust said: I feel like a lot of it has to do with the deepening of the political divide, to the point where people think that two identities have to be mutually exclusive. It’s really frustrating. For me, the biggest one is my major (French…liberal dominated)

I totally understand the major part. I have a degree in Liberal Studies, which is the new term for a Humanities degree. But Liberal does not mean the new liberal, it means the classic liberal, the broad education of history, music, art, etc. 200 years ago a liberal education made you well rounded and a rational person. That’s what liberal studies programs (the good ones) try to do. Give yo you a broad array of skills, knowledge, and opportunities. I know history, I have some diplomacy experience and more because of that. 

The funny part though is not hearing about my major from conservatives, but from liberals. “But you’re not liberal” Well DUH! 

Coraline Other Mother Cosplay

Neil Gaiman’s Coraline is one of the most quietly creepy books I’ve read. The scary parts lurk just under the surface and grab you when you least expect it. The 2009 stop motion film adaptation of the book captured that vibe and did a wonderful job bringing the disturbing Other Mother to life. Cosplayer Tristezza, also known as Miss Trisi, was apparently inspired by the film and made a downright chilling version of the Other Mother costume. The costume is from a few years ago and though Tristezza says she sees flaws she would like to fix, it’s hard to imagine it being more on point. She even took the time to color her teeth and make them look as though they’re rotting.

Photos by Kristina and Hasengott

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Alright but the most confusing fucking part of kingdom hearts IS kingdom hearts. Wtf like is it sentient? What happens when nobody uses it? Is there just like a club of hearts-shaped moons floating around like “oh hey guys we’ve got a new one! Who made you and how’d you end up here?” “I don’t even know, man, some guy thought I could split him into thirteen and stick him into his buddies” “yeah we’ve seen weirder, a year ago this crazy guy thought ted over there would destroy the universe for him.”

Kingdom hearts makes no fucking sense

Tag Game

I was tagged by amateur-shxt to answer the follow questions. Thanks Twin btw I didnt realize you made you own questions so I answered all the other ones and was too lazy to delete them to answer yours. <3 !

1. What’s your life’s ambition?

Full time cardiologist and part time musician. it would be vice versa by Bermuda isn’t the best at having jobs for musicians.

2. Who is the closest to you?

Benson, Great Grammy (May she rest in peace), nana, amateur-shxt, Affy, Ore, dirntbag, happykid44

3. Looking back 5 years ago, if you were told what your life would be like now, would you believe it?


4. If yes, no why?

Well because 5 years ago i didn’t really know how to cope with things. I use to have a hard time enjoying life because i had to many things mentally and physically destroying me. I can honestly say now that learning to cope with this problems i’ve become a stronger individual. I’m not saying that I don’t have these problems anymore… but i’ve learned how to deal with it.

5. Most embarrassing moment?

I fell down the stairs infront of all the seniors on my first day of highschool… that was a long time ago but i still remember as if it was yesterday. haha Highschool sucked.

6. Ideal first date?

something simple like a walk in the park, or going for ice-cream or to a cafe to have a simple conversation. OR, or, or… going to see an awesome punk, pop punk, rock band live.

My questions are (I stole these questions from amateur-shxt)
1. If you were rich, what would you do with your money?
2. What is one thing you can’t live without.
3. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
4. What’s your favourite superhero/superhero movie?
5. How do you feel about the world at this point in time?
6. Favorite song(s) at this moment?

I’m tagging: happykid44, dirntbag, blkoutqueen (btw, girl you slay!) and gruvy-aliien