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Writing that post I just did, also made me think Regina’s words “I’ve lost love before and I won’t again” were about Emma, not Robin.

When Emma gets taken over by the darkness, Regina’s face, it’s almost as if she’s losing Daniel all over again. It goes really quickly, but if you pause it, the emotion is all there.

Regina spends almost this entire scene looking at Emma. Even  as the man she loves is bleeding out in front of her. And I know she’s pleading with Emma to save him, but as she says those words, she’s looking at Emma, not even a glance at Robin. Not one. 

And it makes me feel weirdly as if she’s saying “I refuse to lose you again, Emma. So I’ll do whatever it takes to have you in my life even if having you means keeping Robin.”

As if she’s helping Emma to continue the charade. Helping her to make it more believable. 

But I also think that this is foreshadowing. Robin gets stabbed with a sword. Why? Because of Regina. He’s trying to protect Regina who has come face to face with her past. Her history of the Evil Queen. And it’s trying to kill her. Only it almost kills Robin instead. Once again, as it was with Daniel, Robin would have died “because of her”. And in the end, did. Getting killed with a bolt of lightning meant for her.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Emma is the happy ending everyone’s about to lose. And Regina will be a crucial part of the cause. As predicted by the Evil Queen. History will continue to repeat itself until something fundamental changes.

Another thing I just realized is that they both literally kiss their respective partners at the same time after one is saved. It’s still fascinating that Emma makes that choice. Because we know why Regina is making it, but Emma? The truth is, if you were to remove the partners from the equation, they’d be kissing each other. Foreshadowing.

This post will be full of ~my opinions~ so please look away if you don’t want that sort of thing.

I am super worried that Ghostbusters (2016) won’t get a sequel!!! 

How are people calling this movie a flop?? I know they’re saying it because of the money made at the box office etc but it was so good. I went to see it twice in the cinema and I never do that with movies. 

It frustrates me. People refused to even give the film a chance because it was female led - I just read reviews on the IMDB page saying “i’m definitely not going to see this, ghostbusters should be men” and stuff like that. 

I’m just like what the actual fuck???? Give these ladies a chance?? The movie was so funny and well put together and heart warming. Seeing four ladies be so kind to one another and unashamedly themselves in the face of people who didn’t believe in them meant so much to me. And it was like so rare to see. 

Other movies, which are not in my personal opinion as funny or heartwarming but are hyped by the very same sexists who attacked Ghostbusters, will make more box office money and thus be more eligible for a sequel and that doesn’t seem fair - there are already so many films of that kind out there in the world. 

I NEED A GHOSTBUSTERS SEQUEL OKAY. Someone tell me comforting things or talk to me about the movie?

Can I somehow get Sony to see how worth a sequel this is. 

This is gonna be a vent post so ignore but I need to get it out my system.

Like not only did you make my life hell, manipulate my friends and everyone around me. You continued to lie, bitch, slate me for moths afterwards. You tried to spread lies about my relationship, make fun of my sexuality, spread more lies about my relationship, laugh and point, manipulated more of my close friends. On top of this you made racist jokes, anti women jokes (despite yourself being a woman), slating everyone for their looks, refusing to associate yourself with what you call “"ugly people”“. I am sorry I am not warm to you, I am sorry the only things I say about you are negative. But a pretty face will not let you get away with this shit when you’re there with the ugliest heart around. It shows way more than your natural beauty does. I hope one day you will realise your ways and I hope one day I won’t be so hurt and offended I won’t be bitter and feel the need to be so negative. You do not have my sympathies for the situation only you have got yourself in.