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Here's a thought for you, when Shiro comes back from wherever he vanished to, for him it's only been like an hour but for everyone else it's been like five years or maybe even a decade?

:3   I like a decade.

Immediately after stepping out of the Black Lion, something felt wrong.

Something was different.

Shiro stood in place, helmet on his lip until it clicked.  The hangar was rearranged.

Not that it had a lot of things in it already, but there was some equipment on the walls and shelving, and it was either switched out or moved around.

An odd thing to do, while he was flying around Zarkon.  Shiro found himself a little irritated at the idea - he was the one who used those tools most, after all, and someone else messing with it made him antsy.  But he shook that off.  It wasn’t like Shiro owned any of it, and Allura and Coran had every right to move it around as they pleased.

That settled, Shiro walked back out, head tilted.  Was he the first one back, somehow?  He didn’t remember anything after passing out during that battle until he woke up in the Black Lion, hungry and cold but otherwise intact.  Maybe Black had flown him back and he had just woken quickly?  

Shiro put his helmet back on, listening for the inevitable post-battle chatter, at least from Allura and Coran.


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Dear Anonymous:

1. I hope she reacts well to your inclinations. I used to love someone like that too. I hope she loves you back. I hope you’re happy.

2. I just want to love too. I think soulmates work that way because life’s too short to be stuck to one person, but one person can change your whole perspective– one person is all it takes to fuel the rest of your life with passion. It’s always worth the rejection. We were built to break and rebuild. Sometimes heartbreak is the way in, but it’s also the way out. Timing is everything. Timing is everything… if you didn’t meet them when you weren’t ready, you’ll never be ready for someone else when they’re ready for you.

3. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay– love is love, right? Who cares if you’re in love with a she or a he, they’ll break you apart or keep you together. It’s such an odd thing. To die and live in a simple three word sentence.

4. A book? By the end of this year, it’ll happen.

5. I am from the darkest corner of your thoughts, the sun crawling through your curtains– I’m the cup of coffee that needs a fuck ton of sugar. I’m the distance we had to keep, I’m the apologies that made us weep.

6. An apology seems to be my only way to start the day as of lately. I’m sorry too.

7. Love is a coffee shop, we’re just the misplaced books. We’re the sentences, we’re the typos. I’ll be the incorrect emoji for the moment, if you’ll be the text sent to the wrong person. I’ll say I love you if you never say it back. I’ll love you if you don’t love me back. You can be sure about that. You can be sure about that…

8. My mind feels kinda broken, I guess we’re all kinda messed up sometimes.

9. This is not talent, this is hard work. Don’t confuse the two. I was not born with this, I woke up one morning like this. I will die with this, I will ink my whole life into your skin if you let me.

10. You loved them enough to let them go. There’s nothing more beautiful than that one simple realization. I will love you from afar and we’ll both grow. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? I don’t think it would’ve worked out anyway, we need this. This time spent apart, we need this. All of it.

11. “Don’t ever make someone your person when they don’t even know how to be their own.” Realest shit I ever read. Big ups.

12. I will never quit writing. She’s always reading. She’s always reading.

13. I’m sorry, I think we’re all in need of assistance. We can’t do it alone. Go out and make a few new friends. They’ll help. I promise.

14. Shit, I don’t know either. I wake up like that. It sucks, but you’ll figure out the truth eventually. I promise.

15. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. How can I answer you if I don’t even know the answers myself? I’m just human. I’m just like you. Nothing new here, just more human frailties.

16. It’s been a year plus, but I still love her too. We’re all missing someone, we just need an outlet.

17. Love doesn’t like to break even, love doesn’t like to remain still– love should feel like a few broken ribs, love should feel like a few torn heartstrings– but love should also feel delicate, love should also be soft.

18. I don’t know what language you’re speaking in, but I’m pretty sure it’s definition is beautiful. Stay beautiful.

19. I fade away every night. If you want to be nothing, I get it. It’s the easy way out. The shortcut to the end. Who doesn’t want that? But choosing to live, choosing to figure it out. That’s commendable. Always is. Always will be.

20. You need to let go of him because until you do… you’ll always be dependent of him. You’ll never be yourself. There is more oneness in loving yourself first versus oneness in loving someone for the sake of feeling whole. Love is an illusion.

21. If I am the Galaxy, then explain my black holes. How many times must I die before I feel like it’s time to live?

22. People can die from a broken heart, but people also forget that they’re a garden. You are the roses. You are the florist. You are the sun. You are the sun. You are the blossom. You are the growth. You are the bees. You grow into me, like how I’ll grow into you.

23. Thank you doesn’t even start to explain you.

24. Fear is a powerful tool for motivation. Use it wisely.

25. If you don’t want it to end, then write it down. Because some day, he might not be there. Some day, all you’ll have are those words. Nothing lasts forever and that’s just something that we must remember. How can you love yourself if you don’t keep that in mind?

26. I’m sorry. I’m not him. I’m not you. How can I possibly give you some ending? We’re all looking for more poison to fill our veins with.

27. I slept for 24 hours, but I’m still tired.

28. It’s hard to backtrack too.

29. It ends when your heart gives out on you. It ends when your search hits a brick walls it ends when your lights dim just enough for you to read the truth etched into your skin like a story that was never supposed to be told. We were meant to feel the love stories, but we could never keep the last page from ringing true. The truth is I love you too.

30. I’ll let you know right now. I am not your ex. And if in some way, I am… then know that no one is out to get you. The only person that’s doing that is you. Waking up to fear is no way to live. Letting go… it’s an excellent start.

31. My opinion on loving someone that doesn’t love you back anymore is this: if you’re doing it. Stop. Just stop. Save yourself some time. Stop yourself from that mistake. It doesn’t end well for you. It doesn’t end well for your emotions. Start with you. It’s a good place.

32. I’m not Filipino.

33. Hello.

34. Pretty crimson leaves used for a pretty crimson sneeze.

35. We’ll never be the same. Change is the only way to live your life.

36. I’m from the same place that all poets were born into. A Silk Road of heartbreaks and slow songs.

37. We’re all unique. From your first thought of today to your DNA.

38. Maybe kiss him today? Fuck it. Life’s too short. Let the make out sessions begin.

39. My thoughts sink us into tomorrow.

40. They say that the smaller you write, the more you care about others. The bigger you write, the more love you’ve got for yourself.

41. I’m afraid that you’re right.

42. There’s always beauty in loneliness. The way he reads that book from across the street. The way she pulls back her hair to drink her tea. The way they fell in love made yesterday like a today we’ll never share.

43. The question is the answer.

44. I’ll call you some day.

45. I’m looking for myself. Shouldn’t we all?

46. You’re a beautiful creature too.

47. Two strangers? The start of every love story.

48. You can call me K.C.

49. Twice by Madeline Stauffer

50. Nothing is wrong with you. There is only more to love.

51. And that’s exactly why I’m answering all of them in this post.

52. I changed my URL because I wanted it to be less about her and more about me.

53. Take a break and walk around. Artificial lighting can hurt us. The sun’s good too.

54. No comment.

55. I’m a robot.

56. I don’t answer anonymous asks anymore because how can I help others if I can’t even help myself kinda realization. My apologies.

57. Poetry about being viewed for only sex… hmm… you sound like somebody I know.

58. Pick yourself first. Always pick yourself.

59. Don’t die. Do not die. There’s so much more out there.

60. Sticking to yourself is a good start.

61. There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s only more to love.

62. I don’t know. I’m still figuring it out myself actually.

63. I’ll draw more once my mind is less exhausted.

64. There’s nothing wrong with reading poetry.

65. Love is something that’s immensely felt and hard to measure.

66. I’m trying to be more than just another broken heart.

67. I feel like a disappointment to myself constantly. We’re too hard on ourselves. It sucks.

68. Maybe they should profess their love to each other?

69. I’m sorry.

70. You should listen to your mother. If she’s your guardian, respect her wishes until you’re of age.

71. Drinking and smoking– there’s nothing wrong with it. Although it is nice to give your body a break here and there.

72. I think you’re right.

73. You need to lean on yourself. Remember that people need space from us. People need room to breathe. You can’t smother them.

74. I love you too.

75. I’m sorry. Maybe you should stay away from him. You’re obviously catching feelings when you shouldn’t.

76. Falling in love with your best friend? That sounds terrific tbh.

77. Are you alive? Suicide isn’t the answer.

78. I’m sorry. You need to give yourself some time to heal. Maybe you’re not ready for love.

79. Sometimes I think I’ll die at an early age too.

80. I love them both.

81. All love stories should hold mysteries.

82. Life is full of regrets– you just need to pick the right ones to live with.

83. You deserve to love yourself first.

84. I’m sorry. Empathy is a bitch, isn’t it?

85. “But it’s the way she smiles, like every bullet missed her…” the only way to smile.

86. I would never give up this part of me.

87. I understand. Give yourself more time.

88. Because people are just as lost as you are.

89. I’m trying to be better. I promise.

90. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

91. Who hasn’t fucked up? It’s learning to be better… that’s the only thing that fucking matters. You’re still here, right?

92. Hold his hand and call him yours.

93. I’m sorry. I can barely understand myself. How can I explain you for who you are?

94. You say that I’m a little harsh. Life is rough. Why would I sugarcoat the truth?
—  The truth about you
Charles's Bakery (18+)

[note. This is a fan made sequel to @noarthereonlyfat ’s ‘The Dough Girl’.
This piece contains sexual conduct, expansion, weight gain, force-feeding, and immobility.]

Charles’s Bakery..

She walked down the cold, gray streets. Uncertain and unexpected gusts of wind came from all angles sending chills through her whole body. She crossed her arms across her torso, her hood up as she forced through the pounding winds and pouring rain. Of all the days to forget her umbrella she had to choose the biggest storm in the last 10 years. Still, she had to get home. She quickly and clumsily walked down the streets towards the train station she knew was still a good five blocks down the way.
She nearly toppled over, still wearing her black heels from her office job earlier that day. She wore mostly muted tones, blacks and grays. She wore dark pinstripe suit pants that were snug to her modestly curvy thighs. Above that she wore a heavy wool winter jacket, thick enough to hide anybody’s figure, with three big red buttons clasped together. Beneath the beanie she wore a long strand of black hair covered half of her face, a stark contrast to her porcelain white skin. She had a very young and cute face, couldn’t have been any older than 22. Despite the stylish outfit, her very square glasses looked straight out of a 2011 geeky phase.

As she continued to walk through the storm, ahead of her a power line slumped over crashing into a light post. She stopped in her tracks and let out a small shriek. Glass tinged to the ground below, metal shrapnel clattering on top of a parked car setting off the alarm. The next few blocks went dark one after the other as the power surged out. It was completely silent apart from the rain and howling wind. The girl looked around her, alone in a blacked out part of town she’d never been to before. The only source of light left was a neon open sign flashing across the street. The last building receiving any power. It was a small shop, surrounding the entrance were metal scaffoldings covered in tarps with a black and white sign reading “Under Construction”. The soft yellow lights were on inside, shining out onto the wet streets. The sign above the shop read “Charles’ Treats!” in big outdated lettering.

She weighed her options, biting her thumb. She had made up her mind and quickly jay-walked across the street in between two taxis that were stopped due to the accident up ahead. She made it underneath the cover of the scaffolding, and was about to push the door open when loud thunder rolled in overhead followed by the crack of lightning. She jumped and squealed again, covering her ears with her hands. When the startling sound had faded she opened her eyes and looked up once more. Stood before her was a tall figure in the doorway.

“Horrible weather to be stuck in, ain’t it?!” Yelled the man over the howling winds. She looked up to his face, which was cast in shadow by the lights coming from inside.

“Come inside, won’t you?” He asked kindly, outstretching his hand to the girl. She looked him up and down, before showing a small smile and timidly grabbing his hand. The man lead her in, holding the door for her as she stepped past him. It was a quaint little cafe. A big glass display that serves as an ordering counter to the left side of the room, a hallway behind the cash register that lead to the kitchen. To her left and right were metal tables and chairs, the floor an old-fashioned black and white tiling. There was a dark hallway at the back right of the store that lead to the bathrooms, a water fountain, and two swinging doors that read “EMPLOYEES ONLY, UNDER CONSTRUCTION”. She paid no mind to it. But what she did pay attention to were the revolving displays on the counter filled with various desserts. Her eyes locked onto a slice of chocolate cake, with what she assumed was strawberry glaze on top.

“You’re lucky I’m here huh? I heard the pole fall over a few minutes ago, sounded terrible. I’m glad you’re alright!” Said the man warmly, with a polite smile. He wore a white apron covered in various ingredients from throughout the day. He had salt and pepper hair, and a handsome face beneath a well-trimmed black beard. He was wearing a tight gray short sleeve shirt beneath his apron, and skinny jeans tucked into a pair of brown hiking boots.

“Name’s Charles, owner of Charles’ treats which is the fine establishment you’re standing in now.” He smiled with his hand outstretched once again.

“Uh,..Jennifer..Jenny for short” She said quietly, smiled awkwardly, and shook his hand loosely.

“I’m just glad you’re still open. Not many small bakeries stay open until nine in this area.” She said looking around at the paintings hung up on the wall. Charles’ eyes widened as he quickly jogged over to the wall, standing conveniently in front of the list of weekly hours that read ‘9:00am-4:30pm’.

“Yeah, hehe, you know…never too late for a slice of cake.” He laughed.
The trail of moving air he left behind him had a strong and enticing scent of butter. Jennifer closed her eyes, and uncontrollably leaned forward taking in a long whiff before regaining her composure.

“Well, your baking sure does smell amazing.” She said.

“Speaking of!” He replied excitedly. He walked down the corridor behind the counter and returned with a metal tray of small squares of layered cake on little doilies. Jenny immediately noticed the very same cake she had been eyeballing in the display, chocolate with a strawberry glaze.

“Would you mind testing some of these new treats I’ve been working on?” He asked as he set the tray down on the metal table.

“Oh..Oh, no no no I shouldn’t. I wouldn’t want to eat anything I haven’t paid for.” She said indignantly, still staring at the cakes.

“No, please. Free of charge. I just really need some feedback.” He said, somewhat sternly while staring directly into her eyes. She stood there, thinking about it for a few moments.

“Well, if you insist.” She giggled walking over to the table. She took off her messenger bag and set it down on the ground.

“You know you can make yourself comfortable, we have a coat rack right there for days just like this.” Charles said

“Right, good idea. No point in standing around in a soaking wet jacket.” Jenny replied. She began unbuttoning her heavy coat before turning around and walking towards the coat hanger. Charles watched her walk away, her hips swaying from side to side. The view of her form fitting pants was more than enjoyable. Jenny removed the Jacket quickly, her white dress shirt beneath rising slightly. Charles got a quick glimpse of her soft pale belly jiggle as she rose on her tippy toes to hang up the coat. She removed her beanie, letting her long black hair tumble down her back. Charles bit his lip and looked up to the ceiling mouthing the words “Thank you, god.”
She turned around, walking back to Charles bouncing for a moment before fixating back onto the cakes.

“So, which one should I start with? They all look so good.” She said as she sat down into her chair, scooting her chair in farther by bouncing. Charles noticed her cleavage peeking over the top unbuttoned button of her shirt.

“Yes, of course. I think you should start with the chocolate one there. It’s my new recipe I’m trying out. I think you’ll love it.” Charles said suggestively. Jenny didn’t notice the tone in his voice, she was too distracted by the array of treats before her. She lifted the doily into her palm, her purple painted fingers delicately scraping off some of the strawberry glaze before pushing the finger past her plump limps into her mouth.

“Wow, that’s amazing.” She muttered. She took a bite out of the cake and chewed for a moment before the sensation hit her tongue. The same smell from before, only now it was an even more intense taste. She swallowed the heavenly treat, the best she had ever tasted.

“Oh my god..” She whispered, goose bumps travelling up her arms.
“I never thought that chocolate and-”
“Butter?” interrupted Charles.
“Yes! Chocolate and Strawberry with that lovely Butter taste. That last taste really ties it all together.” She said excitedly, her eyes wide as she went in for another not-so lady like bite.
She scarfed down the whole thing before licking the doily clean of any chocolate remnants. She let out a small burp before leaning back in her chair, a small indentation of her belly button making itself visible against the white fabric of her dress shirt. Charles couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Try this one here, I think you’ll find it’s tastes even more tantalizing.” He said pushing the yellow cake with white frosting towards her. She looked it up and down and back to his eyes before she said

“No, I sh-” She suddenly stopped. She could smell the strong scent of butter emanating off of the cake. She grabbed it from his hands and instantly took a bite. All ideas of manners she had flew out the window once she smelt it. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head in pleasure as she continued to chew. Charles stood back, it was working just like he knew it would. He went to the kitchen and grabbed a room temperature pot of coffee off the counter and poured it into the mug. He walked over to her, the mug in his right hand before pretending to trip. He dumped the mug of lukewarm coffee onto her white shirt.

“Oh my god! Jenny! I’m so sorry!” He said, with a not so convincing fear. He quickly grabbed the towel in his pocket just like he planned and began soaking up the coffee around the table. Jenny sat there, cake puffing out her cheeks looking down at her ruined shirt. She set the cake down and began unbuttoning her shirt, still chewing while her eyes fixated on the cake on the table. She ripped the shirt off and tossed it to the ground, now she sat there in her thin purple tank top. She quickly grabbed the cake from the table again and began eating. Charles smiled smugly, grabbing the mug and taking it away. He pushed the tray closer to her and stepped back. He eyed her up and down. Her thick thighs were pressing against her pinstripe pants, the purple tank top she was wearing showed her pudgy belly off perfectly along with her large perky tits pushing out. She couldn’t care less about how she was dressed.

She continued to pig out, shoving cake after cake into her face. Over the course of about 5 minute she had cleared half the tray. Charles stood back watching her belly extend outwards by about an inch or two while she continued to stuff it. He watched her act just like the fattie he wanted her to, stuffing her face like an animal. Her tank top lifted at the bottom, exposing a bit of her pale stomach. Her bra became more and more visible as the tank top began to fit her less and less. Once she had finished the tray, she sat there catching her breath. She couldn’t believe that she ate all those cakes, in front of a man she met no more than 10 minutes ago. But the euphoria she felt from the dessert was still lingering. Charles opened the display on the counter and set down a full cake of the chocolate and strawberry glaze, the very same one she was eyeing from before. Charles walked over and clicked off the ‘Open’ sign in the window and locked the front door.

“Now now hold on, this one’s extra special.” He said as he grabbed the cake from her taking it to the counter. Her eyes followed it like a dog looking at a treat. He went to the kitchen and grabbed the warm pot of glaze, but not before grabbing a vial of golden liquid and pouring the whole thing in. As he walked out of the kitchen with the steaming glaze, Jenny perked up as she recognized the smell. He carefully cut one slice off the cake and put on a plate and poured the glaze over top of it. Jenny was salivating watching it pour, her eyes wide as could be. He walked over and handed her a fork. She cut a careful square off the cake and placed it into her mouth. Instant euphoria ran over her body once it touched her tongue. She let out a small moan as she chewed, her knuckles white as she crossed her feet in pleasure. She didn’t hesitate before finishing the rest of the slice and swallowing the masterpiece. Charles jogged over to the once dark hallway and flicked on the lights, unlocking the two swinging double doors. He returned to her.

“So, what did you think?” He asked pleasantly.

“It..It was incredible. I can’t bel-” She cut herself off. A loud gurgling came from her stomach. Jenny looked down to her belly, a lot pudgier than she remember it being when she got there. She placed both of her hands on the sides of her distended belly. Charles came from behind her and grabbed the chair, pulling her out from the table into the center of the room. The gurgling continued to grow louder. Jenny was puzzled as she felt the sides of her belly with her hands and stroked her thighs, entirely entranced by her body. Charles wheeled over an extra large leather office chair without armrests.

“Do me a favor and sit in this won’t you, Jenny?” He asked.

“H-Hey, what’s going on here” Jenny asked as she stood up from the chair. Charles held a small hershey’s kiss in his palm, the scent of butter rose through the air.

“Sit won’t you?” He asked in a stern tone.
Her eyes focused, and she waddled towards the chair taking a seat as he handed her the chocolate. She tossed it into her mouth and was met with the familiar euphoria, only intensified. She swallowed.
The gurgling in her stomach stopped entirely, met instead with silence. She suddenly felt the waistline around her pants grow uncomfortably tight. She tugged on the pockets, trying to pull her pants down to make them more comfortable. It was the she noticed it. Her belly was slowly rising. Her tank top began to pull further down as her midsection grew rounder and rounder. Her cleavage was more and more exposed as her tits began to balloon up slowly matching the speed of her tummy. She placed her hands on her belly, feeling it press out against her palms. She lead her hands down to her thighs which she felt rise and grow closer and closer together. Her breathing quickened in a panic. Her tank top straps began to groan as her tank top was simultaneously pulled down and stretched outwards. Her belly button was exposed, showing her fat round belly. The fat around her arms began to grow, making them thicker and thicker, working the way down to her hands. Her pants began to rip around her thighs, a loud sound of seams snapping. She kicked off her heels in a panic and began to worm around in her seat unsure of what was happening to her. A ripping sound came from the straps of her tank top as they fell around her. Her midsection that was blowing up like a balloon stretched it to it’s limit before it fell to tatters off her. She sat there only in her bra and what was left of her pants, growing fatter and fatter. Her waistline snapped, her pants slipping off of her growing body. Her stomach gurgled, her bra stretching and barely containing her giant breasts. She sat there ashamed, barely clothed by her panties and bra.

“Wh-Wha?!” She murmured, feeling her big fat body with her chubby fingers.

“You’ve been a real pig today, Jenny.” Charles said teasingly as he walked behind her.
“It’s only fitting you be treated like one.” He whispered in her ear as he pushed her towards the swinging doors. She was being wheeled through the hallway, covered in tarps and construction lights. Before finally they were in a large open room. It was as big as a gymnasium, and was entirely carpeted and covered with rose petals. But the biggest addition to the room was a large pink mass in the middle of the room. It was maybe 8 feet tall and nearly spherical. It was surrounded with wrappers and crumbs from foods. The mass was well oiled/shiny and looked visibly soft.
A sudden realization hit Jenny, and she was horrified. She began to struggle in the chair but was trapped by her own weight.
“No! NO!” She grunted through her teeth as she tried to move. Charles continued to wheel her towards the mass.

“Kristy? I have a new addition to the family..” Said Charles sensually.

“Oh, wonderful!” Yelled out a high pitched feminine voice excitedly. The mass began to wiggle from side to side. Jenny passed out then and there..

When She came to she was laying on her back against the carpet and looking up to the ceiling.
“Wh-Where am I? What’s going on?!” She yelled out as she struggled to move. Suddenly a chocolate fell from above and fell into her open mouth and down her throat.

“What the hell?!” She coughed.
A figure jogged past her and out of sight. Suddenly the gurgling sound returned from her fat stomach. An expression of fear appeared on her face as she lifted her head to look at her body.She could barely see over her mound of a stomach. She saw the flesh of her belly slowly begin to rise.
“N-no stop!” She cried out.
Her belly continued to jiggle and expand, growing fatter and fatter. Her bra snapped from her growing tits. leaving her entirely naked. Her body groaned and gurgled as she grew fatter and more gluttonous.
She saw Charles walking towards her with a device on wheels.
“Now you see Jenny, I’ve been watching you for a few weeks now.” Charles said as he struggled to get the device over the carpet.
“please stop it” she cried in-between moans.

“I noticed you began to take the same commute home every day, directly past my cafe. I saw your delightfully chubby frame stride down the streets and I knew I had to have you.” He said as he came into her vision to her left side.

“Have me?! What are you talking about?!” She yelled out frustratedly.

“Trust him! You won’t regret it!You’re gonna be so big afterwards ” teased a cheery voice off to her left, who she could only identify as Kristy. A large fat naked pink mass laid there immobile, her head and blonde hair stature a top the fat ball. What had he done to her? How did she get so huge? And how could she be okay with being a giant fat cow? All of these thoughts raced through her head.

“Getting you in here was the hard part, and now…Now this is the easiest part of all.” He smirked. A rubber tube with a silicon mask at the end of it was in his hands, and he slowly lowered it to her face. She had no power to defy him and no way to fight back. He secured the tube into her mouth and strapped the mask to the back of her head.

“Just let it happen, trust me. It’s amazing.” Said Kristy.

“Mmmm! Mmmmmph!” Jenny attempted to yell as she wiggled her feet and hands in defiance. Charles placed his hand onto Jenny’s belly and slowly began to massage it. With his other hand he nonchalantly flipped a switch as a golden liquid travelled up the clear tube and to the silicon mask. Jenny’s eyes crossed as she tried to follow the liquid, and suddenly the taste hit her mouth. It was direct from the source, making it incredibly intense, almost orgasmic. She instinctively began to swallow. She thought she was full before, but her body knew no difference and began to chug the liquid. Charles grabbed a squirt bottle from his side and squirted the same liquid into his hands before he climbed atop Jenny’s body. Her eyes widened as she looked at him.

“Mmmmph!” She tried to yell. He began to massage the liquid directly into her skin until she was shiny and oiled. His erection pressed deep into her soft belly. The action of her swallowing made her body jiggle back and forth like calm waves on a shore. She began to rise again as she felt the sensation from before. Her body began to gurgle and groan. She watched as her body began to expand once more, growing fatter and fatter. Her tits were soon to follow, growing larger and rounder keeping up with the pace of her belly and thighs. Charles rose more and more into the air as she inflated. She felt a pleasurable sensation down by her pussy as waves of pleasure ran up her body. Through the mask she still managed to moan loudly as she was turned into a fat blimp. She grew hornier and hornier, the feeling of herself expanding was like nothing she’d felt before.
Jenny continued to blow up as Charles rocked back and forth on top of her. She crossed her feet as her pussy became wet and sensitive, the liquid running down her fat body.
To her left she heard groaning and moaning coming from Kristy. She had the same tube in her mouth as she grew even more round, her hands flapping happily. Kristy grew and grew fatter and fatter. She sobbed to herself before pleasure took over. She was cumming, she couldn’t believe it. The pleasure rushed to her head combining with the euphoria of the liquid. She let go, a smile on her face as she stared up to the ceiling feeling her body expand widen and inflate. It was amazing. Charles climbed down as Kristy’s growing slowed to a stop.

“How do you feel now?” Smiled Charles.

Jenny looked up to him panting and sweating, catching her breath.

“…..more..” She said intensely, a devious smile on her face.

A New Member of the Family.

– Inflation Patron

[huge shootout to @noarthereonlyfat
, follow him on all his pages. I hope my piece held a light to his.]

let's go back to our cocoon

Summary: Post 4x03. Bellamy, trying to get back to sleep, wakes to Clarke entering his room. Rated G. WC: 2220

A/N: this is my first work in the fandom & it’s been a long time coming. likes, kudos, reblogs, and comments are all very much appreciated. let me know if i should write a pt. 2! / title taken from “cocoon” by milky chance

tags: fluff & angst, sleep cuddling, canon compliant


He stirs at the sound of his name, eyes opening into darkness. This is usually how one of his nightmares starts: Clarke running, calling his name—her voice filtered through the blackness as if nightfall could be a physical place that blocks them in. He can’t get to her, can’t see her. She just keeps calling his name, the sound of her voice made tinny as it ricochets off walls that keep her in and keep him out. These walls are impossible to find, even running straight at them with his hands stretched out, as if breaking a bone is the least of his problems.

But this is no nightmare because this time, a door opens. The rectangular plane shifts, becoming thinner and thinner as light begins to burst from the hole it leaves behind. Bellamy, raising his head, props himself up on his elbows and squints.

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A list that details all of the good deeds that Rumple has done for other people because he loves them, and/or because he just felt like being a decent person.

This is in response to all of the haters, who are acting like the 6B finale was the first time Rumple did the right thing.

Yeah, right…Rumple’s done the right thing on this shit show on many occasions, going all the way back to S1, but then got pushed back by getting rejected by his loved ones, anyway, over and over again, so that the plot/narrative could revert him back to being the villain post S3, and/or give him more conflict.

A. He crippled himself to get out of the war, so that his son could have a father, and got shunned for it as a “coward” by his village. You could call this one morally ambiguous, and open to individual interpretation. Some people will see it as a selfish and cowardly choice, and say that Rumple only did it because he wanted to have the chance to be a father, but I think it was a very brave and noble thing that he did for the sake of his son, not himself because he was very adamant that he did the right thing for Bae back in the beginning, then Milah and the rest of his village kept telling him that he “should have fought, and died in battle,” and called him a “coward” so often that he believed it of himself too.

B). Bravely took on an evil curse to save his son and all of the children of his village from getting drafted into a war, and his good intentions bit him in the ass when the curse began to corrupt him and turn him into a magic addict.

C). Backed down from sword fighting Hook, so that he could protect Bae and be his father back in his village in the EF before he was the DO.


D). Spared Robin Hood’s life because Belle reminded him that his wife was pregnant, and that he was not the kind of man to leave a child fatherless.

E). Let Belle go from his castle, gave her freedom, and expected her to never return.

F). Let Belle go again because he thought it was for her own good in S2 when they first reunited, but she refused to leave.

G). Traded the gauntlet to save Belle from the Queens of Darkness back in the EF.

H). Gave Belle a library twice, and expected to gain nothing in return for it, simply because he loved her.

I). Helped Henry out with magic, just to be nice, and because he liked him back in S2 a couple times.

J). Tried to give Belle back her memories when she fell across the town line in S2 with TLK, she screamed in his face, and it didn’t work because she didn’t remember that she loved him as Belle.

K). Went to Neverland to stop Pan, and save Henry. Trapped Pan in Pandora’s box, only for him to break free, and swap bodies with Henry without his knowledge.

L). Gave Charming a healing potion for his dreamshade wound in SB with no price.

M). Then, he decided to selflessly sacrifice his life to save Belle and Baelfire (and the rest of the town by default) in the 3A finale when he realized this, and saw that he had no other options left without any prompting from anyone else to do so.

N). Immediately dropped his dagger down at Zelena’s feet, and willingly chose to give up his freedom to her to save Belle’s life, and hold on to Baelfire just a little longer.

O). Rescued Belle’s heart back from Regina with Will.

P). Let Belle go with Will (twice), and even gave her the real dagger to try and stop him when the last flicker of red was fading away in his heart.

Q). Fought off a bear, and risked his life to save Belle without magic at the tip of fingers, and was able to pull Excalibur from the stone because he proved to be a true hero.

R). Fought off Hook, and risked his life to save Belle when he was unable to use magic at the tip of his fingers, while Hook was the Dark One.

S). Gave Belle his car keys, and told her to go off and see the world to save her life when Storybrooke was amidst a crisis with Dark Hook trying to send everyone to the UW, and he didn’t expect anything in return from her.

T). Double crossed Pan, and saved Robin’s life in doing so. Mostly selfless. He had nothing to gain from doing that, except for the fact that the heroes would hate him more than they already did.

U). Tried to wake Belle up with TLK from the sleeping curse in the UW. The automatic response that a lot of people have to this is that Rumple still was too afraid to let go of power/didn’t believe in Belle’s love for him. However, interviews with Adam and Eddy saying that it didn’t work because they “were in a bad place,” and Emilie saying that she thinks it didn’t work because Belle was angry with Rumple, and the whole dream TLK seem to suggest that it didn’t work because Belle couldn’t fully accept all of Rumple at the time.

V). Backed down from attempting to accelerate Belle’s pregnancy, so that he could use the magic shears of destiny to separate their child’s fate to “make him love him,” and stop him from destroying his family or whatever horrible thing he threatened to do with taking the the easy way out with magic because she made him realize that it terrified her, and would hurt her. Still got bit in the ass for doing the right thing, anyway, when Belle gave their child away to the Blue Fairy without his consent because the EQ sped up her pregnancy to get revenge, and Belle thought it was him.

W). Saved Emma’s life with no thanks in return. I’m not totally sure whether this one was selfless or not in motivation because I didn’t watch the episode.

X). Darkened his soul, so that Gideon, his son, wouldn’t have to. No one asked him to do that, and he needed no prompting. That was selfless.

Y). Double-crossed the Black Fairy, selflessly chose love over power, turned down the chance to bring back Baelfire, faced off his evil half, and broke the Black Fairy’s curse by being the Savior of the town.

That’s a series of 25 good deeds in the total of six seasons for Rumple that were motivated by true love that he feels for someone else, or just wanting to be a good person, whether totally altruistic in nature or not, and this last one seems to be his ultimate redemption arc on the show in the present day storyline from here on out since Rumbelle got a HEA and Emilie De Ravin won’t be coming back as a regular next season (sad, but also happy because they can’t shit on Rumbelle anymore).

I don’t think that Regina (though I love her) or Hook have done that much good in the name of love for other people in the entirety of the series, but they got the more consistent redemption arcs without half as many hurdles because they had the stronger support system throughout the series, not Rumple. This is why I’ve always said that Rumple is the “villain,” who feels less like the “villain,” and more like the unappreciated and misunderstood underdog on this show. Rumple is the most inherently brave, loving, and selfless character on OUAT, regardless of whether he’s a hero or a villain, I actually think those categories are both too narrow for someone with such a vastly morally gray compass as his character has always had, to be honest, and don’t ever tell me otherwise. BYE!

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ok ok ok so i dug through my ask box i’m sorry i’ll answer stuff eventually to find this because!!!!! 

since i was thinking no powers for this au i haven’t figured out everything but i have figured out adrien’s music channel in great detail. faaaaaar too much detail

this got like so so so long so under the cut we go!!!!

  • ok so when he’s like eleven he finds an old video camera lying around his house
  • he kind of wants to test it out but feels super awkward talking in front of the camera (getting photographed is one thing, vlogging is another) so instead he records himself practicing a piano piece
  • but since he doesn’t have a tripod, he just sets the camera on the side of the piano and records his hands
  • he records a few of these and then decides he should put them somewhere so he can track his progress
    • aka look back and cringe
  • he uploads them to youtube with nothing but the piece name in the description
  • the channel name is probably some super cheesy music pun
  • anyway he does this for a while and he gains some traction, mostly because a lot of the pieces he practices are pretty famous
  • by thirteen (when he’s actually allowed to have a youtube) he’s got a small but decent following but doesn’t think much of it
  • when he’s fourteen, he posts his first original piece
    • he doesn’t think it’s very good, but if this is a channel tracking his progress it needs to be up
    • people love it and it catches him a bit off guard 
  • not long later, he posts a piano cover of a popular song
    • he doesn’t think he’s much of a singer, especially not when it comes to english, but he does his best
    • this is the video that really blows up 
      • he still doesn’t understand why
  • now that he’s got a steadily growing audience, people start to want to see his face

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NOW PROPERLY EDITED || Angsty Levi drabble to try and get back into my writing groove. I left the other character extremely vague so feel free to imagine the other half of your Levi otp if you wish. Otherwise, enjoy and hit me with some feedback if you do not mind~! Special thanks to @perksofbeingawaifu for inspiring me to write more drabbles! Definitely check out her works!!

Levi’s eyes always seemed to wander over his surroundings with a meticulous edge. Lids heavy over piercing irises as he scanned every inch of each environment he stepped into. Nothing ever seemed to slip past his vision. Even the dust particles that would float and dance in the light of the mid-morning sun were completely visible to him in shadow.

This was a skill he had honed in his earlier years. Always needing to be aware of what was behind him or who was around each corner in the darkness of the underground. Always wanting to avoid unnecessary attention and unwelcomed company as he would weave his way through damp back alleys and overcrowded walkways. Without a doubt, his hands were fine tools. Eleminating danger in a matter of seconds with a sharp slash of his shining blade before cleaning the mess left behind on his slender fingers.

However, he didn’t trust his hands. Lethal things coated in death and destruction. Only able to save a few while harming many. His hands moved as ordered and they served him well, but sometimes they would fail him and leave him grasping at cold air instead of something solid and warm. The lives of those dear to him have slipped through his fingers too many times for him to have faith in their truth. His eyes showed him possibilities and outcomes. They showed him what was and what could be, but a majority of the time, his hands would fail to deliver the proper results.

But his eyes…

His eyes were his veil. His way of masking himself into the low of society he had spent his entire life surrounded by. His way of blending into shadows and vast seas of people to hide his existence from those who would seek to end it. His eyes were his shield and his first line of defense. They never lied and they never failed him. He trusted his eyes. He believed in the images they painted for him, even if they were hard to process or even accept.

So, even now, as he stood in front of the mirror with his ghastly physical appearance being projected before him; he fully trusted what he saw. The bags under his eyes had become severe. A faint hue of red bleeding into the whites while the blue in his irises appeared dull and grey. Lifeless and sleep deprived from years of painting blood soaked images of his corpse ridden reality, only for his mind to process and use as haunts for his short lived dreams.

He looked like shit and there was no hiding it either.

He was much older now and it showed. The life he was leading showed, and the weight of the lives he carried to the grave showed. All of it was apparent in his eyes. A man who was exhausted, but strong. Lonely, but stable. Empty, but still alive. It was all there and staring back at him as he towel dried the scruff of his hair.

He needed to sleep, he determined. Setting the towel aside as he ran his fingers over the course hair coating his jaw.

His eyes were indeed windows, he surmised as he heaved a sigh at the reflective glass. Windows he desperately needed to shut if only for a couple of hours, but when he did, the images they had painted over the years would slide through his dreams like a moving picture. Replaying his darkest moments over and over again until his mind would scream at him to wake up. For him to open the windows and to let them paint more pictures for him to continuously relive.

Slowly, he rubbed his lids with the pads of his fingers. Pushing himself away from the mirror and out of the door frame of the washroom and into the soft candle glow of his quiet office. Looking at himself was hard. Seeing himself with the eyes he so trusted and having to accept that that was indeed how he currently appeared made him want to crawl out of his own skin.

He always made it a point to be presentable, but today he was just too tired to do so. Three days with no sleep and little to no food quickly took it’s toll, and his body was now at an age where he couldn’t outright hide his shitty sleeping habits, or lack thereof, with a clean shave, and a few cups of strong tea.

His hands moved back to his jaw. Scratching at the rough hairs he wasn’t used to wearing as he strode over towards his clean, hung up shirt, and laid out uniform boots. The nights were getting colder and longer and his health wasn’t in top form at this point. The last thing he needed was to get sick on top of his already piss poor condition.

“You look pretty rough.” A soft voice chimed. An echo Levi had long thought lost and a sound that made his heart clench in his chest.

“I know.” He answered firmly. Rounding his trustworthy eyes towards his office chair that was positioned behind him where a shadowed silhouette sat comfortably.

“You should sleep.” The voice resounded. The leather of his chair squeaking as the figure adjusted their body to face him more clearly.

“I know.” He responded again. His feet slowly stepping across the wood of the floor while his hands remained stock still at his hips.

The figure was a familiar one. One he hadn’t seen for quite some time and one he’d admittedly missed and cared for quite deeply. Still though, that didn’t negate the fact that they were sitting their precious ass in his office chair.

“Get your ass out of my chair.”

The figure laughed heartily. Standing up completely straight in one smooth, eerily quiet motion before moving around the desk and stepping into the dim light of a single flame that danced atop a mostly melted candle.


“Why are you here?” Levi asked sharply. His tired eyes staying locked on the person in front of him while his body moved around them and toward his oak desk. Each of his steps precise and angled so not to cause a floorboard to squeak.

“I just… wanted to see you. That’s all.”

Levi let out a huff. Blinking his eyes a couple of times as he picked up a file from his desk with his clever fingers. Tapping the tip of his index against the paper sharply as he evened out his breathing and began moving toward the elegantly lit body in front of him.

“I wanted to see you too, but you shouldn’t be here.”

“I know.”

“Then go.”

“Can’t we just tal-”


Levi’s body had stopped only a few inches from the figment in front of him. His free hand reaching out to grasp at a lock of hair. To run his fingers through it and touch the silky strands that his eyes showed him were there. But his hands were only met with cold air. A breeze in the night against his still damp skin. With an exasperated hum, Levi retracted his fingers. Silently turning and moving his body toward his office chair and sitting down with a hard thump.

“Disappointed?” The figure questioned cheekily. Stepping to sit in the front facing chair directly across from Levi’s own. Their movements making no sounds and their voice barely audible enough for his overly tired ears to hear.

“Of course.” He murmured. Staring at the smiling face in front of him with honest regret and exhaustion.

His chest hurt terribly while his eyes burned with leashed tears and rapidly approaching sleep. He was losing his mind. He was sure of it, but his eyes had never failed him before. Not even in his deepest pits of exhaustion and not even when he silently begged a god he doesn’t believe in to let him see this face smiling at him one last time as he stared down at their pale, blood drained body.

The sadness and greif he felt as he peered into the glowing eyes of the other across from him matched the fear of them disappearing in his gut. His face remained as passive as ever, but emotion boiled over internally to the point of rising acidic bile in his throat as he leaned forward and rested his head against the cold slab of the desk.

“Sleep. I’ll stay.”

“You’re not even real.” He stated sharply. Reaching one hand out while placing the other under his head as a cushion.

“Of course I am. You can see me, can’t you?”

Levi remained quiet for a moment. Watching with hopeful, tired eyes as the figures hand reached over and met his own. Gracing his sense of touch with nothing but cold air yet again. A frown pulling at his lips and his brows furrowing while his ears rang acutely. His vision slowly but surely going dark, and the view of he and his lovers interlocking fingers slowly fading to black.

“Yeah.” He whispered. Sleep washing over him in a deep wave and pulling him under.

He trusted his eyes. He believed in the images they painted for him, even if they were hard to process or even accept. However, he didn’t trust his hands. Sometimes they would fail him, and leave him grasping at cold air instead of something solid and warm. Sometimes, they would let precious things slip from his grip and shatter into tiny pieces that would scatter to the wind.

But, most of the time, they would leave him yearning for a touch of warmth that he could no longer feel.


Note: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (totally embracing my Irish blood today ♥) I’ve had the worst writers block. I wrote this late last night and I wasn’t sure I was going to post it. but I think I should so I’d have something just in case I couldn’t write a request. I hope you’re all doing well. this is short, but enjoy! .c 

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“I thought I’d find you here.”

Bucky’s eyes remained on the slideshow of him and Steve. He’s been more quiet and to himself the past few days. All of your attempts at consoling him have failed. You weren’t sure what to do, but you weren’t going to give up.

His eyes were watery, his face red, one hand stuffed in his pocket and the one he had difficulty with accepting was no longer there. You knew he’d have a brand new one, but you didn’t mind, as long as he was comfortable with what he chose.

“He knows I’m not the same Bucky as before.” He gestures towards the old clip of him laughing with Steve. Your heart sank in your chest, and you reached a hand out to hold his, letting your thumb brush over his knuckles.

You heard him sigh, his head hanging low. 

“Bucky, you-,” You paused, thinking of what exactly to say, “-whether you know it or not, you’re still the Bucky he knew. You’ve come so far; he fought for you, with you, beside you. Steve believed for so long that he lost you. When he found you, he felt like that kid from Brooklyn again. You know, the one who would get beaten up, yet never quit fighting? You’re so much like him.”

Your voice was beginning to become heavier with emotions. Bucky was sniffling and his hand squeezed yours. He did this often. He said it let’s him know that he’s real, you’re real, and everything around him isn’t a faded memory.

You leaned your head onto his arm, watching the clips change. It was heartwarming in your eyes, but in Bucky’s, it was torturous. It made him realize how much things have changed. How much he changed.

“He loves you. No matter what happened, your past with Steve will remain. Now, you have a long journey ahead of you. New memories, new connections, new jokes, a new chance.”

Bucky nodded, soaking in your words. His hand squeezed yours again. It was clear that he had so much on his mind, and you hoped you were helping him even just a little bit. 

“D-do you think he’ll forget about me?” He asked softly, almost like he was afraid it would happen if he voiced his concern. 

“No, Bucky. He won’t forget about you; he never did.”

Bucky finally turned to you and he let out a sob. Leaning to your level, he pulled you into his body tightly. Your own tears fell, your heart breaking at the sight of seeing Bucky like this.

“Thank you.” His voice was thick and husky, and his arm held onto you as if he thought he was going to lose you one day, too.

You leaned up on your toes to place a kiss to his lips. Bucky held you even closer, but much too soon, let you pull away.

“Come on. T'Challa is waiting.”

Bucky sighed and grabbed your hand again, letting you walk him to your car out front.

You drove to the tower in silence, took the elevator up to the roof, and watched Bucky leave to Wakanda in a helicopter.

His sad smile and watery blue eyes was the last thing you’d see from Bucky for a little while.

Note: feedback is always welcome ♥ .c

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Summer House ~Chapter One: Changing Writers

Okay so…. @diggo26 is the only person whose read this story or what I managed to write during the month of April during the camp that @green-arrows-of-karamel allowed me to take part in. She’s certain this is a great story and I’m still unsure. I’m posting the first chapter because again a certain friend desperately wants me to share…

Summary: Oliver Queen has been missing for two years. On the eve of his 2nd anniversary the local paper with the families consent has decided to run a memorial article since one was never done when he first went missing. Sara Lance was assigned the story at first but know the paper’s hotshot reporter Felicity Smoak has been assigned the story. Felicity must now put her personal feelings aside as she searches for the truth to Oliver Queen’s disappearance.  

FYI I suck at summaries so please give it a shot. 

Read it here or on AO3


Red tapestries, faded hardwood and, broken glass surrounded his tall, angular form. He pushed his fingers along the white marble window sill; the dust fell over the beveled edge with ease as his cold blue eyes peered through the scratched up window panes.

The empty branches scratched along the battered, abandoned glass; the windows now were simply a broken reflection of a place that once felt like his true home. He shifted his gaze and, let the rhythmic pace of the wind along the glass ease the growing loneliness within his hardened heart. The clock along the stone mantel clanged, the windows rattled and, the shutters snapped along the home’s stone exterior.

His sharp inhale seemed silent when the wind once more howled, “Two years tomorrow,” he groaned to the creaking walls. “Two years and no one’s come…” he bemoaned as the lone flicker of light finally went out…

Chapter One: Changing Writers

The room around her was filled with the sounds of tapping fingers and thudding brains. Her brightly painted fingernails tapped along the faded black keys of her worn office keyboard. She tapped at the edge of the archaic machine and, let her furrowed brow fade into a frustrated one.

“Every life has a story, every journey has a reason and, every life has to find its ultimate purpose.”

Once she read the line aloud she immediately pressed her eager pinkie over the fairly worn backspace key. She watched with anticipated annoyance while each word slowly began to simply fade away.

She heard the sharp scowl of her thoroughly overworked officemate. “Please explain to me how that cow expects us to produce miracles from absolutely nothing!”

Felicity grumbled in sour agreement, “I take it you’ve been given the memorial story from hell?”

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Come Back Down Part 12

Come Back Down, Part 12

Warnings: There’s some creative smut here. Some cussing.

Summary: Just a little view of Jensen being happy before the shit hits the fan… That’ll be next chapter.

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a/n-Bless my sweet niecey for letting me borrow her lap top for a few moments to post my smut. : )

I thought things might get a little awkward since Y/N’d had her hand on my dick last night. But, that was not the case. I woke up with the sunshine against my closed eyelids and the scent of her shampoo in my nose. “You smell so good, sweetheart.” The sentiment slipped from my lips without my permission and I felt her laughter rumble in her chest beneath my hand. I tucked my face into her hair, just feeling the inextinguishable, burning warmth that was spreading through my entire body. I knew the feeling, but was it too soon to be feeling this way?

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Sign of the times-Part 2 (Grayson)

Part 1-

Summary: Grayson finally shows himself to you asking for your help to find Ethan which you agree to. You grow closer to Grayson knowing you can’t have feelings for him because he’s just a ghost who needs to pass on. Putting your feeling aside you tracked down Ethan, hoping Grayson will find peace.

Warnings: A swear word and some nonsense. :)

A/N: Sorry this took a bit to post, I had to make sure some things made sense, it probably still doesn’t…Also, keep in mind Grayson is solid, not transparent. It’s was more fun that way.

It’s been three days since I met Grayson, Grayson Dolan. He was nice, but he always seemed sad, I would like to see him smile. Talking to him it felt like I known him for years, even though he never smiled, I was comfortable around him.

He was a ghost who died six years ago, he told me he got electrocuted. He was home alone when it was storming bad and he was near some metal at the time the lightning strike, causing his death. He wasn’t able to pass on because he was holding on to some regret. The regret of not saying goodbye to his twin brother Ethan. When souls hold on too much regret or hate they are unable to pass on. He wanted to have closure letting Ethan know that he’s okay.

His brother Ethan moved out of this house years ago, Grayson said he witnessed his brother going through a tough time without him. The house was too much for Ethan, memories of Grayson filled this home. So, he left and Grayson doesn’t know where he went. He wants me to help him find him, I was hesitant about agreeing. How can I help a ghost find his twin brother? I don’t even know where to begin. But I ended up agreeing anyway, wanted to help a poor soul pass on.

Of course, I was freaking out on how was I seeing him. I could even touch him, he was solid not like I pictured spirits. See-through beings able to float around, but Grayson he could teleport to different parts of the house.

He claimed that I was the first person who could actually touch and see him, putting it on that I have this special connection to him.

“So, what’s going on with the chain that’s connected to your chest?” I finally asked. We were in the kitchen, I was sipping my warm coffee trying to have the energy to go to work. I was also going to do research on finding Ethan.

He touched the chain. “It’s what’s keeping me in the real world, it’s connected to the house since I died here.”

“Oh,” was all I could say. What could I say to that? We both knew he was dead, but I still wanted to avoid the subject. So I just focused back on my coffee, downing the rest of it as it slightly burns my throat.

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I’ll Be Good - Part 4

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 3  -  Part 5

Summary: Series - You’re an old colleague of Natasha’s who finds herself face to face with the Winter Soldier on the wrong end of an Avengers’ op. Chapter - Bucky goes behind Steve’s back to release you, and you use your new freedom to finally relax.

Warnings: Swearing. Wow that’s it!

Word Count: 1542

Author’s Note: Okaaay I don’t know about this one, guys. I’m in agony right now. Parts 1-3 were all one fell swoop of inspiration but this feels like jumping off a cliff. A new side to reader because let’s be honest, nobody’s on their A game all the time. But don’t worry, you’ll be back to fucking shit up in no time.

Bucky walked in front of you, silent and swift, leading the way through endless corridors. The technology around you was impressive. Nat must love it here, you thought with a wistful smile, technology was always her thing. We could really do some damage together with resources like this… The smile faded as quickly as it had come. Maybe once. A long time ago.

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Action Figure Tutorial

requested by anonymous

This is a Photoshop tutorial for how to create action figures and their packaging like in the graphic above.

The action figure is taken from a pre-existing photo and the packaging can be made from scratch, no stock images needed.

If you have any questions, please don’t be afraid to ask. And if you found this post helpful, please like or reblog!

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Night Light

Tony Stark x Jasmine Stark, daughter!OFC, Tony x Pepper

Summary: Jasmine Stark is afraid of the dark, come on she was only four and there was only one night light that helped her sleep.

Word Count: 1,217

Warnings: nightmares, dad Tony fluff, Tony being protective, fluff, Tony being such a loving husband, Pepper standing up for Tony, supportive Pepper

A/N: This is my first Tony based fic, so be gentle. I wanted to write a fluffy one because Tony needs some love too! I’m thinking of writing a drabble series based off of this, so there’s a good chance of being more Tony/Avenger/Jasmine fluff!!!

I’m also going to post the next part of Motionless tonight. So I hope your feels train in on track, ‘cause it’s gonna be a rough one. 

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There was a thunderstorm going on outside, but Jasmine didn’t mind it much. It just reminded her of the god Thor. And Thor was a friend, he brought her gifts from Asgard. Plus he let her braid his hair.

But her nightlight died and made her room turn dark. If there was one thing that scared her the most, it was the dark. She hated the dark, not being able to see where she was. She started crawling out of bed, her tiny legs scrambling to reach the floor. Jasmine grabbed her Winnie the Pooh blanket and Bucky Bear and headed down the hallway. Her dad spent most of his time in his lab and made sure that JARVIS kept her company when he couldn’t.

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Family Attire

If you didn’t know it, I love writing about Dick and Damian while they were Batman and Robin together. So when I get an idea I write it. Please enjoy my favorite Dynamic Duo as they go on a shopping trip.

Words: 1,400

Warnings: None

Damian scowled at the hand-me-downs laying on his bed. Pennyworth had placed them there the same way he had most days since Damian had arrived. It was Damian’s own fault for bringing little more than the clothes he and Mother had packed when they’d come to Gotham to help Father. Not that it had done any good in the end. Father was gone, and Damian was alone. Left with a legacy he was lucky to be a part of.

He was grateful to Grayson for taking him in, grateful to learn more about his Father and his work, but that didn’t stop him from missing home, his Mother, and having clothes that were all his own. Pennyworth had promised him a wardrobe soon, he’d been measured and orders had been placed. They had even contacted his mother and requested some of his things be sent over.

The promise did nothing to ease the pit in his stomach. He missed his thobes, soft loose fitting pants, and even his old workout clothes. That wasn’t to say he’d never worn jeans or a t-shirt before, he simply preferred his traditional clothing. It was comfortable, familiar, and something to hold onto in the flurry of changes surrounding him.

He entered the kitchen wearing Pennyworth’s selection, and one of Grayson’s hoodies. It was too big for him, but Damian didn’t care. It was big and warm and he’d chosen it himself. Alfred raised an eyebrow at him but didn’t comment. Grayson did.

Damian was learning that the oldest of his father’s adopted children always commented, even when none was required. He was still trying to decide how he felt about it. The constant chatter was new to him and strangely disarming. It made him wonder if it was something Grayson used as a technique. He doubted it, but kept the idea in his mind in case it proved to be true.

“I’ve been thinking.” Dick said, as he leaned back in his chair to look him over. “I know Alfie’s ordered you some stuff, but what do you say about a shopping trip?”

Damian narrowed his eyes at his brother. “That sounds like something Cain or Brown would suggest.”

“Trust me, I’m much more fun to shop with.” Dick grinned at him before continuing. “Tim’s old stuff can’t be fitting you too well, and I know Alfred’s tastes. I’m sure he’s ordered you a perfectly respectable wardrobe, but—” He paused his speech to give an apologetic look at Alfred before continuing, “I think it’s about time you got to pick out something you want.”

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Blue lips

Sister Winchester - Blue lips

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Sister!reader and Sam Winchester x Sister!reader

Y/N = Your Name

Word Count: 3528

Episode Inspo: Dead in the Water: Episode 3, Season 1

Warnings: drowning and close death

Summary: It all begins with this darn dock that breaks. Sam is the first to fall half into the water but later the monster takes you. You drown and die before Sam is able to revive you. Little bit of fluff as well xx

A/N: SORRY for not posting anything in ages. I had exams and then I was on a retreat for school and then I got home and this was the first thing I did when I got the energy for it. The request reminds me a lot of Health Hazard, so I would suggest reading the two of these together because they follow a very similar story line. Anyways this is a bit long and I have to admit not my best work but I am just trying to get back into writing and hopefully I will have a new one out ASAP. Sorry for my rookie grammar and writing skills. Love you long time xx

Request From saxophoneash: So I had this request in my mind for a while and it’s a sister x reader. So they are out on a hunt or finding clues by a lake. The reader is by the docks looking around and stuff and something pulls her under the water, drowning her. The brothers notice and one of them dives under to get her and by the time he gets to her and pulls her back to shore one of them has to perform cpr and like ends with fluffs realizing the brother’s almost lost their little sister. The pairing could be with any brother :) haha I got the idea from the 1st season. Sorry if it’s weird or confusing. It’s my first request for Supernatural. Thanks!

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You walked along the bur covered lawn to the floating wooden dock. The dock was made of wood which was dry and splintered from decades of hot summer rays. It was rickety and squeaked when you lightly strode along the thin timbers, in your worn converses. Like your shoes, the wood was faded and had holes in them. But they could still do their job, however only just. 

You were already halfway along the dock when you heard the dock squeak behind you. Dean had taken one step on the first plank and this had caused the loud creak. Dean’s face had dropped, as he quickly lifted his foot off the bending timber and brought it back safely to the lawn. Dean could take on any monster imaginable, but on such a cold Autumn morning you couldn’t blame him for looking so terrified at the prospect of plunging into the chilling water below.
The water reflected the stone-grey, cloud covered sky and looked two times as cold. The wind whipped light ripples on its surface, flicking up small droplets into the air. You pulled your jacket tighter for warmth and flipped the fur covered hood over your head to try and supress your shivers. Sam came up the rear of Dean, lunging confidently down the lawn to the dock after seeing Dean’s attempt to go on the dock, “You should lay off the burgers dude” Sam teased in a matter-of-fact tone, as he continued to strut onto the dock. A quick creak and snap let splinters fly upwards into the air, and one of Sam’s legs sunk through the newly formed hole. You heard as the splash of Sam’s leg entering the water below as Sam’s face contorted in shock, “C-c-cold, it’s s-so cold… Help me out of here…please!” he chattered.
Dean and you erupted into a hysterical fit of laughter at your cocky middle brother’s karma induced predicament. Sam was fiercely trying to push himself back out the hole but wasn’t budging, “So much for those salads Sammy, I think I’ll stick to the burgers” Dean mocked. Sam couldn’t help but laugh at himself with the you and Dean as a result of Dean’s comments. Still giggling you strode over and grabbed Sam’s hand and tried to heave him out. Dean stayed on the lawn, lying back against the small hill and continued, “Sammy this is probably a good time to tell you, that this was the last place the victim was seen and was supposed to be taken by a shadowy figure in the water” Dean added, quoting from a report in his hands. Sam rolled his eyes as continued to push against the dock again to get himself out. Dean and you were still laughing when Sam suddenly sunk into the dock, as if he was being pulled, “Guys I think I found it…No it found me…Something has found me.“ Sam dead-panned, not wanting to alert the monster underneath and tried to stay still. Both you and Dean stopped laughing as Dean tempted fate by jumping on the dock to pull Sam up. Thankfully this time the dock did its job and didn’t break under Dean’s weight. Dean held onto Sam as the monster continued to pull on Sam’s leg.

You could tell the monster was stronger than the two of your brothers, so something else had to be done. You wrapped your legs around the nearest dock post from Sam. You tightened your core and held your body out from the dock and lowered yourself down to see underneath the wooden planked dock. Luckily there was about a metre and a half before the water line started, so you could still use your gun. You saw Sam’s leg flailing in the water as he kicked and splashed. The shadowy figure must have been gripping Sam by the ankle because you couldn’t see any of its flesh. You had to do something quick, Sam was sinking deeper and deeper through the hole. You concentrated on where you thought Sam’s leg would be and hoped to Chuck you wouldn’t hit him. After three quick shots from your gun, the splashing subsided and Sam and Dean fell backwards on to the dock. The monster had finally let your brother go. You brought yourself up from your suspended position and rolled onto the dock as the three of you panted after the short and intense ordeal. That was a bit too close, “Good shot Y/N” Dean acknowledged, “I didn’t know how much longer I was going to be able to hold Sammy for” he admitted letting out a nervous chuckle.
You heaved in the air you seem to have forgotten to take whilst preparing to shoot the creature, “I was worried I was going to get your leg Sam”, You huffed whilst rolling your head towards your brothers to get a better look at them, “Nup I think I am alright, Thanks Y/N” Sam sincerely confirmed still a little frazzled, “Do you reckon you killed it? Otherwise that would have been the quickest hunt we have ever had.”.
“Well I hit it”
your acknowledged as you crawled over to the post which you had previously clung to. Your looked over the side of the dock into the water below. You saw your own paled reflection stare back, “Im not sure if I Kil-”. A black, skeletal hand suddenly sprung from the water and grabbed a bony hand onto your shirt and pulled you towards the water, before you could finish your sentence.

You were unbalanced and your hands slipped making you fall into the water with a splash and the water. The splash alerted your two brother, “Y/N?” Dean perked up. They were both on their feet and calling out your name but heard no response as fear settled into both of them. The pair of them ran in absolute fear as it seemed their shared nightmare of their precious sister being taken, was coming a reality.
Whilst running Dean peered over to the stone-grey water where you had fallen in, hoping you were going to resurface any second now. However, the only thing that resurfaced was your air bubbles surfacing. Dean was frantic, he couldn’t concentrate like he could on other jobs. He froze and his breathing started to hitch. This was different, this was personal. Through his panic, he reached for his gun to shoot into the water like you had previously had done with shaky hands. However Dean was interrupted when Sam dove straight into the icy water without flinching. Dean dropped his gun on the dock and followed his other brother into the murky waters below.

Metres under the water, the hand around your neck dug in it’s nails into your skin. It was pulling you deeper down into the darker depths. You fought with the monster, trying to slash at it in the water. You slashed it with a switch blade you were carrying in your jacket until you finally lodged the blade into its abdomen. The monster in pain and surprise let you go. You started to swim back towards the surface and saw Sam and Dean swimming towards you. You couldn’t be happier to see them and you were so relieved. You kicked desperately to the boys, so thankful as your air supply had run out. You were only metres from grasping onto Sam’s hand when the monster gripped you around the ankle and pulled you harshly from your brother’s embrace. Your brother’s eyes looked so scared and shocked as they disappeared to resurface for air. On the way down, you swallowed a mouthful of water and hit your head against a rock wall.

You tensed your diaphragm in hope you weren’t going to take a subconscious inhale of water as your natural survival instincts were wanting to kick in. You wanted to scream and shout and cry  for your brothers but you couldn’t because you had no air left. You had fought so intensely and hard that you had no oxygen or energy left. This meant you had no control left as you gave in and waited for the monster to carry your lifeless body away. All you could remember was how cold it was and how the pressure from the water made your head throb. Your mind was numb and your limbs pinched from cramp due to the lack of oxygen. The black spots in your vision connected and collected to blind your vision. Then, everything went black.

Sam and Dean had both inhaled large breaths before they started to swim after the trail of bubbles you left. The water was so murky but they soon found the muddy floor. Dean’s eyes were caught when he found your blade resting on the top of the grey silt. He clasped onto it knowing you had to be close. The bubble trail had finished and both the brothers prayed that they were heading in the right direction. They passed a rock wall and metres below they saw your lifeless body resting at the bottom. Sam swam down and grabbed your wrist before kicking off the bottom of the muddy floor to gain some upwards momentum. Dean saw the skeletal monsters stalk to recapture you and Sam but he quickly swam over and sliced the monsters thin neck away from its body, before following his two siblings back to the surface.  

Finally, Sam resurfaced and gasped in relief, filling his lungs with replenishing oxygen. Even in his numb mind, Sam remembered to lift your head out of the water but your head flopped back. You were non-responsive whilst Sam carried you in one arm to the river bank and up to the lawn as he pulled both of you out the water. He laid your flopping body gently onto the grass and knelt beside it, checking your non-existent vitals. Dean now emerged from the water and deeply inhaled the clean air. He saw Sam checking your vitals and his worried face making Dean swim a little quicker to join his siblings. “Is she breathing?” Dean asked.
No” Sam breathed. Sam felt responsible for your current state. If he hadn’t been so cocky he wouldn’t have fallen through the dock in the first place. Therefore, you wouldn’t have had to shoot the monster and then look over the dock where the creature had pulled you in. Sam looked down on your cold lifeless body where your lips were blue. He couldn’t help his stomach from dropping when he felt the water inside your lungs swirling around like a hot water bottle, when he carried you.

You were the one person who never gave up on him. When he left for college you were the one writing letters and sending packages even when both Dean and your Dad told you not to. You were the one who made him feel normal, warm and safe. You knew always how to make him feel better or what he was thinking. What was he going to do without you? Sam thought, this was his fault, this was his fault, this was his fault Sam thought as it looped in his head.

“-Sammy, Sammy” Dean tried to pull his younger brother back together and out of his thoughts. Dean couldn’t try and save you without Sam’s help.
Dean thought it was bad enough with having been so close to losing Sam today and now he felt deep down he had already lost you. It was too much. Dean couldn’t take it but he held himself together because he knew you wouldn’t have given up yet.

You never gave up on your brothers. You were the one always sacrificing yourself for them, protecting them and loving them, and you would until your last breath. You never gave up and always tried to keep the family together, by looking for ways to bring them back from Hell, purgatory or death itself. When one had died, you went to their graves everyday with fresh flowers and sat there for hours researching how to bring them back or just sitting in their presence, never wanting to leave their sides. You never gave up on them. Now Dean knew he wasn’t going to give up on you.

Dean placed one hand over the other and started to pump your chest whilst counting in his head to the beat of Stayin’ Alive. Sam was numb and oblivious to the world and Dean could see him shutting down from the situation at hand, “Sam! Goddammit, Sammy”, Dean reached over and slapped Sam in the face. Sam snapped out of his daydream (more like day terror) and came to his senses, “A little help please” Dean barked. Sam moved and took Dean’s place pumping on your chest whilst Dean took a small break.

C’mon Darling you got to be strong now, don’t give up on us. Come back to us, we can’t function without you…Please come back…I’m so sorry, I-we love you so much. You just got to come back” Dean’s voice broke as he tried to hold back his tears. Dean looked back to Sam who continued to count under his breath. You had no change. You were gone. You had no heart beat and you had litres of water in your lungs. Dean looked back to Sam who was solely concentrating on the repetitions as he continued to perform CPR. Sam caught a sight of Dean in his peripheral vision and was shocked when seeing him look so ill. Dean had fear basically dripping from his face. “God-dammit” Sam cracked in frustration and the unjust circumstance, he lifted his arms up before thumping them down on your chest around your heart. There was enough force in that hit, that Sam felt and heard one or two of you ribs crack underneath his white-knuckled fists. Then suddenly your lips parted with a spluttering cough as the murky water exited your body as you felt Sam tip your head to the side as you coughed the rest of the water out of your heaving lungs.

“Y/N?” Sam begged he scooped up your body and held you in his arms, “C’mon Darling open your eyes”. Your eyelids were heavy and you wanted to return to the comforting dark place where you couldn’t feel any pain. But you left that place because you didn’t belong. You belonged with your brothers so you adopted the pain back so you could see them again. You felt sharp pains in your ribs and your throat and lungs sat uncomfortably, but you did as you brother asked and slowly peeled your eyelids apart. You recognised Sam and Dean as their visions came into view and smiled relieved knowing you were safe in your brother’s arms, “How long was I out?” you asked through a hoarse throat. “Long enough sweet heart. It felt like every second you were gone was like a year in Hell. I was so scared Y/N… I’m so sorry” Dean grabbed your hand as he spoke and you clung to his for warmth. You hushed his sobs even though you were the one who was dead only a minute ago. You knew the pain of losing a sibling, you knew it now to be worse than death. You would have traded yourself with them any day. When you were left behind, no matter the circumstance you always felt the guilt that you knew Sam and Dean were feeling before. Sam couldn’t even talk he was to overwhelmed, he just brushed the hair out of your eyes and held you close to him as his tears hit your chest.

You had been so close to letting it all go, to letting them go. What if you had and you never saw them again? Never heard them talk or laugh again? It set you over the edge, and you started to cry into Sam’s already drenched shirt. It was a mixture of shock and realisation of how much you depended and loved your brothers and how much they loved you. Sam held you tight and kissed your forehead as he tried to comfort you. Dean continued to pat your head and wipe his own eyes, “Alright that’s enough close calls for one day let’s go home” Dean recommended with a sad smile.

Did you get it though?” you asked.

Do you reckon a monster can attack my family and live? Oh yeah, I got it. No one messes with a Winchester, especially our little sister. I love you so much sis, there was no way I was going to let you go. Not today, Not ever.” Dean promised

Sam looked from his brother to you, “I’m so sorry Y/N. You saved my life today, again. This is all my fault I shouldn’t have been so naïve-”

“Stop Sam.” You interjected. You couldn’t have Sam blaming himself for this, “This wasn’t your fault it was an accident. Who cares anyway, we killed the Son of a Bitch but we just had a couple bumps along the way”

This snapped something in Dean, “You think that the fact you died was a ‘bump’ in the hunt?”

Y/N, that’s not a bump that’s a mountain of grief we were facing” Sam admitted

Never think you are that small of an impact on us. You are everything to us. You are the reason we wake up in the morning and reason we are still smiling throughout the day. There isn’t no one we rather spend time with then you and we couldn’t think of a life without you. I don’t even want to think about it now. The point is, there ain’t no us, if there ain’t no you” Dean concluded.

You knew your brothers loved you but you always thought that sometimes they could be fine without you around. However now you knew the truth, as Sam gently picked you up bridal-style. Dean opened the back door of the Impala as Sam laid you down and draped an old blanket over you whilst he sat in the back himself. Your head laid on his lap as he brushed your hair with his large hand. Dean hopped into the front seat and blasted the heater before pulling out of the marina’s car park. He watched Sam in the rear-view mirror before turning his gaze back to the road. Sam stared down at his beautiful little sister with absolute admiration, love but also worry.  You were still shivering as you tugged onto the blanket with your teeth chattering. Sam slowly and carefully placed an arm over you to act as a second blanket. You clung to your brother’s arms, like you use to as toddler and soon fell asleep peacefully knowing you were truly loved and thankful to be alive.

A Promise

“Stay away from me!”

“Don’t get close to him! It’s dangerous!”

“Creepy child. At least Raven has potential…”

“You’re a plague!”

“He really is a living bad luck charm.”


“It’s all your fault!”

That’s right…..it was all his fault….

The small boy hugged himself closer, trying to block out the voices, but it was futile. He could usually handle it if Raven was next to him, glaring as if challenging the world itself while she slipped her hand into his. If he had his sister, everything would be alright. She was the only one who could stay by his side, unaffected by his curse.

But Raven wasn’t here. She had left him…and she wasn’t coming back. He was all on his own and maybe it was better that way.

He was used to being alone now. Anyone who tried in the past to get close, whether in curiosity or to harm him, had soon found his powers all too real. The lucky ones had minor injuries that had healed in few days away from him, the others…

He hugged himself even tighter as the volume rose.

“Disgusting child!”

“You’re lucky we allow you to live, brat!”

“Bad luck ‘Crow’!”

“You are not needed.”


It didn’t matter that he couldn’t control it, it didn’t matter that he was just a child, the truth was the truth. It was all his fault….everything was his fault….he deserved everything that was coming to him….

He had been so deep in his thoughts, he hadn’t realized that the voices had died down and that the sound of footsteps was getting close until he saw black boots right in front of him.

He slowly looked up at the figure that had come over to him, wondering what kind of idiot had decided to try their luck this time. But the only thing he could really make out about this person was their big red cape and the soft smile on their otherwise blurry face.

HIs ruby red eyes sharpened as he addressed the person. “What do you want? Don’t you know what happens to those who get close to the 'bad luck charm’?”

The person’s smile didn’t falter, their black boots taking another step towards him.

The boy scrambled back, his voice louder and sharp as a knife. “Get away from you creep! Don’t you know who I am?!”

“Of course I do.”

The light feminine voice startled him; it was so full of warmth, care, love. It felt so familiar and yet he was sure he had never met this person before. His heart was torn between two conflicting emotions of wanting to get closer and wanting to run away.

The red cloaked person reached out their arm, his body going on the defense as he slapped it away and continued to glare at them. “Stay back! Do you want to die?!!”

The person’s tone seemed hurt by the action. “But I just want to be with you.”

The boy’s eyes glinted with tears he was holding back, his voice becoming frantic. “Well, no one can! Everyone who gets close just gets hurt! Then they leave! Everyone does! SO JUST GO! JUST GO! Just….go….

”…..I don’t want to hurt you.“

And with those last words, the young boy crumbled into himself, hugging himself tightly as the tears threatened to slip.

The silence held for some time, he was pretty sure the person let him be.

Until he felt arms circling around him, hugging him close. The scent of roses, chocolate, and gunpowder tickled his nose; an unusual combination but it put him at ease.

He wanted to struggle, wanted to fight back, but this hug was just to tight to fight against.

A hand stroked his feathery black hair as the person spoke again. "It’s not your fault…it’s never been your fault.”

He felt the tears slip from his eyes as the young woman went on. “Listen to me; no matter how much you push me away, I will keep following you. No matter how much you tell me otherwise, I will do my best to prove you wrong. I won’t leave….and no matter what happens, I will never stop loving you.”

That made the damn finally break as he finally returned the embrace, his sobs finally becoming vocal as she rocked him gently. “It’s okay Qrow….it’s okay….”

Groggily, Qrow Branwen opened his eyes, tears escaping from his ruby red eyes. After a few breaths to calm himself down, he sat up from the bed.

What kind of dream was that? It wasn’t uncommon for him to dream about the voices of the past, but this time was different. Even though some of the details were escaping him even now, he could still feel the embrace of that person in the red cloak, smell that unusual mixture. It was so nostalgic….and yet it was completely unfamiliar to him at the same time.

A quiet voice interrupted his thoughts. “Qrow….is everything okay?”

Qrow turned to the other half of the bed, Summer still lying there with eyes looking at him. Those silver eyes were both equally tired and concerned.

He shot her a small smile. “Hey….yeah, I’m fine. Just a really weird dream.”

That didn’t seem to alleviate her concern. “You’re crying.”

“Like I said, it’s just a dream. It wasn’t even a bad one. It was…just weird….”

Some of the tiredness in her eyes faded as she seemed to consider something. Finally she spoke. “You know, that reminds me of something my father said right before he died. He said that if you woke up crying, you weren’t dreaming about someone you’ve met, but rather someone you’re going to meet. Someone who will change your life.”

Qrow bit back a laugh at that.

Summer scooched closer to shape shifter as she inquired. “What’s so funny?”

He reached an arm over, pulling her closer to arm. “I just can’t think of anything I’d want to change about my life right now.”

Her face flushed a bit at that, but she smiled at him as happy for the contact. “You’re such a sweet talker.”

“I mean it, I don’t need anything more than this.”

She closed her eyes, yawning as she settled. “And Tai, and Yang, and Ozpin…”

“You know what I mean.”

“I do, but you’re meeting up with Ozpin tomorrow, so get some rest.”

He smiled at her as he closed his eyes, the warmth of her near him somewhat similar to the blurry feminine figure from his dream. Come to think of it, that voice was kind of like hers too. But…that wasn’t Summer. Her cloak is white, not red, and she doesn’t smell that much like gunpowder. I wonder, who was she?

Ah well, probably nothing important.

Right, nothing important. XD

From the way Qrow talks about his name, you get the impression that semblance has been attributed to quite a few 'accidents.’ Was actually inspired from a picture I saw on pinterest and a certain scene from Persona 5 (LOVE THAT SERIES, even though I’ve technically never played a game).

Might write a sequel to this with Ozpin and Qrow. Or should I be more interested in writing more of Oscar and Team RNJR + Qrow? Comment your thoughts if you want.

Still Running Back To You

inspired by listening to outerspace/carry on | a breakup!luke fic by me 

what meant to be a short little blurb turned into…this. i just let my mind write and see where it takes me. let me know what you think!

It had been two months since you had last spoken to Luke. Right before they left for tour, the unimaginable had happened: you got your heart broken by a rockstar. 

How could you have not have seen this coming? Of course your heart would be broken in the end. Luke is a rockstar; those relationships never work out in the movies or in the fanfiction. Just because your heart was broken, doesn’t mean you don’t look when you hear his name, or smile when you see him and his best friends performing on your TV screen. 

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