i made one of these before for s2 but now s3 is finally upon us!!!

4x05 - The Tinder Box (The 100)

All right. So, I lied.

I’m busy this evening, and tomorrow evening, and all weekend, and next week…soooooooo I’m gonna whizz through a quick-cap of 4x05.

Ultimately, my feelings are mixed, as they were post 4x04. There was good, there was bad. None of the bad was so bad to make me fully angry, but it was frustrating enough that I’m just like whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.



-          I get it. This season only has 13 eps and it’s a fast paced ep, but the way they have handled Octavia’s death and Bellamy’s grief is an actual tragedy. FUN FACT: I hated the prison scene from last week. And while none of the Blake related moments in this episode are inherently bad, the fact that Bellamy finds out the truth almost immediately is SUCH a wasted opportunity. Yes, I appreciate that Bell was smart enough to figure it out. But what was the point? It ends up having literally NO effect on his relationship with Echo. We don’t get to see what Bellamy without Octavia would be. We don’t even get to see him see O alive as the big reveal. WASTED. And they could have done better. They could have shown Bellamy have his lightbulb ‘O must have warned them moment’ but then Kane could have talked him down, in an attempt to correct him in case they were wrong (ie. In case Octavia had made it back in time to warn them, but then died from her wounds – which, PLAUSIBLE). Then Bellamy could have made the decision to rise up and lead despite not knowing if O was dead or alive, which would have lent so much more weight to the decision. It also would have made his interactions with Echo more poignant. Personally, I take issue with Bell being so chill around her even when he knows O is alive. But seeing him trying to reason with her, and putting the needs of all above the death of his sister? HOLY GUACAMOLE GUYS. Admittedly, I can’t figure out any viable reason for Clarke to not immediately clue him in once they were reunited…so the finding out she’s alive when he sees her moment was definitely out, but this alone would have been so much better! UGH

-          As touched upon, I’m struggling with the Bellamy/Echo stuff. I see what they’re doing, and I like it as a concept but the execution is shaky. Bellamy is being used to prop up Echo, and he’s a main character. I see shades of Clarke/Lexa, but also Clarke/Roan here (and I think we are meant to see both) but sadly the writers don’t seem to have learned from their mistake last season with Clarke’s 3A arc. Bellamy’s heavy handed speech to Riley was just UGH. A) We KNOW by now that Bellamy has regrets. Good lord. B) Riley. C) The entire scene is framed around Echo and I just. I just.

-          I think this is the most irritated I have ever been at the writers usage of Bellamy Blake, and yes – I include all of S3 in that statement (I stan S3). And he had some GREAT STUFF, truly. Bob is a superstar. But, UGH.

-          Riley is the actual worst, and I hate the writers for treating us like idiots. If they had just pulled out a random Arkadian for this ep it would have been better. Having all our main characters act like Riley is suddenly relevant is insulting. I hate.

-          I think that is all the stuff I outright hated??? There were some other little bits that bugged…I’ll do a separate section…

Bits that bugged…

-          The last time we saw Niylah and Clarke, Niylah was pissed at her. Ultimately, I loved all of Niylah’s moments with everyone, but the affection was jarring at first.

-          Roan and Clarke’s conversation was ultimately pretty pointless. It wasn’t even that tense. Buuuut I’m glad they are friends again at least.

-          Ilian blowing up the tech was so obvious to me that the moment when they leave him alone to tend to O, I just kind of rolled my eyes. THAT SAID, I buy that the characters were all pretty distracted. So, fine.


-          Everything Raven continues to be great. I mean, it’s HORRIBLE, and IDK how the hell my girl is gonna survive this. BUT YOU GUYS….Raven essentially saying she’ll happily sacrifice herself for the others? Ajhsdbajsbdajhas

-          RAVEN AND ABBY HAVE BEEN SUPER IMPORTANT TO ME SINCE WAY BACK IN 1X02 AND THIS WAS LIKE…THEIR BEST EPISODE SINCE THEN. Did Abby call her baby at one point? AM I MAKING THAT UP? The cute little bit where Raven is all IT’S A TWO SEATER. Abby trying to get her to chill and then Raven echoing Clarke in 3x16 ‘You’ve got to let me go’. ABBY’S DAUGHTERS.

-          NIYTAVIA

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-          Ilian continues to be a compelling new character (fuck off Riley). I love the complexity of him blowing Arkadia up, but then helping both the girls. I continue to be intrigued.

-          MONTY THE MVP.

-          Marper are also growing on me, on a truly emotional level.


-          It is utterly ridiculous to me that Octavia was even attempting to walk, and that she apparently has zero broken limbs…HOWEVER, I feel like I need to point out that I have loved everything Octavia this season so there’s that.


-          BELLAMY AND OCTAVIA. GOOD LORD AT THE END. AT THE END. And yeah, okay, they’ve still got shit to go through. But in a moment of trauma Bellamy cradles his baby sister, and O hugs him and cries. Fuck me.

-          The whole end sequence with Arkadia blowing up was perfect. I wish this director had directed the prison scene.


-          But not THAT. Don’t worry. THAT gets its own section.



-          What is a Marcus Kane? Clarke does not know a Marcus Kane.

-          I also j’adored Clarke’s reaction to there being no word from Bellamy or Stephens. Such a S2 throwback. I also hope Bellamy told Clarke to sit down before he revealed Stephens fate, because that’s gonna be traumatic (OH ALSO RE. ECHO…she just casually slit the throat of an Arkadian last week. The writers think we won’t care bc it’s just a rando but GUESS WHAT WRITERS, that rando was one of Bellamy’s PEOPLE and I do not BUY THEM BEING BFFS. MAKE ECHO EARN IT YOU MONSTERS)

-          Clarke maintained her composure for the most part, but it was glorious when Roan called her bluff. And I feel like now is a good time to reveal I have re evaluated 3x15. Back then, I argued that Clarke would – ultimately – have let Bellamy die, as she was going to with Abby. I’m not so sure anymore. These moments weren’t entirely comparable, because here Clarke DID have other options. But there is no doubt Roan knew that Bellamy would break Clarke, and she knew it too.

-          The Roan+Clarke/Echo+Bellamy scene seemed perfectly mirrored, so as much as I’m annoyed by the Echo stuff I’m also not concerned about romance.


-          That final shot of the Blake family IS EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING TO ME. I like that Clarke checked on Niylah, but then the writers had her back with the Blakes. It was SUCH a family shot. And I also really liked that Bellamy was the one on the ground cradling O, while Clarke was the one standing. Mah ship loves to subvert all the things. It’s great.

So yeah. It was a mixed bag. Fingers crossed 4x06 gets this season back on track after a couple of annoyingly flawed episodes. A Bellarkoan roadtrip oughta do it!

bedeliainwonderland  asked:

Bedannibal + 4 (in front of the fireplace). Thank you ♥

Thank you so much for the prompt! ❤️❤️ Be warned, this thing is disgustingly fluffy 😂 Set somewhere between s2 and s3.

The fire snaps and crackles behind its metal grate, and occasionally a brazed log cleaves and withers into molten red and ashy white cinders. Outside, snow falls slowly, lazily, blanketing the rustic cottage in a layer of white, muting all sounds from the world outside.

This is the hidden time when the sky bruises a dusky purple-indigo, the moments that hover between the final vestige of night and the first exhale of dawn. These are the lost hours only found by passion, by soft blankets, by firm limbs and pliant, willing skin. Time seems to close its eyes, unobtrusively creating a lull in the general flow of things, a hush, a precious interlude, keeping all the secrets inside like tightly closed lips.

He sits on a large fur rug on the floor in front of the stone fireplace in the bedroom, leaning back against the foot of the bed with his legs unfolded before him, warmed by both the fire and the heat of her body. Bedelia is facing him, sitting astride his thighs, knees bracketing his hips. A heavy knitted quilt is loosely swathed around her, bowed low across her back like the gently curving arch of a raindrop.

It would have been impolite to let his new wife shiver in bed as he made love to her. And he prides himself greatly on his ability to be a perfect gentleman. The best thing to do, he had concluded earlier, was to lead her to the soft rug in front of the hearth and make love to her there instead. A conclusion upon which he had then proceeded to act - twice.

“Are you warmer now?” he teases in the afterglow, trailing the tip of his nose down the column of her throat, pressing a kiss to the divot at the base of her neck, tasting the sweat.

“Yes, thank you,” she murmurs, and places her palms on his face, covering his cheeks with her fingers so he can feel their warmth for himself.

She seems calm, almost lethargic, insouciant in her state of satiation. He had not expected this. He had hoped for it, longed for it, burned for it while they had both sat demurely in their respective seats within their respective boundaries. 

“Is this the role you intend for us to play?” she asks him quietly, in that same low voice she uses to offer him wine, to thank him for dinner, to stick him with a pin when he is deceptive or avoidant during therapy.

“I am not playing,” he tells her. “This,” he says, seriously, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her closer, “this is not a game to me.”

She holds his gaze steadily in that mesmeric way she has, the way that could have seen right through his person suit, had he been wearing one.

Finally she sits back and shifts off him, unfolding like a golden scroll of parchment on the thick rug, holding the blanket up for him. He follows, a sailor guided by his very own polaris, slipping beneath it and stretching out behind her.

The wool blanket is pleasantly large, so that the tassels adorning the perimeter of the quilt are spread on the floor in a comfortable contour of their bodies. He thinks of sand ceremonies, of being united by such an outline, two separate lives symbolically becoming one, joined in marriage. The softness of her hair finds the pillow of his arm and he curls his body around hers like a question mark, though he has fewer doubts with each passing moment. Their legs twine like the logs burning in the hearth before them. Her back presses into his chest with the swell of every breath, a tide rising to meet its shore.  

He takes her hand in his, thumbing the two new rings on her fourth finger, the polished silver of them glittering in the orange glow from the fire that has painted everything in this room the colour of a velvet sunset.

“I am not playing, either,” she murmurs.

She threads her fingers through his, both their rings clinking together. He thinks of the sound as the clinking of champagne glasses, a celebration. She tucks his arm between her breasts, his hand testing the weight of one teardrop-shaped swell.

Moments pass in which the only sound is the softly erratic sparking from the hearth, the only movement the lick of the flames as their flickering shadows dance across the cottage walls and spill across the wooden floor like ballerinas on a stage.

He is content, for once, to simply observe.

Best Weapon of S3: LOVE

So first, remember in S2 when Lexa is talking to Clarke as the bodies burn, she shares her story about Costia and then proceeds to tell Clarke how love is basically weakness and that she just stopped caring?

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Even Gustus knew how dangerous the alliance with the sky people were to Lexa as it could possibly lead to her death.

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Which is why he tried to break the alliance in the first place and soon although he knew he was risking his life to do so in order to save Lexa’s.

Despite all that, Lexa felt something for Clarke, she noticed the leader, the brave and courageous person she was, the amount of burden that Clarke had to weigh upon her shoulders and it made her realize how similar they were. So Lexa made sure that even when the bomb dropped in TonDC that Clarke was safe. She could’ve very well allowed Clarke to go ahead and warn everybody bc that’s what Clarke wanted, while Lexa alone could’ve escaped, but no, she made sure Clarke was by her side away from that missile.

A small crack in her sealed off heart had opened, because of Clarke.

Even when Lexa had to betray Clarke, we see how much that emotionally hurt her but she knew as the commander, emotions couldn’t get in the way of her duty to her people. We can see so much pain in her eyes as she apologizes and the hurt she feels by the sigh she lets out as she walks away from Clark

(Guys, just imagine betraying the one you love and you’ll feel what Lexa felt except that she couldnt show it)

Now as the show progresses to season 3, we see how much Lexa loves Clarke. The biggest evidence of them all: HEDA, the COMMANDER OF 13 CLANS, knelt before Clarke and swore loyalty to her basically saying: 

“Here is all of me. Take it.”

Why it’s such a big important scene, and I cannot emphasize how powerful and necessary it was because as soon as it happens, even Clarke realizes: 


So it would be normal for us to assume that after all that, after Lexa finally and slowly opens up her heart to Clarke, allowing LOVE, which she clearly said was WEAKNESS, back into her life, that Lexa puts her entire existence in risk and danger bc of the one she loves.

Also bc we see this scene of Titus and Clarke:

BUT, HANG ON, this is the best part gang: Aaron Ginsburg, one of the Supervising Producer of The 100 answered a tweet regarding a question that asked “what was the most dangerous weapon that will be used in season 3?” and he asnwered with “LOVE” which we would’ve thought meant that “yeah, that’s what’s gonna kill Lexa”.


 Thanks to this other theory/thought that emerged, we now know that “LOVE”, can/will/could be a good thing for Lexa:

I’m sure the show wouldn’t want their viewers to think by opening your heart up to love that it’s going to backfire and cause you to be weak because well, that’d be really lame and I don’t think anyone wants that kind of message.

So guys, love isn’t weakness; LOVE IS STRENGTH.

And as the script says:

Two POWERFUL WOMEN who ONCE AGAIN, will overcome it all

*lets out a sigh of relief*