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Beast - Kylo Ren (Version 1)

This is based off of Beauty and the Beast, so don’t hate me for the rushed romance! I might be posting the second version I have of this story. It’s longer than this (somehow) and more plot intensive. 

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You paced around your prison, your holding cell, glancing around the room in the search for any means of escape. The dark grey walls were solid, no cracks, or sliding panels. You slumped against the wall in defeat. You rested your head in your heads, trying not to think of the hopeless Resistance. It was your job to gather intel from The First Order but judging by your predicament now, you had failed. The urge to cry was overwhelming in that moment, but when the door to the cell opened, your tears faded away.

“Look at this,” hissed the creature, Kylo Ren. His dark cloaks making his already imposing frame even more intimidating. “It seems the Resistance recruits young, how shameful.” You stood up, a surge of rage coursing through your veins. You looked directly into the eyes of the mask, still unable to see proof that the beast inside was in fact human.

“The Resistance isn’t the one stealing children from their homes, training them to be heartless killing machines. You’re a monster.” As you spoke, the pictures you had seen of Stormtrooper recruitment camps flashed in your mind. Malnourished and stolen from their homes, the children were given no choice but to fight. These thoughts only strengthened your resolve and you stood up a little straighter. He seemed taken aback at your statement, shifting slightly from where he stood. As you continued to stare into the mask, you didn’t notice the tears streaming down your cheeks; but Kylo Ren did. He saw your heart in the tears that slid down your face and it was unlike anything he had ever seen.

“You’re right,” he muttered, turning to look away from your face.  His words left you silent, shocked at his answer. The eyes of the mask met your gaze once more before the cloaked figure left your cell. Before the second the metal door shut, you could’ve sworn that you saw the infamous Kylo Ren hang his head in defeat. You shook the thought from your mind, in an attempt to calm it. You brushed a hand under your eye, collecting the tears that had fallen against your will. You stared at the droplets on your fingertips, thoughts racing to your brain; but instead of traveling into the uncharted space that was Kylo Ren’s beastly behavior, you just sat on the uncomfortable cot. Your encounter with The First Order’s deadly symbol left you feeling a renewed sense of hope. You shifted to lie down, your thoughts of home and the Resistance; but as you drifted off to sleep, thoughts of the man behind the mask poked at your heart.

As Kylo Ren made his way down the halls of the new First Order base, Stormtroopers and lieutenants alike made way for his darkness. His mind was still whirling from the confrontation with the prisoner. His feet carried him to the security room which held a multitude of screens that were linked to camera throughout the base. The moment he walked through the door, the single guard stood up shakily. Kylo suppressed a mocking laugh at the fear in the guards wide eyes.

“Kylo Ren, Sir. What is the reasoning behind this visit?” Kylo cocked his head as the frightened man spoke. He must be new to the base.

“My own research,” Ren said coldly, “unless you have something to hide.” The guard shook his head quickly, sweat dripping down his forehead. Kylo took sadistic pride in the terror he instilled in the man, but felt a tug at his soul. The light that had stolen the air from his lungs when he first laid his eyes on the captive. Before his dark facade fell completely, Kylo spoke up once more. “Good. Now,” he took a dramatic step forward, “show me the prisoner.”

You weren’t sure on how much time had passed since your first ‘chat’ with Kylo Ren, but it felt like ages had passed. So when he finally returned to your small cell, still hidden behind his mask, you wondered why you wanted him to come back in the first place.

“What do you want?” Surprisingly, your tone wasn’t as hostile as you thought it would be. You noticed the fallen Jedi’s shoulder relax when you spoke, triggering memories of the first meeting and the confusion that ensued after.

“You came here, knowing there was a chance you’d never return back to the Resistance.” You watched as he took another step towards you, towering over your frame. “Yet you came to steal information from us. Why?” You raised an eyebrow, causing the mask to shift slightly as the creature inside awaited your answer.

“For the greater good of others,” you whispered back. “The people back home don’t deserve to suffer under your treachery.” Your words hung in the air as Kylo Ren stood still. You felt nervous at not knowing what he was thinking when the realization hit you. If he was in fact trained in the ways of the Force, why hadn’t he used his power to simply read your thoughts.

“How can you see such beauty in those you hardly know?” Despite the voice altering mask, you could almost hear a hint of sadness when he spoke.

“Their spirit, the fight in their souls,” you paused in thought, “it’s not hard to see. They care for one another, so I care for them. It’s family, in a way.” Your eyes traveled to the ground. You were getting lost in the memories of those you missed when you heard a click and a hissing sound. You looked up, watching as his hands lifted the heavy mask from his face.

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in a place darkness is sunshine

if you can’t walk
at my side
I’ll catch you when you fall
carry you
if you can’t walk at all
I’ll get on my knees
I’ll crawl
if you can’t lift your knees
I’ll tie a rope
we can belly slide

it’s easy to write
when I was the one
who gave you the limp
who ignored your pleas
made you feel like you
weren’t worth the dirt
that dirtied our feet

at some point I remembered
you weren’t the one
with blood on their hands
the whole time I thought
the stains were mine

but it was yours
I can’t
so I’m sliding inch
by inch back to
a place where
I can wash them
in your eyes

people no longer
ask if I’m okay

they want to know
what my favorite
flowers, picture, clothes
are so they can

arrange a daisy bouquet
frame the smile
showing my life had light
windsor knot
a three piece in my color

I know you
can’t carry
crawl or slide
beside me
but if I find you again
can we limp together to
whatever happiness means

It’s never easy
to put out a fire
it’s never easy
to walk alone

it’s never easy
to watch that fire
lick every house
we could make
a home, consume
every dream
until we both sleep
in nothing, to singe
I love you lips until
every leaf in the forest
is gone

can we plant new seeds?
can we sleep in colors?
can we build our own?

can we slide to each other
until we can crawl to a point
we can catch each other again?

is there a better way
we can smile
or is this what

we call happy now?

acoupleofbravedorks  asked:

11. Partners in crime AU for Hiccstrid, if that'd be alright?

My pleasure, friend!

Also, I had fun with that little prompt so I’m open for more, either from this list  or maybe even your own AU. ;)

A modern take on the partners in crime AU – enjoy!

“This is a mess.”

Hiccup paced around the room nervously, his head pulsating with pain. Weak, strained light fell from the lone hanging bulb onto the papers strewn around the old table in the garage. Maps, horrifying photos he managed to dredge up and reports they weren’t legally acquired to see stared right back at him, strengthening the feeling of guilt and desperation. He bent his arms backwards and pressed the joined hands at the back of his neck.  

“We can’t do it.”

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Kailey’s Favorite Christmas Movies

The Polar Express 
↳"At one time most of my friends could hear the bell, but as years
passed it fell silent for all of them. Even Sarah found one
Christmas that she could no longer hear its sweet sound. Though I've
grown old, the bell still rings for me as it does for all who truly believe."